Saturday, May 31, 2008

Red Giant Software Introduces Trapcode Horizon


New Updaters Released for Composite Wizard and Image Lounge

(San Francisco, California - May 28, 2008) Red Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional digital video tools, including Magic Bullet, Knoll Light Factory, and all Trapcode products, today released Trapcode Horizon.

This new Adobe After Effects plug-in is a unique mapping tool that ties the After Effects camera to a 3D world. After Effects users can use Trapcode Horizon to create photorealistic backgrounds and QuickTime VR-like experiences.

Red Giant Software also made available Composite Wizard 1.4 and Image Lounge 1.4. These new versions add support for Adobe Creative Suite 3 and Mac Intel. Each product updater is available for $49 USD. To learn more, please visit these links:

Trapcode Horizon: Key Features

  • Gradient and Image Map Modes
    Choose from gradient or image map modes in the plug-in, each offering a unique way to provide interesting backgrounds. Gradient mode offers both point and line generation. Point mode generates smoothly blended color regions from up to 8 points on the virtual sphere, while line mode creates converging lines of colors that are perfect for generating a sky gradient.
  • 3D Camera Integration
    Horizon ties automatically into the After Effects 3D camera, so that the background image is always correctly drawn from the active camera's field of view. The automatic camera motion means that other 3D effects like Trapcode Particular and Form will move correctly with background and provide the viewer with a much-needed orientation in 3D space.

Visit Toolfarm's Plug-in Finder for additional information.

Pricing and Availability

About Trapcode

Trapcode makes software for visual effects and motion graphics. The focus is on creating robust, user friendly, affordable, and versatile products. Trapcode has nine products: Shine, 3D Stroke, Sound Keys, Starglow, Lux, Particular, Form, Horizon, and Echospace. All plug-ins support After Effects.

Trapcode is a privately held Aktiebolag (AB) based in Sweden. Founded and operated by Peder Norrby.

About Red Giant Software Red Giant Software LLC ( is a San Francisco-based company that develops professional tools for digital video production. Products are available as plug-ins for popular video editing and effects applications including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid. All tools are based on production-proven technology developed by visual effects veterans.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Trapcode Horizon 1.0 Demo Now Available!

Give your compositions what they've been missing with this unique mapping tool. The Trapcode Horizon plug-in is a camera-aware image mapping tool that ties your After Effects camera to a 3D world. By applying images or gradients to the inside of a giant sphere, Horizon creates an infinite background. No matter where your camera is directed, the simple controls make photo-ealistic backgrounds or sky gradients a snap.

Download the demo for Trapcode Horizon 1.0 for Mac and Windows.

Learn more about Trapcode Horizon in our Plug-in Finder.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New LME Grunge and Filigree Art Bundle

LME logoPurchase the New LME Grunge and Filigree Art Bundle and save 20% off had you bought the collections separately!

The bundle contains both of these collections:

The 289 Filigree Originals collection contains 289 original filigree patterns in Adobe Illustrator 7 vector format, not found in any other collection. They can be converted to bitmap or whatever format is needed for easy import into your graphics, editing or composite application.

The Grunge Collection: Splatters, Textures, Drips & More Vol. 1 contains over 470 pieces of HD digital art- the encyclopedia of grunge graphics with dozens of categories: spills, paint splatters, smudges, brush strokes, drips, blobs, swirls, organic textures, metal textures, distressed finishes, film dirt/distress, textual grunge, synthetic textures, wall graffiti, random and mechanical art and many more.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trapcode Horizon 1.0 Now Available!

The sky is no longer the limit!

Give your compositions what they-ve been missing with this unique mapping tool. The Trapcode Horizon plug-in is a camera-aware image mapping tool that ties your After Effects camera to a 3D world. By applying images or gradients to the inside of a giant sphere, Horizon creates an infinite background. No matter where your camera is directed, the simple controls make photorealistic backgrounds or sky gradients a snap.

Trapcode Horizon is now included in the Trapcode Suite 2008.5 at the same price!

Trapcode Horizon requires After Effects CS3 and 7. We will have a demo version available soon as well as more information in Toolfarm's Plug-in Finder. We will have the offical press release shortly too. Stay tuned!

Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks demo available

bcc boxThe latest demo for Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks for Autodesk Advanced Systems is now available.

Boris Continuum Complete 5.0.5 FxPlug is now available

BCCBoris Continuum Complete 5.0.5 FxPlug is now available. Version 5.0.5 takes further advantage of Apple FxPlug performance acceleration in Final Cut Pro by adding new vector processing and optimizing color conversion, field rendering, and multi-processor acceleration. BCC 5.0.5 FxPlug is a free update for BCC 5.x FxPlug customers. Boris recommends that all BCC 5.x FxPlug customers update to BCC 5.0.5 FxPlug.

Download Final Effects Complete 5.0.1 on our demos page.

Free Training Video Series: Adobe Premiere Pro with Boris Plug-ins Part II: PixelChooser


Check out this new training video to learn more about the unique Boris PixelChooser feature.

Stay tuned for part III, which will cover Transitions.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Keying Options for Motion 3: Primatte Keyer Pro

primatteDavid Basulto shows how he used multiple keyers in Apple Motion, including Red Giant Software Primatte Keyer Pro 4. He cuts in FCP and brings it into Motion. His footage is shot over a green sheet and pretty badly lit. He shows several keyers, but Primatte Pro takes care of the job the best.

One awesome thing about Red Giant plug-ins are that you buy a single license and it will work in multiple host apps on the same computer! It supports After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Avid.

Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks Now Available

bccMajor update to the popular visual effects package for Autodesk Advanced Compositing and Finishing Systems adds 13 new filters

Marlborough MA - May 22, 2008 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that Boris Continuum Complete 5 for Autodesk Sparks (BCC 5 Sparks) is now available. Version 5 feature highlights include a new Optical Flow-based Motion Key for foreground object removal, Optical Stabilizer for smooth image stabilization, and a range of other new effects. OS and host support extends to the latest version of Linux and the 2009 lineup of Autodesk compositing and finishing systems: Flint, Flame, Inferno, and Smoke, including Burn network rendering. The BCC 5 Sparks package contains a total of 145 filters including the popular Glint, Glitter, and Glare series, Lens Flare, Film Process, Film Damage, Particle Systems, Volumetric Lighting Rays, and Wipe effects.

"The new Autodesk Sparks update of the popular BCC package will save our customers time and money by automating tedious frame-by-frame rotoscoping jobs with Optical Flow technology," comments Boris Yamnitsky, founder and president, Boris FX. "Many new effects and workflow suggestions came straight from our user forums as well as Autodesk's customer base."

Boris Continuum Complete is the only plug-in suite that allows users to swap filter presets with other BCC host applications regardless of the manufacturer or model. This streamlined workflow allows editors to copy effects from offline to finish and vice versa. Additionally, the new BCC Sparks release includes over 1,500 preset effects, further accelerating effects production workflow.

New BCC 5 Sparks Filters:

  • Motion Key - remove moving foreground objects based on the motion vector field automatically generated by the filter.
  • Extruded Image Shatter - break up an image into extruded shards flying in 3D space.
  • LED - transform a movie clip or text layer as if it was displayed on an array of blinking LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights.
  • Prism - simulate the photographic effect of chromatic aberration for artistic effects or auto-generated backgrounds.
  • Damaged TV - emulate the look of a badly-tuned or broken analog CRT television screen.
  • Scanline - create rolling RGB scanlines over the source image - for example, as if a computer monitor is shot by a video camera.
  • Optical Stabilizer - automatically lock a hand-held shot without having to set up tracking points.
  • Color Choker - Posterize and blur color channels to achieve creative and artistic looks.
  • BCC Cube - create a six-sided cube with your choice of media and transparency for each side.
  • BCC Turbulence - create gel-like distortion fields using noise map and turbulence controls.
  • Half-Tone - simulate the look of a newspaper print in grayscale or color.
  • Noise Map 2 - generate procedurally-based, resolution-independent, auto-animated clips.
  • Light Wrap - reflect the background layer in the foreground composite.

Pricing and Availability

BCC 5 Sparks is immediately available through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX web site at for an MSRP of $2495.00 for new licenses and $695.00 for upgrades. Users can test-drive BCC 5 Sparks by downloading a 60-day Trial Version from the Boris FX web site.

Class on Demand/Digieffects Offer Clarification

Due to a last minute switch of the free product, we wanted to clarify that the free product included with the Class on Demand training is indeed Digieffects Simulate: Illuma.

Class on DemandClass on Demand has created a new Training/ Plug-in Bundle with Digieffects. They will include a free download of Digieffects Simulate: Illuma (shipping 6/4) for free with any purchase of the titles below - a $99 value!

Class on Demand will include the Camera plugin package in the following COD titles:
This offer will end on August 31st, 2008.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

RE:Vision Effects releases Twixtor 4.5 FxPlug version for Final Cut Pro

twixtorRE:Vision Effects is now shipping Twixtor 4.5 for Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) in an FxPlug version, which is Final Cut Pro's native effects plugin architecture.

Twixtor enables users to speed up, slow down image sequences with visually stunning results. In order to achieve its unparalleled image quality, Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence... employing RE:Vision Effects' Academy Award winning technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel.

DV Magazine calls Twixtor "amazing" and "a must-have for any toolkit." Video Systems says "it's the best plugin method for creating speed changes, slow-motion effects, and frame-rate conversions." Nick Brooks, Academy Award and Emmy Award winner for visual effects says, "Twixtor 4.5 represents a new touchstone in retiming. The difference in accuracy means that retiming artifacts are either drastically reduced or disappear on the hardest to retime footage."

The After Effects-compatible version continues to work within Final Cut Pro. What are the differences? The FxPlug version can process images in 10 bit YUV (and greater bit depths, when supported). The After Effects-compatible version only works in 8 bits per channel within FCP, but can also run in After Effects, combustion and Premiere Pro. Note that 8 bit processing within the FxPlug version is significantly faster than the After Effects-compatible version, but 10 bit or full precision YUV processing takes longer than the 8 bit processing in order to take full advantage of the extra bit depth. The FxPlug version runs within FCP 6.0.3 and up, while the After Effects-compatible version will run in any version of FCP from version 4.0 and up.

The FxPlug version is the better alternative when using Twixtor within FCP because it is Apple's native effects plugin format. Apple is continuing to add new features for FxPlug plugins, and as such there are greater future opportunities for Twixtor within FCP in the FxPlug version. Additionally, it is hoped to include Twixtor support for Motion and Final Cut Express in a future release of the FxPlug version.

Many customers use Twixtor within both Final Cut Pro and After Effects, so there is a reduced price for the second version for customers that want to use the FxPlug version within FCP and the After Effects-compatible version within After Effects on the same machine. See pricing information below.

Pricing info:

Effections is our bundle of plugins for a particular host. Effection for FCP suite is $889.95 and includes FXPlug versions of Twixtor Pro and DE:Noise as well as 7 other products. Customers who purchased Effections or Effections Plus After Effects-compatible plugin set for Macintosh, as well as Twixtor After Effects-compatible version for Mac since April 1, 2008 receive the Twixtor FXPlug version for free.

Volume pricing available. Contact

Twixtor continues to be supported for other After Effects-compatible programs (After Effects, combustion, Premiere Pro) as well as Avid editing systems, Autodesk Systems (Sparks), Avid's SoftImage|XSI, Apple's Shake, Quantel generationQ, eyeon's Fusion and Vision and others. Demo versions, sample footage and tutorials are available on the RE:Vision Effects website:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts for Laptops for After Effects CS3

This info was in a newsletter last August but was never included on the site. More and more people are working on laptops so I know this will be super useful for someone out there. Also KB Covers sells laptop keyboard covers with the shortcuts printed on them. I bought one of their plain covers and it does an awesome job of keeping the cat hair out of the keyboard, but it's warping in the middle after just a month of use. Must be the heat. Alright, back to the topic at hand.

Keyboard shortcuts can save you loads of time and it's good practice to work them into your workflow. But, what if you work on a laptop and don't have access to a lot of the shortcuts? They are there, you just have to know where to look!

Here are a few MacBook Pro shortcuts to get you started.

After Effects CS3 box shot

  • Ram Preview: fn + m
  • Audio only preview: fn + >
  • Add a marker on the fly: fn + p
  • Rotate 1° CCW: fn + ; (semi-colon) For 10°, hold down shift.
  • Scale 1% smaller: fn + opt + ; (semi-colon)
  • Grid: fn + opt + ' (apostrophe)
  • Forward one frame : fn +page up (add shift for 10 frames)
  • Back one frame: fn + page down
  • Jump to first frame: fn + home
  • Jump to last frame: fn + nd

Jim Kanter, Toolfarm Forum Expert, was in a thread about this recently on the AE-List and adds this great tip for MacBook Pro users: In System Preferences, under Keyboard, be sure to change the settings so that the F keys handle software control and you have to press the Fn key to activate hardware changes (mute, volume, etc.).

If you know any others, please email me or post to our forum.

While we're talking about shortcuts, Jonas Hummelstrand's blog has a nice article on Using AE Shortcuts with a non-English Keyboard.

Jeff Almasol has posted Additional Scripts for After Effects CS3 at the Adobe Exchange that allows you to edit keyboard shortcuts in AE, among other things.

Class on Demand/Digieffects Offer

Class on DemandClass on Demand has created a new Training/ Plug-in Bundle with Digieffects. They will include a free download of Digieffects Simulate: Illuma (shipping 6/4) for free with any purchase of the titles below- a $99 value!

Class on Demand will include the Camera plugin package in the following COD titles:
This offer will end on August 31st, 2008.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CoreMelt Releases After Effects Version of ImageFlow Fx

imageflowImageFlow can save many hours of manually animating hundreds of still image layers. Select a folder of images, select a tempo, choose one of fifteen animation styles and instantly you have a unique and elegant photo montage. Create stylized looks with a range of included high resolution masks and frames to create thousands of animation looks. Imageflow Fx for After Effects works with After Effects CS3 or After Effects 7.0 on Intel or G4/G5 Macintosh computers. The Final Cut Studio and After Effects version are also available as a bundle.

  • Continuous Random Pan
  • Dissolve Over
  • Flashcard
  • Image Filmstrip
  • Liquify In
  • Multifader
  • Multigrow
  • MultiSwoosh
  • Panels Transition
  • Polarioids
  • Random Move Over
  • Stills Grid
  • Zoom in and Stop
  • Zoom Up
Imageflow Fx is the quickest way to bring your images to life, directly on the timeline in Final Cut Studio and After Effects.

Maxon Cinema 4D Review by Mathew Schirado

Maxon Cinema 4DI've been plowing through Maxon Cinema 4D version 10.5 Studio ($3500 retail) for a few weeks now, and I'm pretty impressed with the whole experience. The most important feature I needed was MoGraph ($399 retail), a separate module for procedurally animating arrays of objects, much like how Trapcode's Form animates arrays of particles. Demo's I've seen of Form are awesome, and I think you might be able to do the same thing with MoGraph, (though it'll take forever to render). The interface for these procedural animations is probably the easiest to grasp of any 3D application. I get good performance on my MacBook Pro, but I've run out of RAM 3 times, based on excessive polygon counts. Sub-division surfaces, or HyperNURBS in MAXONspeak, was the method of my RAM-busting. I haven't tried distributed rendering yet to see if that avoids my memory issues.

The Materials Editor is the most straightforward I've come across and is a pleasure to use, especially for adding material libraries posted on the net. The Hair module is pretty straightforward, and renders quickly. Most of my older C4D files opened fine in 10.5, and the speed gain over my Dual 2.0 G5 was notable.

For what you're getting, I'd like more than a single "Getting Started" printed manual. The online documentation follows the menu bar and command options, less the job or technique you want to accomplish. There are many free tutorial resources on the web, and the included training DVD's are quite helpful getting you out the gate.

I'll be the first to admit Cinema 4D isn't the cheapest solution around, especially with the Studio configuration. If you're into character animation, Maya is still the bread and butter of VFX facilities, but MAXON's character tools get better each release, and for a high-end 3D app, nothing out there easier to pick up quickly. I'm all about the ease of use. It blows LightWave 3D out of the water. Sony Pictures ImageWorks standardized on MAXON's BodyPaint, which is now simply a part of C4D Core. There are competitive upgrade offers, and until June 30, you can get Core and one optional module for $1135; look at the web page.

Free Plug-in! Noise Industries CoverFlux by idustrial revolution

coverfluxBring the popular look of Cover Flow (in iTunes) to your projects with the latest FxFactory freebie by idustrial revolution. CoverFlux is available immediately for Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3 and Final Cut Express 4. It's FxPlug.

The iTunes style scrolling still image generator plug-in for Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express.

This completely free plugin is available for download and use immediately from this website. (FxFactory & Leopard need to be installed).

The Foundry Furnace 4 for Shake Maintenance Update

furnaceThe Foundry have found and fixed some DirtRemoval and WireRemoval bugs in Furnace 4 for Shake and a free maintenance release is available for all of Furnace 4 customers.

In addition to the bug fixes they have made an improvement to WireRemoval; you can now pick up and move the WireRemoval widget using one click and drag instead of moving each of the points on the line separately.

This update is provided free of charge for all customers running Furnace 4 for Shake.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Try a vKey2 demo!

Oak Street Software vKey2 is a new keyer that is FxPlug, so it works in Final Cut Pro and Motion, and also a Quicktime Component. It is a tool for keying out, or removing a single color background from frames of a movie, or any digital images; especially suited to keying 4:1:1 (low color resolution) video formats. Recently enhanced for spectacular keys! It's very fast and easy to use.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Media 100 Updated to 12.5

Media_100New lower pricing, and now available on CD as well as via download!

The new Media 100 Version 12.5 release expands on Media 100's workflow acquisition options and finishing capabilities with support for HDV capture via FireWire and multi-channel audio input. Media 100 Version 12.5 is the fifth major feature release since the acquisition of Media 100 by Boris FX.

Visitors to NAB 2008 can see Media 100 Version 12.5 in action at booth SL8720.

Media 100 Producer includes all Media 100 Suite features except for video I/O card support. Both Media 100 Suite and Media 100 Producer provide FireWire I/O as well as P2 acquisition capabilities.

Free Training Video Series: Adobe Premiere Pro with Boris Plug-ins


Check out this new training video to learn more about Boris plug-in filters inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

Stay tuned for Parts II and III which will cover PixelChooser and Transitions.

A Conversation with David Torno and Brandon Parvini about Flight of the Conchords 'Ladies of the World'

Yesterday I had a Conversation with David Torno and Brandon Parvini about Flight of the Conchords' 'Ladies of the World' video they just completed.

It's incredibly funny and has a cool 70s style to it. They rotoscoped the faces of The Conchords onto stunt skaters. They talk about the challenges they had with the project and how they used lots of digital tools to make this really impressive video.

AutoDesSys Previews bonZai 3D at AIA 2008

bonZai3DMay 15, 2008, AIA Convention, Boston - AutoDesSys is pleased to preview BonZai 3D in Booth 22139.

What is BonZai 3D?
BonZai 3D is a new 3D modeler developed to fill in the demand for a quick, easy, simple but, most importantly, geometrically robust approach to 3D. A response to those who wish to express their thoughts graphically in 3D, on the fly, without too much hassle, and then be able to advance to the next level of detailed solid modeling and production, if they wish to do so.

In many ways, BonZai is an offspring of form•Z. At the same time, it is a different tool and represents a fresh approach to 3D modeling. The BonZai tools have resulted from experiences, experiments, research, and user input of the past 15 years. Its goal is to support the conceptual and sketching stages of design with utmost ease, but also the production of accurate and robust models that can be used for constructiondrawings, can be smoothly rendered, animated, and fabricated (i.e. printed in 3D). All this and more at an affordable price.

You can think of form•Z as the Swiss army knife of 3D modeling and BonZai as a pen knife you carry around to depend on for quick solutions to all kinds of immediate needs.

Anatomy of Bonzai
BonZai is the next generation of ease of use, combined with underlying solid modeling, that leads to effective workflow that minimizes input effort while maximizing productivity. It offers all the basic tools a designer needs to present one’s ideas in a 3D representation. It is built on form•Z’s trademark strengths that include solids and nurbz, multi-platform support, reliable Booleans, import/export file translators, and above all its solid reputation for the mark of excellence in 3D.

Some of the individual features in BonZai are:
  • Fluid, powerful, and smart interface.
  • All the classic modeling tools (extrusions, sweeps, transformations, etc.)
  • Real time Booleans.
  • NURBS curves and surfaces.
  • Smart 3D drawing.

  • Dynamic graphic editing.
  • Push/Pull tool for easy sculpting and shape editing.
  • Advanced OpenGL rendering with shadows, transparencies, and textures.
  • Graphic texture map editing.
  • Over 200 free materials (texture maps).
  • Content library for trees, furniture, entourage elements.
  • Support of 3D Warehouse.
  • Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility.
  • Over 30 export/import formats for easy inter-operability.
  • Embedded video tutorials.

When to Expect bonZai 3D?
What is presented at AIA 2008 - BOOTH #22139 - is a sneak preview of what’s to come in the summer of 2008. AutoDesSys expects to start public Beta testing soon.

Mocha AE Tutorial

mochaRoss Shain, Vice President, Sales & Product Specialist at Imagineer Systems, walks you through how to use mocha AE, a state-of-the-art planar tracker, with Adobe After Effects.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oak Street Software Releases VKey2 FxPlug Version

Oak Street Software VKey2 Quicktime Component and FxPlug plug-in is a tool for keying out, or removing a single color background from frames of a movie, or any digital images; especially suited to keying 4:1:1 (low color resolution) video formats. Recently enhanced for spectacular keys!

The FxPlug version of Vkey2 is now available. One really convenient feature of the FxPlug version is an auto-key-color feature that computes the optimal key color for you. It can also save you some render time.

Here's a sample:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noise and Artifact Suppression Tips

De-noise and de-artifact

This is an excerpt from a book I'm working on called Greensreening & Keying for Low-Budget Indie Filmmakers that will be out next spring. This has not been through the editor yet, so consider it a super early sneak peek! I had actually started this article a couple of months ago for Toolfarm and thought it would be great to put in the book. The book is about keying, obviously, so the article below is geared toward that glorious task. Reducing grain is something that can be used with any footage though, even if you're not keying. I know you knew that already.


You will get much cleaner keys if you first reduce artifacting, noise and grain in your footage. This step may not be necessary if you have awesome footage, but if you're shooting DV, a quick clean up will help your key and your video look immeasurably cleaner.

Noise can come from bad lighting, JPEG and other compression induced artifacting, film grain, and half-tone patterns. In DV footage, blue will almost always be the noisiest channel and green is the cleanest channel.


There are several methods of reducing noise. A median filter set to a very low value will often do the trick. After Effects ships with a very nice Remove Grain filter, which I highly recommend using. It will soften your footage if you use it to high but in small doses, it can do wonders.

Angie Mistretta, visual effects artist and Apple Shake user, has this advice, which applies to pretty much any host application. "Be sure to degrain your footage via each channel." Sometimes a soft blur on the blue channel will do the trick, but do so very carefully. Most of the time, that won't be enough.

Angie adds, "If you need to Shift Channels, degrain each one and then reunite the channels then that is what you would do. Shake has a node that will allow you to tune for each individual channel."

In After Effects, to degrain per channel, try the Remove Grain plug-in, which ships with After Effects. Apply Effect > Noise & Grain > Remove Grain. Remove Grain does a great job of figuring out the algorithm behind the noise and getting rid of it.

Remove Grain and several third party plug-ins have a Preview Region, which is a white box that shows you a preview of the plug-in. Inside the box, you'll see the effect working and outside the box is just the regular footage. This helps speed up render and screen redraw time. By clicking and dragging the center point of the preview region, you can drag it to the area that you want to use as reference.

Under the Noise Reduction Settings > Mode, you can specify whether you want to reduce noise in all channels (multichannel) or in one channel at a time (single channel). Because noise in video is mainly in the blue channel, the noise reduction can be set higher than the other channels.

When reducing noise is useful to see both the combined RGB and a single channel, so you don't have to switch back and forth between channels. This feature is useful for a number of other purposes too.

To open a second comp viewer:

  1. At the top of your comp viewer, click on the title of your composition. A pulldown menu will appear. Select 'New Comp Viewer'.
  2. Drag the new composition tab to the right side of the comp viewer window, until it highlights purple and let go.
  3. To change the channel being viewed for the new comp viewer, use Show Channel at the bottom of the comp window.

Remove Grain doesn't work well with dirt or dust on video, because it works with the full frame of video. You can adjust the Sampling points under the sampling menu. The sample points should be placed in an area of mid-tonal ranges and with no natural texture, such as over trees, water or a stucco wall. It will calculate the noise based on the texture and will not help your cause. Mark Christiansen's book, After Effects CS3 Professional Studio Techniques, talks about the Remove Grain plug-in used to give an aging actress a tighter face, so occasionally using this plug-in for a digital Botox on a skin texture can be very useful! By default, the sampling points are taken from the first frame. You can adjust and keyframe the source frame also.

You will also want to adjust the Noise Reduction Settings and the Fine Tuning in Remove Grain. Be careful not to be too heavy handed with the effect because it will flatten your textures. Before rendering, switch the Viewing Mode to Final Output.


When you're removing noise specifically for keying, many keyers have built-in noise suppression. The Foundry Keylight has a Screen Pre-blur and Screen Softness Options.

Sometimes Remove Grain just isn't enough and you need a third party solution for reducing noise. Check out Reduce Noise, Grain and Artifacting in our Plug-in Finder for a long list of plug-ins for several host applications. There really are a lot of great choices. Here are a couple that I use.

  • RE:Vision Effects DE:Noise - Peter Litwinowicz, Co-Founder of RE:Vision Effects said, "Noise in the green screen areas can hamper your ability to pull a great key. DE:Noise is a great plug-in to help pull a better key, because it helps eliminates noise while keeping sharp the details and edges of your objects of interest." De:Noise works with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Boris Red, Combustion, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Fusion.
  • Digital Film Tools Composite Suite - Deartifact is handy for cleaning up artifacts caused by DV and HD video footage. In fact, it is useful for cleaning up images that have aliased or jaggy edges.
  • Boris FX, Inc. Continuum Complete has two noise removal filters, BCC DeGrain Filter and DeNoise Filter. BCC DeGrain removes grain-sized noise from an image by analyzing a sample of the grain, then filtering out image noise that has similar frequency (spectrum) and amplitude. The BCC DeNoise filter removes unwanted pixel noise from an image. DeNoise is especially useful when working with archival materials, as it lets you correct dark areas that show artifacts from film emulsion or video compression. You may also want to use the BCC DeNoise filter when resizing 4:3 images to 16:9 aspect ratio. BCC is available for pretty much every host app you might use.

  • Red Giant Software Key Correct Pro is made specifically for keying and quickly clean up noisy images and mattes. Use the simple Denoiser and Alpha Cleaner tools to fix low-light noise problems in poorly lit footage

NewBlueFX Widens Video Effects Offerings to Include Plugins for EDIUS

logoNewBlue Continues Rapid Expansion into Video Effects Plugins and Video Transitions Plugins Market

LA JOLLA, CA (May 14, 2008) - After its recent release of video effects plugins for the Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Liquid, Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas product lines, NewBlue, Inc. continues its widening rollout of video effects plugins by unveiling a host of new effects and transitions for the Thomson Grass Valley! EDIUS nonlinear video editing software. EDIUS users can now enjoy 978 presets and 114 effects plugins encompassed in 12 distinct and competitively-priced NewBlueFX collections.

NewBlue's new effects packages are compatible with the full range of EDIUS software, including EDIUS Broadcast, EDIUS Pro, and EDIUS Neo.

Among the new EDIUS-compatible effects plugins from NewBlueFX are 7 VideoFX collections and 5 AudioFX collections, including NewBlue 3D Effects, NewBlue 3D Transformations, NewBlue Art Blends, NewBlue Art Effects, NewBlue Equalizers, NewBlue Essentials, NewBlue Film Effects, NewBlue Motion Blends, NewBlue Motion Effects, NewBlue Production Tools, NewBlue Scrubbers and NewBlue Sound Benders.

Known for their ease-of-use, clean design and immense variety of video and audio filters, NewBlueFX provides video editors Hollywood-style effects at accessible prices. More importantly, NewBlueFX are designed to deliver video editors quick, innovative techniques that bring a distinct look to video productions large and small.

Explains Melissa Jordan Grey, NewBlue's chief strategic officer, "EDIUS users are video professionals with no time to waste. They expect the highest quality results in the smallest amount of time and NewBlueFX delivers on those expectations 100%. We're thrilled to provide NewBlueFX to this distinctive community.

NewBlue's effects plugins for the Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS consists of two main categories, VideoFX and AudioFX. In the VideoFX plugins collections, users will find plug-ins that provide artistic techniques, such as air brushing, pastel sketching and line drawing, as well as motion effects, such as earthquake, spin blur, wiggle and zoom. Features of the AudioFX collections run the gamut from audio filtering, such as equalization, noise reduction and compression to creative sound manipulation tools, such as "Insectoid," "Buzz" and "Robot Fog."

Included in the VideoFX category are 7 plugin collections:

  • NewBlue 3D Explosions, 180 presets in 13 different plugins that introduce creative new ways to blast a scene into pieces. Plugins include: Blow Apart, Bouncing Cubes, Bouncing Frames, Box Explode, Confetti, Grid Fall Away, Grid Explosion, Intensity Grid, Plane Explode, Spiral, Spiral Rotation, Vortex, and Wiggle. ($119.95 USD)

  • NewBlue 3D Transformations, 165 presets in 13 high energy transitions breaks creative ground with new ways to slice, fly and reassemble a scene with every technique. Plugins include: Box Fold, Checker Board, Comb, Flip, Fly Away, Louver Grid, Louvers, Magic Carpet, Page Turn, Pizza Boxes, Rotating Frames, Spiral Bounce, and Twist. ($119.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Art Blends, 101 transitions in 10 specialized video effects that shift images through unique, stunning graphics filters. Plugins include: Color Melt, Color Wash, Contrast, Duochrome, Glow, Halo, Metallic, Shiny Fog, Sketch, and Vivid. ($119.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Art Effects, 99 effects in 10 specialized video filters that shift video into a visually stunning alternate reality. Plugins include: Air Brush, Colorize, Color Melt, Dream Glow, Duochrome, Ghost, Hand Drawn, Line Drawing, Metallic, and Pastel Sketch. ($139.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Film Effects, 81 presets in 5 dynamic filters that recreate the inexact mechanics of hand cranked cameras, dirty projectors, and decades sitting in film vaults. Plugins include: Film Camera, Film Damage, Film Express, Film Look, and Film Pro. ($159.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Motion Blends, 112 transitions in 10 specialized video effects that twist, turn and transmogrify video from one scene to the next. Plugins include: Liquify, Roll, Shake, Shear, Shredder, Smear, Spin, Twirl, Wave, and Zoom. ($119.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Motion Effects, 99 effects in 10 specialized video filters that add movement to images in a number of ways. Plugins include: Active Camera, Earthquake, Motion Blur, Ripple, Rolling Waves, Shear Energy, Spin Blur, Warp, Wiggle, and Zoom Blur. ($139.95 USD)

Included in the AudioFX category are 5 distinct VST-compatible plugin collections:

  • NewBlue Equalizers, 9 specialized audio filters that boost or cut ranges of tone in a specialized manner. Plugins include: Adjust Highs, Adjust Lows, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Remove Highs, Remove Lows, Tone Eliminator, Filter Sweep, and Swirl. ($59.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Essentials, 8 standard audio processing tools that make any soundtrack complete. Plugins include: Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Echo, Flange, Phaser, Reverb, and Slap Back. ($59.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Production Tools, 11 must-have effects to boost the clarity and performance of video soundtracks. Plugins include: Sharpener, Stereoizer, Monofier, Bass Boost, Crisper, Compactor, Sound Expander, Dual Compressor, Tone Compressor, Dual Expander, and Tone Expander. ($59.95 USD)
  • NewBlue Scrubbers, 6 powerful, easy-to-use audio repair techniques. Plugins include: Audio Polish, Cleaner, Auto Mute, Background Fader, Hum Remover, and Noise Reduction. ($59.95 USD)
  • NewBlue SoundBenders, 9 environmental, vocal and atmospheric effects. Plugins include: Buzzurgle, Insectoid, Phone, Radio, Resonator, Robot Fog, Under Water, Wah and Wind. ($59.95 USD)

EDIUS users can purchase NewBlueFX directly from the company's website at Fully-functional trial versions are available for download, as well.

About NewBlue, Inc.
NewBlue, Inc. delivers innovative audio, video and multimedia technologies for leading companies throughout the world. Founded in early 2002, NewBlue develops and licenses a range of proprietary technologies-- including NewBlueFX video plugin technologies, the NewBlue Audio Engine and the NewBlue Audiomatrix technology platform-- that meet the varied multimedia needs of consumers and mid- to large-sized companies. Experienced developers, musicians, artists, and software professionals with a unique and commanding set of skills, experience and talent comprise the NewBlue team.

The company unveiled its NewBlueFX product line in 2006 to meet the needs of digital video editing enthusiasts. The NewBlueFX collection of software plugins includes special audio and video effects, such as audio filters, noise reduction, equalization, compression and dozens of sophisticated graphic filters and transitions. To date, the NewBlueFX line includes 5 audio-oriented plugin collections and 7 video-oriented effects and transitions collections for the Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Avid Media Composer, Avid Liquid, Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas and Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS desktop video editing solutions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Professional Video Templates Royalty-Free Music

Professional Video Templates is glad to present you with a set of music libraries specially designed for video professionals.

The PVT libraries have been created by professional musicians exclusively for Professional Video Templates.

The amazing and innovative side of our proposal is that some of our tracks are provided in different versions:

  • standard version
  • standard version + short version
  • standard version + instrumental parts
  • standard version + extracted loops
  • standard version + alternative version

Use the music as it is or use the extracted loops to make different versions of the tracks of your desired length!

Loops can be employed with programs such as Soundtrack or Garage Band and if needed they can be optimized to be used with any loop-based sofware.

Download only

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Silhouette Demos now available

Download Silhouette 3.0 Software & Manuals

Macintosh Software
Silhouette Standalone (Intel Mac Only)
Silhouette Shape Import/Export Plug-in for After Effects
(Mac versions require OSX 10.4 and above)

Windows Software
Silhouette Standalone 32 Bit
Silhouette Standalone 64 Bit
Silhouette Shape Import/Export Plug-in for After Effects

Linux Software
Silhouette Standalone 32 Bit
Silhouette Standalone 64 Bit

Software Manuals
Silhouette User Guide
Silhouette Shape Import/Export Plug-in User Guide
Silhouette v3 What's New

Silhouettefx Introduces World's First Stereo Roto, Paint, Keying And Effects Suite

Silhouette FXVersion 3 of the acclaimed roto and paint system Silhouette has been released. In addition to a fully stereoscopic workflow, v3 adds planar tracking, X-Splines, comprehensive keyer, 64-bit versions, and a lot more. If it has to do with rotoscoping or paint, it's in here!

May 6th, 2008 - Available immediately is a major new release of the industry leading rotoscoping and paint system, Silhouette. v3 breaks new ground and greatly raises the bar in the post-production tools industry. Leading a list of major improvements and innovations is an entirely stereoscopic workflow. All capabilities of Silhouette including its award winning roto and paint as well as its new keying, effects and compositing features are stereo enabled. EXR integrated stereo footage can be used as well as media in any of Silhouette's newly expanded range of file formats. Clips can be previewed as anaglyphs, side-by-side or stacked.

Many of the world's foremost special effects systems are "node-based". Silhouette has always been node-based as well but the nodes have been hidden. In v3, Silhouette's node basis is brought out to the user with roto and paint being just two of the available nodes.

The keyer node quickly and simply creates mattes with minimal parameters even if you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. It is easy to use, yet provides the needed tools when faced with good, bad, or ugly shots — tools such as DV/HD de-artifacting, multiple matte creation, color suppression and sophisticated matte manipulation.

The Effects node allows you to apply the many brush types available in the Paint node as filter effects to shapes or layers. The ability to apply the brushes as filter effects was previously available in Paint, but has been separated out into a separate node laying the basis for future additions.

Another major enhancement to Silhouette is its new planar tracker. A markerless image tracking system, planar tracking uses thousands of points within the areas defined by user created shapes. You can select either single or multiple layers as well as multiple shapes within layers for planar tracking. Each layer will have a different tracking result based on the shapes contained within that layer and is transformed automatically during the tracking process. Other additions to Silhouette's tracking capabilities include the import of Shake® tracker files and many new options for exporting or converting tracker information.

Silhouette's paint system (which formerly had been an option but is now standard) has been greatly enhanced. Of its stereo integration, Aidan Fraser of Laika had this to say: "I just finished one of the most difficult rig paint-out shots I've ever seen. It simply wouldn't have been possible without the stereo tools in Silhouette 3." Silhouette paint now allows four simultaneous clone sources backed by an unlimited number of clips and sources can be flipped, flopped, and automatically match moved against any layer.

v3 adds support for X-Splines, an extremely flexible yet easy-to-use shape type. On export to systems that are not X-Spline capable, the shapes are automatically and faithfully converted into Bezier splines.

Other enhancements include:

  • 64-bit execution under compatible Windows and Linux operating systems enabling efficient handling of frames far larger than 4K.
  • 3:2 pulldown and pullup are now supported to allow for conversion of film footage from 30fps to 24fps(pullup) and 24fps to 30fps(pulldown).
  • IFF, PNG and TARGA file formats can now be loaded and saved and support for DPX rendering has been added.
  • As an After Effects® version of Silhouette itself will no longer be sold, a free After Effects Silhouette Shape Import/Export plug-in has been created to import and export Silhouette shapes.
  • Silhouette can now import shapes in the Shake 4.x SSF shape format.
  • Shapes can now be exported in Elastic Reality format.

Pricing information is as follows: Silhouette v3: $995, Silhouette Floating License Server and 3 Licenses: $3495, Silhouette v3 Floating License - Add On: $1295. Upgrade information is as follows: Silhouette Roto/Paint Standalone to Silhouette v3 Upgrade: $195, Silhouette Roto Standalone to Silhouette v3 Upgrade: $295, Silhouette Roto/Paint AE/FCP to Silhouette v3 Standalone Upgrade: $345, Silhouette Roto AE/FCP to Silhouette v3 Standalone Upgrade: $395. For more information about Silhouette v3 please visit the SilhouetteFX page.

Kids show 'Come On Over!' nominated for 8 Michigan Emmy Awards

come on over I wanted to say congrats to my friends at Postworks Michigan, who work on a kids show called Come On Over, which has been nominated for 8 Emmys!

I interviewed Mike and Bill from Postworks in 2007 for Toolfarm Inspirations about the post-production work on the show. Read the interview.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Foundry's Ocula Plug-ins Remove Headaches From 3D-Stereo

New toolsets provide pixel-level control over left and right eyes

DMN Newswire--2008-5-7--Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry ( has announced the development of Ocula, a unique collection of plug-ins providing a powerful armoury of tools that solve common problems with 3D stereoscopic imagery, boost productivity in post production, and ultimately help to deliver a more rewarding 3D-stereo viewing experience.

The new plug-ins, previewed at NAB 2008, are designed to take the headache out of 3D stereo post production by automatically replicating key processes on left and right channels, and to remove headaches from the final viewing experience by providing tools that help artists to polish and refine 3D-stereo material.

The Ocula tools are based on brand new disparity-mapping algorithms, created by The Foundry s Academy Award-winning R&D team. Disparity maps track and correlate the differences in positional space and movement between corresponding pixels in the left and right cameras, and then deliver pixel-level control over images. Knowing where disparities occur, Ocula tools apply corrections by warping, stretching and squeezing only those areas of an image that require treatment. Image manipulation using disparity maps is different to the X, Y or Z-axis shifting of images, where only whole image planes are being shifted.

Ocula plug-ins allow artists to apply a multitude of adjustments to stereo image pairs. All corrections can be made to the left and right eye channels either together or separately, and the results of these corrections ultimately help to minimise or eliminate discomfort from the 3D viewing experience.

Users can correct horizontal alignment issues with Ocula s Interocular Distance Shifter. Using disparity map data, a new "virtual view" is created between the original left and right eye positions, with the result being that objects of different fore, mid and background depths are resolved more accurately for the viewer. This is different to an X-axis shift where only the image plane is moved.

Ocula s Vertical Aligner will automatically attempt to vertically align corresponding image features in each view, to minimize or eliminate the effect known as key-stoning . This is not a single Y-shift for the whole image " with disparity mapping the correction varies across the entire image.

A key feature of Ocula plug-ins is the dramatic reduction in the amount of manual labour required when artists undertake rotoscoping work, paint effects or other operations dependent on image locality. Many position-dependent image manipulations can now be applied to just one eye with paint strokes, keyframed roto masks, and the like being automatically generated for the other eye, substantially improving productivity.

"Our new Ocula tools are designed to make the post production of 3D-steroscopic imagery easier and much more efficient than before, "said Dr Bill Collis, CEO, The Foundry. "Along with boosting productivity, and enabling precise manipulation of 3D stereoscopic imagery, Ocula plug-ins will ultimately help artists to refine footage to new levels. This means fewer headaches in post, and fewer headaches at the cinema. "

Nuke 5 is currently the only visual effects compositing system with an embedded 3D stereoscopic workflow, where left and right eye channels can be manipulated separately or together. Ocula plug-ins will be available for the next point release of Nuke, version 5.1, expected to be July 2008.

Nuke is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms, and Nuke delivers unparalleled speed, an efficient multi-channel scanline rendering engine, and powerful feature set unrivalled in the desktop market. Nuke 5 is available for existing customers with valid maintenance at no extra cost, and can be downloaded now from The Foundry website

The Foundry is a world-leading innovator of visual effects and image processing technologies that boost productivity in motion picture and video post production. On February 10th 2007, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded a Sci-Tech Award® to The Foundry s development team for the Furnace image processing suite. The company now holds a trio of Academy Award® winning products including the high-end compositing system Nuke, and keying application Keylight.

The Foundry s products support a wide range of host platforms including After Effects, Autodesk® Media and Entertainment Systems, Avid DS, Baselight, Film Master, Fusion, Nuke, Scratch and Shake. The company has also driven OpenFX, an open standard for visual effects plug-ins, now broadly adopted by host and plug-in developers such as Autodesk®, Assimilate, FilmLight, Digital Vision, eyeon Software Inc, Grass Valley, Soluciones Graficas por Ordenador (S.G.O.), Photron and others. Customers include: Digital Domain, The Moving Picture Company, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Warner Bros and Weta Digital Ltd.

The Foundry is headquartered in London, and has offices in Los Angeles.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP updated to 2.04 and Pro Import AE to 4.02

Pro Import FCP 2.04

automatic duckAutomatic Duck Pro Import FCP 2.04 is now available for download from the Automatic Duck website.

Version 2.04 addresses issues found since the 2.03 release last year and also adds new 'Use Existing Media' codec compatibilies for DV25, DV50 and DVProHD Avid media.

With Pro Import FCP 2.04 you can import Avid sequences that use DV25, DV50 or DVCProHD media with the 'Use Existing Media' option and Pro Import FCP will create QuickTime reference movies to the Avid OMF or MXF media files using Apple's own QuickTime codecs. This means Final Cut Pro is very happy to play back the media files and you shouldn't see any possible conflicts from the Avid Codecs.

Pro Import AE 4.02

automatic DuckPro Import AE has been updated to version 4.02 and is also available for download from the Automatic Duck site.

This version corrects issues discovered since the release of 4.01 last year. This includes a recent issue with QuickTime 7.4.1 on Windows.

More Automatic Duck news

Automatic Duck president Wes Plate will be visiting a few Final Cut Pro and Avid user groups to preview some of the new capabilities coming in Pro Export FCP 4.0. More visits are expected later this year, but coming up in May and June the following are planned...

SF Cutters (San Francisco FCP UG) - May 29

Moving Pictures Collective (NY FCP UG) - June 12 (Note: Toolfarm will be there too!)

Later this year Automatic Duck is planning to visit user groups in Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando and more.

Final Effects Complete 5.0.1 Free Update Available

BFECFinal Effects Complete 5.0.1 FxPlug and Final Effects Complete 5.0.1 AE are now available as free updates to FEC 5 customers. The 5.0.1 updates add seven new transitions to the 108-filter packages and provide important improvements to existing transitions. Download Final Effects Complete 5.0.1 on our demos page.

What's New in FEC 5.0.1
  • Seven New Transition plug-ins, with presets: Blur Dissolve, Lens Wipe, Spherize Wipe, Griddler Wipe, Pin Wipe, Slant Wipe, and Rain Wipe.
  • New Animation Tuning capabilities have been added to all FEC transition plug-ins. These new parameters are responsible for fine-tuning the pace and timing of auto-animated transitions as well as remapping and holding the effect using Ease In / Ease Out sliders.
  • FEC FxPlug integrates seamlessly with Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, and Apple Motion. FEC AE supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Eyeon Fusion, and Boris RED, Boris FX, & Boris Graffiti.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Autodesk Acquires Assets of REALVIZ

Autodesk Acquires Assets of REALVIZ

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., May 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of REALVIZ S.A., the privately held developer of image-based content creation software. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

REALVIZ was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France. REALVIZ's technology provides efficient ways to generate 3D content and visual effects from photo imaging and 2D environments. Its products are used for panoramic photography, image-based modeling, match moving and optical motion capture. REALVIZ's flagship products are Stitcher software for the creation of panoramas and 360 degree virtual tours, and ImageModeler software to produce 3D models from photographs.

"REALVIZ's technology bridges 2D and 3D, linking the virtual and real worlds. 3D models can be created from simple 2D images, and virtual environments can be built from conventional photographs," said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president, Autodesk Platform Solutions and Emerging Business. "REALVIZ's technology is complementary to Autodesk's modeling, visual effects and animation products. It will enable us to increase the use of 3D technology across many industries, including architecture, film, broadcast and game development."

REALVIZ's clients include Boeing, NASA, Daimler Chrysler, Cinesite, Framestore CFC, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Warner Brothers Animation, Electronic Arts and Activision. REALVIZ technology has been used to create visual effects for Zodiac, The Host, Children of Men, Superman Returns, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and many other blockbuster films.

REALVIZ Product Integration

Autodesk intends to develop and sell REALVIZ's Stitcher Unlimited, Stitcher Express, ImageModeler and Movimento software as standalone products. Matchmover, Retimer and VTour will no longer be available as standalone products; core technology from these REALVIZ products will be integrated into future versions of Autodesk's existing products, enabling customers to bring the real world into design environments.

The following REALVIZ offerings have been discontinued: Stitcher Pro, Stitcher Unlimited DS, StoryViz, and hardware and software product bundles. Education versions of ImageModeler and Stitcher continue to be available. Student versions of ImageModeler and Stitcher are no longer available. For more information please visit

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding the impact of the acquisition on Autodesk's earnings per share, product offerings and the performance of its business. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include the following: difficulties encountered in integrating merged businesses; whether certain market segments grow as anticipated; the competitive environment in the software industry and competitive responses to the acquisition; and whether the companies can successfully develop new products or modify existing products and the degree to which these gain market acceptance.

Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of Autodesk are included in the company's annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended January 31, 2008, which is on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


REALVIZ is a leading developer of image-based creation software, headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France, with satellite sales offices in Los Angeles, U.S.A., London, England and Paris, France. REALVIZ develops a suite of image-based content creation solutions for the film, broadcast, gaming, digital imaging, architecture and Internet communities. Derived from years of research efforts at the renowned INRIA Lab in France, the Company's applications enable 2D and 3D artists to easily tackle complex digital imaging projects.

About Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. is the world leader in 2D and 3D design software for the manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment markets. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk has developed the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art digital prototyping solutions to help customers experience their ideas before they are real. Fortune 1000 companies rely on Autodesk for the tools to visualize, simulate and analyze real-world performance early in the design process to save time and money, enhance quality and foster innovation. For additional information about Autodesk, visit

Autodesk, AutoCAD, ImageModeler, and Stitcher, are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

Abaltat Muse, Express, and Beat provide editors tools for professional soundtrack creation

abaltatMarlborough MA - March 18 - Boris FX and Media 100 (a subsidiary of Boris FX), today announced a distribution agreement with Abaltat, an Ireland-based audio company developing professional sound editing tools for video editors. The distribution agreement licenses the Boris FX and Media 100 companies to redistribute the Abaltat Muse, Abaltat Express, and Abaltat Beat products with the Boris FX and Media 100 product lines. The new partnership compliments Boris FX and Media 100 editing and effects workflows by enabling users to quickly create original, royalty-free, broadcast-quality soundtracks.

"Abaltat brings significant value to the Boris FX and Media 100 products. They are a one of kind audio technology offering very exciting and innovative products - a natural compliment to the visual effects and editing software of Boris FX and Media 100," comments Boris Yamnitsky, founder and president, Boris FX.

"We are delighted to have secured this distribution deal with Boris FX and Media 100" said Sín Ní Raghallaigh, Abaltat's CEO. "Leveraging Boris FX and Media 100's strong distribution channels enables us to offer our ground breaking audio products to our target users throughout North America".

About Abaltat Products
The flagship Abaltat Muse application allows editors to design the soundtrack to match the picture sequence. Highlights of Abaltat Muse;

  • Ability to create broadcast quality music compositions faster than real-time
  • Variety of Abaltat Bands gives a wide choice of musical genre - no music royalty payments
  • Seamless integration with Media 100 editing solutions
  • Full MIDI export functionality to import directly into Digidesign Pro Tools or Logic applications
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls are designed for video editors

Abaltat Muse also provides first drafts of a composition so that an editor can have a guide track. The guide track can be updated or recomposed at any stage during the editing workflow.

Ideal for users of Apple GarageBand and Apple Logic, Abaltat Express enables editors to create professional soundtracks. With the same interface, workflow and powerful composition engine as Abaltat Muse, users can compose and arrange soundtracks utilizing the audio engine and sounds native in standard desktops systems. The professional results can be exported to any software that supports the standard MIDI file format.

About Boris FX
Founded in 1995 in Boston MA, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for the broadcast, post production, film and multi-media industries. Since the company's inception, Boris products have grown to serve over 200,000 artists worldwide. A great part of its success lies in the ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers including Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Eyeon, Grass Valley, Matrox, Media 100, Sony Pictures Digital, and Ulead. For more information, visit

About Abaltat
Abaltat was founded in 2003 in Galway, Ireland, with a daring vision: to create radical 21st-century computer applications. Using a combination of highly experienced television editors, first-rate musicianship, and the most imaginative programmers, the company has created unique software products for video and film editors. More information is available at

Monday, May 05, 2008

Telestream Episode Series 5 Now Available

episodeEpisode Series Version 5.0 is the latest update for Episode and Episode Pro media encoding software applications. This is a free update which adds new features, formats and enhancements in response to your feedback and evolving market needs.

Episode and Episode Pro are powerful desktop media encoding applications for the Mac. They offer the highest quality and fastest desktop encoding for content repurposing and distribution for Web, DVD, mobile phones and portable devices. Includes extensive format support, presets and filters, batch processing of 25 jobs, Compressor plug-in and Dashboard Widget, plus advanced professional formats in the Episode Pro version: MXF, GXF, H.264, High Profile DVCPRO HD, surround sound 5.7, 7.1 and more, with unlimited batch processing.

Episode 5.0 Highlights include:
  • Encode to new Flash 8 VP6s, Flash 9 (H.264) and Blu-ray (MPEG-2) formats for content authoring and repurposing
  • Import and export support for ProRes HQ (with corresponding QT component installed)
  • Log and capture video from tape or live sources with Telestream's Pipeline network video capture device (available with Pipeline v1.2 in May)
  • Support for Flip4Mac MXF plug-ins in Episode and Episode Pro enables browsing and importing of content from Grass Valley K2, Profile and 360 Systems servers, plus Sony XDCAM, Ikegami Editcam and Grass Valley Infinity disk-based cameras
  • High-quality NTSC/PAL video standards conversion, plus other new video and audio filters

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Boomer Labs Releases MAX2AE Version 3.0

boomer logo(Kansas City, KS, May 2, 2008) - Boomer Labs announces the release of MAX2AE Version 3.0.

Building on the tremendous popularity of their essential production tool that provides a seamless bridge between Autodesk Media and Entertainment's 3ds max to Adobe's After Effects, Boomer Labs has expanded MAX2AE to further improve the workflow between these two popular applications.

MAX2AE already supports exporting and importing camera, light and helper layer information between 3ds max and After Effects with a single operation. MAX2AE Version 3.0 extends this functionality further by supporting 3ds max Particle Systems and Space Warps. Also new with this release is Autoscaling which lets the user automatically match the scale of their scene between the two applications.

These features make MAX2AE a hit with broadcast and production studios. "MAX2AE is an essential part of our workflow for years. The particle support and user interface enhancements that Version 3 delivers bring our creative freedom to yet another level", says Rhys Dippie, 3D Technical Director at Oktobor.
MAX2AE supports 3ds max 6, 7, 8, 9, 2008 and 2009 and is compatible with After Effects 6.5, 7.0 and CS3 on both Windows and Mac Platforms. Pricing is $250 USD for the commercial version, with upgrades available to existing users at $125 USD.

A free downloadable demonstration version is can be obtained from Boomer Labs at

Friday, May 02, 2008

Microfilmmaker Magazine reviews Harry Frank's After Effects Training

award of superiorityMicrofilmmaker gives Harry's After Effects Expressions Training a 9.2/10 in overall score.

Craig Herron, the reviewer says:

If you are interested in learning expressions more fully, both bundles are a must have. This is the clearest, most useful tutorial on expressions that I have ever used. If you are curious about expressions and want to see if they are for you, then I would recommend starting with Bundle 1. Even if you decide that expressions aren't your preferred way to work, you can still follow the tutorials and use the results in your own projects to good effect.