Friday, April 30, 2010

News/New Updates: Red Giant Software CS5 Compatible Plug-ins Now Available

red giantRed Giant Software Releases Adobe Creative Suite 5 Compatible Plug-Ins

San Francisco, CA, April 30, 2010 - Red Giant Software today released plug-ins compatible with Adobe® Creative Suite® 5. For a complete list of products available now, version numbers, and pricing information, please visit the Compatibility Chart. The Frequently Asked Questions page is another helpful resource for understanding Red Giant Software's policy for upgrading to Adobe CS5. The CS5 upgrades from Red Giant Software are only applicable to users that choose to upgrade to After Effects® CS5 and Premiere Pro® CS5. Customers do NOT need to get the latest version if they are not using Adobe CS5.

Benefits of 64-Bit Computing

The Adobe CS5 updaters for Red Giant Software products offer support for 64-bit computing, which provide many benefits including:
  • Better use of memory to allow multiple applications to run with increased performance
  • Support of RAW content with the capacity to handle any resolution up to 5K and beyond
  • Smooth playback of multiple streams of video in real-time in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
  • More flexible workflows with the ability to handle multiple open applications at once
Pricing and Availability

  • All products purchased on or after April 12, 2010 qualify for FREE 64-bit updates (Adobe CS5 compatible) as soon as they are available. (Contact for more information). Customers that purchased products prior to April 12, 2010 and choose to add 64-bit compatibility will need to pay for upgrades. Pricing is outlined below:

  • Adobe CS5 upgrades for all individual products purchase will cost $29 USD each.

  • Trapcode Suite customers can upgrade the entire 2009 Suite for a price of $99.

  • Trapcode Particular 2 customers have until June 30, 2010 to qualify for a FREE upgrade to Adobe After Effects CS5 / Trapcode Particular 2.1. Customers will be required to enter a valid 2.0 serial number.

  • Magic Bullet Suite customers will be able to upgrade the entire Suite for a flat price of $99 USD- coming this summer.

  • Pro Keying Suite customers can upgrade the entire Suite for a flat price of $99. Pro Keying Suite 10 (coming this summer) will include Key Correct, Primatte Keyer, and Warp.

  • Magic Bullet PhotoLooks and Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop users qualify for a free update to Adobe Photoshop CS5. These updates will be coming in early summer. Customers will be notified when the updates are available and will be provided details on how to obtain them.

  • About Red Giant Software

    Founded in 2002, Red Giant Software publishes and develops software tools made by industry veterans Stu Maschwitz and John Knoll. Red Giant Software’s ever-expanding product line has over 30 packages that run on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid systems. The vast range of visual effects tools features industry-leading effects for designing realistic fire, rain, and water; adding popular looks; and creating perfect keys. Red Giant effects have enhanced feature films such as Angels & Demons, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mummy 3, and Grindhouse, and added sparkle to cable and broadcast content from NBC Universal, Food Network, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, and TNT.

    News: Adobe CS5 Now Shipping!


    The wait is over! Adobe recently unveiled it's new versions of popular software for arts, design, animation and video tools to the public and we have them all here.

    Adobe CS5 products and Upgrades are Now Shipping!

    Along with numerous upgrades and improvements to the entire CS5 lineup of individual products and bundles, now added are two new web-design applications: Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    mocha v2, mocha for After Effects, and Clearing Up Some Questions


    Kevin Bourke, the PR guy for Imagineer, sent me this insightful article from Ross Shain.

    Now that NAB 2010 is behind us, and the dust has settled a bit from all the news and product developments, it's a good time to clear up a little bit of confusion that seems to be out there regarding the launch of Imagineer Systems' mocha v2 and Adobe's CS5 launch, which ships with mocha for After Effects and mocha Shape for After Effects. Customers are wondering, what's the difference between mocha v2 and these seemingly similar apps that ship free with CS5.

    Ross Shain from Imagineer has taken the time to clarify the key differences and provide some answers to the overall question: What's the difference?!

    Here's an excerpt from a post Ross made on the AE list. I'm posting it here verbatim in hopes of spreading the word a bit wider and getting some answers out there to people trying to understand the difference. Hope this helps!


    Hi folks,

    There has been a lot of mocha for After Effects questions recently: what is included in AE CS5 and how it differs from the newly released mocha v2?

    Please excuse the "marketing" nature of this email, as I simply try to offer some clarity for AE users. Also, please find the updated Imagineer product comparison chart here:

    Adobe After Effects CS5 ships with the following Imagineer products:
    • mocha for After Effects CS5 - a 64 bit, stand alone tracking & roto utility found within the AE application folder. Same feature set as mocha for AE v2.
    • mocha shape plug-in - an AE plug-in used to import and render mocha roto shapes with variable edge feathering.
    • mocha shape to mask - a CS5 new feature found under edit menu to paste mocha roto shapes directly into selected AE mask layer. mocha v2 is the new release of the full version of mocha.

    mocha v2 is a 64 bit, stand alone tracking & roto utility that exports data to: AE, FCP, Smoke, Flame, Shake, Nuke, Combustion, Avid|DS, Quantel, etc.

    mocha v2 also includes the following features not found in mocha for After Effects CS5:

    • new improved interface & icons
    • new stabilize and smooth module
    • OGL hardware accelerated matte rendering with motion blur
    • improved license activation
    • support for older, non-intel MAC systems

    Some Q&A

    Q. Am I qualified to upgrade to the full version?

    A. All owners of AE CS4 or CS5 can upgrade to mocha v2 to get the new features and more export formats. Got to to watch the new feature videos or get the upgrade price.

    Q. Why are you still selling mocha for AE v2?

    A. mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape will continue to be sold separately for AE users who are not upgrading to CS5 or are still running non-intel MAC systems.

    Q. Why didn't you let me know CS5 was shipping with mocha for AE v2 features & mocha shape ?

    A. We were not authorized to disclose Adobe CS5 features before the release. If you have recently purchased mocha for AE v2 (after 3/15/10) and wish to apply this cost towards a mocha v2 upgrade, please email us at

    More questions? Please email us at

    Ross Shain
    Imagineer Systems

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Tutorial: Creating a Particular Shooters Effects/ Red Giant TV

    Posted on Red Giant TV by Harry Frank


    In this episode, designer Harry Frank shows you how to create a cool motion graphics "shooters" effect with Trapcode Particular. After that, he also goes into Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Illustrator to create a full logo build with this effect.

    Project Files

    Learn More/Purchase Trapcode Particular
    | Free Trial

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    NAB 2010 Roundup Vids Vol. 1- News and Information from the show floor

    NAB 2010 Vol. 1

    Vol. 1 Interviews from Roger Bolton of CoreMelt, Ross Shain from Imagineer Systems, Aharon Rabinowitz from Red Giant Software, Peter Litwinowicz from RE:Vision Effects, Doug Hynes of AV3 Software, and Zax Dow of Zaxwerks.

    Adobe CS5 FAQ & Compatibility List

    adobeWe told you we'd put together one of our compatibility lists! We've taken information that was compiled by Sébastien Périer and added a boatload of information to it.

    Also check out the Adobe CS5 FAQ, more than just an FAQ, this is a collection of information from around the web, organized so you can find it easily.

    Have you seen any great articles on CS5 that we should add to the FAQ? Please post the link in the comments on this blog post and we'll check it out. Thanks for your participation.

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    New Products: Total Training Unveils Adobe Creative Suite 5 Training

    Carlsbad, CA, April 13, 2010 - Total Training, Inc., the leader in innovative Self Paced Computer Based Training, today unveiled 13 new training courses for Adobe Creative Suite 5 software applications. Beginning April 13th, Total Training will start to release the first of twelve Essentials courses and one Workflow course to get users up to speed on the newest version of Creative Suite 5. The Essentials series training will introduce users to the key new features and fundamentals of each program and the Design Workflow course will demonstrate how users can integrate the programs of CS5 into their workflow.

    Training Titles
    Total Training for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials, also part of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 family, is available now.

    "Total Training began offering software training over 13 years ago. Today the product Total Training delivers provides the highest quality learning experience available, at an incredibly affordable price. A student or employee can master their software craft in a matter of days," said Clarke Caines, President and Chief Operating Officer at Total Training, Inc. "As we release the next generation of training for Adobe Creative Suite 5, our commitment to quality continues with training that includes award winning presenters, project files that allow the student to follow along with the instructor, and premium production."

    Total Training for Adobe Creative Suite 5 is available today at Toolfarm.

    About Total Training
    Total Training, Inc. (, with offices in California and New Jersey, is a leader in innovative computer based training with more than a decade of experience producing award winning tutorials for leading software applications. The full product line offers comprehensive lessons and tutorials on creative design, web design, web development, digital audio software, digital photography, and office productivity programs.

    Updates: FxPlug Releases and Updates from RE:Vision Effects

    RE:Vision Effects releases FieldsKit and ReelSmart Motion Blur FxPlug versions for Final Cut Pro; updates Twixtor and DE:Noise FxPlug versions.

    RE:Vision Effects, acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy Award winning software, announces that FxPlug versions of FieldsKit and ReelSmart Motion Blur are now available, and that new FxPlug versions of Twixtor and DE:Noise have been released. The Effections bundle for Final Cut Pro has also been updated.

    FieldsKit uses proprietary field reconstruction and adaptive motion techniques to build full frames from fields that are of much higher quality than the standard approaches available in most effects and video editing applications.
    ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) automatically adds more natural-looking motion blur to a sequence. Proprietary tracking technology is at the heart of RSMB, so there is no handwork involved. Of course you can add as little or as much blurring as you need and even remove motion blur! This is a useful tool to give video a more film-like feel, and is also useful to reintroduce motion blur for blue or green screen shoots where a fast shutter is necessary to pull a good key.
    Twixtor enables you to speed up or slow down your image sequences with visually stunning results. In order to achieve its unparalleled image quality, Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence... employing RE:Vision's proprietary tracking technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel.
    • Current version: 5.0
    • Pricing: Regular version $329.95. Pro version: $595.00.
    • Upgrade Twixtor regular FxPlug version 4 to 5: $82.49.
    • Upgrade Twixtor Pro FxPlug version 4 to 5: $149.95.
    • Compatibility: FCP 6.0.3 and up.
    • Main feature: faster processing than version 4.
    • Customers who purchased Twixtor 4 FxPlug version on or after April 1, 2010 will receive version 5 for free.
    DE:Noise handles spurious frame-to-frame defects ranging from fine digital/electronic noise to blotchy spots (e.g. dirt on the film). DE:Noise combines motion estimation techniques with feature-sensitive, edge-preserving spatial filtering methods to reduce the visual impact of various problems such as: noisy video (that can happen with low-light capture), excessive film grain, CG renders affected by ray-tracing sampling artifacts, fingerprints and dust captured during film scan/transfer and printing, snow, drop-outs and many other defects.
    • Current version: 2.0
    • Pricing: Regular version $149.95.
    • Upgrade DE:Noise version 1 to 2 upgrade: $37.49.
    • Compatibility: FCP 6.0.1 and up, FCE 4.0.1 and up, Motion 3.0.1 and up.
    • Main feature: much faster processing than version 4. "Super" Temporal Processing mode is up to twice as fast as version 1.
    • Other enhancements: More precise noise reduction in many of the modes.
    • Customers who purchased DE:Noise 1 FxPlug version on or after April 1, 2010 will receive version 2 for free.
    Effections is a specially priced bundle of plugin products, containing the FxPlug versions of DE:Noise, Twixtor,ReelSmart Motion Blur and FieldsKit. The FxPlug plug-ins work in 8 and 10 bits per channel, and in floating point. RE:Map, Shade/Shape, SmoothKit, RE:Fill and Video Gogh are provided as After Effects-compatible plug-ins, which are limited to run in 8 bits per channel.

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Update: formZ 6.7.1 Patch Released

    To get this update, load formZ, go to Edit > Preferences > Update, then click on Check Now. Follow the instructions.

    User Group Meeting: SF Cutters May 13, Adobe CS5

    Time: Thursday, May 13, 2010 from 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM (PT)
    Location: Adobe: 601 Townsend, San Francisco, CA 94103
    Topics: Adobe CS5, AJA, Chris Fenwick FCP File Organization & Filmmaker Mitchell Rose
    Register: Register here

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    News: Red Giant People Launching Soon!

    red giantRed Giant People is coming...
    Posted By Sean Safreed Published on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at the Red Room Blog

    A new sister site to Red Giant Software is debuting at the end of April- Red Giant People. This is a place to browse, share, download and buy presets related to a number of Red Giant Software plug-ins. The site is at

    We built this site in response to user requests that we have heard for awhile. First, Magic Bullet Looks users wanted a way to share looks (.ls3) files with others. Second, we wanted to revive a sharing site called Trapcode People that had some great content for Trapcode products. So we combined these into a bigger vision to allow you to share content for all Trapcode products, Magic Bullet Looks, Knoll Light Factory, ToonIt, and more.

    When we launch there will be several dozen free presets for 3D stroke, ToonIt, Particular and more. All the presets have video previews for the site. To get any of these free presets, you must sign up and get an account. Please use your real name and a valid email address. Once you validate you account, you can get all the content on the site, and even start sharing presets and projects on your own.

    In addition to the free content, you will be able to browse the hundreds of presets that our site leaders -our Gurus- have built. These collections of presets are all professionally designed by broadcast designers. You can browse the paid presets individually, or see related content in a product in the Guru Store. If you like what you see, click the buy button and you will be taken to Red Giant Software to purchase the package.

    We will have a video tour, help and other assets on the site to help you get the most from Red Giant People. But to really make this site work, we need your help and hopefully your generosity to share projects and preset files with other Red Giant users so that everyone benefits from the assets that the community creates.

    I hope you will join Red Giant People.

    News: Alien Skin Software Photoshop CS5 Compatibility

    alien skin
    Alien Skin Software Photoshop CS5 Compatibility

    Now that the Photoshop CS5 excitement is at a fever pitch everyone wants to know whether our products are compatible with it. The short answer is yes, the current versions of all our products work with Photoshop CS5. However, you need to run CS5 in 32-bit mode for all of our Mac products and some Windows products. Also, the floating panels we have released with some of our recent products will probably not work in CS5. Below is the plan for making all of our products fully compatible with the 64-bit version of CS5.

    Exposure 3 and Bokeh 2 are almost done and will be 64-bit on both platforms. Exposure 3 will ship in June and Bokeh 2 will be about two months after that. Since these are major version upgrades with lots of useful new features, we will be charging for them, $99 each. Free upgrades will be sent to people who purchased Exposure 2 or Bokeh in April 2010 or later.

    Our other products will get free 64-bit and panel updates as quickly as we can do them. As they are done we will make announcements and the installers will be free to download from our web site. Most should be available this summer. We will be more specific about all these time frames as the work progresses.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    wondertouch by GenArts Ships particleIllusion for After Effects on Mac


    Sprite-Based 2D Particles Plug-In Delivers Stunning Natural Effects With Unprecedented Simplicity

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - April 22, 2010 - wondertouch by GenArts announced today the immediate availability of particleIllusion™ for After Effects (pIAE) for users of Adobe After Effects on Mac. Available as a plug-in for the first time, particleIllusion for After Effects enables artists to create gorgeous particle effects directly within After Effects, producing a more efficient workflow and significantly enhanced productivity.

    Like its standalone sibling particleIllusion 3.0 and pIAE for Windows (now shipping), pIAE for Mac is built on the industry's most robust 2D particle generation engine. As a result, it features the same highly acclaimed speed and ease of use that have made wondertouch products so popular with more than 10,000 compositing artists around the world. In addition, pIAE provides access to the thousands of existing wondertouch emitters - downloadable presets designed to allow users to effortlessly create natural, high-quality effects such as smoke, fire, explosions, sparkles, fireworks and countless abstract effects - without ever leaving the After Effects environment.

    pIAE for Mac features include:
    • The ability to load most of the more than 2,800 existing particleIllusion emitters in After Effects, including the popular "Pro Emitters"
    • The same emitter search engine found in wondertouch particleView
    • Access to all top-level particle parameters, including size, life, number, velocity, etc. to further customize the particles for each project
    • OpenGL-accelerated rendering
    • Full support for HD content
    Artists using pIAE for Mac can gain even greater control by using it in conjunction with particleIllusion 3.0. An excellent companion to pIAE, particleIllusion 3.0 grants access to all emitter settings and lower-level parameters such as color gradients, particle images, initial angle settings, and many more. Artists can also create new emitters and libraries, or move emitters between libraries using particleIllusion 3.0.

    "particleIllusion 3.0 as a standalone application has earned its reputation by allowing customers to create stunning, natural effects that they would never have the time or resources to accomplish with other tools," said Alan Lorence, creator of particleIllusion. "pIAE for Mac further enhances artists' creativity by offering convenient, intuitive access to our amazing preset library without having to leave the After Effects environment."

    particleIllusion for After Effects Features

    particleIllusion for After Effects Mac version overview

    Pricing and Availability

    particleIllusion for After Effects on Mac/Win is $299. Upgrade to particleIllusion for After Effects from particleIllusion v3.0 for $179. Bundle options are also available:

    About wondertouch by GenArts

    wondertouch by GenArts is an award-winning software developer specializing in particle effects for the visual effects industry. The company's flagship product particleIllusion, a sprite-based particle effects application, is designed to provide the most comprehensive effects creation tool and efficient workflow.

    Considered one of the most popular solutions for effects creation, particleIllusion is now used worldwide by creative professionals working in film post-production and pre-visualization, standard and HD video, commercial broadcast, motion graphics and game content creation.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Pre-Order: Adobe CS5 Bundles and Individual Products


    We're just finishing up with the last few updates to our store, but the majority of the Adobe CS5 products and upgrades are ready for pre-order!

    Reviews: Imagineer mocha v2- Have you Upgraded Yet? Sale Ends April 30th

    Imagineer Systems mocha v2 is the new update to the popular tracking and roto software mocha. Based on Imagineer's innovative 2.5 D planar tracking system, mocha v2 helps visual effects artists solve complex tracking challenges. As a rotoscoping station, mocha's ability to accurately track mask shapes saves hours of manual labor for articulate matte creation. Create & render mattes with less keyframes! Try it for Free.

    "The most difficult track and roto work was made so remarkably simple thanks to mocha."- Rob Legato, VFX Supervisor, Shutter Island


    mocha v2 New Features: Stabilize Module


    mocha v2 New Features: Interface and Icons Update


    Imagineer mocha v2 Upgrade Offer:

    mocha sale

    Upgrade from any Imagineer Product to mocha v2 for $399 Through April 30th 2010! This includes upgrading from the mocha for After Effects version that ships with Adobe to full mocha v2!

    Still not Convinced? Read The Reviews Here:

    Micro Filmmaker Magazine gives mocha v2 9.3 out of 10 points!

    Filmmaking Central- "mocha v2 is faster and sexier than ever!"

    Press Release/New Products: Red Giant Software Launches Guru Presets for Magic Bullet and Trapcode

    red giantIntroducing Seven Preset Packs Designed by Industry Experts

    San Francisco, CA, April 21, 2010 - Red Giant Software today announced Guru Presets, a new product line created by hand-picked industry experts. Guru Presets allow users to jump into a project and get it done faster by having access to pre-designed templates and effects presets that work with plug-ins from Red Giant. These presets and templates are ready to go as-is, but can also be easily modified by the user to fit almost any project. Each package offers unique preset animations, graphical elements, or design templates ready for use in After Effects and unique film looks that work in the many hosts supported by Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Quick Looks. Guru Presets currently include seven preset packs, with additions planned for the near future.

    The Guru Presets line includes the following titles. Full descriptions follow below.
    • Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects for Trapcode Suite
    • David Vinson's Particles Vol 1 for Trapcode Particular
    • David Vinson's Super Rays for Trapcode Shine
    • Eric Escobar's Indie Looks for Magic Bullet Looks
    • Harry Frank's Holidays for Trapcode Particular
    • Harry Frank's Video Rock for Trapcode Particular
    • Nando Costa's Elements for Trapcode 3S Bundle

    Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects for Trapcode Suite

    Drop your text or logo into two light-filled, pulsing animations. In Orb Wiper, an organic orb sweeps across the screen in HD. Your logo fluidly transitions from this orb and is revealed within a burst of light flares and texture. In Logo Wiper, a flash of light reveals your logo, light sparkles run along the logo, and then the logo disappears in another bright flash. Sound FX are included and already synced to each animation.

    Cassidy 'Cass' Bisher is a motion designer for clients including Verizon and AT&T; an Apple Certified Pro; and owner of, which creates high quality After Effects templates for sale.

    David Vinson's Particles Vol 1 for Trapcode Particular

    Where there's smoke, there's fire - and rain, clouds, bubbles, sandstorms, swimming tadpoles, and more! They're all in this new package of 55 After Effects animation presets for Trapcode Particular. Use them immediately, or customize them easily with objects or colors that fit your project. Designed by broadcast designer David Vinson, these presets will add snap, crackle and pop to any design.

    A classically trained artist, David Vinson is currently a partner at the Emmy award-winning post facility Outpost Pictures. His freelance clients include ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNT, The Weather Channel, and the Atlanta Hawks.

    David Vinson's Super Rays for Trapcode Shine

    Let David's work make your creativity shine. This new collection of 50 presets for Trapcode Shine has light ray effects for earth, sky, water, and fire, plus a range of everyday expression. Your text characters will Blaze, your logos will crackle with Electricity, and your titles will reach an Awakening. Use the effects immediately or customize them easily to your project.

    A classically trained artist, David Vinson is currently a partner at the Emmy award-winning post facility Outpost Pictures. His freelance clients include ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNT, The Weather Channel, and the Atlanta Hawks.

    Eric Escobar's Indie Looks for Magic Bullet Looks

    Inspired by classic American independent films, independent film director Eric Escobar designed a collection of 20 original preset Looks. The Looks are divided into Exterior Day looks, with selections such as Ironic Sunshine, Los Angeles and Mumblefish; and Interior Day looks such as Apartment in the Valley, Actor's Friend and Cheap Drinks.

    Eric Escobar is a San Francisco-based digital filmmaker whose films have screened in the US and internationally. In 2005 his short film, One Weekend A Month, won an honorable mention in short filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Harry Frank's Holidays for Trapcode Particular

    Perfect for the holiday season, this collection features a collection of elegant and useful compositions using a mix of festive colors. Get seasonal elements like snow, stars, ice, light and ornaments. Includes Particular-based After Effects compositions featuring backgrounds, reveals, and sample type animations composed at 720p and 1080i. Mix and match to create hundreds of combinations that will save time and add value to your production, all before Santa arrives and the eggnog disappears.

    Harry Frank is a motion designer whose clients include NBC, Blur Studio and Digital Kitchen, and a community leader who runs the popular motion design portal and the social networking site The Motion Exchange.

    Harry Frank's Video Rock for Trapcode Particular

    Great motion graphics often begin with the designer's asset library of design elements. The challenge is finding good libraries. Video Rock is focused around a retro theme that includes primitives, doodles, and wireframes. It's a terrific collection of pre-rendered design and particle elements that will finesse projects and enhance a design library.

    Harry Frank is a motion designer whose clients include NBC, Blur Studio and Digital Kitchen, and a community leader who runs the popular motion design portal and the social networking site The Motion Exchange.

    Nando Costa's Elements for Trapcode 3S Bundle

    Create rich transitions or add flavor to graphic scenes. This eye-catching package reproduces various kinds of light effects and light aberrations. Most of the presets are customized light flares that can be used when compositing live-action shots. Each preset was built with in/out transitions for ultimate convenience, yet their colors, timing and placement onscreen can be easily adjusted.

    Nando Costa has crafted a wide range of animations for brands such as Apple, Nike and Microsoft, and most recently designed and directed an epic multimedia music video for Modest Mouse.

    Pricing and Availability

    About Red Giant Software

    Red Giant Software LLC ( offers a vast range of visual effects plug-ins, with over 30 packages designed for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid. The product line features industry-leading effects for designing realistic fire, rain, and water; adding popular looks; and creating perfect keys. Red Giant effects have enhanced feature films such as Angels & Demons, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Mummy 3, and added sparkle to cable and broadcast content from NBC Universal, Food Network, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, and TNT.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    News: Port City editing program bundled in new Adobe Suite

    If you have not heard the news, Digieffects FreeForm AE will be bundled with After Effects CS5. Here's a nice article from the Greater Wilmington Business Journal about it, with a nice photo of Robert Sharp, Digieffects president. Read the article

    Video: After Effects CS5 64 Bit Performance.

    Karl Soule talks about AE CS5's performance enhancements.

    Color correction effects and blending modes new in After Effects CS5

    Here's some news to excite you about AE CS5! Color correction effects and blending modes new in After Effects CS5.

    We're getting the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Pre-Orders in our store now. Stay tuned!

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Boris XML Transfer Now Supports Adobe After Effects CS5

    Seamlessly Transfer Apple Final Cut Pro Program Sequences to Adobe After Effects

    Boris XMLMarlborough MA - April 19, 2010 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, today announced Boris XML Transfer Version 2. Boris XML Transfer is an Adobe After Effects plug-in designed for seamless transfer of Apple Final Cut Pro program sequences to After Effects. The plug-in preserves all aspects of a Final Cut Pro project including effects, audio, media clips, transitions, and geometric transformations. Version 2 has been fully re-designed for 64-bit platforms and provides support for the forthcoming Adobe After Effects CS5 release.

    Boris XML Transfer Feature Highlights

    • Clips Remain Fully Editable. All trimmed Final Cut Pro clips remain fully-editable in After Effects as stepped-up or stepped-down layers. Audio levels, pans, and cross-fades are accurately preserved and effects settings and keyframe animations are fully translated.
    • MultiCam Editing. Boris XML Transfer takes special care to preserve multi-clip edits.
    • Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete Compatibility. BCC and FEC effects provide the same look and keyframe values for every parameter.
    • Native Final Cut Pro Effects Translation. Many native Final Cut Pro effects are translated into corresponding After Effects features that match the effects’ look and behavior.
    • Familiar Look and Feel. Translated After Effects projects will look very familiar to Final Cut Pro editors. User marks, comments and labels for clips and sequences, and all user-defined names are carried across from Final Cut Pro to After Effects.
    • No Transcoding or File Duplication Required. QuickTime-based media files are immediately available in After Effects without the need for transcoding or file duplication.

    Pricing and Availability

    Boris XML Transfer v2 for Macintosh OS X is immediately available through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX web site at for an MSRP of $299 USD. Version 2 is a free update for Boris XML Transfer Version 1 users. A full-functioning 14-day trial version is available for free download.

    About Boris FX

    Founded in 1995, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for broadcast, post-production, film, and multimedia. Boris products have grown to serve millions of artists worldwide. The company's success lies in its ability to integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading developers such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Grass Valley, and Sony.

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    37 Superstar Interviews: Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm

    My interview is below (Topher, why didn't you tell me I needed to spit out my gum?! I had a lot of coffee that morning, what can I say.) Nice job, Topher.

    Here are all of the interviews at AE Tuts+.

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    News: After Effects CS5 Plugin Update guide

    adobe webinar(From Sebastien Perier at

    "With the CS5 announcement getting closer and closer, several plugin developer / manufacturer announced their upgrade policy to 64bit. Remember, none of your 3rd party plugins will work in AE CS5 due to 64bit.

    Scripts and Pixel blender plugins should work.

    I decided to regroup all the news on this page to keep it simple for people to track any announcement.

    Video Copilot

    Twitch: 64b version announced / FREE upgrade (source)

    Optical Flare: 64b version announced / FREE upgrade (source)

    Red Giant Software

    Individual plugins: 64b version announced / $29 Upgrade fee (source)

    Magic Bullet Suite: 64b version announced / $99 Upgrade fee (source)

    Trapcode Suite: 64b version announced / $99 Upgrade fee (source)

    Cycore Effects

    Cycore SD: Included in AE CS5 (source)

    Cycore HD: 64b version announced / Upgrade fee TBA / FREE for new purchasers (source)

    RE:Vision FX

    Individual plugins: 64b version announced / Upgrade fee TBA / FREE for new purchasers (source)


    Individual plugins: 64b version announced for Camera Mapper, Fallof Lighting, Aged Film / FREE upgrade (source)

    New plugins: 64b version announced for Freeform 3D Mesh Warp, Freeform 3D Displacer / No upgrade necessary / (source)

    Damage 2.0: 64b version announced / $49 Upgrade fee from Damage 1 (source)

    Freeform: Included in AE CS5 (source)

    Other legacy plugin status unknown


    Individual plugins: 64b announced / FREE Upgrade (souce: the AE ML)

    Imagineer Systems

    Mocha for AE: bundled with AE CS5 (source)

    Mocha Shape for AE: bundled with AE CS5 (source)

    Other plugs: unknown

    Synthetic Aperture

    Color Finesse LE: bundled with AE CS5 (source)

    Color Finesse: 64b announced / Upgrade fee TBA / Free for new purchasers (source)


    Sapphire Suite: 64b announced for version 5 / $599 Upgrade fee from Sapphire 2 (source)

    Automatic Duck

    AD Pro Import AE: 64b announced for version 5 / Upgrade fee TBA

    The Foundry

    Keylight: Included with AE CS5 (source)

    Boris FX

    Boris Continuum Complete: 64b for version 7 (coming may 2010) / $295 upgrade fee from v6 / Free for new purchasers (source)


    Individual plugins: 64b version announced / Upgrade fee TBA (source)"

    Thank you to Sebastien Perier for compiling this list! We'll be adding to and updating our lists as we get more news this week.

    New Products: Digieffects FreeForm 3D Mesh Warp v1.6, Digieffects FreeForm 3D Displacer

    Only interested in warping, not displacing a layer in true 3D?

    Digieffects 3D Mesh Warp
    adds a third dimension to what you already do with After Effects built-in Mesh Warp tool. Select how many rows and columns you divide the image into, then manipulate the control tangents to create cylinders, curves, ribbons, folding cards, an infinite amount of three dimensional shapes. Free Trial!

    Only interested in using a grayscale map to displace a layer in true 3D?

    Digieffects 3D Displacer brings true three dimensional displacement mapping to After Effects. Displacement maps can of course be animated, adding effects like rippling water or blowing flags in full 3D perspective- no faking. Use mesh subdivision to raise and lower the density of your mesh, and anti-aliasing settings to work quickly and then switch to a fully refined result. Free Trial!

    New Product: Digieffects Damage v2

    damageDeface, Defile, Dismantle, Destroy. Isn't it time for more Visual Devastation for your hard-earned dollar? You've been talking and we've been listening. To all of you who thirst to wreak more havoc, the scores of you who wish to take all that is beautiful and render it visual debris, and for those of you who have been writing us about all the electronic carnage you daydream about if only you had a way to do it faster, with more options... we have the number of an excellent therapist. (...and we've reconsidered our company policy on 'personal sharing') AND we've created Digieffects Damage v2.0. Download a Free Trial here!


    All the ancient evil of analog signal defects in Skew and Interference, the modern, coldly unsympathetic digital malfunction of Artifact and Blockade- and now, we've harnessed the incompetence at the source. Two new effects in the Damage toolbox, Destabilize and Overexpose, allow you to go back in time, and not only corrupt your footage, but also ruin the image of the camera operator. Damage 2.0 is simply the hugely successful collection of Digieffects plugins that the industry has come to know with more effects, greatly improved speed, a streamlined interface, and now is CS5 compatible with 64 bit native operation and 32 bit-per-channel processing...but it's still only $99.00 USD, and only a $49.00 upgrade for current Damage customers. Upgrade to Digieffects Damage v2!

    Damage Includes:

    Blockade: Who hasn't had one of those days when you wish you had a cheap cell phone that records video and all you have is a professional HD camera with crystal clear broadcast glass? We've all been there. Digieffects comes to the rescue once again with Blockade, which mimics the low color fidelity rectangular "quadrants" that come from a really crummy video camera feeding a steamroller of a video codec. The color inaccuracy, block size, speed, and temporal frame stuttering are all completely customizable, so unlike your television remote, you have precise control over how much defectiveness you desire.

    Artifact: The digital VTR has clogged heads...the network feed of your favorite TV show is being beamed through some nasty weather...or perhaps the mother ship is trying to transmit through a radiation storm in the gamma quadrant (and don't even pretend you don't know what we're talking about)...those are just some of the possible scenarios where Artifact will be your favorite solution. With the ability to individually set properties like displaced pixel blocks, color errors, frame dropping, and video compression artifacts, you can choose what can, and can't be seen due to system malfunction.

    Interference: Any of us who have been in video production for a period of time like viewing images on our Cathode Ray Tube monitors (CRTs). There's nothing like a great big professional CRT when you want to see a great image...or throw your back out while carrying something heavy and awkward. The good news for your eyes AND your back is that Interference brings you that CRT feeling without requiring assistance to put on your socks the next morning- Take any footage you have and create effects like night vision, or imply the viewing surface of a green monochrome monitor, a security camera transmission, or a consumer video format playing back like VHS or 8mm. You have control over parameters like comb filtering, field line size, noise, tint, and luminance for alternating lines, which simulate two scanned, interlaced fields. It will bring a smile to anyone who has forgotten what it's like for the talent to wear a herring bone jacket that appears to be crawling over their shoulders...

    Skew: Take a low resolution analog signal, modulate it and send it out over the airwaves, grab it with a metal stick mounted on your roof, pass it through a cheap piece of coaxial cable with a teeny wire in the middle, wrapped in foil, demodulate it and...what the hell were we thinking? Somehow we endured the image quality that standard definition, over the air broadcasts could sink to. Even when it seemed we were looking through a screen door dipped in cooking oil, we were drawn in by the content (or at least, the lack of alternatives).  Digieffects preserves our heritage of analog, modulated badness with Skew.  You've got incredible control over analog noise (or 'snow'), image shearing, vertical rolling, loss of horizontal hold, and ghosting normally associated with weak or distant broadcast signals, and early consumer video tape playback issues like noise bars caused by malfunctioning tracking, etc.  Nostalgia for viewers, horrible flashbacks for broadcast engineers...there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

    The two newest effects in the Damage 2.0 collection expand the possibilities for image corruption beyond transmission and playback to acquisition.  Sometimes you want a great image that was transferred or processed defectively, sometimes it should have been just screwed up from the start.

    Overexpose: Exposure is one of the keys to creating a solid image.  Messed up exposure is one of the keys to cutting down on pesky repeat business for a videographer.  If all your footage is annoyingly perfect, it can make your stuff seem the same as all the other skilled professionals out there.  We have the answer.  Unlike simple luma or levels adjustments which act on specific pixel values and just end up looking like a poorly adjusted digital process, Overexpose processes the image in way that mimics an optical response.  Overdriven whites aren't simply clipped, they bloom when a camera is acquiring an image that is "hot." Neighboring areas of the image are affected even though those areas might not have overdriven values, luma values are affected proportionate to their relative brightness...all factors that require specialized processing to create a convincing effect. Add in the ability to vary a wide variety of parameters over time, and your ability to portray iris indecision on the part of your videographer is absolute.


Destabilize: As more and more footage for our projects is acquired in close proximity to ghosts, collapsing overpasses, rapidly opening landscape-sucking crevasses and always-just-out-of-view prehistoric monsters, tripod-steady footage can suck the drama right out of the scene. In these cases, it can be necessary to take matters into your own post production-skilled hands. With the ability to create convincing camera shake with individual controls over each color channel, multiple axes of motion blur, and nodal rotation control, you can add a bit of uneasy drama, or jittery chaos to nearly any scene. Using the ability to introduce individual random variation into each parameter set means the motion that results is convincingly organic, and a product of fine control. (Monsters, molten lava, defective architectural structures, large carnivorous animals, malicious paranormal entities, and any other implied natural disasters not included.)

    News: Digieffects Bundles FreeForm with Adobe CS5

    FreeForm Bundled with Adobe After Effects CS5, Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium and Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection

    Wilmington, NC - April 12, 2010

    Digieffects® announced today that FreeForm will be bundled with Adobe® After Effects® CS5, Adobe Creative Suite® 5 Production Premium, and Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection. FreeForm, developed by Mettle Communications, is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS5 that allows users to manipulate a flat object into almost any shape using a mesh in 3D space. Regularly priced at $299, FreeForm will be bundled for free with all purchases of Adobe After Effects CS5, Adobe Production Premium CS5, and Adobe Master Collection CS5.

    More Info

    Attendees at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 13-15, 2010, can stop by the Plugin Pavilion, booth SL4228 to meet with representatives from Digieffects and Mettle Communications.

    For the current list of Digieffects products that support 64-bit computing and work natively inside Adobe After Effects CS5, please visit For additional product information, project files, presets, video clips, sample media and tutorials related to FreeForm visit For more information on Mettle Communications and to see some of the firm's work please go to

    "FreeForm adds a tremendous amount of value for the Adobe After Effects customer. Now users have access to solutions that were previously only attainable through full-featured 3D software, allowing them to take advantage of working with the latest in 3D effects" said Michael Coleman, senior product manager for Adobe After Effects.

    "We're pleased to be working closely with Adobe for the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5. Having FreeForm selected as a bundle is a great validation of our products for video and film production," said Robert Sharp, President of Digieffects.

    "We are honored that Adobe has chosen to bundle FreeForm with Adobe After Effects CS5. Look for more exciting products from Mettle in the future," said Chris Bobotis, Principal at Mettle Communications and developer of FreeForm.

    About Digieffects

    Digieffects is a developer of popular software visual effects plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Grass Valley Edius and Boris RED. The company has been in the business since the beginning of the "plugin revolution" which dates back to 1996. Over the years, Digieffects has had great success with software products like Cinelook and Delirium and is proud to call thousands of film and video producers all around the world its customers and friends.

    About Mettle Communications

    Based in Montreal, Mettle Communications is an award-winning animation, print, and interactive design firm. The company has also leveraged its exceptional talent pool and technical know-how to create innovative proprietary software tools that streamline production. FreeForm was developed by Mettle and is marketed and sold by its partner, Digieffects. For more information, visit

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    New Product: mocha v2 full, 64 bit version now released!

    mocha v2 Adds 64-Bit Support, Sleek New UI Enhancements, Improved Licensing Activation, Support for Nuke 6.0, Nuke X and Apple Motion; Ideal Solution for 2D to 3D Conversion

    GUILDFORD, UK (April 6, 2010) Imagineer Systems today announced it has reengineered its flagship planar tracking and roto station, mocha, with the release of mocha v2. Built on Imagineer's industry-unique 2.5D planar tracking technology, mocha has earned a reputation in Hollywood and throughout the VFX industry as an innovative must-have solution for solving complex, labor-intensive tracking and roto challenges. Since its release in 2007, mocha has quickly become the industry's most popular and powerful stand alone tracking and roto station with over 20,000 registered users worldwide.

    mocha v2 will make its industry debut at NAB 2010 later this month in its booth #SL3927 (Plug In Pavilion) in the South Hall of the LVCC in Las Vegas, NV. Additionally during the month of April and as part of its NAB 2010 special promotion, mocha v2 will be available to existing customers of any Imagineer Systems product for only $399.

    With the release of mocha v2, Imagineer is adding significant new enhancements, including 64-bit support, a newly enhanced, streamlined user interface, improved licensing activation, and support for Nuke 6.0, Nuke X and Apple Motion.

    "mocha v2 is the culmination of tremendous effort from our development team and was completed in lock step with our customers and beta users. As mocha has grown significantly in popularity over the past year, it's given us a unique and valuable opportunity to hear from a wider swath of users and learn what's most important to them. That's exactly what went into mocha v2," said John-Paul Smith, chief executive officer of Imagineer Systems. "We're also pleased with the support we've received from our valued partners at Adobe Systems. In working closely together, we've been able to re-engineer mocha for After Effects as a 64-bit solution, just in time for the release of Adobe CS5. That's another big win for users."

    What's New in mocha v2
    • 64 bit Architecture: Re-engineered for 64-bit operating system support
      Improved User Interface: New icons and streamlined interface make mocha even easier to learn and master;
    • Improved Licensing Activation: mocha users can now easily activate and deactivate licenses for use on multiple systems;
      Stabilize and Smooth Module: Smooth jittery camera footage or lock down shots for effects plates;
    • OpenGL Acceleration: Hardware rendering of mattes with motion blur;
      Nuke 6.0 & Nuke X support: Copy and paste RotoPaint and CornerPin nodes from mocha directly into Nuke;
    • Apple Motion support.

    Why Hollywood Increasingly Relies On mocha

    mocha is a stand alone tracking and roto software designed to complement any compositing and finishing environment. mocha's unique planar tracker and streamlined interface allows artists to easily track shots where point trackers fail: shots with noise, shots with motion blur and shots that go offscreen or are obscured. Artists can quickly and easily solve difficult tracks and export transform, scale, rotation and perspective keyframe data to the industry's most popular packages such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Flame, Smoke, Combustion, Avid DS, Quantel generationQ, Shake, Digital Fusion and Nuke. With mocha, tracking screen inserts and stabilizing camera jitter has never been easier.

    New 3D Opportunities: Tackling 2D-3D Conversion with mocha
    Over the past few years, demand for 3D content has been steadily rising. This steady stream of 3D films are not only driving an accelerated 3D production schedule for new films, but it is also making the industry look at existing films in a new light and think about how they can be repackaged, or converted, from 2D to 3D. As isolating and extracting objects is at the heart of all visual effects compositing and 2D to 3D conversion projects, mocha's advanced ability to create accurate roto shapes with less manual keyframing greatly aids the complex 3D conversion process.

    These powerful, advanced capabilities enabled the team at In-Three to tackle some of the most difficult 3D conversion challenges for the latest Hollywood 3D marvel, Alice In Wonderland.

    Pricing and Availability
    mocha v2 supports Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Pricing is as follows:

    • Upgrade pricing: Upgrades to mocha v2 for existing owners of any Imagineer product are priced at $499 for nodelocked licenses.

    • New nodelocked licenses are priced at: $1095

    • Cross platform floating licenses are also available at additional cost.

    About Imagineer Systems

    Imagineer Systems is the award winning creator of planar tracking technology, an industry-unique tracking innovation optimized for compositing and rotoscoping. With monet, mokey and the mocha family of desktop VFX software solutions, Imagineer delivers affordable and practical VFX tools for independent digital artists, while also offering sophisticated compositing, roto and tracking capabilities ideal for boutique agencies, facilities and major Hollywood studios. For more information visit

    Press Release: Boris FX Introduces Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE

    Over 200 next-generation filters re-engineered for 64-bit processing and OpenGL acceleration

    Marlborough MA - April 12, 2010 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, today announced Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE (BCC 7 AE). BCC 7 AE brings over 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. The new release features 11 new filters including a 3-way color grade filter with built-in keying and masking tools, a new video noise reduction tool, a spline-based warp filter, an audio-driven keyframe generator, a new OpenGL particle engine, and still and video morph technology. Each Boris Continuum Complete filter has been re-engineered to take advantage of 64-bit processing and OpenGL acceleration.

    "BCC 7 AE is the next generation of our award-winning visual effects plug-in suite," commented Boris Yamnitsky, president and founder, Boris FX. "Each filter harnesses the power of multiple 64-bit processors and modern graphics cards to deliver an interactive experience for editors and compositors. In addition, BCC 7 AE delivers highly sought-after technologies such as 3-way color grading, noise reduction, audio-driven keyframe generation, and still image and video morphing."

    "BCC 7 AE is by far the most advanced release of BCC to date and represents a significant upgrade from earlier versions," commented Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV Magazine. "OpenGL and 64-bit compatibility provide faster screen redraw as well as rendering. The new 3 Way Color Grade provides options for masking as well as motion tracking an area. And my favorite addition to the collection is the Beat Reactor technology, available within a number of the plug-ins, which sets keyframes to the clip’s audio track. BCC users should not miss this upgrade. And for new users who may have shown some hesitancy in the past, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon. BCC AE is now a fully-mature 32 and 64 bit plug-in suite."

    Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE New Feature Highlights

    Adobe CS5 Support. Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE supports CS5, CS4, and CS3 under Macintosh OS X and 64-bit and 32-bit Windows operating systems.

    BCC 3 Way Color Grade provides a professional color grading process complete with three custom color wheels for pedestal/gamma/gain adjustment. The filter includes built-in masking and keying tools to isolate areas of secondary color correction. Separate color grading can be applied to the inside and outside of a mask, eliminating an extra compositing step.

    BCC Noise Reduction smoothes out video noise using spatial and temporal information derived from the video clip - especially in dark areas of an image

    BCC Lens Blur emulates a popular lens blur or rack defocus effect where out-of-focus highlights of an image clip take on the shape of the lens shutter. The filter includes a gradient map layer to control the depth of focus.

    BCC Lens Shape is a designer effect similar to a rack defocus effect where the shape of the bokeh can be imported from an external layer.

    BCC Lens Transition is a wipe filter that applies a lens blur or rack defocus effect to the specular highlights of outgoing and incoming image clips.

    BCC Beat Reactor automatically generates keyframes based on timeline audio. In addition to being available as a standalone After Effects keyframe generator, the Beat Reactor group is built into many existing BCC filters for easy access.

    BCC Particle Array 3D creates a grid of particles oriented in 3D space. The filter fully supports After Effects’ camera and lights.

    BCC Pin Art 3D creates a pin board look based on a layer image.

    BCC Warp is a spline-based warp tool that can be used to generate a wide range of distortion effects. Native After Effects masks are used to control the warps.

    BCC Morph is a still image morphing tool designed to produce a smooth morph effect from one image to another similar image. The warps are guided by native After Effects masks.

    BCC Video Morph is a video morphing tool designed to produce a smooth morph effect from one video clip to another similar video clip.

    Other Enhancements include a split-screen preview mode for streamlined workflow and full support for Boris XML Transfer, an Adobe After Effects plug-in designed for seamless transfer of Apple Final Cut Pro program sequences to Adobe After Effects.

    Pricing and Availability
    Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE will be available in May 2010 for an MSRP of $995 USD. Owners of previous versions of Boris Continuum Complete AE may upgrade for an MSRP of $295 USD. Customers who purchase Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE as of April 12, 2010 will be eligible to receive a free upgrade to Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE.

    Boris Continuum Complete 7 FxPlug for Apple Final Cut Studio and Apple Final Cut Express and Boris Continuum Complete 7 AVX for Avid editing and finishing systems are scheduled for release later in 2010. Customers who purchase Boris Continuum Complete 6 FxPlug or Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX as of April 12, 2010 will receive a free upgrade to Version 7.

    About Boris FX
    Founded in 1995, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for broadcast, post-production, film, and multimedia. Boris products have grown to serve millions of artists worldwide. The company's success lies in its ability to integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading developers such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Grass Valley, and Sony.

    NAB News:Boris FX Introduces Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE


    Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE will bring over 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. Version 7 features 11 new filters including a 3-way color corrector with built-in keying and masking tools, a new video noise reduction tool, a spline-based warp filter, an audio-driven keyframe generator, a new OpenGL particle engine, and still and video morph technology. Each BCC filter has been re-engineered to take advantage of 64-bit processing and OpenGL acceleration.

    Read About the New Filters in BCC 7 AE

    Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE will be available in May 2010 for $995. Owners of previous versions of Boris Continuum Complete AE will be able to upgrade for $295. Customers who purchase Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE as of April 12, 2010 will be eligible to receive a free upgrade to Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE.

    Get the Flash Player to see this player.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Review: Final Cut Pro Editors Get Better with Class on Demand Complete TRAINING for Final Cut Pro 7

    Check out this glowing review from FC Producer!
    This is by far the best training series that I have seen for Final Cut Pro. I'm a huge advocate for the Apple Pro Training Series but this is a step up from that and with the expertise of Tom Wolsky is hands down first-rate training. If you are serious about editing... meaning if you bought a Mac and Final Cut Pro this is an essential tool to have in your kit to make you a better, more efficient and even professional editor. Get this DVD now and thank me later.

    Friday, April 09, 2010

    News: Red Giant and 64-bit / Adobe CS5

    red giantFrom Sean Safreed at Red Giant's Red Room Blog:

    "As many of you may have heard, Adobe's next versions of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro are going 64-bit. Not only are they going 64-bit but these products will be exclusively 64-bit. Here are answers to three common questions about our plug-ins and 64-bit.

    So what does this mean for my plug-ins? It means you will need all NEW plug-ins to work in the 64-bit world. We have been working in earnest with Adobe to update all of our currently shipping plug-ins to work in 64-bit mode. In fact, we have had multiple engineers and quality assurance folks rebuilding our plug-ins over the last 5 months to make them work efficiently in After Effects in 64-bit mode.

    Will you need to buy an upgrade to the new version? Yes. Many of the products required extensive reworking of code because the product was originally designed when Mac OS 8 and Windows 95 ruled the world. Some of our tools go back to the mid-90s and they were never designed for 64-bit. To recoup the cost of months of engineering, we must charge something. Since this upgrade is mostly about speed (more on this below) and compatibility, we are only charging $29 to upgrade to any single 64-bit version of our plug-ins. For Trapcode and Magic Bullet Suite customers, we will have a special discount price for the whole suite.

    Are there any benefits to the new versions in 64-bit mode? Yes. 64-bit applications get to take advantage of all the memory in your system. So on a Mac Pro, the 64-bit native version of After Effects can use a big chunk of the 16 GB (or more) in a system for doing longer RAM previews, better caching, and dealing with larger file sizes like 2K, 4K or even larger images. Anyone who has ever run into memory limits with large 3D comps will find a big benefit to working natively in 64-bit.

    As Michael Coleman recently wrote, After Effects will also be faster in 64-bit (you can read about it here). We have found that our own tools are also benefiting from 64-bit. We ran a quick test on Peder Norrby's Trapcode Particular v2- Massive benchmark project (you can find it here) which uses most of the Trapcode plug-ins including Form, Lux, Particular and Horizon and the speed improved by about 34%. The total render time dropped by 11 minutes on the same project compared to CS4. Multiply that out by many renders or RAM previews in a day, and that adds up to significant time savings when you use a 64-bit optimized app and plug-ins.

    Rest assured that Red Giant is going to be ready with many of our most popular tools soon after Adobe releases the next version of After Effects. All of our plug-ins will be 64-bit ready in Summer 2010. Welcome to the future."

    Update: Noise Industries FxFactory v2.1.5 Now Available, Includes New Yanobox Nodes and Luca Visual FX Light Box Trials

    noise industries nabFxFactory is a free download that gives you unlimited access to free plug-ins and trial versions of FxFactory Pro and other commercial plug-ins. Download the Free Update.

    Reminder: Save 20% Off all Noise Industries Products through April 18th 2010! View all Noise Industries Products.

    FxFactory now supports Adobe After Effects CS5 (version 10).

    FxFactory Pro 2.1.5 includes the new "Synthesizer", "Vignette", "Output Levels", "Film Process" and "Bleach Bypass" plug-ins, and it is a free update for existing FxFactory Pro 2 customers.

    The trial, unlockable versions of all products listed above are available by installing FxFactory 2.1.5.

    Now Includes These New Free Trials:

    Yanobox Nodes

    Created by the same author of the acclaimed Motype title generator, Nodes lets you combine text and graphics in beautiful 3D animations.


    The unlockable, trial version of Nodes is available by installing FxFactory. To purchase a registration code, please visit our online store.

    Luca Visual FX Light Box

    Light Box includes 7 filters and 2 transitions that simulate flickering, regional, burning and flashing lights, as well as visually appealing image stylizations.


    The unlockable, trial version of Light Box is available by installing FxFactory. To purchase a registration code, please visit our online store.

    News: Rolling Shutter Reduction Coming Soon to CoreMelt Lock & Load X

    lock and loadRolling shutter artifacts are the bane of videographers shooting on CMOS based cameras resulting in horizontal skew and vertical distortion in footage.

    CoreMelt's Lock & Load X, the worlds fastest stabilizer for Final Cut Pro, will soon include a rolling shutter reduction feature, helping you stabilize CMOS footage.

    Check it out at our booth at NAB: SL4028 in the Plugin Pavilion.

    Learn More/Purchase Lock & Load X | Free Trials | CoreMelt NAB Sale

    coremelt sale

    REMINDER: Save 25% off All CoreMelt Products Through April 23rd!

    Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

    What is Rolling Shutter?

    With the advent of the CMOS photosensor, a whole range of consumer, prosumer and professional level, HD video capable camcorder's and digital SLR's have been released. But, even though CMOS technology enables high quality products to be developed at cheaper and cheaper prices, it is not without it's own problems. One of the main issues when shooting video on a CMOS camera are rolling shutter artifacts.

    When a CMOS sensor records an image, it scans the image from top to bottom, left to right. This scanning action results in a slight lag time between the recording of the top left of the image, to the bottom right of the image, resulting in images with horizontal skew and vertical distortion.

    These distortions, when coupled with the motion of the camera, creates the infamous "wobbly" image effect attributed to CMOS cameras. This effect is heightened when shooting on cameras like Canon's Legria and Sony's HDR range of prosumer/consumer level camcorders.

    Rolling shutter artifacts become more obvious after stabilizing, therefore CoreMelt has developed it's own rolling shutter reduction feature, and will include it as a free addition to it's renowned Lock & Load video stabilization plugin for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Motion, making it the only video stabilization plugin with rolling shutter reduction.

    Lock & Load X is the world's fastest video stabilizer for Final Cut Pro, and with the new Rolling Shutter reduction feature, will prove to be an even more useful edition to any videographers plugin arsenal!

    Thursday, April 08, 2010

    Press Release: Synthetic Aperture Announces Upcoming Color Finesse v3.0

    Enhancements Include 64-bit Adobe CS5 and Apple FxPlug Support

    SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA - April 7, 2010 - Today Synthetic Aperture announced Color Finesse® 3.0, a new version of their color correction plug-in for Adobe® After Effects® and Apple Final Cut Pro®.

    Enhanced Application Support

    Version 3.0 adds a 64-bit plug-in to support Adobe's CS5 64-bit applications, in addition to the 32-bit version. The move to 64-bit addressing significantly reduces the possibility of out-of-memory errors occurring during effects rendering. Tests with real-world projects which could not be rendered in 32-bit mode work flawlessly and speedily with the 64-bit plug-in and applications.

    Color Finesse 3.0 also adds a native FxPlug-style plug-in to support Apple Final Cut Pro. By virtue of being an FxPlug, performance is enhanced and pixel format conversions are reduced.

    New Features for Color Finesse 3.0: Color Finesse 3.0 adds the following new features:
    • New Auto-Color and Auto-Exposure buttons give one-click access to your color correction starting point.
    • A new Vibrance control gives more refined control over image saturation. The Vibrance control is similar to that found in Adobe Lightroom.
    • New HSL curves let you control image saturation and lightness based on color hue.
    • A new Highlight Recovery tool provides a visually-pleasing way to recover overbright areas of the image which would normally be clipped.
    • Color Finesse can now export its color correction settings as a 3D LUT in a variety of formats, including Autodesk Lustre and Smoke, Academy LUT, Assimilate Scratch, Pogle, Truelight, Cine-tal, and LUTher.
    • The Color Finesse preview displays now automatically adjust to footage pixel aspect ratio, giving you a correctly formatted preview when working with anamorphic footage.
    • The Vectorscope has been enhanced with a zoom capability, making it easier to see detail when white and black balancing.
    • Color Finesse now supports the Tangent Wave control surface, in addition to the company's own Colorociter surface.


    Color Finesse 3.0 is compatible with both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macintosh systems, running Mac OS X 10.5 and later. For Windows users, Color Finesse 3.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 32/64, and Windows 7 32/64. Color Finesse 3.0 supports Adobe After Effects CS3 through CS5, and Final Cut Pro 6 and 7.

    Pricing and Availability

    Color Finesse 3.0 will begin shipping during Q2 2010. The PI plug-in (for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and other compatible applications) is priced at $575. The LE plug-in (for After Effects only) is priced at $575. Upgrade pricing is to be announced.

    Users purchasing Color Finesse 2.1 between April 7, 2010 and when Color Finesse 3.0 begins shipping will qualify for a free upgrade to Color Finesse 3.0.

    About Synthetic Aperture

    Founded in 1995, Synthetic Aperture is a provider of practical tools for digital video, specializing in color correction and measurement. Synthetic Aperture publishes the Color Finesse advanced color corrector as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro; Echo Fire video previewing software for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop; the Test Gear test instrument plug-in for After Effects; and the popular free utility Test Pattern Maker. More information may be found on the company's web site,

    News: Cycore Systems Announces Adobe After Effects CS5 Support

    cycorefxCycore Systems Announces Adobe After Effects CS5 Support for its Entire Product Line

    The new versions of Path Tools, Sphere Utilities and CycoreFX HD will be 64-bit native and supports Adobe After Effects CS5, that is soon to be released. Included in the CycoreFX HD update are a total of 35 plug-ins with 32 bpc (float) support. This will be a good reason for all After Effects users, including pre-CS5 users, to upgrade from the bundled CycoreFX version. All products will be shipping later this spring when After Effects CS5 becomes available.

    Customers who purchase any product from today will receive the new upgraded version for free when it is released.
    Features of the upcoming new versions:
    • 64-bit support for Adobe After Effects CS5
    • Many improvements have been performed across the entire product line
    • CycoreFX HD now features 32 bpc (float) support in 35 effects

    The Cycore Systems product line includes:

    CFX Path Tools
    Path Tools contains two powerful plug-ins, Rakka and Wiggle Stroke. These plug-ins are used to create animations based on mask paths. Both filters offer controls that allow for almost endless combinations, empowering you to create anything from very basic animations to sophisticated and unique effects.

    CFX Sphere Utilities
    Sphere Utilities is a brand new package containing four plug-ins that are essentially tools to be used to create, edit and animate spherical maps. These animations can then be used directly in After Effects with CC Sphere, or any other plug-in that supports spherical mapping, or in your favorite 3D application.

    CycoreFX HD
    This is the extended version of the CycoreFX package featuring an impressive total of 73 professional plug-ins.

    To find out more about our products visit our product pages at Toolfarm or go to our website:

    Wednesday, April 07, 2010

    Press Release: RE:Vision Effects announces upcoming support for Adobe After Effects CS5

    revision effectsRE:Vision Effects announces upcoming support for Adobe® After Effects® CS5 and major optimizations for its entire After Effects-compatible product lines.

    RE:Vision Effects, acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy Award winning software, announces that it will demo its next generation of plug-ins for Adobe® After Effects® at NAB 2010, in booth SL4130. The new versions will contain 64-bit support for the soon-to-be-released Adobe After Effects CS5. The products will also have major optimizations for After Effects 7.0 and later, and other supported After Effects-compatible host applications, so users who will not be using Adobe After Effects CS5 will have a good reason to upgrade.

    Customers who purchase an After Effects-compatible product today will received the new upgraded version for free when it is released. This offer will be good from today until the new versions are released. Upgrade pricing will be announced when the products are released.

    Features of the upcoming new versions:
    • Major optimizations have been performed across the entire After Effects-compatible product line.
    • 64-bit support for Adobe After Effects CS5

    RE:Vision Effects After Effects-compatible product line includes:
    • DE:Noise- Reduces noise using smart spatial and time-based (optical flow) methods.
    • Effections- Our specially-priced bundled collections.
    • FieldsKit- Provides smarter deinterlacing and more workflow options for interlacing and pulldown.
    • PV Feather- Provides per-vertex feather control for After Effects.
    • RE:Fill- Replaces or fills in missing or "bad" pixels.
    • RE:Flex- Creates visually stunning morphs and warps with an easy-to-use interface.
    • RE:Map- Provides professional quality mapping and distortion tools.
    • ReelSmart Motion Blur- Automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion!
    • Shade/Shape- Automatically turns 2D artwork into 3D rendered imagery!
    • SmoothKit- The ultimate blurring filter set that combines user-directed controls and feature-sensitive methods.
    • Twixtor- Intelligently slows down or speeds up image sequences!
    • Video Gogh- Turns pictures and videos into painted works of art!

    To learn more about our products visit RE:Vision Effects website:

    RE:Vision Effects is an acclaimed industry leader of visual effects plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, The Foundry's Nuke, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max/Maya Composite, Avid editing systems, Autodesk Systems (Sparks), Autodesk SoftImage, Apple Shake, Quantel genQ and others.

    DE:Noise, Effections, FieldsKit, PV Feather, RE:Fill, RE:Flex, RE:Map, ReelSmart Motion Blur, Shade/Shape, SmoothKit, Twixtor and Video Gogh are trademarks of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. All other trademarks, company names and products are the property of their respective holders. Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

    New Product/Update: CHV updates The Distortion-collection to V4.0

    chv distortNew features, an additional plugin and alpha channel transition

    CHV-electronics, software developer of plugins for Motion, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express since 2002 announced today the release of an update of the popular plugin package The Distortion-collection.

    CHV Distortion-collection v4.0 addresses the compatibility with Final Cut Pro 7 and adds new features and a new plugin to the collection.

    The Distortion-collection is a Fx-Script plugin package for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express and holds 13 distortion plugins (7 video filters and 6 video transitions).

    Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Free Trial

    The new Distortion-collection is a complete rewrite of the last version. The update takes care of all compatibility issues with Final Cut Pro 7 and Snow Leopard. The plugins are now also fully capable to handle images and video with an alpha channel. New features have been added to the plugins, like the ability to distort the source and destination video in a transition. It is now also possible to create a transition between a logo with a transparent alpha channel and a video.

    The plugin PixelStorm Pro is now capable to handle correctly 8-core Macintosh computers. "Float" is a new plugin that creates distortion effects similar to the distortion created by hot air.

    The plugin package runs on all PowerPC and Intel Mac computers on OSX 10.4 (Tiger), OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that are qualified to run any version of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express.

    All Fx-Script plugin packages from CHV-electronics are GPU-accelerated, using the full power of the installed graphics adapter for direct feedback and fast rendering.

    Pricing: The Distortion-collection V4.0 is priced at only $39.00
    Updates: Free for existing customers of The Distortion-collection and The Entire-Bundle. Update Here.