Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Review: Boris Continuum Complete 6 for Apple Motion

Zac Peric reviews BCC6 in Apple Motion on his blog Embryo.

Just the fact that you can very easily build 3D objects and text inside Apple Motion was good enough for me. However the magic did not stop there, when I looked at the different setting and parameters for each of the BCC 3D Objects I was stunned to see a truly vast numbers of settings that can be key-framed and animated within the realm of Apple Motion. You even have an option to specify your own textures, bump map, specular highlights for front image map, bevel and back image map of the created object. For me, personally, the cherry on the cake was that most of the 3D objects filters had dynamics built in. You had a choice of using (Curl, Shatter, Ripple, Pulse, all of the mentioned dynamics had a vast array of settings which could be manipulated).

Check out the full review from Zac. I have to completely agree. The 3D Objects are incredible plug-ins. You have to try them out to see how great they are (and if you're not a Motion user, but an After Effects or Premiere user, you're in luck. In AE you can use the built in lights and camera as well. Download a 14 day demo here. (Note: It has been updated to work in Snow Leopard too!) Here is a test movie from Zac:

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