Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CS4 & Matrox & Premiere 4.2 & Adobe Story

We received an email from Adobe today that was quite interesting, with the subject line CS4 and Matrox & Premiere 4.2 & Adobe Story. It's from Dave Helmly, North American DMO TechSales Manager. He said:

As many of you know,over the past several weeks, Adobe has been working with the 3rd party I/O board vendors and their current CS4 drivers. This has been a joint effort between these companies and Adobe. CS4 introduced a number of changes ranging from 64 bit memory addressing to I/O calls and so on.

The recent Matrox Axio & RTX driver is working quite well with only a few minor issues for Windows users. We are highly recommending that Windows users upgrade to Vista64 (or Win7 64 when released) & 8GB or 16GB of RAM. Matrox is continuing to make improvements to their driver. Make sure to periodically check their website for updates.

He goes on to say that they are working on a Premiere 4.2 update that should be out next month. The update will include several fixes and support for Native AVC-Intra Import. We'll let you know when that is out.

Then there's Adobe Story, which I posted a link to a couple of weeks ago. Download the beta for free at Adobe Labs. I saw a short demo at NAB and it looked extremely useful for anyone in video production.

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