Monday, September 21, 2009

New BCC 6.0.4 AE Update Offers Enhanced Adobe Premiere Pro Support

Based on award-winning Optical Flow and Motion Tracking technology, workhorse BCC filters such as Optical Stabilizer, Corner Pin, Match Move, Witness Protection, and Motion Blur are now available in Premiere Pro 4.1.

Featuring new Animated Presets for 3D Objects, a revamped Optical Stabilizer filter, and enhanced Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1 support, BCC 6.0.4 AE is a free, major update for BCC 6 AE users...

Revamped Optical Stabilizer Filter

BCC Optical Stabilizer, which automatically smoothes or completely eliminates shaky camera motion, now provides more feedback during the image analysis process. In addition, a new Autoscale option automatically transform scales a locked down clip so that it fills the frame or composite window.

In addition to Adobe After Effects, BCC Optical Stabilizer is now available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1.

Corner Pin Filter Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1
BCC Corner Pin lets you perform 4-point motion tracking and corner pinning. Premiere Pro users can now track the motion of the corner points in an image and use this motion to map a second image clip to the source image clip. A typical use of the filter might be to place the content of a billboard or sign onto a moving car or truck.

Match Move Filter Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1
BCC Match Move allows you to copy the motion from one clip and apply the motion to a second clip. The filter includes several compositing options such as edge cropping and blending, drop shadow and borders, 3D lighting, and a special light wrap feature for photorealistic image composites.

Witness Protection Filter Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1
BCC Witness Protection uses advanced motion tracking technology to follow the motion of user-defined pixels and then uses this recovered image motion to alter the selected pixels in the image clip. For example, you can use this filter to automatically obscure the identity of a person's face using the built-in blur or mosaic effects, or highlight a football as it is moving through the air with the built-in tint or color correction effects.

Motion Blur Filter Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1
The BCC Motion Blur filter creates a realistic blur on the motion in an image, simulating the effect of shooting a moving object on film. The blur is based on the motion of the pixels in the image.

Optical Flow Filter Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1
The Optical Flow clip retiming filter estimates the motion between two frames of video and renders an intermediate frame that interpolates the motion. The filter delivers sharp, artifact-free slow-motion results.

Motion Key Filter Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1
Ever needed to fix a clip where an unwanted or unexpected object appears in the scene? BCC Motion Key isolates and removes moving foreground objects from a clip without the need for complex masking or cloning.

Animated Presets for 3D Objects (After Effects only)
BCC 6 AE's Animated Presets option has been extended to include the BCC 3D Objects category of filters. This powerful feature lets you save animated effects for use in other projects or BCC hosts.

BCC 6.0.4 AE is a free update for BCC 6.x users. Running an older version of BCC? Upgrade for $295.

Read the BCC 6.0.4 AE Release Notes

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