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Friday, July 30, 2010

New Products: AV Bros. Puzzle Pro and Page Curl Pro for Photoshop

New Products: AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0 / Page Curl Pro 2.2

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0 is an extremely powerful, flexible and high quality Adobe Photoshop filter plug-in (8bf), which is targeted to help you create a highly realistic jig-saw puzzle effect. This Photoshop filter works with any image editing application (host) that supports Adobe's specification for Photoshop plugins.

Learn More/Purchase | Free Trial

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 is an extremely high quality, powerful and flexible Adobe Photoshop filter plug-in (8bf). It works with any image editing application (host) that supports Adobe's specification for Photoshop plugins.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update: Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2.5; New Filters and Transitions, Slideshow Generator

fxfactoryNoise Industries FxFactory Pro 2.5 is a significant update to the award-winning visual effects package. All plug-ins are available in trial mode. The update is free for current FxFactory Pro 2 users.

The new Slideshow generator (found under the "FxFactory Pro Generators" category) introduces a new user interface that makes it easy to reorder and rename images. The plug-in includes four new transition effects applied automatically between slides.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Download a Free Trial/Update

New Filters and Transitions:

FxFactory Pro 2.5 adds the following new filters and transitions for a total of more than 160 plug-ins:

  • FxFactory Pro Color Correction: "Local Contrast" and "Vibrance" offer new color enhancements previously available in photo retouching software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

  • FxFactory Pro Transitions: "Accordion", "Genie", "Origami (Square)", "Origami (Triangle)" and "Page Flip".

  • FxFactory Pro Distort: the "Genie" effect is also available as a filter which offers automatic animation and exciting presets.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Product: onOne Software PhotoTools v2.5 for Adobe Photoshop

phototoolsonOne Software PhotoTools 2.5 Professional is the fastest and easiest way to add a professional look to your photos in Photoshop. You get hundreds of professional-grade photographic effects, all wrapped up in an easy-to-use Photoshop plug-in making this the fastest and easiest way to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

The key to PhotoTools 2.5 Professional Edition is its unique ability to provide full-screen previews of an image effect before you apply it. PhotoTools 2.5 is like Legos for Photoshop. You can stack multiple effects on top of each other just like you would filters over a camera lens. You can then control the order of each effect and how they blend together for a truly unique look. You can even save your effect stacks for future use and share them with friends who have PhotoTools, or access them inside of Aperture and Lightroom to speed-up your workflow.

onOne Software PhotoTools Standard 2.5

onOne Software PhotoTools Professional 2.5 - ($75 rebate available with purchase between August 1-15, 2010 at Toolfarm)

onOne Software PhotoTools 2.5 Professional/Standard Upgrade From v1

Free Trial

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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Product/PR: GenArts Sapphire 5 for Nuke/OFX Now Available

genarts sapphireGenArts Sapphire 5TM for Nuke, Fusion, Scratch, Toxik, Baselight, Film Master and Mistika is now available. Using Sapphire 5, you will be able to add breathtaking realism to your composited shots faster than ever before - without trading quality.

"We have far less time to complete our shots, so building all our effects by hand on Nuke using gizmos just takes too long. The availability of Sapphire 5 for Nuke will greatly enhance our pipeline because we can use it for our day-in, day-out effects without sacrificing any quality." Florian Gellinger, Visual Effects Supervisor, Rise VFX

Download a Free Trial | Learn More/Purchase in our Store

Comprehensive Suite of Effects

Sapphire 5 is a suite of more than 200 industry-standard visual effects plug-ins, including the world's best Lighting, Adjust, Blur/Sharpen, Composite, Distort, Stylize and Texture tools to add unparalleled realism to any comp.

Greater Creativity

Sapphire 5 delivers full floating point support that provides the highest image quality possible to each Sapphire effect to enable a level of creativity that sets you apart from your competitors.

Enhanced Productivity

Sapphire 5 provides GPU acceleration for lightning-fast render speeds and full interactivity at HD resolutions.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Giant Software Introduces Magic Bullet Colorista II

Powerful, Professional Color Correction Right Where You Want It

coloristaSan Francisco, CA, July 22, 2010 - Red Giant Software today introduced Magic Bullet Colorista II (Colorista II), new color correction software that brings the professional power of high-end color systems directly to the desktop. For the first time, users can perform professional color grading right in their favorite editing applications. Colorista II's easy-to-use interface is equally good for making quick adjustments on a deadline or finessing footage without limitations.

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Editors can utilize the 3-Way color wheels for easy adjustment of shadows, midtones and highlights; an incredible new keyer for isolating colors; a Pop control for adding or reducing visual clarity; two animatable Power Masks, and the new HSL control-an intuitive, visual method of adjusting individual colors. Whether you are a color expert or an aspiring colorist, Colorista II will redefine how you do color correction.

"When I created Colorista three years ago, there was no such thing as professional color correction on the desktop. Since then, some amazing color tools have become widely available. The problem is that they require you to change your workflow, learn a new application, and draw a firm line between the editorial and finishing phases of your production. With Colorista II, my goal was simple: put every ounce of professional color correction power right in your editing application of choice, so that you don't have to change a thing about your workflow to start using it," said Stu Maschwitz, Creative Director at Red Giant Software.

"What makes Colorista II so different from all the other color correction plug-ins out there is the ultimate control with primary and secondary tools that can't be found anywhere else. The user-friendly interface allows me to grab a color with the new HSL controls and manipulate its tint, saturation or brightness in a very intuitive way, by moving colorized controls that make sense to my eyes and to my senses as an artist," said Jack Tunnicliffe, Java Post Production.

"There has been no plug-in since Magic Bullet Looks that has suited my work so much. The combination of both Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Colorista II I helps to produce a signature style for my work," said George Schnyder,

Top Features

  • Powerful New Keyer A powerful, easy-to-use keyer allows you to adjust individual colors or ranges of colors. Create color keys intuitively with a direct sampling interface. Soften, choke or invert the matte, and use it in conjunction with Power Masks for ultimate control.
  • 8 HSL Channels Getting memory colors looking right is crucial. You have three color adjustment controls for changing Hue, Saturation and Luminance across nine color ranges. Make your skies look blue and get your talents' skin just right.
  • Two Kinds of Pop The Pop slider has two very cool uses. Give your image more visual 'pop' by increasing the sharpness. Alternately, set Pop to negative values to smooth and clean up skin tones while keeping important detail.
  • Highlight Recovery Intelligently rebuilds blown-out highlight detail. Now you can save shots by hiding problems like blown-out areas in a sky or on an actor's face.

Pricing and Availability

Colorista II is available now for $299 USD. Current Colorista users can upgrade for $99 USD.

About Red Giant Software

Founded in 2002, Red Giant Software publishes and develops software tools made by industry veterans Stu Maschwitz and John Knoll. Red Giant Software's ever-expanding product line has over 30 packages that run in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Avid systems. The vast range of visual effects tools features industry-leading effects for designing realistic fire, rain, and water; adding popular looks; and creating perfect keys. Red Giant effects have enhanced feature films such as Angels & Demons, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Mummy 3, and Grindhouse, and added sparkle to cable and broadcast content from NBC Universal, Food Network, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, and TNT.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Tip: Crashy Photoshop CS5 or AE CS5 on Mac? Here's a Temporary Fix!

After I upgraded to Mac OS 10.6.4 and Photoshop CS5, I was having non-stop crashes. It would crash on launch. Just before that I was having issues with After Effects CS5 crashing while using OpenGL. Turning off OpenGL took care of that problem, but the Photoshop fix was not so obvious.

Thanks to Dan Irving, a friend from college, who found the answer for me. It turns out that there is problem with the NVIDIA graphics card kicking in during some intense processes. "Using Rosetta to run PowerPC applications will trigger the higher-performance, higher-power-usage NVIDIA graphics."

What computers does this affect?
  • New 2010 MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5/i7.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
Read this article for more info.

So what's the fix? gfxCardStatus is a little app that shows up in your top toolbar and allows you to run Intel only, NVIDIA only or use the dynamic switching. By changing mine to Intel only, the crashes have ceased.

Hopefully there will be an update from Adobe or Apple to fix this issue, but this seems like a great temporary solution. You can also downgrade your system to OS 10.6.3, but this utility is a lot easier.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: GenArts Monsters GT

Kevin McAuliffe at ProVideo Coalition reviews Monster GT from Genarts. The question is, Does this Monster ROAR, or should is stay under the bed?

  • Ultra-realistic/photo-realistic effects like Fire & Luna (Moon) make Monster stand out from the crowd
  • can be packaged with Sapphire for a discounted price
  • Effects look great on their preset.

My overall thoughts on Monster GT is to pick it up with Sapphire v5 for Genarts' discounted price. They compliment Sapphire extremely well, and will take any project you are working on to the next level and beyond.

Check out Monster GT and download the free demo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New: Electronic/streaming Class on Demand Particular 2 Training Now Available

The electronic/streaming version of Class on Demand's Particular 2 training is now available. Get up to speed with Red Giant's Trapcode Particular 2 plugin through this series of informative and project-focused lessons. Explore emitter types and functions in-depth with motion graphics expert, Harry J. Frank. Go beyond generating your typical particle effect and learn to use Particular in new and interesting ways. After Effects project files are included so that you can follow along with the instructor.

New Product Bundles: CrumplePop CrumpleBundles 1 and 2 for Final Cut Pro

New CrumplePop Bundles- 4 Effects in Each Package for Final Cut Pro at a Reasonable Price!

The CrumplePop Bundle 1 includes:

Learn More/Purchase CrumplePop CrumpleBundle 1

  • Reflector: Drag and Drop reflection effects for Final Cut Pro. Choice of style and reflection.

  • Notes: CrumplePop Notes lets you stick colorful HD sticky notes right onto any sequence.

  • Hand-drawn: CrumplePop is designed to let Final Cut editors put together extremely nice looking hand-drawn graphic elements quickly and easily.

  • ShrinkRay: Tilt-shift photographic techniques to make large scenes appear startlingly tiny, whether it is trees, buildings, people, or mountains.

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The CrumplePop Bundle 2 includes:

Learn More/Purchase CrumplePop CrumpleBundle 2
  • Flipper: Easy flip effects for Final Cut Pro 6+. Flipping text, images and video- just drag and drop. Support for 40 major codecs, supports SD and HD sizes.

  • Revealer: Revealer Chiaroscuro titles for Final Cut Pro 6+. 3 Temperatures, 7 Reveal Styles, 5 Typefaces.

  • Metal: Metal Titles Final Cut Pro 6+. 28 Styles, 40 Codecs, Whoosh Sounds!

  • SplitScreen: Easy Split-Screen Effects for Final Cut Pro.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update: Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder Help Documents

Todd Kopriva just posted the latest documentation for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. Here are the links.

Tutorial: Tracking Titles in Perspective with Imagineer Systems mocha- Sale on mocha Through July

New Tutorial: Tracking Titles in Perspective With mocha


In this new tutorial, Imagineer product specialist, Martin Brennand shows how to use mocha's planar tracker to match titles to camera movement. This is a good video to check out if you are a new user and includes a section on finishing in After Effects.

Imagineer Systems July mocha Sale!
imagineer sale

mocha v2 is a stand alone tracking & roto software designed to complement effects and finishing workflows.

20% off mocha v2 and upgrades; Includes FREE mocha shape plug-ins for AE and FCP! Through July 31st 2010.

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Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Node-locked License
Reg: $1,095.00 SALE: $876.01

Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Cross Platform Floating License
Reg: $1,425.00 SALE: $1,140.00

Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Cross Platform Floating 3-Pack
Reg: $3,295.00 SALE: $2,636.01

Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Cross-Platform Floating 5-Pack
Reg: $5,495.00 SALE: $4,396.01

Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade Floating
Reg: $649.00 SALE: $519.20

Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade Node-Locked
Reg: $499.00 SALE: $399.20

Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade 3 Cross-Platform Float license (3 pack)
Reg: $1,449.00 SALE: $1,159.20

Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade 5 Cross-Platform Float license (5 pack)
Reg: $2,400.00 SALE: $1,920.00

Friday, July 09, 2010

Class on Demand Apple Color Scone Looks now available

Class on Demand has just released a product that takes Apple Color to the next level. There are many new Apple users taking advantage of Color and to help accelerate the learning curve, our artist, Bob Sliga has created an amazing must-have product. Check out the new SCONE LOOKS. SCONE LOOKS come with 400+ Color Grades, Primary Grades, Secondary Grades and ColorFx presets for use within Apple Color. These looks work with progressive and interlace footage. SCONE LOOKS then can be modified, combined in endless ways to suit your specific footage and project needs. Podcasts are included to demonstrate how to use the looks and also tips and tricks for using Color. More info.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Products: Red Giant Guru Preset Packs- Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol. 2 For Trapcode Suite and Harry Frank's Looping Backgrounds for Trapcode

cassidy bicher
Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol. 2 For Trapcode Suite

59 Text Particle Animations for Video, TV Spots & More

Turn your text characters into forces of nature with this engaging set of presets for Trapcode Suite. Wrap your logo in a smoke trail, fiery blaze, tornado, rainstorm or snow blizzard. Replace the text placeholder with your own text or logo to get a project quickly started, and customize the design easily with new colors or a few particle tweaks.

Requires Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher.

Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol. 2 for Trapcode Suite from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

cassidy bicher
Harry Frank's Looping Backgrounds for Trapcode Suite

55 Motion Graphics Backgrounds for Broadcast & Corporate Video

Work with speed and flexibility with access to 55 looping high definition backgrounds. The wide variety of textural designs include glitz, swirls, maps, bokeh, fractal shapes, grids, lines and more. With each set produced in four different color palettes, you have access to 220 backgrounds. Mix and match for infinite possibilities; add your own signature touches and camera moves in After Effects; or drop the compositions right into your Premiere Pro timeline (via dynamic link).

Requires Adobe After Effects CS4 or higher.

Harry Frank's Looping Backgrounds for Trapcode Suite from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

New Product/Freebie: LME 105 Bold Frames & Background Textures Vol. 1

LMEThe After Effects (7.0 or higher) presentation below is included in the collection.

LME 105 Bold Frames & Background Textures Vol. 1 includes 105 eye searing full high resolution textures (1920 X 1080) that can be used as a background in motion graphic projects or to frame photos, videos, or any other kind of graphic, object or art.

Dozens of styles from futuristic and grunge to ethereal and organic, all stunning elements that will energize your broadcast design project.

For other high resolution sizes or standard resolution just import the textures into your project and size down.

FREEBIE! Download a sample project using LME 105 Bold Frames & Background Textures Vol. 1!
Download the Freebie!

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New Product: Boris Continuum Complete v7 FxPlug for FCP, Motion and Express

bcc fxplugBoris Continuum Complete 7 FxPlug brings over 210 filters to Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Final Cut Express. The new release features a 3-way color grade filter with built-in keying and masking tools, a video noise reduction tool, an OpenGL particle engine, and real-time title flare and luma glow effects.

Download a Free 14-day Trial Version

Boris Continuum Complete 7 FxPlug is available for $995.

Own an older version of Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug? Upgrade for $295

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New Products/Upgrades: Red Giant Keying 10 Suite; Key Correct, Primatte Keyer, and Warp Updated for Adobe CS5/64-bit Compatibility

red giantRed Giant Keying Suite 10: Everything you Need to Pull the Perfect Key in After Effects- Now includes Red Giant Warp!

Frizzy hair? Semi-transparent glass? This bundle of Primatte Keyer, Key Correct and Warp lets you tackle the toughest keying challenges with confidence and in record time. Begin by using Key Correct's pre-key tools to prep your footage for keying in the powerful Primatte Keyer, then touch up your mattes in Key Correct for pixel-perfect results within After Effects.

Red Giant Keying Suite 10 Includes:

Red Giant Software Key Correct 1.2

Key Correct is a set of 15 plug-ins designed to help After Effects users create better composites with built-in keying tools.

Red Giant Software Primatte Keyer 4.1

A professional greenscreen tool that extracts keys from any color background quickly and easily. Powerful features allow Primatte Keyer to overcome keying challenges such as uneven lighting, compression artifacts, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination.

Red Giant Software Warp 1.1

Perfect shadows, realistic reflections and distorted video can be tough effects to create by hand. The Warp toolset makes them a snap.

Learn More/Purchase Pro Keying Suite 10

Upgrade Pro Keying Suite 10 to Adobe CS5/64-bit Compatibility: $29.00

Upgrade Key Correct to Adobe CS5/64-bit Compatibility: $29.00

Upgrade Warp to Adobe CS5/64-bit Compatibility: $29.00

Download a Free Trial

Own any of these products already? You can upgrade to the Pro Keying Suite 10 at a discount! Special Upgrade. If you own Primatte Keyer 4.x, Key Correct 1.x or Warp 1.x, get the entire Keying Suite for only $399

Red Giant Keying Suite 10 Upgrade For Owners of Primatte Keyer 4.x, Key Correct 1.x or Warp 1.x: $399.00

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tutorial: After Effects: Deeper Modes of Expression, Part 7: Making Decisions

Deeper Modes of Expression, Part 7: Making Decisions by Chris Meyer

Learning how to craft if/then/else statements plus do/while loops will open the door to a wide range of advanced techniques.

provideo coalition

As your expressions become more complex, you will want to start making decisions in the middle of them – for example, if the current value is less than a certain number, do one thing; if it is greater than that number, do something different. Other decisions include "wait until the current time is past the next marker – then do this animation" or even "don't freak out and give me an error message if you can’t find the marker, keyframe, or other layer you’re looking for."

These sorts of decisions are often referred to as conditional statements, and expressions in After Effects supports them. The most common type of conditional is know it as an if/then or if/then/else statement. If you are not familiar with JavaScript, their format may be a bit different from what you expect, but they are easy to learn.

A variation on this theme is a do/while loop, which is an essential tool for overcoming expressions' inability to remember what happened beforehand: You can use these loops to walk through every frame of the animation – accumulating information – until you get to the current frame.

Read The Full Tutorial at ProVideo Coalition

Learn More/Purchase Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 5 ed. by Chris and Trish Meyer

View all Tutorials in this Series

New Products: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 and Xara Designer Pro 6

xara designerXara Designer Pro 6 (formerly Xtreme Pro) is our top of the range product and includes all the features and templates of Web Designer and Photo & Graphic Designer. Plus it adds extra features that Pro designers need including support for PDF/X, PANTONE® and color separations, multi-core processor support for extra speed, enhanced import/export filters, and a pro version of the photo panorama tool. Updated HTML Website Creation, Navigation bars & menus, Widget Support, Pop-Ups and Slideshows, and much more!

Download a Free Trial

Xara Designer Pro 6

Xara Designer Pro 6 Upgrade from Xtreme Pro 5 (Special Introductory Pricing!) $99.00

Xara Designer Pro 6 Upgrade from Xara Xtreme Pro
(Older than v5 Versions)

Xara Designer Pro 6 Upgrade from Xara Xtreme
(Older than v5 Versions)

Xara Designer Pro 6 New Features

xara designerXara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 (formerly Xtreme) is simply the best graphics software for all your drawing, photo and web graphics needs. If you're looking for drawing software then Photo & Graphic Designer is a perfect solution for everything from simple logos to detailed illustrations. If you're working with photos then Photo & Graphic Designer can handle everything from a simple one click auto-enhance to awesome photo compositions. If you are looking for software for creating web graphics then Photo & Graphic Designer can help you produce everything you need for your site from stand-out buttons to Flash animations. And all at a price that won't break the bank!

Download a Free Trial

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 $89.00

Photo & Graphic Designer 6 Upgrade from Xtreme 5 (Special Introductory Pricing!) $39.00

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 Upgrade from Xtreme
(Older than v5 Version)

Friday, July 02, 2010

New Product: Filter Forge v2 for Photoshop; Create Your Own Filters!

filter forgeExplore the new possibilities offered by the new powerful Filter Forge and take your creativity to the next level! Filter Forge 2.0 features new lighting options and shadows via ambient occlusion, support for scripting and over 40 new components for creating filters, full HDR support that drastically enhances the level of realism, and much more.

filter forgeNew Photorealistic Lighting

  • Point/Area Lights
  • New Lighting Options

  • Unlimited HDR Colors

  • Full HDR Support
  • Color Inspector
  • Free Transforms, Shapes, and Particles
  • Bomber Component
  • Transform Components
  • Polygon and Ellipse Components
  • Free Gradients and Shapes

  • Math and Scripting

  • Lua Scripting
  • RGB Math Components

  • Other Additions
  • Instant Filter Search

  • Download a Free Demo
    and give it a try!

    Filter Forge Basic Edition: Ideal for people who want quick results now. The Basic edition cannot create filters, but you have all 7336 user-created filters at your disposal.

    Filter Forge Standard Edition: Best value for money - you save $149 and get everything except specialist features such as 16- and 32-bit image modes, large resolutions and bump/normal maps.

    Filter Forge Professional Edition: Filter Forge in all its glory - high-precision imagery, ultra-large bitmaps up to 65000x65000 pixels, bump and normal maps, and an unlimited number of CPU cores.

    To make life easier for people with large filter collections, Filter Forge 2.0 introduces an instant filter search that lets you quickly find filters as you type, searching filter names, descriptions, authors and keywords, and displaying the results immediately. No more fuss with the categories – just type what you want and get it in less than a second!

    Median, Minimum, Maximum and Percentile Components

    With these new components, you can now perform minimum, median, maximum and custom-percentile filtering. The Median and Percentile components are especially handy for creating a wide variety of artistic effects, thanks to their ability to simplify the source image by removing small details while preserving the edges.

    Non-Seamless Filters

    Since the beginning, Filter Forge was all about seamless textures. But times are changing – Filter Forge 2.0 is no longer confined to seamlessly-tiled filters. Unrestricted, non-tiled textures and effects are now first-class citizens of Filter Forge. Support for non-seamless filters enables long-requested features: unrestricted transforms (Scale, Rotate, Offset, Flip and Lookup) and non-tiled Free Gradient, Ellipse, Polygon and Rectangle components.

    Review: Class on Demand Tackles Apple Color Training

    class on demandComplex and confounding to some, using Apple Color cries out for expert training, and Class on Demand tackles the task. -By J.R. Bookwalter

    Class on Demand has been one of the preeminent producers of creative & media training videos since the company was launched in 1996- "before there was on-demand anything," quips CEO Paul Holtz- with a set of VHS tapes aimed at teaching folks how to use the Pinnacle Alladin DVE in the dark days before non-linear editing. The company has come a long way from those modest roots, taking the training industry by storm with their entertaining and exhaustively feature-packed DVDs (and most recently, through their new streaming, truly on-demand portal).

    Learn More/Purchase Class on Demand Color Training

    Class on Demand's latest releases are easily among their most challenging: Nine hours of training spanning two discs, aimed at unraveling the mysteries of Apple Color — by far the most complicated (and often overlooked) component of Final Cut Studio. DV got a chance to sit down with Class on Demand founder Paul Holtz as well as training instructors Steve Hullfish and Bob Sliga to find out more about the new double threat of Basic Training ($69.99) and Advanced Training for Apple Color ($99.99), also available together as the "Complete Training" bundle for $149.99.

    "Apple Color is one of those programs that people are just afraid to even crack open," muses Holtz. "It's almost thought of as something that was just thrown in because it's part of the suite. We wanted people to feel comfortable with using it- whether they're just editing a Flip video or a wedding video, all the way up to more complicated projects. We show users all the basics, but also how to create their own look and feel like the professionals do on television and in the movies. Even if the guy down the street is using the exact same camera and the exact same hardware and software you're using, by mastering Apple Color you can have this incredible look and feel to your product that maybe they don't."

    Read the Full Review

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    New Product: Digital Trove PRIME v5; Now 64-bit/CS5-Compatible on Mac

    Image NameDigital Trove PRIME v5 is a suite of over 50 Effect Plug-Ins for Adobe After Effects. It consists of generators, distortions, image adjustments, stylistic filters, effects, and utilities. Now CS5/64-bit compatible on Mac!

    Learn More/Purchase in our Store

    Download a Trial Version of v4 (v5 coming soon!)

    Sale: Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Full and Upgrades 20% Off; Plus free mocha shapes for FCP/AE

    imagineer sale

    mocha v2 is a stand alone tracking & roto software designed to complement effects and finishing workflows.

    20% off mocha v2 and upgrades; Includes FREE mocha shape plug-ins for AE and FCP! Through July 31st 2010.

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    Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Node-locked License
    Reg: $1,095.00 SALE: $876.01

    Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Cross Platform Floating License
    Reg: $1,425.00 SALE: $1,140.00

    Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Cross Platform Floating 3-Pack
    Reg: $3,295.00 SALE: $2,636.01

    Imagineer Systems mocha v2 Cross-Platform Floating 5-Pack
    Reg: $5,495.00 SALE: $4,396.01

    Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade Floating
    Reg: $649.00 SALE: $519.20

    Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade Node-Locked
    Reg: $499.00 SALE: $399.20

    Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade 3 Cross-Platform Float license (3 pack)
    Reg: $1,449.00 SALE: $1,159.20

    Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade 5 Cross-Platform Float license (5 pack)
    Reg: $2,400.00 SALE: $1,920.00