Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Service Update for Maxon NET Render available

A free serivce update to the Maxon NET Render R11.026 is now available for the network rendering module.

Download the free update from here. (This update is delivered the old fashioned way via an installer executable.)

Monday, March 30, 2009

After Effects Freebie From LME- Text Reveals v1

Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

LME has another great freebie for After Effects 7.0 and higher - Text Reveals v1! Download the freebie here.

Check out the multitude of great libraries of AE presets and comps available from LME, including full sets of Light configurations and Trapcode presets. Quality, varied stuff and at a low price.

Digital Film Tools zMatte v3 Released

ZmatteOak Park, CA March 31, 2009 - Digital Film Tools releases zMatte v3, a full featured blue and green screen keyer for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Editing Systems.

zMatte is a full-featured keyer that is the result of our experience in creating countless successful blue and green screen composites. Using proprietary matte extraction techniques, zMatte quickly and simply creates mattes with minimal parameters even if you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. It is easy to use, yet provides the needed tools when faced with good, bad, or ugly shots -- tools such as multiple matte creation, automatic spill suppression, sophisticated matte and edge manipulation, and color correction.

zMatte includes a complete set of keying plug-ins comprised of: Color Suppress for removing blue or green spill light; DeArtifact to clean up compression artifacts in DV and HD footage; Edge Composite to color correct, blur or mix only the edge of the key; Framer Averager for smoothing out film grain and video noise; Holdout Composite to matte the usually problematic smoke, fire and explosions; the zMatte Keyer to handle the heavy keying tasks; Light Wrap to bring background color into the foreground element; a Matte Generator used to key images not meant to be keyed; Matte Repair to fix common matte problems; Matte Wrap for retaining the definition of the matte edges while creating a smooth blend of transparency starting at the edge of the matte changing to fully opaque moving inward; and Screen Smoother to smooth out unevenly lit blue and green screens.

Digital Film Tools brings together the unbeatable combination of superior software designers, motion picture visual effects veterans, video editors and photographers. Add three Emmy Awards and experience in creating visual effects for hundreds of feature films, commercials and television shows and you have a recipe for success. Created for rigorous production demands by digital artists for digital artists, zMatte is available for download or purchase at:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Animated Impressionism in After Effects

Video Gogh tutorial

I just found out that my daughter and Vincent Van Gogh share the same birth date (and Celine Dion and Astrid Gilberto too!) I'm a big fan of Van Gogh, and I saw a tutorial just a couple of days ago from RE:Vision Effects about their Video Gogh plug-in. This plug-in was used on What Dreams May Come. I didn't like the movie, but LOVED the visual effects, and Video Gogh was used in the film.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soundbooth CS4 Patch Available

The Soundbooth CS4 2.0.1 update was released this week, addressing quality issues in the initial CS4 release.

Update Soundbooth by running the Adobe updater (Help > Update) in Soundbooth CS4. You Or download the patch here: Windows | Mac

Full details of the patch are here.

See Trapcode Particular v2 at NAB

trapcodePeder Norrby will be showing Trapcode Particular v2.0 at NAB, Las Vegas. I thought this was a secret but then I saw it on Ninja Crayon today, so the cat is out of the bag!

Visit the Red Giant Software booth #SL 2529 in the Plug-in Pavilion. He'll be showing Particular 2 at the following times: Monday April 20 at 2 pm, Tuesday April 21 at 2 pm and Wednesday April 22 at 12 noon.

I'll also be demoing some goods at the Red Giant Booth. Come see me show Primatte Keyer Pro and Key Correct Pro. I'll put the schedule up in the near future.

Red Giant Spring Looks Bundle: Magic Bullet Looks and LooksPack: Indie Film

spring looks

For a limited time, buy Magic Bullet Looks and get the LooksPack: Indie Film FREE. Special Offer ends April 7th, 2009.

Red Giant Software: LooksPack: Indie Film

Independent film director, Eric Escobar offers a collection of 20 original preset Looks. Inspired by classic American independent films, they are divided into Exterior Day looks, with selections such as Ironic Sunshine, Los Angeles, and Mumblefish; and Interior Day looks, such as Apartment in the Valley, Actor's Friend, and Cheap Drinks.

Red Giant Software: Magic Bullet Looks 1.2

Now you can define the style of your video or film with powerful imaging tools. Choose from 100+ Look presets, to help set the mood for everything from a wedding to the next Sundance original.

Red Giant Software Spring Looks Bundle- save $49.00 (Regular $448.00 when purchased separately); save even more when purchasing multiple units!

Wacom Introduces New Intuos4 Tablets

Wacom officially introduces the new Intuos4 tablets, inspired by professionals across the creative community.

Wacom Intuos4 redefines the Intuos pen tablet experience, thanks to a new design and new features inspired by members of our professional creative community.

wacom large

As Natural As Can Be

The shape and surface alike have been completely re-engineered to enable ergonomic, consistent strokes, even over long periods of time. Available in four different wide-format sizes, S. M, L, XL, you can pick the perfect size to fit your specific working style and workflow needs.

Go With The Flow

Workflow, that is. An all new professional tablet, Intuos4 takes into consideration the many aspects of a professional's workflow, software integration points, and equal demand for both performance and comfort.

Details, Details

Innovation in every detail. That's Intuos4. Whether it's the new Wacom Tip Sensor that let's you capture every nuance of a stroke, the new precision mode, or the added levels of pressure sensitivity to dynamically adjust exposure, brush size, line weight, and opacity, Intuos4 promises to exceed your every expectation.

  • Wacom Intuos4 Tablet Small (Active Area: 6.2 x 3.9 in) $229.95
  • Wacom Intuos4 Tablet Medium (Active Area: 8.8 x 5.5 in) $369.95
  • Wacom Intuos4 Tablet Large (Active Area: 12.8 x 8.0 in) $469.95
  • Wacom Intuos4 Tablet Extra Large (Active Area: 19.2 x 12.0 in) $789.95
  • PixPlant: Seamless 3D Textures From Photos in a Few Clicks

    pixplantLisbon, Portugal - March 12, 2009 - FaronStudio has launched PixPlant, a new texturing tool that creates high quality seamless 3D textures from plain photos.

    Starting from a photo, PixPlant creates a seamless texture and then generates high quality normal, displacement and specular maps which can be fine tuned in an interactive 3D preview.

    Because it works from plain photos, PixPlant adds an unlimited choice of realistic textures for 3D projects: users can pick an interesting real world image, run PixPlant and get a perfect seamless 3D texture in a few clicks.

    Available in standalone and Photoshop plug-in versions, PixPlant reduces to almost zero the time and repetitive work of preparing tiling 3D textures and backgrounds. With PixPlant photos can quickly be turned into usable 3D textures, adding realism, variety and value to 3D projects.

    PixPlant includes the following benefits for 3D visualization, architecture and games:

    • Quickly create unique seamless 3D textures, horizontally and/or vertically tiled.
    • Based on real-life photos, PixPlant generates realistic textures without the complication of procedural texture generation tools.
    • Generate and fine tune normal, displacement and specular maps for highly realistic 3D texturing.
      source: FPR

    "We're very pleased with PixPlant's new capability of crafting seamless 3D textures from almost any photo in a few clicks." - said Jorge Diogo, FaronStudio's Director. "PixPlant has the potential to save a lot of time on any project that includes 3D texturing."

    PixPlant is available now for Windows (Mac version available soon) as standalone and Photoshop plug-in.

    Red Giant Software Releases LooksPack: Indie Film

    LooksPack:Indie Film
    Small Budget? Get Big Looks with the Indie Film LooksPack

    Independent film director, Eric Escobar, offers a collection of 20 original preset Looks. Inspired by classic American independent films, they are divided into Exterior Day looks, with selections such as Ironic Sunshine, Los Angeles, and Mumblefish; and Interior Day looks, such as Apartment in the Valley, Actor's Friend, and Cheap Drinks.


    "Color is visceral. I think of coloring as editing the hue and tone of the raw image to reveal the emotion of the frame. My goal has been to balance that emotion while minimizing process - preserving what the story needs."

    "Each family of Looks helps tell a common story that you will make unique when you add it to your image. Some of these looks are complicated, some are really simple. Please use them as a jumping-off point to create your own," says Eric Escobar.


    • Twenty original Looks give that independent-movie look to your own footage
    • Looks tailored for both indoor and outdoor shots
    • Additional video examples and training available at Eric's blog, PrepShootPost

    System Requirements

    Requires Magic Bullet Looks or Magic Bullet Quick Looks for render output.

    About the Publisher

    Eric Escobar is a San Francisco-based digital filmmaker. His films have screened in the US and internationally. In 2005 his short film, One Weekend A Month, won an honorable mention in short filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to making films, Eric has worked in filmmaking software development at Apple Inc., and Adobe Systems. Currently, Eric is working in a directors' collective called Kontent Films, where he directs commercials and his own original work, helps develop tools for filmmakers, and blogs extensively.

    wondertouch to Exhibit particleIllusion Product Line at NAB 2009

    wondertouchDemonstrations of pIllusion AE, Anticipated Plug-in for Adobe After Effects, to Take Center Stage


    wondertouch, the award-winning developer of particle effects creation tools for the digital content creation industry, invites members of the press and convention attendees at NAB 2009 – April 20 through April 23 – to stop by the wondertouch booth #SL2529B (located in the Plug-in Pavilion), where it will showcase the range of its particleIllusion software product line.

    In a challenging economic environment, demand for particleIllusion from digital content professionals continues to expand as a necessary tool that easily integrates into production and post-production pipelines to provide the widest range of particle-based effects and efficient workflow.

    Technology Demonstrations

    pIllusion AE – plug-in for Adobe After Effects
    At its NAB booth, wondertouch will showcase the beta version of its highly anticipated pIllusion AE plug-in for Adobe After Effects. The plug-in affords motion graphics and visual effects professionals working in the film post-production and pre-visualization, commercial broadcast, standard and HD video, and motion graphics industries easy access to the more than 2600 emitters available in the powerful particleIllusion library from within the AE environment. pIllusion AE is designed for use with After Effects version 7.0 and newer.

    Pro Projects Volume 1
    Pro Projects Volume 1, released earlier this month, will be on display for the first time at NAB. The Pro Projects Volume 1 collection contains five projects designed as animated backgrounds with an abstract graphic look that is geared to motion graphics artists or for those requiring abstract stock clips, digital video backgrounds, or other animated content. Each project is comprised of a collection of particleIllusion 3.0 emitters arranged into logical layers that are combined as a complete ready-to-render package that is completely customizable.

    particleIllusion 3.0
    particleIllusion 3.0, the company’s cornerstone application, is a standalone particle effects application designed as an easy-to-use, low-cost, high performance tool to quickly and simply add particle effects to any image, animation, or video footage. It enables creative professionals to efficiently and easily customize and modify effects, or create entirely new and realistic effects.

    particleIllusion features an ever-growing collection of over 2600 different preset emitters such as smoke, fire, explosions, water effects, sparkles, colorful motion graphics effects, and many others. OpenGL hardware acceleration provides real-time (or near real-time) previews of most effects and ultra-fast rendering of final output. Praised for its power, speed and ease-of-use, particleIllusion has become the “industry standard” for the creation of dazzling visual effects. The current version of the software is available on the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

    pIllusion SE
    pIlllusion SE is the low-cost introductory version of particleIllusion. The application is built on an older version of the particleIllusion engine, but still enables users to create a huge number of effects.

    Pro Emitters
    The wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries (Pro Emitters) for particleIllusion 3.0 is a collection of 12 libraries that each contain 30 emitters thematically grouped to provide sophisticated, ready-to-use, motion graphics-style particle-based effects. The Pro Emitters supplement the already impressive selection of different preset emitters that ship with particleIllusion 3.0, as well as the additional emitters that the company releases free-of-charge each month; arming artists with an impressive variety of effects choices to easily customize particle effects projects quickly and cost efficiently.

    wondertouch Booth Location and Hours
    wondertouch software demonstrations at NAB 2009 will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas in booth # SL2529B (in the Plug-in Pavilion), located in the South Hall, Lower Level, as follows:

    Monday, April 20th: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Tuesday, April 21st: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Wednesday, April 22nd: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Thursday, April 23rd: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

    The Foundry Lets Customers Do The Talking At NAB 2009

    - Booth SL326 -

    London, UK. March 26th 2009 Much has changed at leading VFX software developer, The Foundry, during the last twelve months. This will be reflected on the show floor at NAB 2009, as the company plays host to a series of exciting 'behind the scenes' demos and product announcements at its booth #SL326 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    Continuing the development and support of its Academy Award®-winning compositing and plug-in technologies has necessitated the addition of 15 staff globally. The company now has offices in Los Angeles, a local presence in southeast Asia and has expanded into two additional floors at its HQ in Soho, London.

    Blockbuster VFX demos on Nuke: At NAB 2009, The Foundry will let its customers do the most of the talking. Leading visual effects professionals will treat visitors to a series of behind-the-scenes looks at how Nuke was used to great effects on the international blockbusters Iron Man and Watchmen as well as the game World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

    New Nuke products: The Foundry team will showcase Nuke 5.2, the latest release of its acclaimed compositing software, featuring new pre-comp tools, Python UI and metadata improvements, plus support for 3D LUTs and OpenGL GLSL shaders, video output cards and a RED R3D Redcode format-reader enabling full 32-bit floating point processing. RED Digital Cinema will be represented on The Foundry's booth on 21st, 22nd and 23rd April demonstrating the new RED-to-Nuke workflow.

    Visitors can take a look at Nuke 6.0 (due for release in Q3), which promises a new Paint and Roto toolset. The release of 6.0 is set to coincide with the launch of NukePro, a brand new product offering incorporating lens tools, a camera tracker, FurnaceCore and Keylight all in one compositing package. All Nuke 5.2 orders with maintenance taken before the end of NAB 2009 will receive NukePro automatically as it becomes available later in the year, delivering a saving of over $2,500 on list price.

    Plug-in developments: The Foundry has reinforced its commitment to the development of industry-leading creative and image-processing plug-ins with the recent appointment of Tom Cowland as plug-in product manager. Brand new products on show at NAB are FurnaceCore for Fusion (also integral to NukePro) and Tinderbox 4 for Nuke. Future releases planned for later in 2009 include a new keyer for Autodesk and Adobe and some exciting tools for Final Cut Pro.

    Ocula 3D stereo toolset: The Foundry is also continuing development of Ocula, its range of stereoscopic plug-ins, with the release of new tools driven by production feedback later in the year. Ocula was used by Digital Domain on a stereo 3D commercial spot for SoBe broadcast to 96million viewers during SuperBowl XLIII, and is currently being put through its paces by Weta Digital on James Cameron's Avatar.

    FXGuide and FCP: During NAB 2009 The Foundry is also sponsoring FX Guide's Bar Camp on 20th April at the Renaissance Hotel and is again supporting the FCP Supermeet on the 21st at the Rio Hotel. To attend please visit www.lafcpug.org/nab_2009.html.

    About The Foundry
    The Foundry is a world-leading innovator of visual effects and image processing technologies that boost productivity in motion picture and video post production. On February 10th 2007, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded a Sci-Tech Award® to The Foundry's development team for the Furnace image processing suite. The company now has two Academy Award® winning technologies including the high-end compositing system Nuke.

    The Foundry's products support a wide range of host platforms including After Effects, Autodesk® Media and Entertainment Systems, Avid DS, Baselight, Film Master, Nuke, Scratch and Shake. The company has also driven OpenFX, an open standard for visual effects plug-ins, now broadly adopted by host and plug-in developers such as Autodesk®, Assimilate, FilmLight, Digital Vision, Eyeon Software Inc, Grass Valley, Soluciones Graficas por Ordenador (S.G.O.), Photron, Final Cut Pro and others.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Announcing The Media Motion Café at NAB 2009

    Many were saddened at our decision to postpone the next full-blown Media Motion Ball until 2010 (it will be back!), but as promised, we are organizing an alternative user gathering for Monday, April 20th from 7:00 - 10:00pm in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada during the NAB conference and expo.

    We've heard from a lot of you and we think we have a great event planned for these challenging times. Best of all: It's FREE!!

    The IMUG/Media Motion events have always, at their core, been about fostering opportunities for face-to-face interaction amongst members of our online communities. This simple principle guides us, the rest is just pure awesomeness.

    True to our principles we've found a great local pub in Las Vegas, a true 'locals' joint, to have our gathering. There's great Mexican food onsite and great beer, wine, soda, music, shuffleboard, darts and more. The location is near The Palms.

    Great news: Due to the generous support of our sponsors, there'll be a generous amount of free drink tickets provided to attendees, and great door prizes too! Look for announcements in the next couple of weeks as we roll out the details.

    Great people, free drinks, camaraderie with your peers in the industry, and door prizes... what's not to love?

    We've created a sign-up form on our website, since, even for a free event, we've simply got to come up with a head count and figure out how many drink tickets we'll need, etc.

    I just booked my cheapest trip to NAB in over 12 years through a charter flight/hotel package. The hotel/flight deals are simply crazy-stupid-cheap right now, and suddenly there's this huge surge of interest in folks attending NAB. It's pretty hard to stay away with great travel deals and now a Media Motion Cafe event to get to!

    Head on over to http://www.imugonline.com and sign up for this FREE event today!

    All the best,
    Carey Dissmore
    IMUG/Media Motion organizing team

    NewBlueFX Launches Sampler Pack Video Effects Plugin Suite

    A Taste of Video Effects and Transitions at an Unbeatable Price

    Video, Multimedia and Technology Editors

    LA JOLLA, CA (March 23, 2009) - NewBlue, Inc., the fastest-growing developer of integrated effects technology for video, rolled out the NewBlue Sampler Pack today. This collection of video effects and transitions presents video editors with a selection of plugins from its best-selling NewBlueFX collections, competitively-priced at $49.95.

    Included in the Sampler Pack are 10 video effects and transitions chosen by the company to best illustrate the capabilities of its leading NewBlueFX effects collections and includes the 3D Confetti, 3D Pizza Boxes, Active Camera, Air Brush, Color Melt, Detail Enhancer, Film Look, Paper Collage, Smear, and Water Color plugins.

    Explains Melissa Jordan Grey, chief strategic officer, "The NewBlue Sampler Pack introduces a great way to experience NewBlueFX and discover what our product line is all about. Best of all, video editing enthusiasts can sample our leading video effects and transitions packages at a fraction of the price."

    newbluefx sampler

    The NewBlue Sampler Pack joins the company's highly-regarded product line of 16 exclusive video effects plugins, video transitions and audio filters packages. The product is available for all major video editing software platforms, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, Avid Media Composer, Avid NewsCutter, Avid Symphony, Avid Xpress, Avid Liquid, Corel (formerly Ulead) VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS. The collection is value-priced at $49.95.

    Featured in the NewBlue Sampler Pack are:

    3D Confetti (Transition) from NewBlue 3D Explosions, which turns the first scene into bits of three-dimensional confetti that blow off the screen to reveal the second scene.

    3D Pizza Boxes (Transition) from NewBlue 3D Transformations, which builds a stack of spinning boxes with the sides alternating between the first and second scene. The boxes eventually settle together and combine to create the second scene.

    Active Camera (Effect) from NewBlue Motion Effects, which simulates every variety of camera jitter, from agitated hand-held to jack hammer or a gentle train ride.

    Air Brush (Effect) from NewBlue Art Effects
    , which creates an air brushed effect by smoothing colors while maintaining sharp edges.

    Color Melt (Transition) from NewBlue Art Blends, which morphs between two clips by expanding and softening the colors.

    Detail Enhancer (Effect) from NewBlue Video Essentials, which strengthens the lines and edges in the video image, bringing out detail in a dull or foggy scene and resulting in a clearer picture.

    Film Look (Effect) from NewBlue Film Effects, which modifies the video's color characteristics and lighting to reproduce a particular film stock or create a unique mood or look.

    Paper Collage (Transition) from NewBlue Paint Blends, which blends between two clips as it builds the video image from layers of colored paper.

    Smear (Transition) from NewBlue Motion Blends, which blurs the first clip along a motion axis, then clears the blur to reveal the second clip.

    Water Color (Effect) from NewBlue Paint Effects, which repaints the video scene so that it resembles a water color painting.

    About NewBlue, Inc.:

    NewBlue, Inc. develops innovative audio, video and multimedia technologies for leading companies throughout the world. Founded in early 2002, NewBlue creates and licenses a range of proprietary technologies-- including a series of NewBlueFX video technologies, the NewBlue Audio Engine and Audiomatrix technology platform-- that meet the varied multimedia needs of mid-and large-sized companies. Experienced developers, musicians, artists, and software professionals with a unique and commanding set of skills, experience and talent comprise the NewBlue team.

    The company unveiled its NewBlueFX product line in 2006 to meet the needs of digital video editing enthusiasts. The NewBlueFX collection of software plug-ins includes special audio and video effects, such as audio filters, noise reduction, equalization, compression and dozens of sophisticated graphic filters and transitions. To date, the NewBlueFX line includes 5 audio-oriented plug-in collections and 11 video-oriented effects and transitions collections for the Adobe Premiere, Avid Liquid, Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas desktop video product lines, as well as AVCHD UpShift, an AVCHD conversion utility created in conjunction with VASST.

  • Learn More/Purchase NewblueFX Sampler Pack
  • Download a Free Demo
  • Since the NewBlueFX Sampler Pack is only $49.95, it has been added to our Plug-ins for $99 and Under Pages!
  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Tutorial: Create Extruded Text with Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE

    This new video tutorial from Paul Ezzy shows you the basics of using Boris Continuum Complete AE's BCC Extruded Text Filter. BCC Extruded Text belongs to the 3D Objects category of filters which is new to Boris Continuum Complete 6. These stunning OpenGL-based filters use vertex and pixel shaders that enable the generation of animated 3D shatter, bulge, bend, taper, twist, ripple, and wave effects. You can also create reflection or texture maps for the generated 3D text - from any image or video clip in the After Effects timeline.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Review: Digieffects Simulate: Camera; Archive, Overexpose, and Destabilize

    digieffects simulateIt-Enquirer.com reviews Digieffects Simulate: Camera plug-ins. "DigiEffects Simulate: Camera plug-ins for Final Cut Pro again deliver digital video editors the ability to create effects that recall the feeling of film in a digital medium..." Read the full review.

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    SF Cutters Meeting April 28

    From Claudia Crask of SF Cutter:

    April 28th will be at Adobe 601 Townsend in San Francisco. Mark Spencer a San Francisco Bay Area producer, freelance editor, and Apple-certified Trainer for Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and Motion.

    Mark is teaching a number of classes at NAB - look in the Certification Training Schedule and will be presenting at the SuperBooth. Be watching for schedules, I will try to get an NAB .ning page going for everyone to connect and post info, parties and things to see.

    Read more about Mark and his many accomplishments

    Mark Spencer's motion website is a treasure trove of all things about Apple's Motion.

    Also joining us is John Skidgel, a top Flash Video expert

    Both John and Mark are SF Cutters and top people in the field.

    Adobe will present a NAB wrap up - of new technology and things they cannot talk about yet, but will be big news by April. Thanks to Adobe for their Sponsorship of SF Cutters, the FCPUG Supermeets and many, many user groups, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, SF Mograph - all too numerous to list. It's an awesome job and lots of individualized attention and support.

    We will have Mark Spencer's Motion books compliments of Peachpit Pressand John Skidgel's Flash Video CS3 compliments of Focal Press in the Raffle.

    All presentations subject to final confirmation, and cooperation of the universe.

    April 28th will have an increase to $15 per meeting for non Pro Team members to cover the cost of chair rental from May - Oct. and other increased meeting location expenses. This took a lot of deliberation, but basically I do not want to turn people away from meetings because of seating, if at all possible. and frankly it's a long time overdue for me not to stress out over it either. Things cost what they cost.
    If we come into more sponsorship at some time we will adjust the monthly rates.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Electric Rain Swift3D Plug-in for Photoshop

    Plug Into Your Creative Layer With Swift 3D PS plug-in for Photoshop CS4. It accomplishes simple 3D tasks in seconds with remarkable results and places your 3D text, extrusions or models back into Photoshop as 3D layers for further manipulation with their toolset and filters.

    swift 3d ps

    Swift 3D PS is a fun and easy-to-use Photoshop plug-in that will have you exploring entirely new hemispheres of Photoshop CS4 Extended. It accomplishes simple 3D tasks in seconds with remarkable results and places your 3D text, extrusions or models back into Photoshop as 3D layers. These layers remain fully editable by Swift 3D PS, even after Photoshop's array of layer styles and filters are applied. Swift 3D PS offers the same powerful capabilities of our standalone product, but works within the confines of the Photoshop environment.

    Swift 3D PS introduces a very simple but extremely powerful Boolean primitive to our modeler, which allows you to combine or punch holes through objects using other 3D objects in your scene. It's all non-destructive, allowing easy editing and unlimited possibilities!

    Professional Video Templates Frames & Roses Template

    Professional Video Templates has a gorgeous new template for Adobe After Effects CS3 and up called Frames & Roses. It can be used as a title sequence or weddings, memorial videos, commercials, films or other videos. The template incorporates beautiful antique rose patterned wallpaper style imagery with text. You can swap out video, images, text, colors, and everything and make it your own. It comes with clear PDF documentation on how to replace the footage. This template is SD and HD for NTSC and Pal.

    One of the best things about PVT templates is that they can be reverse engineered, so they're also a great learning tool! Get the template here. It's available for immediate download from our store.

    New Product: Innobits Video Purifier for Mac

    video purifierVideo signals are contaminated by noise in many different ways even if they are completely digital. Sources of noise are for example storage media, image acquisition equipments (e.g. cameras, digitizers etc.), transmission channels (e.g. broadcasting, satellite links, cable networks, statistical multiplexers) and receiving and recording equipment. Innobits Video Purifier removes these contaminations, for example dithering artifacts, unwanted video noise and unpleasant signatures from earlier processing. Only noise that shouldn't be in the video is removed, which means that animated noise is not touched.

    Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

    Innobits Video Purifier is a standalone NLE software for you to use as an additional tool of the trade. The powerful algorithm used in Innobits Video Purifier is "heavy-duty" signal processing even if it is light weighted in respect to CPU time. The limitation in hardware, is the memory bandwidth, not the number of CPU's / cores or other hardware installed. In this NLE software there is a totally new thinking in the Graphical User Interface, making it really easy to learn and use the product.

    Zaxwerks Serpentine Teaser

    Zax put a teaser up on the Zaxwerks blog last week about an upcoming product called Zaxwerks Serpentine. By the look of the image, I'm guessing the product extrudes paths in 3D space. It looks super sweet. I think it is also likely that we'll see it at NAB09.


    We've started a page in our Plug-in Finder for Zaxwerks Serpentine and we'll add more information as it comes in.

    Rumor Mill: Final Cut Studio 3 to Drop Next Wednesday

    Word on the street is that Final Cut Studio 3 will be available next Wednesday, March 24. I've been following this for the past few weeks and the blog-o-sphere is abuzz. Will Phenomenon, the alleged Shake/Motion hybrid, be included?. How about that storyboarding app that we blogged about in February? How about the Final Cut Pro, Color, Soundtrack Pro, etc. being combined into a single app? How big would that be?!

    It has been 2 years since FCS2 was out. I demoed the beta of Motion at NAB07 with beta plug-ins... oh, fun times! Seriously, it was a lot of fun.

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Professional Keying with Keylight Now Available!

    Professional Keying with Keylight

    The long-awaited Professional Keying with Keylight training is now available for download in Toolfarm's store. This is the latest release from Toolfarm's Expert Series. In this training, Angie Mistretta takes you through pulling tight and clean keys with Keylight from the Foundry. She shows you how to overcome problem areas such as wispy hair and areas of different texture on the edges. She also shows some great tricks of the trade for making a believable composite. The training is for all user levels. A greenscreen shot and background plate are included so you can play along.

    Professional Keying with Keylight training is now available only at Toolfarm for a mere $39!

    About the instructor: Angie Mistretta has her Master from Academy of Art in San Francisco where she learned from instructors who had worked on blockbuster films such as Star Wars. She is now working at Pixar, a company which needs no introduction.

    Here's a trailer for the training:

    We have 2 more series that will be out by summer. Stay tuned!

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Tutorial: Advanced Workflow; Tracking and Roto for After Effects

    Ross Shain of Imagineer takes you through using mocha tracking and shape data for paint in After Effects.

    Download a free trial of Imagineer mocha for After Effects and mocha shape. Buy mocha for After Effects or mocha shape.

    Sorenson Squeeze Tips and Tricks

    squeeze 5I LOVE Sorenson Squeeze. I'm Squeezing some FLVs right now for our new training, Professional Keying with Keylight, which should hit the shelves tomorrow. I still need to cut a promo together, but I want you to know that I'm BLOWN AWAY by Squeeze and resulting quality and file size of my compressed video. I had first gone the Sorenson 3 route and my files looked fantastic but we ended up going a different direction with the final player. The quality and final filessizes are even better as FLVs.

    This great tip was included in the most recent Sorenson newsletter:

    Mega Time-Saver: The Compression Preview Tool
    By Coby Rich, Squeeze Marketing Manager

    The biggest complaint that I had when searching for the "exact right" compression settings is the time that it took to encode a file, over and over again, once I had modified the settings or tried a new codec. Well, this headache can be virtually eliminated with the Compression Preview Tool in Squeeze. This relatively obscure tool is found directly under the beginning of the timeline in the preview window. To create a compression preview I must first import a file, apply an audience preset and make any changes in the preset as needed. Next, I need to place the play head in the timeline of the file where I would like to see the preview. Using the pull down arrow on the right I can choose a specific time period between one and five seconds that I would like to encode. Once the time is chosen Squeeze shows me the time of the video that it will encode. Lastly, I just click the play icon next to the drop down and Squeeze creates the preview and launches it in my default player. This tool is particularly useful when I'm choosing the best codec or data rate to use, and especially when I'm working with long form video. The preview gives me a good idea how my final compressed output will look, without taking the time to encode the entire video. This way I can add filters, change data rates, switch codec and tweak the settings to my hearts content until I am completely satisfied with the look of my video.

    GenArts Sapphire 2.07 Maintenance Update

    GenArts Sapphire 2.07 for After Effects and compatible products is released and available for download. This is a free maintenance release for v2 customers, and should work with your existing v2 serial number.

    New in Sapphire 2.07 for After Effects and Compatible Products:

    • A problem with thresholds in Glow, Glint, Glare and Convolve is fixed, giving improved but slightly different results from 2.06 and making the results compatible with Sapphire v1
    • An issue with rendering text layers on fields in AE CS4 is fixed
    • An issue with WarpBubble in AE CS4 is fixed

    If you are still running Sapphire v1... what are you waiting for? Upgrade Now!

    Maxon Vectorworks 2009 Exchange Plugin for CINEMA 4D R11 update

    Maxon has released an update to the Vectorworks 2009 Exchange Plugin for CINEMA 4D R11, now with MAC OS X Leopard support and compatible with the latest Vectorworks 2009 and Cinema 4D R11. The plug-in allows for seamless file transfers from the Vectorworks CAD program to Cinema 4D.

    Get the free update here.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Microfilmmaker gives After Effects CS4 a 10/10! Plus, Adobe Upgrade Promo Extended!

    Read the entire After Effects CS4 review from Microfilmmaker reviewer, Tom Stern. He gives a great rundown of the new features in AE CS4.

    I should mention that we've extended our upgrade special through this Friday. Upgrade any Adobe product to CS4 and receive Digieffects Simulate: Illuma and Simulate: Camera for free! More Info

    Reviews Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE

    Neil Bennett of Digital Arts took BCC 6 AE for a test drive. He gave it 4.5/5 and it also received Digital Arts' Best Buy distinction. Nice!

    Here are a few excerpts from the review:

    BCC 6 is a powerful collection of plug-ins that most motion graphics artists and editors will want, especially for the new 3D Objects filters.
    Where Extruded Text really shines - literally - is in its integration with the rest of AE's 3D workspace. The text interacts with lights and cameras, casting shadows if necessary, and you can use other layers to create reflection maps (for added realism) or texture maps (for 'on-text' video).

    Going to NAB 2009?

    NAB is just around the corner, it seems. Are you going this year? Is the economy making it difficult for you to take trips like this? Is the absence of Apple and other companies a reason that you would not attend? Is it an event that you wouldn't miss? How do the parties and things like the FCP Supermeet influence your decision to go? Please tell us your thoughts about the NAB conference. We're curious.

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure

    Interview with Steve Forde, President, GridIron Software

    Gridiron FlowSteve Forde talks about GridIron Flow and shows Flow.

    GridIron Flow is a whole new way to see and manage all your project files, versions and information in one simple, elegant interface. We'll be updating our Plug-in Finder tomorrow with the latest information about Flow and we'll keep you up-to-date about the release on our news blog.

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    Put Electronic Makeup On Your Talent with Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE

    bcc smooth tone

    BCC Smooth Tone is an image restoration filter that smoothes out skin imperfections while maintaining image detail and contrast in areas such as hair and eyes. This video tutorial goes over the basics of applying the filter to a clip in AE and provides a brief lesson on how to use PixelChooser to increase the filter's effectiveness.

    Watch BCC Video Tutorials:

    Put Electronic Makeup On Your Talent with Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE

    Using AE Masks with BCC's Extruded Text Filter
    How to use an AE mask to define custom extrusion curves in BCC Extruded Text.

    Mapping an AE Video Layer to BCC Extruded Text
    Demonstration of how to map an AE video layer to the surface of BCC Extruded Text.

    Using 3D Deformers in BCC Extruded Text
    Demonstration of the 3D Deformers feature found in BCC 3D Objects filters.

    Learn More | Buy Now | Free Demo

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    GridIron Flow beta 2 for Mac OS X AND Win XP/Vista now available

    gridiron flowGridIron Flow is a whole new way to see and manage all your project files, versions and information in one simple, elegant interface. We'll be updating our Plug-in Finder tomorrow with the latest information about Flow and we'll keep you up-to-date about the release on our news blog.

    Based on the feedback, GridIron are currently in production for full Flow support of the following applications:

    • Maxon Cinema 4D (10, 11)
    • Adobe Encore (CS3, CS4)
    • DigiDesign Pro Tools 7.4 & 8 (M, LE, HD)
    • The Foundry Nuke
    • iWork '09
    Steve Forde, President of GridIron Software said the following about application support for Flow

    The list is long after that - but these are the apps you can expect before any others. As an aside - we have a team dedicated to continuously adding more applications. There is also an SDK coming that other developers may use to ensure Flow support of their application.

    Purchase modo 302 Now Receive a Free Upgrade to 401

    The first time I saw a render from modo, I was blown away by the beauty of it. Model, paint, render, animate, and sculpt with Luxology modo.

    Luxology are very busy working on modo 401. Anyone who purchases modo 302 now will receive the modo 401 upgrade at no charge when it is available. This also applies to anyone who purchases an upgrade to modo 302!

    Here's a video of Immanuel Martin, Luxology's Sales Director, showing modo 302 at GDC 2008.

    Avid Delivers Native RED Support

    Customers benefit from simplified ingest process and full offline to online Advanced RED Conform Workflow

    TEWKSBURY, Mass., March 5, 2009 - Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced that Avid® DS now offers native support for the RED R3D file format, delivering customers increased efficiencies in the editorial and finishing process of RED-originated projects.

    With native support for RED, Avid customers will benefit from:

    • A speedier ingest of RED footage;
    • The ability to apply RLX color intent data to the footage in the Avid system; and
    • Capabilities to preset project and sequence settings for RED projects at 2k, 3k, and 4k resolutions.

    In addition to handling native R3D footage, Avid DS customers will now be able to create HD RGB 4:4:4 proxies from high-resolution RED source material, which will provide real-time program monitoring and result in faster system response time - enabling artists to stay focused on the creative editorial aspects of a project.

    Avid will also offer native RED support for the offline editing process via MetaFuze®, a tool that automates the conversion of formats such as RED and DPX to Avid DNxHD® media for HD offline workflows in Avid Media Composer® and HD finishing in Symphony systems. As a result, customers are able to take advantage of the Avid Advanced Conform workflow for RED and seamlessly move their projects from offline to online.

    "We are very excited about the new Avid and RED integration", said Ted Schilowitz of RED Digital Cinema. "The ability to use the MetaFuze tool to turn RED files into true native MXF files at the various offline and online resolutions is a very powerful step that will enable a more streamlined workflow for the many RED projects around the world that are cutting on Avid. The DS integration of RED files for online color grading and finishing is another important development on making offline to online very cost-effective. Fewer workflow steps and tape layoffs for finishing with RED files is the most effective and efficient way to deliver projects."

    Kirk Arnold, EVP and GM of Customer Operations at Avid said, "We strive to make the technology seamless for customers to allow them to keep focused on unleashing the creative talents that continue to entertain millions. We also understand that our customers want freedom and flexibility to work with whichever format they choose, and our effort to offer native RED support is the latest example of how we continue to evolve our solutions and meet customers' needs."

    Native support for R3D files is available in Avid DS. version 10.1.1. For customers looking to upgrade, visit the Avid download center.
    About Avid Technology, Inc.

    Avid is a worldwide leader in tools for film, video, audio, and broadcast professionals -- as well as for home audio and video enthusiasts. Avid professional and consumer brands include Avid, Digidesign®, M-Audio®, Pinnacle Systems®, Sibelius® and Sundance Digital® The vast majority of primetime television shows, feature films, commercials and chart-topping music hits are made using one or more Avid products. Whether used by seasoned professionals or beginning students, Avid's products and services enable customers to work more efficiently, productively and creatively. Avid received an Oscar® statuette representing the 1998 Scientific and Technical Award for the concept, design, and engineering of the Avid Film Composer® system for motion picture editing. For more information about the company's Oscar, Grammy® and Emmy® award-winning products and services, visit www.avid.com, del.icio.us, Flickr, twitter and YouTube; connect with Avid on Facebook or subscribe to Avid Industry Buzz.

    Intro to After Effects: Keyframing

    Nick Campbell, who I met at the Motion Graphics Festival in January in Chicago, created a nice intro to After Effects Keyframing video.

    Intro to After Effects: Keyframing from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    Free Lights Presets from LME- Lights v2!

    Find more videos like this on MyToolfarm

    LME has another great freebie for After Effects 7.0 and higher - Lights v2! Download the freebie here. If you missed the first one, you can still download LME Lights Freebie v1.

    Check out the multitude of great libraries of AE presets and comps available from LME, including full sets of Light configurations and Trapcode presets. Quality, varied stuff and at a low price.

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    New After Effects Customer Survey

    Michael Coleman, product manager for Adobe After Effects, has a new survey up for AE users. He says:

    Please take a few minutes to tell us a few things about yourself, your projects, and your workflow. You'll also get a chance to indicate which potential features are most important to you. Surveys like this to are a great way for you to direct our efforts.

    So, what are you waiting for? Share your opinion on AE with the Adobe After Effects Team.

    Imagineer Systems mocha for After Effects v2 Now Available!

    Imagineer Systems mocha for After Effects v2 Adds Significant Export Capabilities and Streamlines Workflows; mocha shape Lets AE Users Import Rotoscoping Shape Data from any Imagineer VFX Tool

    GUILDFORD, UK (March 3, 2009) - One month to the day of its announced commitment to new product development and renewed innovation for accessible desktop VFX tools, Imagineer Systems (www.imagineersystems.com) today is announcing two new developments for the After Effects Community. With this announcement, Imagineer Systems is adding significant workflow enhancements to its popular mocha for After Effects, and is introducing an entirely new VFX plug in solution, mocha shape for After Effects.

    mocha aeImagineer Systems mocha for After Effects v2
    is a major upgrade to the industry-popular tracking tool for Adobe After Effects and adds significant new capabilities, such as export of rotoscoping shape data and greatly improved tracking data export.

    Specifically, mocha for After Effects v2:
    • Exports any resolution, per point variable edge width roto shape data in the mocha shape format;
    • Allows users to export tracking data as After Effects CornerPin with motion blur;
    • Is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4.

    mocha shapeImagineer Systems mocha shape for After Effects
    is a plug in solution designed to import rotoscoping shape data directly into After Effects from any Imagineer Systems VFX tool. mocha shape is designed to import rotoscoping shape data exported from any Imagineer product into Adobe After Effects. With a simple copy and paste, After Effects artists can import multi-layer shape data with variable, per point edge feathering with out rendering. This capability helps save render time and streamline the work flow between Imagineer's products and After Effects. mocha shape is available as both single and multi-seat licenses, making it affordable for both individuals and facilities.

    mocha shape for After Effects features:
    • The ability to paste any resolution roto shape data from Imagineer's products to After Effects without rendering;
    • Variable, per point edge width feathering;
    • The ability to translate mocha layer names to After Effects compositions;
    • High quality rendering;
    • Various blend modes;
    • Ability to render shape as cutout, color composite or color cutout;
    • Compatibility with Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4.
    mocha shape for After Effects is compatible with mocha for After Effects v2: Upgrade Options from mocha AE v1.

    Both mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape for After Effects have completed a successful beta testing and are available immediately.

    Beta Testers Like What They See

    Following its productive beta program, customers and testers had this to say about the new additions to the Imagineer Systems VFX family of solutions:

    "By the way, the new mocha shape exporter is dope! The simple fact that you don't have to render your mattes before exporting to After Effects makes mocha shape indispensable.....throw your renders away!"Jim Geduldick, Co-Host, AENY and Finacutuser.com

    "To say mocha After Effects v2 is a upgrade is an understatement it completely changes the way a roto artist can work in After Effects. mocha for After Effects v2 has saved me countless hours of rotoscoping!"Josh Johnson, Freelance VFX Artist

    "mocha for After Effects gets a lot of use around here. Its tracking just works, so it makes very fast work of handling the typical image fix ups we do around here, which often includes removing objects from shots. In a recent job for a regional auto repair company, there were some logos on a toolbox behind the actor we needed to remove. In under an hour per shot we tracked the movement in the shot to place a cover up, and then roto'd the moving actor as he passed in front of it. It was quick and painless. Without mocha for After Effects, it would not of been doable on the client's post budget. mocha for After Effects gave us a critical advantage over our competitors!",Steve Oakley, Digital Illusionist - DP - Motion Graphics - Editing

    Pricing and Availability:

    Both mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape for After Effects are available immediately and are priced as follows:

    About Imagineer Systems

    Imagineer Systems Ltd innovates and markets next-generation visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets. In response to a groundswell desire for a more innovative approach to VFX, Imagineer Systems has developed an entirely new VFX architecture, one that embraces better integration, collaboration, performance and feels like an extension of the creative thought process - mogul. Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquis Hollywood blockbuster productions as Casino Royale, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Imagineer's desktop product line consists of monet™ - placement station, mokey™ - removal station, motor™ - roto station, mocha™ - tracking station, mocha for After Effects™ - planar tracker for Adobe After Effects, and mocha shape for After Effects - the new rotoscoping shape import plug in for After Effects users. Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom. For more information visit www.imagineersystems.com. For more information on mogul, please visit www.mogulvfx.com.

    Monday, March 02, 2009

    Create Lens Flare in After Effects and Trapcode Shine

    Harry Frank has a nice tutorial up at Studio Daily about making a lens flare in AE CS3 and Trapcode Shine. Of course, Harry will use some expressions.

    Free Primer on Color Correction

    magic bullet coloristaEric Escobar created a nice tutorial that gives you some insight about Color Correction in Final Cut Pro. He uses Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista. Eric says:

    the one I did for FCP also includes a basic explanation of controlling color using Colorista, although the ideas apply to FCP's 3 Way Color Corrector and pretty much all primary color correction tools out there on the desktop.

    Layers Magazine reviews Video Gogh 3

    Video GoghMarcus Geduld gives Re:Vision FX Video Gogh 3 a 4.5.

    A painterly effect with a ton of power features
    NOT Somewhat steep learning curve

    Automatic Duck Pro Export FCP 4.01 released

    Pro Export FCPPro Export FCP version 4.01 is now shipping. This update to Pro Export FCP corrects a number of issues found since version 4.00 released so we encourage all users of 4.00 to update to 4.01.

    To upgrade to version 4.01 from Pro Export FCP 3.0, get it here

    If you already have Pro Export FCP 4.0 you can update to 4.01 at no charge, download the installer.

    Wes Plate of Automatic Duck will be presenting March 5 2009 in Salt Lake City at the SLC FCP User Group. Stop by and say hi. He'll also be at the Los Angeles Post Production Group in Santa Monica on April 8 2009. If you'll be at NAB, Wes and the Duck will be at booth SL2529A in the Plug-in Pavilion. (I'll be in the Plug-in Pavilion as well - so say hello to us both!)

    Boris Continuum Complete 6 for Adobe After Effects

    This one has been on my to do list for a while. Kevin McAuliffe reviews BCC6 for After Effects at the Pro Editing @ Home Blog.
    Purchase Recommendation: The first 'MUST HAVE' of 2009

    Looking ahead, I can see BCC6 being on people's 'Top 10 of 2009' list, as Boris has taken the one problem with After Effects (not "real 3D"), and has given us real 3D text with complete camera and lighting support, and has taken something that works exceptionally well in Boris Blue, Deformers, and added those as well. These, combined with all of the other great effects in the package, make it something that shouldn't be overlooked

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    28 Days of QuickTips at Editblog

    I've been following Editblog (aka Scott Simmons) on Twitter and he's been posting links to Quicktips each day on his blog. The tips are mainly for Avid and Final Cut Pro (though I'm a Premiere Pro user, primarily, when it comes to editing.) Check out his great tips here.