Friday, July 31, 2009

Nucleo Pro 2 for After Effects CS4

gridiron logoThe long wait is over! Well, almost. Tuesday, August 4 at noon, Nucleo Pro 2 will be released. This is a free update for all Nucleo Pro 2 customers.

Steve Forde, CEO of GridIron says:

I do want to explain why it took us so damn long. Short answer - Flow. Flow is almost as complex as building an entire Operating System. It was a huge project - and took us much longer than we had anticipated. However, the wait was worth it. The number of users telling us how important Flow is to their workflow is more than justification in my mind for why it took so long.

I also want to post that it won't happen again. Now that Flow 1.0 is complete - the focus is on maintaining all our applications to be current with the most recent releases of the tools you use. In short - it won't happen again.

Thank you again for your patience - and please let us know how your NP2 experience in CS4 is!

I know what it is like to be spread thin over a couple of big projects. I think we can forgive them!

Stay tuned to for the latest news on GridIron and all of the plug-ins you care about!

Update: FCP7 Compatibility Update for all CoreMelt V2 Products

coremelt saleThe CoreMelt Complete V2.2.1 upgrade is required for correct usage of all CoreMelt V2 plugins in FCP7 / Motion 4. It also contains other fixes, improved documentation, and more presets for all V2 users.

This update is FREE to current V2 users. Click here to download the update.

Sale Ends Tonight! 40% Off V2 Upgrades ending tonight at midnight, EST.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

After Effects Camera Training from the Toolfarm Expert Series is here!

camera ad

Rob Birnholz has delivered some incredibly great training for the Toolfarm Expert Series: Professional Training for The After Effects Camera with Rob Birnholz. Click the link to see screenshots, the chapter listing and more.

Learn the Method, Not Just The Software!
Basic to Advanced Professional use of the After Effects Camera. Rob uses two projects to explain how to animate and control the After Effects Camera in a 3D environment. The first takes you through a winding art gallery and out a picture window. The second builds upon techniques explained earlier and features a very cool Easy 360° Tracking Shot around a rock band. Rob uses clips from Crowd Control from All Bets Are Off in the training to demonstrate how you can combine live video with stills and the camera for a convincing 3D composite in After Effects.

We will have a promo video up shortly to give you an idea of what to expect. Also, we will have the Trapcode 3S Training up today or early tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boris Continuum Complete Users! Take the survey!

The survey only took 3 minutes and they're looking for information on what you find important in plug-ins and what other plug-ins you use. If you're a BCC6 user, help Boris make even better plug-ins in the future!

boris survey

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Final Cut Studio 3 Compatibility List

compatibility fcs3You knew we'd have a compatibility list! The list is a bit short now with just Automatic Duck, Trapcode and Red giant, but we are going to contact our vendors to find out if more plug-ins are compatible. If you've tested plug-ins and they work, please let us know! Email Michele with the plug-in and the version # that works in FCP7 or Motion 4. Thanks!

Automatic Duck updates for Final Cut Studio 3

final cut studio 3 compatibilityPro Import FCP 2.06 and Pro Export FCP 4.02 are now available for Final Cut Studio 3. Owners of Pro Import FCP 2.0 can update for free here. If you're using an older version, the cost is $195 to upgrade to the current version of Pro Import FCP.

The Pro Export upgrade is available here for $195.

We're just getting the compatibility list for Final Cut Studio 3 and will add information to it as it comes in.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Boris Continuum Cartoon Look Unit Now Available

Includes Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, and Watercolor from Boris Continuum Complete 6.

The new Boris Continuum Cartoon Look Unit lets you easily convert images and clips into cartoon-style roto animations. The result is a look that has been popularized in films such as "Waking Life" and "A Scanner Darkly". The look can also be seen in broadcast TV commercials for The Charles Schwab Corporation.

Boris Continuum Cartoon Look includes the following filters from Boris Continuum Complete 6:
  • Charcoal Sketch
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Watercolor
  • Cartoon Look
Boris Continuum Cartoon Look is available now for $199! Mac or Win or download a Free Trial.

Boris Continuum Cartoon Look supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Apple Final Cut Express. Apple’s new Final Cut Studio 3 release is supported. For Avid editing and finishing systems, the Cartoon Look filters are included as part of Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX.

Press release:

Boris FX Announces New Boris Continuum Unit: Cartoon Look
cartoon lookCartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, and Watercolor Filters for $199

Marlborough MA - July 27, 2009 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that a new Boris Continuum Unit, Cartoon Look, is now available. The Boris Continuum Cartoon Look Unit includes the Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, and Watercolor filters from Boris Continuum Complete 6:

  • BCC Cartoon Look - BCC Cartoon Look simulates the look of cartoon rotoscope animation which was recently popularized with feature films such as "A Scanner Darkly" and "Waking Life" and may also be seen in memorable advertisement campaigns for The Charles Schwab Corporation. The filter includes many preset looks and styles, all available via the filter's preset pop-up menu. Users can even make their own presets and apply them to any other clip in any project. This filter is easy to use, yet provides parameter controls to achieve the right look with any source material.
  • BCC Pencil Sketch - The BCC Pencil Sketch filter simulates the look of a hand-drawn pencil-sketched image. Simply apply this filter to an image clip to emulate the look of an animated pencil-drawn sketch. The filter includes apply modes which can be used to blend the generated pencil lines with the original image to produce unique stylized looks
  • BCC Charcoal Sketch - The BCC Charcoal Sketch filter simulates the painterly look of an image that was created using charcoals. Simply drop the filter onto any clip and the image is immediately transformed into a charcoal sketch. The filter includes easy-to-use pop-ups to determine the weight or line width and the desired level of detail.
  • BCC Watercolor - Watercolor paint-style images can easily be generated from any source material with the addition of the BCC Watercolor filter. This filter includes the ability to control the color and weight of the contour edges as well as the desired level of contouring. Users can save their own preset looks or use the included user-modifiable preset looks to generate wash or watercolor effects.

Boris Continuum Cartoon Look supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Apple Final Cut Express. Apple's new Final Cut Studio 3 release is supported.

The Cartoon Look Unit is the latest addition to previously-released Boris Continuum Units: Chroma Key, Pan and Zoom, UpRez, Motion Key, Lens Flare, Film Look, Glitters, Optical Stabilizer, Light Rays, and 3D Objects.

Pricing and Availability
Boris Continuum Cartoon Look is immediately available through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX web site at for an MSRP of $199 USD. Customers who purchase the Boris Continuum Cartoon Look Unit or any other Boris Continuum Unit may credit the price of the Unit towards the full Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite. For more information, please visit the Boris FX web site at

About Boris FX
Founded in 1995, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for the broadcast, post production, film and multimedia markets. Boris products have grown to serve over 200,000 artists worldwide. The company's success lies in its ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Grass Valley, Media 100, and Sony. For more information, visit

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tutorials: Noise Industries FxFactory Pro

Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

Learn more about the blur and glow dissolve transitions that come with FxFactory Pro. Plug-ins work in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

Noise Industries FxFactory Pro | Download a Free Trial

Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

Learn more about the glow filters that come with FxFactory Pro, from the second Episode of the Glow Stravaganza. Plug-ins work in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects.

Review: Motion 4 Review by Mike Curtis

final cut studio 3I remember when Motion first came out. The pros didn't seem to take it seriously. Version 3 changed that with the well-integrated camera and 3D and the nice built-in particle generator. Version 4 takes things even further.

For motion graphics, Motion is now a serious rival to Adobe After Effects in terms of speed and the ease with which complex animations can be set up. With shadows and reflections and depth of field, the results are also now more photo-realistic than before, closing the gap between Motion and After Effects for certain kinds of work. Under the hood, Link Parameters, Camera Framing Behaviors, and other tweaks allow for easier control of more sophisticated animations. As someone who started doing motion graphics about 15 years ago, I'm very happy with this upgrade.

Final Cut Studio is now available, and it's HOT!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apple Final Cut Studio 3 Available, Lower Pricing

final cut studio 3As the next major release of the leading video post-production suite, the new Final Cut Studio offers powerful new features, dramatically improved performance, and tighter integration. Its six applications give video editors all the tools they need to edit, animate, mix, grade, and deliver- at a price that's more affordable than ever.
Applications included in Final Cut Studio 3:
  • Final Cut Pro 7 for video and film editing
  • Motion 4 for motion graphics and animation
  • Soundtrack Pro 3 for audio post-production
  • Color 1.5 for color grading and finishing
  • Compressor 3.5 and DVD Studio Pro 4 for digital delivery virtually anywhere- Apple devices, the web, and disc
Final Cut Studio 3: What's New:
final cut studio products
An expanded ProRes family. Powerful new ways to collaborate. Even tighter integration between applications. The leading post-production suite just got better.

With more than 100 new features, the new Final Cut Studio advances the art and technology of filmmaking with innovations that help you work faster, collaborate more efficiently, and finish brilliantly.

Final Cut Pro 7
Final Cut Pro 7 lets you do more - and do it faster - with new ProRes codec options, time-saving interface improvements, and easy collaboration tools.

Expanded ProRes Family

New versions of the Apple ProRes codec let you edit faster and at higher quality across a wide variety of workflows. The family now includes ProRes 422 (Proxy), ProRes 422 (LT) and ProRes 4444, in addition to the original ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 (HQ).

Easy Export
Delivery to your Apple devices, the web, and disc is just a click away. Choose your output format in the Share window, then keep working while your projects are rendered, compressed, and even published to the web in the background.

iChat Theater Support
Now you can work with clients or collaborators as if they were in the room with you — in real time, from anywhere in the world.

New Speed Change Tools
Change clip speeds with ease in the redesigned Change Speed window, which includes presets that ease in and ease out retimed clips.

Alpha Transitions
It's now easier than ever to create dramatic transitions with moving mattes. Apply a matte instantly by choosing one of the beautiful Apple-designed transitions, available through a free download. You can also bring in a third-party transition (sold separately), or create a custom transition using a motion graphics or animation program, such as Motion 4.

Improved Markers

Color-code clip and sequence markers and use them to search or jump directly to important locations. You can add marker notes and metadata while the clip is playing, create a custom name for each marker color, and control whether markers of a specific color are visible in the Timeline.

Automatic Transfer
When you're working under deadline, every second counts. Final Cut Pro now saves you setup time when you transfer clips from a wide range of file-based cameras including Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM. The files are automatically copied to your media storage volumes the moment your media is mounted. A new Log and Transfer option allows you to set up custom metadata and add it to all your assets in a single step.

New Timecode Window
Now you can see the timecode up close or from across the room. The floating, resizable window is easily visible when you’re working with clients and can be quickly adjusted for your own logging and note-taking.

Native AVC-Intra Support

Final Cut Pro 7 makes it easy to work with the latest high-quality cameras from Panasonic. Native support for the AVC-Intra format means you can ingest footage directly into Final Cut Pro at high speeds — without transcoding. Work with real-time effects and edit with multiple streams, thanks to ultrafast decoding of both 50-Mbps and 100-Mbps formats.

Closed Captioning Support
Final Cut Pro 7 offers expanded support for closed captioning - including both Line 21 for SD and VANC for HD video. You can preserve captioning data when you capture tape sources, and use popular third-party captioning software to create new captions as needed. New options let you output video with captioning to tape as well as to formats for web playback.

Improved Tabs
Final Cut Pro editors use tabs to quickly and easily organize material as they work. In Final Cut Pro 7, tabs are even more flexible and convenient to use - which is particularly helpful for editors working on larger projects.

Background Exporting
Now you can keep editing in Final Cut Pro while using Compressor to render, export, and publish in the background - whether you choose a template in the new Share window or use the Send to Compressor option in the File menu. To render in the background at maximum speed, use the Apple Qmaster QuickCluster feature.

Global Transitions

Save time by applying a single transition to multiple cut points in one step. Just select a range — either a set of clips or the entire sequence — then add a transition. Final Cut Pro automatically inserts the effect at every cut point and resizes the transitions to use available media. Easily substitute different transitions until you get just the look you want.

Cinema Tools 4.5
Streamline your digital cinema workflows with the improved film management features in Cinema Tools 4.5, an application included in Final Cut Studio. Now you can create new databases simply by dragging files into Cinema Tools, and produce change lists with ease using XML files that describe the original version and the new version. Use Cinema Tools as part of a digital cinema workflow to track DPX files created during high-resolution film transfers or files from 4K cameras such as the RED ONE.

Faster Media Reconnecting for Workgroups
Final Cut Pro now uses the Spotlight engine to speed up media searches. The increased speed produces significantly faster media reconnecting as well as better media management for an entire workgroup using a high-speed network such as Xsan.

Improved Render Management

Render management enhancements reduce the need to re-render as you trim clips, move media, and perform a wide range of other functions. This means you can work more efficiently as you experiment with creative options.

Markers in Multicam
You can now prepare multicam projects faster thanks to new support for markers. Retain markers on multiclips when you switch angles and add marker notes to make multicam projects more efficient when you’re working with multiple editors.

Comprehensive Matchframe and Reveal Options
New matchframe options make it easy to find original frames or source files that are used in a sequence. If you're working with subclips, you can choose to matchframe to the subclip or to the original clip. Matchframing now works with freeze frames as well as nested sequences, which are treated like a true master clip.

Use the new Reveal Affiliate Clips feature to automatically select every instance of a clip in a sequence, so you can apply a color correction or efficiently move or delete all instances in a single step. You can also find the project file without digging through your drives. Just right-click an empty space in the Final Cut Browser and choose Reveal Project in Finder.

Multi-Touch Gesture Support
Work quickly when you're on the set or on the road by using the Multi-Touch trackpad on your MacBook Pro. Navigate faster with gestures: Pinch to zoom horizontally within the Timeline; rotate to scrub the Timeline, Viewer, or Canvas; and use a three-finger swipe to advance the playhead across edit points.

Display SD Safe Title Area Inside HD

If you're working in HD but need to deliver in SD, it can be challenging to position titles and graphics. Now you can display tick marks that show where graphics will be cut off on standard-definition displays based on the broadcast safe title area.

Improved XML Interchange

Final Cut Pro XML Version 5 supports greater interoperability with third-party software by preserving additional settings and metadata during round-trip file interchange.

Improved Media Management
Use the Media Manager to archive media and projects with confidence. It's been optimized to improve media trimming, especially for clips with speed changes, multicam clips, and anamorphic media.

Log and Transfer Improvements

Improvements to the Log and Transfer interface make handling of file-based media even more robust in Final Cut Pro 7.

Timeline Improvements

Numerous improvements to the Timeline make it more intuitive to edit and navigate (see website for more info).

Optimized Codec Performance

Final Cut Pro 7 renders four popular formats faster than ever: XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX, interlaced HDV, and interlaced XDCAM HD 422. This lets you work faster and experiment with greater freedom when you’re creating complex, multilayered sequences.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PR: CineForm CineDDR Offers Mastering-Quality Video Recording and Playout

CineForm CineDDR™ Offers Mastering-Quality Video Recording and Playout As An Affordable Alternative to HDCAM SR. CineForm Compression Technology In Combination with Drastic Technologies DDR Expertise Ushers in a New Era of File-Based Post Production Workflow Efficiency.

Solana Beach, CA, July 22, 2009 - CineForm®, Inc. (, creators of high-fidelity compression-based workflow solutions for the post production marketplace, today announced it has teamed with Drastic Technologies (, a developer of digital disk recording and data infrastructure technology, to accelerate the migration of post production workflows away from expensive and cumbersome tape-based formats towards more efficient and cost-effective file-based recording and playback.

The result of this technology partnership, CineForm CineDDR, combines CineForm's respected mastering-quality compression with Drastic Technologies' expertise in professional DDR technology to provide a software-based alternative for professional acquisition and playout. Leveraging commonly-available PC or Mac hardware, CineDDR delivers an accelerated workflow by creating media files that are immediately usable in post production- a significant development over tape workflows whose recording formats are not widely supported in post-production.

CineForm demonstrated CineDDR for the first time in its booth at NAB 2009 in Las Vegas.

"HDCAM SR has proven to be a workhorse technology for film and television production and post work," said David Taylor, CEO and co-founder of CineForm, Inc. "Our strategy with CineDDR is to offer cost savings and labor efficiency that exceeds tape workflows, while also offering higher visual fidelity and feature compatibility demanded by professional workflows. Partnering with Drastic was a perfect fit for CineDDR because it allowed CineForm to focus on compression features and performance while leveraging the rich deck control features and user interface expertise for which Drastic is known."

"The result of our collaboration with CineForm represents a significant workflow enhancement for the post production market," added James Brooks, Manager of Development, Drastic Technologies. "Combining our expertise in developing tapeless digital disk recording solutions with CineForm's innovative compression workflow creates an entirely new opportunity for customers to adopt a streamlined capture/playback solution with the functionality of a professional production VTR and a familiar VTR-style front end for ease of operation and a minimal learning curve."

CineForm CineDDR Key Features: Economics of Ownership

A unique and valuable attribute of CineDDR is its affordable integrated price point for video capture and playback. CineDDR is available to customers immediately as a software solution, as well as a manufacturer built, optimized turnkey system, which will be available for purchase on August 1, 2009.

As a software-based solution, customers can assemble a CineDDR recording/playout system by adding an Intel Core i7-based PC or Mac with RAID storage plus an AJA Xena (Windows) or Kona (Mac) card. The integration cost for dual-link recording and playout for a CineDDR system is less than $10,000, enabling an ownership model instead of a rental model because the integrated price point is approximately 1/10 the cost of purchasing a fully-featured HDCAM SR deck.

As a turnkey solution, customers can easily order and deploy a specifically-designed and optimized 'bullet proof' turnkey solution. Benefits include professional system design, performance and maintenance for customers with mission critical content.

Key features of CineDDR software and turnkey solutions include:

  • Record into or playback from CineForm's 10-bit YUV or 12-bit RGB mastering format;
  • Timecode-based video capture and playback to/from HD-SDI and component sources;
  • 9-pin serial control and VTR emulation supporting IN and OUT for integration into an automated environment;
  • Supports VITC, LTC and absolute time code sources;
  • Clip metadata maintenance and display;
  • Setup tools for up, down and cross conversion for output flexibility
Pricing and Availability
CineDDR software will be offered in both single-link and dual-link versions, and also in versions that support both Windows and Mac OS X.

CineForm CineDDR-SL (Single Link) is priced at $2500.
CineForm CineDDR-DL (Dual Link) is priced at $4000.

The Windows version of CineDDR is available for purchase; the Mac version of CineDDR will be available in the coming weeks. Turnkey solutions will be available August 1, 2009.

About Drastic Technologies®
Drastic Technologies Ltd, founded in 1991, is a major industry provider of products for digital media capture, control, conversion and delivery. These products are sold as software only applications or as part of a complete DDR solution built and certified by Drastic. Drastic's head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Drastic Technologies Ltd has resellers and distributors operating in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

About CineForm

CineForm Inc. develops compression-based workflow solutions for the post production marketplace. Offering the industry's highest fidelity compression technology, CineForm is trusted among Hollywood filmmakers, television producers, videographers and digital media artists who rely on high image quality, high performance and innovative compression-based workflow solutions with up to 4k spatial resolutions for their online content creation projects. Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, CineForm workflow solutions are optimized for direct-to-disk camera recording, high-resolution post production and long-term content archives. For more information, visit

Inspirations: Street Tests with Trapcode Particular v2

Amazing use of Trapcode Particular v2, with excellent tracking.

street tests from Najork on Vimeo.

Want to give it a try? Download a free trial here!

Tutorial: Image Stretching in Digieffects FreeForm AE

Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

Ben Griggs walks you through stretching a 4x3 image out to a 16x9 image, retaining proper aspect ratio in the central portion using FreeForm AE in After Effects CS4.

Project Files: Download Project Files (19mb)

Learn More/Purchase FreeForm AE in our Store | Download a Free Trial

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tutorial: AE 3D arrows with Trapcode Particular v2

Twitter is such a great resource. This one popped up on my radar today. It's from Being Studios and it's really cool. Don't have Particular v2 yet? Download a free demo here.

AE 3D arrow Tutorial from Being Studios on Vimeo.

CrumplePop Reflector for FCP

The video says it all... CrumplePop Reflector is Drag and Drop reflection effects for Final Cut Pro. Choice of style and reflection. SD, 720, 1080 and support for 33 codecs. Plus, its an immediate download.

Download only. Available immediately in checkout after purchase.

Review: Oliver Peters Reviews Boris Continuum Complete 6

Oliver Peters Reviews Boris Continuum Complete 6 at his blog DigitalFilms.

"With so many products to offer, Boris FX tends to concentrate on updating all the versions of one product over the course of a year. 2009 has been the time to refresh many of the filters and all of the NLE host versions of Boris Continuum Complete, now at version 6. Continuum is probably the most wide-ranging set of filter packages available, consisting of keyers, effects, generators, color-correction, 3D text and more."

Read the Complete Review | Learn More/Purchase BCC | Free Trial

Has Business Improved this Summer?

Tutorial: IK MultiMedia ARC System with Final Cut Pro

Author: IK Multimedia
Skill Level: Beginner
Version: IK MultiMedia ARC System
Plug-ins Used: None

About Room Acoustics

Especially for the non-Hollywood crowd, audio-for-video presents some unique challenges to filmmakers. Unlike video, sound is extremely dependent on the viewer's room and playback system, and most consumer-level setups leave a lot to be desired.

Poor room design and low-quality playback systems can cause a host of problems: low-frequency sounds can be too loud, and dialog and sound effects may not sound like they're coming from the right direction. For most viewers, it's a distraction that reflects poorly on the filmmaker (deserved or not).

So, what to do? Well, the first step is to realize that the same factors that color the viewers' experience is also coloring yours as you produce your audio! Editing audio in a poorly designed room means you can't trust what you're hearing. Is the bass really too loud? If you're in a small room, or if your speakers are too close to the walls, the answer may be no. If you're not careful, you'll optimize your audio for your room, at the expense of accurate playback everywhere else.

So, the best way to guarantee that your dialog and soundtrack will sound right in most rooms is to use a neutral editing environment. If you don't happen to have a degree in acoustics or the budget for a custom-built room, then IK Multimedia's ARC System may be the best choice for you.

ARC System: audio peace-of-mind
What is ARC System? It's a complete room analysis and correction system for the rest of us. It includes a professional analysis microphone, measurement software, and correction plug-in, compatible with Final Cut Pro and other video editing systems.

The technology that powers the ARC System was developed by Audyssey, a high-end home theater company. It's the brainchild of Tomlinson Holman, the Academy Award-winning developer of Lucasfilm's TXH standard, and was originally developed at the University of Southern California's Immersive Audio Laboratory.

Here's how it works:
Using the microphone and measurement software, you take a series of measurements across your editing environment. ARC detects the factors in your room that could have an impact on what you hear, then creates a custom fix that ensures what you hear is uncolored by your room acoustics.

The result is a listening environment free from any kind of coloration, so you can be sure your audio sounds exactly as you hear it. If you avoid any extreme processing, you can be confident your audio will be reproduced well in nearly every listening environment. Just set it, and forget it!

How does ARC work?
Setting up ARC only takes a few minutes. Just connect the included microphone to your computer with a decent-quality audio interface, and launch the measurement application.

Spend a few seconds checking levels, and then the software will walk you through taking a series of measurements across your listening environment:

  • The measurement software uses these to create a custom profile of your room, detecting any potential issues that could influence what you're hearing. That profile is then saved as a preset inside the correction plug-in.
  • The ARC correction plug-in works in Final Cut Pro and Mainstage, as well as AVID's Media Composer software, and of course dedicated sound editing applications like Pro Tools and Logic.

Here's how to load it in Mainstage:
Select your main outputs (by default, outputs 1-2). Click and hold on the last available "insert" and you'll see a list of available plug-ins. Choose ARC.

Now, the ARC plug-in will appear:
The orange line is the frequency response of your room. The goal is to have a flat, neutral sounding room, where low, mid, and high-frequency sounds are all the same volume. This will ensure that even in a bad room, or on a cheap system, your audio will sound reasonably close to what you're hearing while editing. The white curve is the corrected output of your system.

You'll notice that both speakers are adjusted equally. Sometimes, your room will also cause issues that interfere with panning. If, for instance, your desk is in a corner of the room, with one speaker right up against the right wall, sound will naturally bounce off that wall sooner and louder than the left wall across the room. This means the right speaker will sound louder, so without correction you'd naturally pan all dialog and effects towards the left to compensate. As soon as you're in a different room, everything would sound off to the left. Once you've loaded the plug-in, just leave it on and go on about your editing process. You can edit with a clear conscience - what you're hearing is what's truly there!

Tutorial: Digieffects FreeForm AE Terrain Fly-Over

camera tutorial
Author: Ben Griggs
Skill Level: Intermediate
Version: AE CS4
Project Files: Download Project Files (19mb)
Movie: View Quicktime below
Plug-ins Used: Digieffects FreeForm AE
Free Demo: Download Digieffects FreeForm AE

The Tutorial

Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

Video Tutorial: Animated Text on a Path Using BCC 6 AE’s Extruded Text Filter

bcc path text

View the Tutorial | Learn More/Purchase BCC | Free Trial

This video tutorial demonstrates some of BCC Extruded Text’s animatable filter parameters that are useful in creating effects where text characters animate along an After Effects mask path.

Monday, July 20, 2009

AutoFX Photoshop Plug-ins and Web Software

Toolfarm is now carrying these great plug-ins for Photoshop from AutoFX.

AutoFX AutoEye 2.0

AutoFX DreamSuite Series One

AutoFX AutoEye 2.0
Regular price: $129.00
Toolfarm price: $123.00

AutoFX DreamSuite Series One
Regular price: $199.00
Toolfarm price: $189.00

DreamSuite Series Two
AutoFX DreamSuite Gel Series

DreamSuite Series Two
Regular price: $149.00
Toolfarm price: $142.00

AutoFX DreamSuite Gel Series
Regular price: $99.00
Toolfarm price: $95.00

AutoFX Mystical Lighting

AutoFX Mystical Tint Tone and Color 2.0

AutoFX Mystical Lighting
Regular price: $179.00
Toolfarm price: $170.00

AutoFX Mystical Tint Tone and Color 2.0
Regular price: $249.00
Toolfarm price: $237.00

AutoFX Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition

AutoFX Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition
Regular price: $249.00
Toolfarm price: $237.00

And a couple of web tools as well.

AutoFX Pixtivity 2.0 Pro Edition

AutoFX Xtivity Web Authoring

AutoFX Pixtivity 2.0 Pro Edition
Regular price: $149.00
Toolfarm price: $142.00

AutoFX Xtivity Web Authoring
Regular price: $79.00
Toolfarm price: $76.00

Tutorial: Particular v2 Overview by Maltaannon

A great demonstration by Maltaannon of a must-have new plug-in from Trapcode!

We've all been waiting for this moment. Trapcode has finally released the second version of the most popular plug-in in the After Effects world - Particular. In this tutorial I'll present some of the new features of this amazing plugin creating four small projects. We'll start off slowly and then move to some more advanced things, but as always - Peder Norrby (who is the founder of Trapcode and the plug-in developer) had made all the new features super easy, and the Particular itself is now even more accessible and robust.

Features explored in the tutorial:
  • Light Streaks- Streaklet, Shading, Position Subframe, Light Emitters
  • Dark Alley- Shading, Trapcode Lux, Light Falloff
  • Micro Particles- Textured Polygon, 3d Rotation, Spherical Field, Emission Extras
  • School of salmon- Textured Polygon, Orient To Motion, Motion Paths, Turbulence Field

Want to follow along?

Download a free Demo of Particular v2 | Learn More/Purchase in our Store.

Spatial View SVI Stereo 3D Plug-ins & PowerPlayer

New to our store, the Spatial View SVI Stereo 3D Plug-ins & PowerPlayer
  • SVI Stereo 3D Editor for Adobe After Effects
  • SVI Stereo 3D Exporter for Adobe Flash
  • SVI Stereo 3D Editor for Maxon Cinema 4D
  • SVI Stereo 3D Renderer for Autodesk 3DS Max
  • SVI Stereo 3D Renderer for Autodesk Maya 2.2
  • SVI PowerPlayer 3.0

Here's a screen shot of SVI Stereo 3D Editor for Adobe After Effects

SVI Stereo 3D Editor for Adobe After Effects

Free Topaz Fusion Express: Brings Aperture Compatibility to Topaz Photoshop Plug-ins

The new Topaz Fusion Express brings Aperture compatibility to the Topaz Photoshop plug-ins. It is completely free of charge. Download it here!

Fusion Express integrates Topaz Photoshop plug-ins seamlessly into Aperture, which allows photographers to utilize powerful Topaz Photoshop plug-in capabilities with the convenience of Aperture. Everything from sophisticated noise reduction to brilliant photo embellishment can now be done without even opening Photoshop.

Fusion Express brings the simplicity and vibrancy of Topaz plug-ins and fuses them with Aperture giving photographers total control over their workflow. If you use Aperture and Topaz plug-ins, download your free Fusion plug-in and start using it immediately.

View all Topaz Labs Plug-ins

Class on Demand Complete Training for Episode Encoder & Episode Encoder Pro

Nate Caplin, your host and compression expert, will be your guide in over four hours of instruction in the new Class on Demand Complete Training for Episode Encoder & Episode Encoder Pro. You'll not only get comfortable with the interface, but you'll also learn how to compress files using popular web, disc and device formats.


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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wondertouch particleIllusion sale!

particleIllusionSave a bundle on Wondertouch particleIllusion for Mac or Windows. Regularly $399, get it for just $289!

particleIllusion is a standalone application that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing effects: explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects -- literally hundreds of different types of effects.

Check out these tutorials for Wondertouch particleIllusion on how to create the transporter effect from Star Trek!

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Sale through July 31, 2009.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ripple Training Color Grading in Color

Apple colorToolfarm is now carrying Ripple Training's Color Grading in Color - DVD Edition. "Color grading is an umbrella term used to describe the finishing stage of a film or video. It is during this stage that a colorist works his or her magic to create visual continuity from shot to shot, fix or adjust exposure problems encountered during the shoot, and shape the overall look or mood of a film (which is often in collaboration with the Director of Photography). Until recently, professional color grading has been the domain of powerful but inflexible hardware based systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars." And isn't the box just gorgeous!

Review: Digital Juice Motion Designer's Toolkit

heart Review by Tim Johnson

Digital Juice Motion Designer's Toolkit - Royalty-free Graphics & Animation
$599 MSRP - Sale: $229.95, Save $375 Thru July 31, 2009!

This came out a few months ago, but is worth mentioning here. I LOVE this package of royalty-free graphics and animated elements. I've only had this a few weeks, and it's already paid for itself five times. Let me explain.

arrowThis is not your standard Digital Juice package of motion backgrounds--these are fully customizable vector compositing elements that not only come as movie files with alpha channel, but also the Adobe Illustrator source files and After Effects project files. Because of this, no joke, I've used the content here in everything from HD and film projects to websites and business cards.

splatFor those of you who are DJ customers, and have the Juicer installed, you will enjoy one thing in particular about this volume: the AI and AEP files are installed onto your hard drive. You don't need to put discs into your computer to have access to those files. (You'll still need to insert discs for the animation files.) Super quick and hassle-free.


I hope Digital Juice sells a bazillion of these and makes several more volumes. If you are involved in graphics in any way, it's worth the five minutes it takes to buzz over to their website and see the content.

(Editor's note: Right now, Toolfarm has a smokin' deal on it--they have it for $224.95.)

Tim Johnson is the CEO and janitor of a small freelance business in Utah. His work can be seen on various broadcast networks and film outlets throughout the universe. He and his wife are the proud parents of five daughters.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Video Tutorial: Using Text Jitter in BCC 6 AE’s Extruded Text Filter


This video tutorial gives you an in-depth look at the Jitter feature of Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE’s Extruded Text filter. Basic functionality of the Jitter feature is explained and demonstrated. Then, the Jitter feature is shown in the context of a more developed effect involving audio and After Effects Camera and Lights.

View the Tutorial | Learn More/Purchase BCC AE v6
Download a Free Demo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Adobe Flash Media Server Now at Toolfarm

The media landscape is transforming with the explosion of video available online

The Adobe® Flash® Media Server family of products has become the industry-leading solution for streaming video and real-time communication. The ubiquity of the Adobe Flash Platform provides a rich viewing experience across virtually all operating systems and screens through integration with the Adobe Flash Player runtime, adopted on 98% of computer screens worldwide.

With the release of Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 software, customers will benefit further from a better video experience for their audience, enhanced digital rights management for H.264 video, DVR functionality, and scalability improvements.

Trapcode Particular 2 Now Available; CIS Vancouver Selects Trapcode Particular for Use on Angels & Demons

particular v2San Francisco, CA, July 13, 2009 - Red Giant Software, publisher of the popular Magic Bullet and Trapcode plug-ins, today announced that it has shipped Trapcode Particular 2. Trapcode Particular-award-winning software commonly used by visual effects and motion graphics artists on feature films and TV commercials - generates quick-rendering 3D particles with full camera integration and natural behavior. Many editing programs offer basic particle-generation features. Trapcode Particular, a patent-pending After Effects plug-in, goes way, way beyond the basics of particle generation.

In Angels & Demons, one of the highest-grossing movies of 2009 with more than $470 million in worldwide box office to date, CIS Vancouver used Trapcode Particular to create natural media effects such as sparks and burning embers.

Angels & Demons

"We used Trapcode Particular on Angels & Demons to help create realistic 3D embers and falling ash. We were amazed at how quickly Particular could set up and render a shot, and then allow us to make changes almost in real time. The embers have to have a specific look, and also animate as they fall. The combination of custom sprites and 3D turbulence fields allowed us to create realistic acting particles that cut seamlessly with practically shot elements. Particular was able to handle the large number of embers easily and quickly, even showing live depth of field as we worked," said Mark Breakspear, Visual Effects Supervisor at CIS Vancouver.

About Angels & Demons

The team behind the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code returned for the making of Angels & Demons, based upon the bestselling novel by Dan Brown. Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who once again finds that forces with ancient roots are willing to stop at nothing, even murder, to advance their goals. Ron Howard directs the film, which is produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and John Calley. The screenplay is by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman.

About Trapcode Particular

Users looking for fast renders, bouncing particles, 3D camera integration, particles that emit particles, custom shapes, air resistance, gravity and turbulence controls, and depth of field need to look no further! Trapcode Particular can also produce star fields, asteroid belts, or meteor showers. With Particular 2, users no longer need their favorite 3D modeling/animation program to create virtual 3D textures or adjust lighting as text or objects tumble in 3D space. Particular 2 lets you do it all right inside After Effects.

Friday, July 10, 2009

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 for Mac Pro

nvidia quadroThe Quadro FX 4800 ultra-high-end solution is now available for the Mac Pro, giving architects, digital artists, medical scientists, and other professionals the right set of tools to deliver results that push the realms of visualization.

With Boot Camp, users can experience the full features and accelerated performance of native Quadro 3D graphics when running professional Windows applications. Designed, tested, and built by NVIDIA for the Mac Pro, Quadro FX 4800 gives professionals the visual supercomputing power that they deserve from their desktops.

View Full Features list/Purchase in our Store.

Tutorial: Re:Vision Effects Starts a YouTube Channel

Here's what's on the Re:Vision Effects YouTube Channel so far:

Twixtor Overview

Twixtor Speed Ramp Tutorial

Did you know Toolfarm also has a YouTube Channel?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 New Product Alert: Trapcode Particular v2 is Here!

particular v2Trapcode Particular v2 goes way, way beyond the basics of particle generation. Get real-time interactive previews, bouncing particles, 3D camera integration, particles that emit particles, custom shapes, air resistance, gravity and turbulence controls, depth of field, and more! It's the best way to generate your own star fields, asteroid belts, or meteor showers.

With Particular 2, you no longer need your favorite 3D modeling/animation program to create virtual 3D textures or adjust lighting as text or objects flip in 3D space. Particular 2 lets you do it all right inside After Effects.

A FREE DEMO of Trapcode Particular v2 is now available.
Try It Now for free!

Reasons to Buy/Upgrade Upgrade here!:
  • Rich feature set outclasses any other After Effects particle plug-in
  • Fast rendering, even on 3D volumetric effects
  • Version 2 adds the capacity for millions of particles while dramatically increasing render speeds
  • Rich feature set outclasses any other After Effects particle plug-in
  • New Streaklet particle type generates long-exposure light effects as seen in Apple's iPod Nano Remastered commercial

particular v2
New Features in Trapcode Particular v2:
  • Shading from Comp Lights
  • New particle primitive: Textured Polygon
  • New particle primitive: Streaklet
  • Auto orient particles based on motion
  • Support for 32 bpc floating-point rendering
  • Ortho rendering support
  • New Custom Particle Time Sampling mode: Current Frame - Freeze
  • Subframe sample emitter position
  • Transform World
  • Shadowlets

Much, Much More!

Visit our Plug-in Finder for full details, images and samples, system requirements, and more!

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Trapcode Particular v2 Pricing:

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

GenArts Lowers Cost Of Entry For Sapphire Visual Effects Software

License Rental Option Brings Benefits of Sapphire to Broader Range of Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro Users

sapphireCAMBRIDGE, Mass. - July 7, 2009 -- GenArts Inc., the premier provider of specialized visual effects software for the film, television and video industries, announced today a monthly license rental option for its flagship GenArts SapphireTM visual effects software for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. The program is designed to offer Sapphire's entire suite of industry-leading visual effects plug-ins at an extremely affordable cost of entry, thereby providing access to a much broader range of users.

Available immediately, the Sapphire rental program is priced monthly at $169 for the full suite. Customers can prepay an unlimited number of months, and the minimum rental period is one month. Users can also apply up to two months of their rental fees as a credit toward the purchase of a permanent license.

"The Sapphire rental program is ideal for independent artists who work on a project basis. I no longer have to make compromises in my work because of the price of the tools," said Rob Birnholz of Absolute Motion Graphics, an independent digital media creation studio in Orlando. "Not only do I get access to the highest quality visual effects software used by the world's best artists, but the flexibility of the rental model makes it far easier for me to assign the cost directly to a particular job."

Recognized by top studios and post-production houses for its image quality, organic look, speed and intuitive controls, GenArts Sapphire provides more than 200 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects plug-ins. It has been used to create some of the most exciting visual effects in countless blockbuster and Oscar-nominated films. Now, these high-quality visual effects are within reach of many independent filmmakers, freelancers, rental houses, videographers, and even students and hobbyists.

"Visual effects have become essential to the art of communicating and modern-day storytelling. Oscar-winning features such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button illustrate how the role of visual effects has evolved from pure action and fantasy sequences to becoming a core component of the story itself," said Steve Bannerman, CMO of GenArts. "Sapphire is widely recognized as a mission-critical tool in the arsenal of many of the world's best artists and editors, and we're thrilled to be able to offer its capabilities to a significantly wider range of customers by dramatically lowering the cost of entry."

Since the company's founding in 1996, GenArts software has been utilized in hundreds of films, television broadcasts and commercials, including more than 20 Oscar-nominated pieces such as Titanic; I, Robot; Armageddon; Star Wars Episode I, II and III; The Matrix trilogy; The Lord of the Rings trilogy; Pearl Harbor; Spider Man; Pirates of the Caribbean; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Transformers; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and many more.

For more information visit the GenArts Sapphire Rental Program info in our Plug-in Finder.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Review: Noise Industries SUGARfx HUD

Publisher: Sugar FX/Noise Industries
Platform: Mac Only
Description: Plug-in for targeting and video simulation

MSRP: $79
Download Demo: Click Here
Samples: Click Here

Expected Release: Available Now
Review Date: July 1, 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Bremmer

Reprinted by permission from Microfilmmaker Magazine.

award of superiorityRemember when you got your first bicycle? How you couldn't wait to show your friends? HUD (Heads Up Display) from SUGARfx will have the same effect on you. If you have any leanings towards sci-fi, adventure, espionage or covert operations in your work, HUD will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

SUGARfx puts plug-in usability first and then tucks so many cool little features into HUD that you will be playing with it for some time and rethinking your storylines to include using it.

HUD is designed to be used with After Effects and Final Cut Studio/Motion and iMovie. Regrettably, it's a Mac only plug-in that is managed by the excellent Noise Industries plug-in manager called FX Factory. The Quartz Composer's visual abilities of the Mac platform are the reason that this plug-in in not cross platform so I don't even know if there is a way to make it cross-platform compatible in the future. As such, PC users might just have to switch to Mac to get their hands on it.

Ease of Use
I love it when developers actually come from the real world. The folks at SUGARfx have done an outstanding job of making our lives easier. Absolutely everything is modifiable, easy to work with and key frame. The plug-in comes with 3 foundational settings: Target, Binoculars, and OSD (On Screen Display). Each of these core areas has a wealth of options and abilities. But here's the cool part: you aren't presented with the controls for these options until you enable them. At the very top of the core areas, users are simply shown a preset pull down and check boxes that enable features. Upon activating a feature, the related controls are then displayed. Payoff = no long list of controls to deal with unless you actually need them.

The HUD Binocular core function come with a good array of customizable presets to get users going. In this example, a sequence created with Vue xStream of an attack helicopter turning for attack is easily integrated into the story. The plug-in takes the original image and then adds the requisite coloring. The user can adjust zoom, focus, positioning and size of all elements. Meanwhile, all of the "noise" text and numeric data presentations are dynamically changed and updated. Sweet.

The control sets for each option are clearly labeled (important when you have a multitude of options enabled) and are comprised of a 1-3 sliders and/or input areas for color blending, rotation or anything else relevant to that specific feature.

Users can either use the numeric input controls for moving the various widgets and gizmos around the frame or simply click on their respective anchor points and drag them to wherever they are needed in the shot. Items like dynamic "noise" text continually change line length and wrap. Gizmos spin with smooth variations. On-screen data updates automatically when zooming or working with focus.

All this to say that much automated sophistication is simply laying in the wings and waiting for the user to engage it if desired. The automation can be controlled to the users' content. It just doesn't get much nicer than that.

The actual use of HUD is really a documentation-free endeavor. However, if you want to pick up some of the finer points of using the HUD, the .pdf 'documentation is brief, excellent and there are some online videos available for even easier learning. The one area that is worth reading up on is how to create your own artwork for inclusion into the HUD Binocular capabilities.

Additional preset/starting points for the Binocular option includes High Tech, Infrared and Thermal imaging.

Depth of Options
My biggest surprise was the depth of options (and options within options) that are neatly hidden from the user until enabled. This is yet another area where HUD shines brightly. For example, in the Binocular core setting, in addition to the wide array of video and camera effects at your fingertips, users can also overlay and animate their own imagery. All you could want and more.

Essentially, all of the iconography, data-points, registration marks are appropriately available for the core option selected. The OSD core lets you select from histograms, battery low, variable interference, different reticules and more. It's like taking the OSD from multiple camcorders and putting them all at your finger tips for you to choose from.

Time markers and data associated metrics are just a click away in the film modes and actually track time. They can also be set to unique starting times of your choice and then progress in real-time.

Text is as flexible as the fonts you have in your system. Size, placement, color and blending are all controllable.

The core Target option lets users choose from a wide collection of gadgets and items that self animation - or not - depending on you needs. Everything is adjustable. In this example, a radar sweep was activated and a grid pattern was enabled to reinforce the target-lock notification.

There are enough spinning gadgets and whizmos to choose from that any self-respecting alpha geek will be smiling. Iconography is available from pull down selectors within each of the categories that it is available in. And for the Target and Binocular modes, a wealth of sensical and nonsensical information items plus widgets are at your disposal.

Presets are nice, but saving your own customization is even nicer. You can easily create your own presets to ensure consistency between HUD implementations with the click of a button. Super sweet.

While the Binocular mode allows you to add some of your own imagery, I was left wanting the same feature in both Target and OSD modes. While there are a bevy of options available, duh no surprise, us creative types want more. I'm a total newb at using the Quartz Composer from Apple, so I don't really trust myself with creating an "improvement". However, the ability to add some iconography that would lock to animation features already built in would be nice.

OSD let's users start with either film or video presets if desired. From there, options, icons and "appropriate" features become available to choose from for further customizing a shot.

When you engage HUD and begin using many of its options, you are asking your computer to do a good deal of work. These are sophisticated abilities and they do exact a render-time penalty. Considering that these effects are probably confined to short screen time, the calculation and render issues are not prohibitive by any means - just something to be aware of. So, performance both real-time and render-time is highly contingent upon the user's computer.

In fact, on screen updates while preparing your work takes awhile, too, unless you are blessed with the latest in quad-core technology. That can be a little frustrating when accustomed to more instant real-time interaction afforded by other plug-ins, but to be fair, HUD is simply doing more than most of the other plug-ins that I own.

The creation experience is very good and the end results are first rate - regardless of your computer's abilities.

At $79, HUD costs more than a sandwich. If you're not currently planning any targeting or Cloverfield types of presentations than getting HUD is strictly a matter of how much disposable coin you have in your pocket. It is a one trick pony for sure.

That said, this is another one of those plug-ins that pays for itself in one use. The sophistication that HUD brings to the table lets users create and finesse looks in seconds that would require an hour or more to pull together by other means. The real claim-to-fame for HUD is the animation capabilities that are built into it. It's one thing to hack together some static artwork for a brief screen presence, but adding animation that leaves your audience thinking, "Wow, that's really cool", is another.

Additionally, if you have "">Digieffects Damage plug-in, you can create some excellent targeting imagery with extra "issues" easily. The video distortion effects in SUGARfx HUD are confined to the source imagery/video itself and not the on screen widgets and icons. For truly cataclysmic display failures, you'll need some extra help.

Final Comments
I like plug-ins; they save time. However, HUD not only saves time, it's just flat-out fun to play with. If you like shiny things and are easily swooned by techno-cool then you're already salivating and I don't need to say anything more.

I would say this is an essential plug-in for anybody that needs what it does. There simply isn't another way to produce what HUD does as fast or with the sophistication as it does.

HUD Score

About the Reviewer:
Mark Bremmer has operated his own commercial studio for 15 years. He's been fortunate enough to work for clients like Caterpillar, Amana, Hormel Foods, Universal Studios Florida, and The History Channel; producing stills, digital mattes and animations. Mark contracts regularly as an art mercenary with production houses that shall remain nameless by written agreements. His production pipeline is Mac-based, with the FCP Studio2 workflow. He loves Shake and Motion. And his family.

PR: Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX for Avid DS Now Available

Nearly 180 Visual Effects Filters for 64-bit Versions of Avid DS

Marlborough MA - July 6, 2009 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX for Avid DS (BCC 6 AVX for DS) is now available. Based on Avid's AVX 1 plug-in architecture, BCC 6 AVX for DS brings nearly 180 filters to 64-bit versions of Avid DS. The release features over 30 new filters including Pixel Fixer, DV Fixer, and Smooth Tone tools; Swish Pan, Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, and Water Color effects; and OpenGL-accelerated effects such as 3D Extruded Image Shatter, Damaged TV, Glint, Glare, Glitter, LED, Lens Flare, Lightning, Prism, Scanline, and Tile Mosaic.

New BCC 6 AVX for Avid DS Feature Highlights:

  • 64-bit OS Support. Based on Avid's AVX 1 plug-in architecture, BCC 6 AVX for DS supports 64-bit versions of Avid DS, including Version 10 and higher.
  • New Fast-rendering OpenGL Filters such as 3D Extruded Image Shatter, Damaged TV, Glint, Glare, Glitter, LED, Lens Flare, Lightning, Prism, Scanline, and Tile Mosaic.
  • Pixel Fixer removes bad pixels resulting from a faulty digital camera sensor or dust on a camera lens. Up to ten bad spots can be repaired with a single filter application - without any degradation of image quality or sharpness.
  • Smooth Tone smooths or softens an image while preserving detail contrast, making skin tones silky-smooth without loss of sharpness in the image.
  • Other New Effects include Charcoal Sketch, Pencil Sketch, Water Color, Cartoon Look, a Swish Pan transition filter, and DV Fixer for removal of jaggies from an image clip.
  • Significant Performance Gains. Every BCC 6 AVX for DS filter is either OpenGL-based or multiprocessor-accelerated for ultimate rendering speed.
Pricing and Availability:

BCC 6 AVX for Avid DS is immediately available for an MSRP $2,495 USD. Owners of previous versions of BCC AVX for DS may upgrade for an MSRP of $599 USD. BCC 6 AVX for DS is based on Avid’s AVX 1 plug-in architecture. An AVX 2 version will be released as a free update for BCC 6 AVX for DS users as soon as AVX 2 support becomes available in Avid DS. A fully-functioning 14-day Trial Version is also available.

About Boris FX:

Founded in 1995, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for the broadcast, post production, film and multimedia markets. Boris products have grown to serve over 200,000 artists worldwide. The company's success lies in its ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Grass Valley, Media 100, and Sony. For more information, visit

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trapcode 3S Training Teaser Video

The training will be out in early July. Here's a promo piece I put together for it, which uses Professional Video Templates Pictures Flow Template and features music from the band King Tut.

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Watch it in HD at YouTube or Vimeo

Topaz Labs DeJPEG 3 for Photoshop Now Available at Toolfarm

topaz dejpegJPEG compression artifacts substantially affect the quality of any digital image. They can be seen as mosquito noise, blockiness or checkerboarding, and edge artifacts.

Topaz DeJPEG is a plug-in that is specifically designed to address this problem and is much more effective than the native Photoshop JPEG artifact remover. Almost every Internet image can benefit from a reduction in JPEG compression artifact noise. Test it out for FREE here!

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Wedding photographers can use DeJPEG to ensure their large batch of high-quality JPEG look as good as if they had shot in RAW.

Designers who work with web images find DeJPEG invaluable for enhancing stock photographs to a new level of quality.

Point and shoot or camera phone users can take advantage of DeJPEG to greatly improve the quality of their snapshots.

In fact, anyone who works with JPEG images can simply run a pass of DeJPEG before anything else and experience an immediate quality boost on their images. DeJPEG is one of the quickest and easiest ways to effectively improve JPEG image quality. If you use JPEG images, download a fully-functional 30-day free trial and try it for yourself!

Topaz DeJPEG supports:
  • both 8-bit and 16-bit/channel
  • Photoshop scripting and actions
  • batch processing of multiple images
  • context sensitive help

Review: Class On Demand Basic Training For Adobe CS4 Production Premium

And the verdict? See for yourself.

Basic Training for Adobe CS4 Production Premium is a great way to maximize your new investment while keeping the learning curve to a minimum. It's so good at what it does, Adobe should consider bundling future volumes with their Creative Suites — if they did, the lazier of my colleagues would have to find something else with which to fill my voice mail and e-mail inboxes...

This training is incredible!

Here are a few clips of the training to whet your appetite.

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Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm