Monday, June 30, 2008

formZ 6.6.0 patch released today

form zAutodessys released formZ 6.6.0, an update of its 3D application. The Patcher utility is used to patch formZ, formZ RenderZone, and formZ RadioZity from v6.5.0 to the latest version. This release includes makes several fixes in the interface and support for AutoCAD 2008 DWG/DXF files, and other changes. form*Z is available for Mac OS X 10.4 and up (Universal Binary) or Windows.

Download the patch: Mac Patch | Windows Patch

We Need Your Opinions! Win Free Stuff!

surveyWe strive to be a useful resource for the mograph community from initial purchase through end support. We're in the process of redoing our site, and would like your input! Your responses will not be shared with anyone and will directly impact our future site- and your online experience with us. Your opinions matter!

Answer our brief customer survey and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of Red Giant's new plug-in, Radium Glow!

Synthetic Aperture Test Gear 2.0 for After Effects CS3 Now Availble

Test Gear 2.0 is designed specifically for After Effects CS3.

Pricing for Test Gear 2.0 for After Effects CS3(download) is $95 and boxed is $125 for a new license. The Test Gear 2.0 upgrade from Test Gear 1.x is also available for $49.

For those using earlier versions of After Effects (AE 6.5 and 7.0), Test Gear 1.1 is still available.

Learn more in our Plug-in Finder.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Eye Scream Factory Launches Wedding-Themed DVD Art Professional Volume II

eyescream dvdEye Scream Factory DVD Art Professional Volume II; time-saving, wedding-themed templates for DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts

Boston, MA - June 25, 2008 - Eye Scream Factory, the Boston-based creative team providing automation design templates for media hobbyists and professionals, today announced the availability of Eye Scream Factory DVD Art Professional Volume II. Eye Scream Factory products automate the design and creation of professional DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. The new DVD Art Professional Volume II product offers a wide range of high-quality wedding-themed DVD menu and packaging templates. The professionally designed Eye Scream Factory templates can be easily modified using Adobe Photoshop for a signature look and used with any DVD authoring software application that imports Adobe Photoshop files, such as Adobe Encore and Apple DVD Studio Pro.

"Many videographers have told us that it is so important that the DVD package they present to their clients be as professional as the video it contains. Their clients don't want hand-written covers or clip art menus. It doesn't deliver the right message… it doesn't say professional," said Rich D'Angelo, founder and president Eye Scream Factory. "Eye Scream Factory templates are exceptional designs developed specifically for videographers who need an automated graphics solution. In minutes, they can apply an Eye Scream Factory template and dramatically enhance the look and feel of any DVD presentation - creating a professional look from top to bottom."

About DVD Art Professional Volume II
DVD Art Professional Volume II offers 20 themes and 340 templates for wedding-themed DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. The new Eye Scream Factory product includes layered Adobe Photoshop files that let videographers create new looks and styles by adjusting colors, changing text, and moving layers. Many graphical elements are separate Photoshop layers, offering limitless possibilities for new, unique DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. In addition, a number of template sets include photo and video drop zones.

Pricing and Availability
DVD Art Professional Volume II retails for $99.95 USD. A bundle of DVD Art Professional Volume I and Volume II retails for $129.95 USD. Eye Scream Factory products can be purchased through the company's reseller channel or through

Macintosh and Windows compatible, Eye Scream Factory products support a wide range of media resolutions and formats including HD, NTSC, and PAL.

About Eye Scream Factory, Inc. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Eye Scream Factory is a provider of time-saving design templates for DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. By using Eye Scream Factory's professional, high-quality DVD art, videographers are able to create eye-catching, polished DVD menus and packaging in minutes. The company's products are ideal for wedding videographers, corporate and event videographers, prosumers, and hobbyists.

Apple updates Final Cut Pro, Pro Apps

The Pro Applications Update 2008-02 (138MB) are now available directly through Mac OS X's 'Software Update' feature or from Apple's website.

Pro Applications Updates improve reliability for Apple's professional applications and are recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, and Logic Studio.

Pro Applications Update 2008-02 addresses installation issues, compatibility updates, and general performance issues and improves overall stability.

Applications included in the update: Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 & Compressor 3.0.3

Apple Final Cut Pro Server 1.1 (50.1MB) has also been updated.

An Interview with Bryan Papierski- Art is Food

toolfarm interview Alicia VanHeulen of Toolfarm interviews Bryan Paperiski on shooting, editing and finishing a short film in 24 hours for a festival.

We'll be following Bryan, Alicia and others as they finish post on the piece using Red Giant and Digieffects plugins, among others, in After Effects. Check it out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Camera Raw 4.5 Released on Labs

Download Camera Raw 4.5 from Adobe Labs. The Camera Raw plug-in gives easy access to the raw image formats in Photoshop.

Digieffects Damage Reviewed at Creative Mac

Scott Novasic gives Digieffects Damage a fabulous review.

Damage is a must-have for any animator or editor! These are not redundant effects overlapping things done in other packages I own, they are unique and versatile tools for manipulating and yes, damaging imagery unlike any other tool I have come across. Add to that, that these are, for the most part, FASTER than realtime and Im in love. For $99 its a steal. Digieffects, under new ownership, has set the bar high. Im excited to see what else they deliver us in the future.

Toolfarm Site Redesign Survey - Enter to Win Red Giant Radium Glow!

tfsurveyToolfarm has begun a total site redesign/overhaul and we would love to have your opinions and feedback. The survey should only take about 10 minutes to fill out and if you give us your email address, you'll be entered to win Red Giant Radium Glow!

Note: The survey will close July 22, 2008.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Language Translator Tool

Are you a non-English speaker or only speak a bit of English? Toolfarm has just installed a translation gadget from Google. It's on the right column of the newsblog and the store at this time and if it's seems useful to you, we'll add it throughout the site. I'm sure the translations will not be perfect but hopefully they'll help you get the information that you need. We'd love your feedback. Please leave a comment.

Tutorial: Vegas, Importing into After Effects

sony vegas tutorialHere's an interesting tutorial from the Creating Digital Motion site on how to export a Vegas timeline into After Effects for finishing.

"Peter and I have been having a serious love-in with Sony's Vegas Video editing software this year. I'm a long-time Premiere user, but it hasn't been getting a look in since I realized just how much faster it is for me to edit video with Vegas. I've had my eyes opened to the flow. Vegas lets you make edits, rearrange, delete, fade, and layer clips without interrupting playback."

Read all about it!

Intrigued about Vegas's unique, on-the-fly workflow?
Learn more and purchase Sony Vegas here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DVShade EasyLooks Released for Noise Industries FxFactory

easylooksWith over 30 preset looks DVShade EasyLooks 2.0 makes it simple to get the look you want. The EasyLooks interface is broken down into seven easy to use effect categories.

  • Basic- This will handle brightness, contrast and saturation changes to an image.
  • Black/White Diffusions- These will simulate diffusion camera filters.
  • Tint- This will tint an image. It is split up into two tint effects, a standard tint and a tint black effect.
  • Gradient- This will simulate a gradient camera filter.
  • Techni- This will simulate older film shooting and processing techniques.
  • Color Temperature - An intuitive control to change an image's color temperature to warm or cool.
DVShade EasyLooks 2.0 is fully GPU accelerated and renders in floating point.

In order to use EasyLooks with Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Express, you need to download and install the Free FxFactory plug-in from Noise Industries. Download FxFactory from the Noise Industries web site.

3D Motion Tracking/Matchmoving Article

3d motion trackingComputer Arts has a great article on motion tracking/matchmoving when you're working with complex 3D compositing in After Effects and Cinema 4D.

New Imagineer mocha tutorial

Check out this free video tutorial for Imagineer mocha, a fantastic point tracker. (Buy mocha here.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Card Dance Preset for AE from LME

LME 30 Super Card Dance Projects & Matching Presets is a set of presets and projects from LME for Adobe After Effects 7.0 and up and LME is giving away another freebie. This is not one from the set but similar to what you'd get in the package.

Buy LME 30 Super Card Dance Projects & Matching Presets.

New Trial Plug-ins at Toolfarm

Try out the brand new Red Giant Software Radium Glow! This is an unlockable demo, so if you try it and like it, and would like to purchase a serial number, you can use the trial version.

Radium Glow runs in a variety of host applications. Each purchase and serial number allows the owner to use the product on more than one host application, but only on a single computer at any one time. Except where noted, the features are the same in all systems and host applications.

Adobe After Effects CS3, 7
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 5.1.4
Apple Motion 3.02
Avid Xpress Pro/Media Composer 5.6, 5.7 / 2.6, 2.7

Digieffects Simulate: Illuma is also an unlockable trial version and works with:
Adobe After Effects 7, CS3
Final Cut Pro FCP 5.1 and higher
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0+
Autodesk Combustion 4

Red Giant Software Ships Radium Glow

radium glowRed Giant Software, publisher of Knoll Light Factory and Trapcode, today added a new motion graphics tool to its growing line of professional digital video products. Red Giant Radium Glow is used to add optical glows and glitter to projects easily.

Unlike most glow filters that just blur the source video, Radium Glow
provides pinpoint control over the glow, with editable shapes that can
generate precise outlines or create glimmering points. The advanced edge
controls, built-in masking, and output controls in Radium Glow let you
mimic real light behavior. The three plug-ins can be used to add
neon-shaped glows to text, or be combined with Trapcode Particular or
other plug-ins to create dazzling sparkle and shimmer effects. Radium
Glow supports numerous host applications for the low price of $99 USD.


Radium's intelligent area selection system makes the image glow where
the source is the brightest. Bright parts of the subject glow larger,
much like the result of widening a real camera's iris. This yields
natural-looking halos and sparkle that cannot be replicated with other
glow effects.

Radium Glow offers three different glow plug-ins. The set includes
advanced masking and intensity controls, Glow Lite for simple controls
to apply a glow quickly, and Glow Edge for applying glows only around
the edges of objects. Four quality levels and full 32-bit floating-point
rendering let users find the right tradeoff between speed and detail.

Unlike other glow plug-ins, Radium Glow uses shapes to generate a glow.
Simple circles and star shapes are included, along with a library of 10
other shapes to enable sophisticated glow effects. Glow can even use any
source image as a shape, giving users powerful creative control.

Pricing and Availability:

Red Giant Radium Glow is available now for $99 USD and supports After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid AVX systems.

About Red Giant Software

Red Giant Software LLC ( is a San
Francisco-based company that develops professional tools for digital
video production. Products are available as plug-ins for popular video
editing and effects applications including After Effects, Final Cut Pro,
Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid. All tools are based on production-proven
technology developed by visual effects veterans.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Zaxwerks Summer Special Extended Through June 30

zaxwerksThe sale has been very popular so we've decided to extend it by 10 days! Save big on Zaxwerks products through Monday, June 30, 2008.


ProAnimator Bundle: Regular price: $1020, Summer Special: $875
(Includes: ProAnimator, 3D Flag for AE, Werks vol. 1 for AE (set of 3 plugins), 3D Warps for AE, Layer Tools for AE, and Reflector for AE)

Pro Invigorator for AE Bundle: Regular price: $820, Summer Special: $720
(Includes: Pro Invigorator for AE, 3D Flag for AE, Werks vol. 1 for AE (set of 3 plugins), 3D Warps for AE, Layer Tools for AE, and Reflector for AE)

Designer Bundle: Regular Price: $540, Summer Special: $465
(Includes: 3D Flag for AE, Werks vol. 1 for AE (set of 3 plugins), 3D Warps for AE, Layer Tools for AE, and Reflector for AE)

Single Units

ProAnimator: Regular Price $695, Summer Special $495

ProModeler: Regular Price $295, Summer Special $229

Pro Invigorator for After Effects: Regular Price $399, Summer Special $275

Classic Invigorator for After Effects: Regular Price $24,9 Summer Special $195

3D Flag for After Effects: Regular Price $129, Summer Special $89

3D Flag for Motion: Regular Price $129, Summer Special $89

Stackwerks for Motion: Regular Price $169 Summer Special $99

3D Flag for Premiere Pro: Regular Price $129, Summer Special $89

Reflector for After Effects: Regular Price $99, Summer Special $79

Layer Tools for After Effects: Regular Price $149, Summer Special $109

Werks Vol. 1 for After Effects: Regular Price $199, Summer Special $139

3D Warps for After Effects: Regular Price $199, Summer Special $139

Boris Final Effects Complete now included in Boris Motion Graphic Pack

boris motion graphics packBoris Final Effects Complete has been added to the Boris Motion Graphics Pack, which also includes Boris RED and Boris Continuum Complete. The best part? The price is the same!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plugged-In Podcast Show 23 is up

Guest Dan Green, Evangelist,MediaSilo gives us the skinny on MediaSilo and tries to forget his days as an FM DJ.

Philip Hodgetts, President, Open Television Network, discusses his latest work du jour: The HD Survival Handbook!

Michele Yamazki, VP of Marketing/Content Creator and Web Mistress at Toolfarm gives us the latest Toolfarm news and other happenings.

Plugged-In Fun as we hit a milestone. Or did we?

CALL US TOLL FREE: 877-809-8145

Listen now!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Noise Industries FxFactory-Powered FxPacks for Final Cut Studio and Express

Noise Industries Development Partner SUGARfx introduces clever
workflow plug-ins for managing slates, layout, and design elements in
video projects.

Boston MA – June 18, 2008 – Noise Industries, developer of visual
effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, today
announced that development partner SUGARfx ( has
released the FxFactory powered FxPacks Design Tools and Slate Tools;
time saving workflow plug-ins for Apple Final Cut Studio® 2.0 and
Apple Final Cut Express 4.0 applications. The new Design Tools and
Slate Tools FxPacks can be used daily to ensure time-consuming tasks
such as slate generation, color management, and precise object
placement can be done quickly and with exact precision. SUGARfx
created the Design Tools and Slate Tools FxPacks using the Noise
Industries FxFactory Pro Plug-in Manager.

"These two releases come as part of the SUGARfx Design Tools series,
plug-ins purpose-built for easing the pain points across the editing
workflow. Daily tasks such as managing the position of elements,
maintaining color accuracy and video slates are easily facilitated
through Design Tools and Slate Tools FxPacks," said Niclas Bahn,
director of business development, Noise Industries. "The new SUGARfx
plug-ins are something that all designers can appreciate the moment
they load them and more importantly benefit every day they open their
editing application."

Noise Industries SUGARfx Toolbox: Design Tools FxPack
The Design Tools FxPack provides users color perfect layouts and a
wide range of guides to position elements accurately for every
project. Plug-in highlights include:

Design Checker Guides automatically tell editors whether or not their
projects will work with 35mm film, iPod formats, HD, SD and the other
standards. Close-up previews visually show editors how their work may
need to be cropped or changed in order to fit the final format.

Design Color Palette ensures colors remain true to specifications
throughout entire projects. Users can create their own color palette
presets and share them with other editors; maintaining color
consistency throughout the production process.

Design Proportional Guides is an assistant type feature used for
creating well-balanced layouts. The Design Custom Guides helps editors
position everything and anything on the screen accurately over time.
This plug-in is ideal for logo placement or titling, or menu layouts
that need to be done more than once. Editors can save and share

The Preview Player
plug-in previews media in mobile media formats. The
preview allows editors to view elements as they would be displayed in
final format – enabling them to make the necessary adjustments for
optimum viewing prior to finishing.

Noise Industries SUGARfx Toolbox: Slate Tools FxPack
The Slate Tools FxPack automates slate production.
Plug-in highlights include:

The Slate Master plug-in
automates the building of commonly used
slates. The feature includes 4 styles with comprehensive controls for
adjusting slate parameters and 21 pre-set slate templates. Editors can
increase productivity and creativity by focusing on more creative
aspects of the production, as opposed to slate production.

The Slate Warning plug-in provides a simple solution for automating
the creation of copyright warnings and disclaimer notices. Users can
animate scrolling, add custom logos, and adjust color and other slate
effects elements. Editors can save their presets and share with other
users increasing overall collaboration

About Noise Industries Partners and FxFactory Powered FxPacks

FxPacks are developed by Noise Industries and its partners using the
Noise Industries FxFactory Pro plug-in manager. The FxFactory Pro
plug-in manager provides broadcast designers a user-friendly
development tool to create additional effects plug-in packages for the
Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express products. Users must
install the Noise Industries FxFactory engine to operate FxPacks.
FxFactory is free and can be downloaded from the Noise Industries website.

About Noise Industries, LLC
Established in 2004, Boston Massachusetts based Noise Industries is an
innovative developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction
and broadcast community. Their products are integrated with popular
non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple and Avid.

Premiere Tip: Using subclips

Dennis Radeke's Genesis Project blog has a great tip for Premiere Pro users about Using Subclips.

Now, with Premiere Pro starting in version 2.0 and later, we have the ability to create a subclip. This is a virtual instance of the clip that exists within the project folder as opposed to the timeline. The advantage of this is multiple. Not only can you easily reuse the clip by dragging it from the project panel to the timeline, but you can also have the ability to edit it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Digieffects Ships Simulate: Illuma

digi simulateLighting plugin package is the first in the new Simulate series of products

Wilmington, NC June 4 2008, Digieffects, a developer of popular visual effects software plugins today announced that it has shipped Digieffects Simulate: Illuma, a plugin package offering a specialized collection of effects plugins for creating light and glow effects.

Simulate: Illuma includes the following effects:
  • Halo: An easy to use bloom/blur effect with color channel control.
  • Lightracer: Enhances visible light sources, particularly in dark settings as well as providing options for creating unique image looks.
  • Radiance: The stuff of dream sequences...gentle glow with a versatile set of tools including intensity and threshold for each individual color channel.
  • Photogust: Fast and effective point emanation blurs.
  • Luminus: Just the right glow is easy to achieve with lots of control including multiple effect blend modes.
Simulate: Illuma is the first plugin package in the Digieffects Simulate series of plugin packages. Simulate: Camera and Simulate: Pyro are due to be released later this summer.

"We have several new plugin packages in development at Digieffects. Simulate: Illuma is the first of several new releases slated for 2008 to follow Damage which we launched in March and is now one of our best-selling products", says Robert Sharp, President of Digieffects.

Simulate: Illuma, as with all Digieffects software launched after January 2008, has the following two unique features which will appeal to customers.
  • Randomizer: The Randomizer is part of the Digieffects custom User Interface. When clicked, multiple parameters within the interface will simultaneously adjust causing completely new results. Once a customer sees a look they like, they can use that as a starting point and manually tweak the parameters to achieve a specific effect. This serves as a massive timesaver for our time-pressed customers.
  • Presets: The unique aspect of the Digieffects presets is their portability. Once you've saved your effect parameters, these can be moved between supported host applications.
Simulate: Illuma is immediately available directly from Digieffects and its resellers. It has an MSRP of $99.00.

About Digieffects:

Digieffects is a developer of popular visual effects plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Combustion. The company has been in the business since the beginning of the "plug-in revolution" which dates back to 1996. Over the years, Digieffects has had great success with software products like Cinelook and Delirium and is proud to call thousands of film and video producers all around the world its customers and friends.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Rays Cartoon Filter for Adobe, Apple, and Avid + Tutorial

cartoonerFor a limited time, Boris offering a free, fully-licensed plug-in from Boris Continuum Complete 5 - Rays Cartoon, an innovative filter that creates light out of the user-defined 'cartoon edges' of an image. BCC Rays Cartoon is available for Adobe CS3, Apple Final Cut Studio 2, and Avid.

Download Rays Cartoon now! This free filter offer expires July 1, 2008.

Tutorial: Generate a Volumetric Light Effect

In this tutorial, we will use BCC Rays Cartoon to generate a volumetric lighting effect on an animated text element; BCC Rays Carton will also give the text the appearance of being made of neon lights. Then, we will use BCC Light Sweep to add a light sweep across the face of the text. Finally, to complete the effect, we will use BCC Colorize Glow to provide a soft glowing look.

Read the Tutorial

New Boris Red and Continuum Complete FxPlug Demos

Download the newest trial versions for Boris Continuum Complete 5.07 FxPlug and Boris Red 4.3.

Sapphire Plug-ins 2.07 for Avid AVX Products is now available!

genartsSapphire Plug-ins 2.07 includes support for the new Avid 3.0 versions and Windows Vista. GenArts has recently added support for Mac OSX Leopard and automatic conforming of sequences that used Sapphire v1 to Sapphire v2/AVX2 with recent Avid versions.

This is a free maintenance release for existing v2 customers and your current serial number should just continue to work.

The new version can be downloaded and installed from here:

Windows | Mac

If you need to upgrade to 2.0, click here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Tutorial: Create Subtitles with Boris RED 4.3

boris red subtitlesThose who like making subtitles raise your hand! Adding subtitles to your project may prove daunting, time-consuming, and error-prone. However, subtitle work is much easier if you have a copy of Boris RED 4.3 in your toolbox. RED is a very capable text creation tool that provides a rich environment for static lower-thirds - the common way of treating subtitles. But how do you make hundreds of lower-thirds without going mad? Follow the easy steps in this tutorial to generate any number of subtitles automatically...

Read the Tutorial

Don't own RED? Download a Free 14-day Trial Version

Purchase Boris RED

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boris RED 4.3 Now Available

Boris REDBoris RED 4.3 is now available, and is a free update for Boris RED 4.x Users.

Highlights include:
  • Adobe Encore Subtitle Format Support. This new support gives RED users a text-based format for import.

  • Improved Template Mode in Boris RED's Effects Library Browser. New buttons simplify the workflow for choosing and applying presets. In addition, title preset text can now be directly edited in the Library Browser.

Free RED 4.3 Update for RED 4.x Users

Own an older version of RED? Upgrade to RED 4.3 for $295.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zaxwerks Summer Special

zaxwerksSave big on Zaxwerks products through June 20, 2008.


ProAnimator Bundle: Regular price: $1020, Summer Special: $875
(Includes: ProAnimator, 3D Flag for AE, Werks vol. 1 for AE (set of 3 plugins), 3D Warps for AE, Layer Tools for AE, and Reflector for AE)

Pro Invigorator for AE Bundle: Regular price: $820, Summer Special: $720
(Includes: Pro Invigorator for AE, 3D Flag for AE, Werks vol. 1 for AE (set of 3 plugins), 3D Warps for AE, Layer Tools for AE, and Reflector for AE)

Designer Bundle: Regular Price: $540, Summer Special: $465
(Includes: 3D Flag for AE, Werks vol. 1 for AE (set of 3 plugins), 3D Warps for AE, Layer Tools for AE, and Reflector for AE)

Single Units

ProAnimator: Regular Price $695, Summer Special $495

ProModeler: Regular Price $295, Summer Special $229

Pro Invigorator for After Effects: Regular Price $399, Summer Special $275

Classic Invigorator for After Effects: Regular Price $24,9 Summer Special $195

3D Flag for After Effects: Regular Price $129, Summer Special $89

3D Flag for Motion: Regular Price $129, Summer Special $89

Stackwerks for Motion: Regular Price $169 Summer Special $99

3D Flag for Premiere Pro: Regular Price $129, Summer Special $89

Reflector for After Effects: Regular Price $99, Summer Special $79

Layer Tools for After Effects: Regular Price $149, Summer Special $109

Werks Vol. 1 for After Effects: Regular Price $199, Summer Special $139

3D Warps for After Effects: Regular Price $199, Summer Special $139

Magic Bullet Looks 1.1 Now Available for Sony Vegas 8

mb looksRed Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional digital video tools, including Knoll Light Factory and Trapcode, today released Magic Bullet Looks 1.1 with new support for Sony Vegas 8. Magic Bullet Looks has become the defacto standard plug-in for helping to set the mood for everything from a wedding to the next Sundance original. Support is available for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Motion, and now Sony Vegas.

Magic Bullet Looks also includes the standalone Magic Bullet LooksBuilder, for pre-visualizing looks on set or anywhere. Portable presets load into any editing hosts, so the same Looks you create on set are the ones you finish with in the editorial suite: no need for an expensive finishing system.

What's New?

  • Added plug-in support for Sony Vegas 8
  • Floating point rendering support for Vegas that produces high-quality cinematic results

For more information, visit

Pricing and Availability

Magic Bullet Looks is the next generation of look tools for Magic Bullet Editors and Magic Bullet Suite customers, and includes:

  • A plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Motion, and Vegas
  • A stand-alone LooksBuilder application that runs on laptops for Looks generation anywhere
  • Magic Bullet Misfire adds film damage such as dust and scratches to artificially age a film

Magic Bullet Looks is available new for $399 USD. Existing Magic Bullet Editors or Magic Bullet Suite customers may upgrade to Magic Bullet Looks for $99 USD. Current Magic Bullet Looks users qualify for a free version of Magic Bullet Looks 1.1, which adds Sony Vegas support.

About Red Giant Software

Red Giant Software LLC ( is a San Francisco-based company that develops professional tools for digital video production. Products are available as plug-ins for popular video editing and effects applications including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid. All tools are based on production-proven technology developed by visual effects veterans.

Free AE Projects from Dean Velez

Hello Video, Film and Web guys and gals,

I thought I'd put up a few free After Effects Projects for download to help celebrate July 4th ( I'm a sucker for good fireworks ). They're only up until July 4th.

You'll find them on my website under the Ani Elements section labeled Ani Elements Batch 1. There are 20 assorted AEPs ranging from Flames, Bubbles, Water, Blood, Glows and a whole lot more.

As usually they are fully customizable and royalty free.


Plugged-In Podcast Show 22 Featuring Aharon Rabinowitz

Aharon Rabinowitz of AE NY and the After Effects Podcast at Creative Cow is the guest on this episode of Plugged-in. Regulars Philip Hodgetts and Michele Yamazaki and new Plugged-Intern fill the bill.

Listen now!

Monday, June 09, 2008

New Noise Industries SUGARfx Toolbox Plug-ins

noise industriesTools for your Trade! SUGARfx is please to present the new Toolbox plug-ins in a series of packages that provide selective solutions for specialized tasks common in a production environment. The plug-ins work with Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

The SUGARfx Toolbox plug-ins provides you with vital tools that will make the editorial job a lot more productive, from useful guides that will show you the correct position of your important elements, to accurate color palettes, video slates or even warning notices that nobody thinks about until the editorial is almost out of the door.

We all know that the editorial and video production is a creative trade, and that's probably why it is so enjoyable, interesting and challenging. And to meet that challenge you need tools that allow you to create instinctively and productively.

This is the perfect time to let your Toolbox plug-ins do the dirty work, and then leave the creative part of the job to you.

Noise Industries SUGARfx Toolbox Design Tools - will give you the basic and most needed tools to create well balanced, color perfect layouts and all the guides you can think of to position your elements in your Canvas accurately, time after time.

Noise Industries SUGARfx Toolbox Slate Tools - These are the real 'behind-the-scenes' kind of tools that willbolster your productivity with easy to use and friendly plug-ins.

CoreMelt Survey for Video Production Pros: Win CoreMelt products!

Complete the CoreMelt poll and have your name entered to win valuable software products from CoreMelt. The poll will close on Sunday 6th July 2008 and winners will be picked on Monday 7th July and notified via email.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Adobe Photoshop CS3 file corruption after Apple OS 10.5.3 update

Users of Adobe's Photoshop and inDesign are reporting that the Leopard 10.5.3 update causes their files to be corrupted when loaded from and then saved back to network volumes. Downgrading to 10.5.2 seems to solve this problem. Adobe advises against saving directly to servers, and recommends saving locally and then transferring to the server. More information can be found at the Macworld website.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Media 100 Version 12.6 Now Available

With the release of Version 12.6, Media 100 Suite supports AJA's retail driver for PCI Express and PCI-X versions of its KONA 3, KONA LH, and KONA LS video I/O cards. Now you can run Media 100 and Apple Final Cut Studio side-by-side - without creating separate partitions for each NLE.

Media 100 Version 12.6 is a free update for Version 12.5 customers.

Tutorial: Media 100 Multi Channel Audio Input and Track Remapping

media 100 tutorial

An overview and tutorial of Media 100's new Multi Channel Audio features.

Watch the Tutorial
Download a Free 14-day Trial Version of Media 100

Digieffects Damage Earns Microfilmmaker Award of Superiority

digieffectsCongratulations to Digieffects for the great review of Damage at Microfilmmaker Magazine. Sort of a humorous review too.

Also, if you truly derive pleasure from destroying perfect good footage, the cost of this plug-in is much cheaper than hiring a psychiatrist to tell you why you feel that way. Plus, you'll get the same therapeutic value.

Veeyou 1.5 8 Free Plug-ins for After Effects

veeyouCoreMelt has just released version 1.5 of their popular free Veeyou Plug-in Pack which creates EQ and VU animations from the audio in your project. Version 1.5 has two new free plug-ins. The plug-ins now run on After Effects in addition to FCP and Motion.

Trapcode Suite 2008.5 upgrades

trapcode suiteThe Trapcode Suite 2008.5 Upgrade for Trapcode Suite 2005 & Trapcode Suite 2007 customers is now available.

1 @ $249
2 or more @ $224.10 each
5 or more @ $211.65 each
10 or more @ $199.20 each

Upgrade Includes
  • Shine 1.5 upgrade (retail $49)
  • Starglow 1.5 upgrade (retail $49)
  • 3D Stroke 2.5 upgrade (retail $49)
  • Form 1.0 (retail $199)
  • Horizon 1.0 (retail $99)

  • Trapcode Suite 2005 (contained 7 TC plugins: old Shine 1.0, old Starglow 1.0, old 3D Stroke 1.0, Particular, Lux, EchoSpace, and Soundkeys)
  • Trapcode Suite 2007 (contained 7 TC plugins: new Shine 1.5, new Starglow 1.5, new 3D Stroke 2.5, Particular, Lux, EchoSpace, and Soundkeys)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Adobe Reduces Prices on Two Upgrades!

adobeIf you've been waiting to upgrade some of your Adobe products, now is the time snag an upgrade at a lower price!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Digital Anarchy Releases ToonIt! 1.1 for Faster Processing of Video Footage Into a Cartoon Look

New Update Takes Advantage of Multi-Processor Machines for Notable Speed Increase During Render

toonitSan Francisco, CA - June 3, 2008 - Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of visual effects software for Adobe, Avid, and Apple products, today announced the version 1.1 update for ToonIt! Film/Video and ToonIt! Avid. Version 1.1 speeds up the rendering of ToonIt! by taking advantage of multi-processors. This allows users to quickly render cartoon-like images from film and video footage. The filters use advanced algorithms from Toonamation to create flat shades of color with full control over details like outlines, shading styles and halftone effects.

The ToonIt! 1.1 update adds a few new features, bug fixes, and speeds up rendering time by taking advantage of multi-processor machines. ToonIt! 1.1 renders 70-90% faster than version 1.0.2 and over 300% faster when using After Effects CS3 and a quad-core machine. Standard Definition footage takes about 1 sec/frame using After Effects CS3 and a quad-core.

Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy, said, "ToonIt! has been incredibly well received, but many users have complained about the speed. So we spent some time optimizing it and retooling it for multi-processor machines. This has given ToonIt! a tremendous speed boost. When used with the great multi-processor support in After Effects CS3, the speed increase is pretty amazing. We're very excited about this update."

With these four plugins, artists can customize the 'toon' effect for almost any image with styles like Flat Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Line Art, and Pen & Ink. One of the main features of ToonIt! is its ability to create a smooth animation over time with very little jitter and minimal temporal artifacts. While other cartooning software frequently produces an undesirable 'vibrating' image when played back at full speed, ToonIt! filters reduce these graphic issues and produce very consistent, pleasing results from one frame to the next.

Pricing and Availability

ToonIt! Film/Video is priced at USD $299. ToonIt! Avid is priced at USD $295. Both products are on sale for USD $259 through June 15, 2008. Version 1.1 will ship with all new orders. The 1.1 update is free to existing users, who should visit the company's website for update instructions at:

ToonIt! Film/Video works in After Effects 5.5 and higher (including AE CS3), Final Cut Pro 4.5 and higher, Motion 2.1 and higher, and Premiere Pro 2.0 and higher. ToonIt! Avid works in Avid host applications that support the AVX1 and AVX2 standards. Both products run under Macintosh 10.3.9 and higher (including 10.5) and runs natively on Intel Macs. The products run under Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit systems. Demo filters and samples are available at

Congratulations to Seth Hancock

john mclaughlinSeth Hancock and the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau were awarded a Telly for thir work on the Indianapolis promotional video with singer John McLaughlin! There were 14,000 entries in the Travel/Promotional Pieces category and they took home the Silver Award, which is the highest they offer.

Toolfarm interviewed Seth Hancock about the project a few months back. Read the article. Congratulations Seth.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm demoing in NYC

Yep, that's right. I'll be at the Motion Picture Collective meeting demoing Boris Continuum Complete and maybe Boris Final Effects Complete if there is time.

From the MPC newsletter:

Toolfarm has been taking a proactive community approach to EFX for a while now with the Plugged-In podcasts, the Experts Forums and their great compendium of plug-ins & software. Michele is the VP of Marketing for Toolfarm and is hence responsible for the awesome, 50% off One Day Sales (I keep missing). If not for the pizza or the auction, you must make it a point to meet the Software Diva, the Effects Dignitary, Michele Y and her Boris FX demo.

Oh, they flatter me. I'm certainly can't take credit for the One Day Sales. Effects Dignitary.... I like that. Has a nice ring to it. :-)

The Moving Pictures Collective NYC's June '08 is scheduled for Thursday, 12 June 2008, 6pm-8:30pm at Pratt Manhattan, 2nd floor.

They have a full card this evening with a bunch of great plug-in developers and Sony's EX-3. The meeting will start promptly at 6:00pm with pizza. Seating is limited to first come, first serve, but the meeting is open to members, subscribers and their friends, so please join us.

Pratt's Manhattan campus is located at 144 West 14th St between 6th and 7th Avenues on the south side of the street. Best train stations are Union Square (4/5/6, Q/W + N/R), 1/2/3 at 14th St (7th Ave), the F/V or L at 14th Street (6th Ave) or the A/C/E at 14th Street (8th Ave). Google Map.

Tutorial: Light-Painting with Boris RED

red light write

Did you know that your video editing software includes a powerful paint system capable of creating colored glowing light strokes? But only if you run Boris RED or Avid FX as a plug-in. In this week's tutorial, we show you how to "draw with light" over any background video using Boris RED as a plug-in to your NLE...

Read the Tutorial

Don't own RED? Download a Free 14-day Trial Version

See Imagineer mocha to AE in NYC tonight

Ross Shain of Imagineer Systems will be presenting some mocha to After Effects demos as part of tonight's NYC Motion Graphics org meeting.

Apple Store Soho, 103 Prince St

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cineform Prospect 4K Now Available

prospect 4kProspect 4K v3 includes CineForm's real-time video processing engine optimized for Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows, which enables "the industry's first real-time multistream 4K editing workflow," according to CineForm. Both products include a license to CineForm's Mac codec for cross-platform HD/2K/4K compatibility.

Learn more here.