Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conoa announces Keep Color plug-in for Conoa EasyFX

Conoa has updated the EasyFX plug-in set to include the new Keep Color plug-in.

conoaconoaConoa Keep Color is a new addition to the EasyFX plug-in set. It is similar to the native Leave Color plug-in for After Effects, but with more controls. Keep Color allows you to select up to four colors and 'keep' those colors while the rest of your media turns to grayscale, in contrast to the single color allowed by Leave Color. Keep Color lets you set the strength and fall-off of each color independently, in addition to being to set the channel-matching criteria. Keep Color will also allow you to "invert" your selection, so the only the selected colors get converted to grayscale and all other colors remain intact. It would be very hard to produce the M&M picture or the soccer image without Conoa Keep Color.

Conoa Keep Color is available as a free upgrade to all Conoa EasyFX and Conoa SuperPak v2.1 (and higher) customers.

Conoa EasyFX is available for $109 or as part of Conoa SuperPak for $349. All Conoa plug-ins work with Macs and PCs. On Mac, Conoa plug-ins are built as both PPC-native and Universal Binary plug-ins, work with AE 5 through CS3, and FCP 3 through FCP 6, and run on Panther, Tiger and Leopard. On PCs, Conoa plug-ins work with Win2K and Win XP.

New proDAD Vitascene LE

VitasceneThe VitaScene Professional Effects Package is now available in a form to suit the enthusiast's pocket. Compared to the larger version, VitaScene LE contains 150 of the original 560 effects, dispenses with the kind of detail adjusters that cater more to the needs of the advanced professional and, as an added benefit, is easier to use. For After Effects, Premiere Pro/Elements, Avid, and Sony Vegas. Windows Only.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Virtual Katy Announces New ProTools 7.4-Compatible Builds of VK Conformer, VK CNA, VK Compare, and VK Premium Collection!

Virtual KatyVirtual Katy is pleased to announce compatibility of its products with ProTools 7.4! What's more, although they previously announced that no further updates would be done to their discontinued products (VK Conformer, VK CNA, and VK Compare), they have decided to include these products in the update since 7.4 was released at around the same time that these products were discontinued. This will be the last update for VK Conformer, VK CNA and VK Compare though. Henceforth any new updates or upgrades will be offered for VK Premium Collection only. Almost 1,000 of you have taken advantage of the Digidesign promotion and have received a VK Conformer. You will need this update in order to use your VK Conformer with ProTools 7.4.

If you now own ProTools 7.4, or anticipate upgrading to it, you will need to download and install this latest VK build in order to insure continued ability to use the product. Simply click here, and then choose the operating system and VK product you own to download the update. Be careful to choose the correct product, as your license will only function with the matching installer.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tutorial: Create Glow Effects Using the Boris Glow Filters

There are several Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) filters that were designed to produce the glow effect that is very popular for sports broadcast and commercial spots. In this new tutorial, we will use BCC 5 AE in Adobe After Effects CS3 to give you an overview of the BCC Glow, BCC Colorize Glow, and BCC Glow Alpha Edges filters. These same filters are available for Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro editors with a similar workflow using BCC 5 AVX and BCC 5 FxPlug. In addition, the glow filters are included with RED 4.2, Boris FX 9.2, and Graffiti 5.2.

Read the tutorial

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Foundry Nuke 5.0 Released

nukeThe Foundry announced that the much-anticipated Nuke 5.0 was released today. The version is a major release featuring a new user interface, 3D stereoscopic workflow, Python scripting, and a number of additional features and enhancements. Nuke 5.0v1 is available to all customers with current support contracts and anyone with a valid evaluation license. You will not need a new license key to run Nuke 5.0v1.

Some key features in 5.0v1 include:

  • UI overhaul: The independent floating windows have been replaced with dockable panels within one main application window. The main window is divided into three panes, which you can customize or float in various ways to suit your preferences.
  • Added support for working with stereoscopic and multi-view projects. Set up multiple views in the project settings, compare the different views in the viewer, and manipulate the views using the nodes in the Stereo menu of the Toolbar
  • Added support for Python scripting language in addition to TCL.
  • Some of the colour, filter, channel, and merge nodes have a mask input connector you can attach your matte image to.
  • Nuke’s proxy scale system allows you to define a proxy format or scale in order to work with your comp at some fraction of the input elements’ resolution. There are three interconnected parts of the proxy system: the project settings, the input/output nodes, and the Viewer.
  • Some of the Transform nodes have three new motion blur controls: motionblur, shutter, and shutteroffset.
  • Exposure and gamma on the viewer are now applied in the GPU when possible for faster feedback.
  • Added support for 1023 channels instead of 64. Like before, channels that are not used have no effect on speed
  • Unlimited number of new user definable global lookup tables (LUTs).
  • Added interactive lighting tools in the 3D compositing workspace, with support for four types of lights: direct, point, spotlight, and environment light. Direct, point, and spotlight are standard 3D lighting objects.
  • Added a combined 3D BasicMaterial node for diffuse, specular, and emission materials.

For a full list of features, improvements, and fixed bugs in this version please download the Nuke 5.0v1 Release Notes.

Nuke 5.0v1 is available to all customers with current support contracts and anyone with a valid evaluation license. You will not need a new license key to run Nuke 5.0v1. If your support contract has run out and you would like to renew to take advantage of this upgrade please contact our sales team at

Nuke users of Furnace, Tinder, or Keylight plug-ins will also need to upgrade their plug-ins to be compatible with Nuke 5.0v1. Furnace, Tinder, or Keylight are currently in beta and can be found at:
login: fbeta_five
password: rendition

If you already have a valid Furnace, Tinder, or Keylight license, you will not need a new license.

New LME Filigree Patterns

LME logoLME has taken 96 designs and applied 3 graphics styles to each offering you an array of useful possibilities to choose from- Filigree Patterns. These elements can be converted to bitmap or whatever format is needed- they are not presets or comps, but vector patterns for use in the application or your choice. Animate or use in 3D comps to create the popular look seen in many graphic spots and works today.

Noise Industries FxFactory Pro 2.0.2 reviewed at DMN

noise industriesKevin McAuliffe reviews Noise Industries FXFactory Pro 2.0.2 and gives it an 'Absolute Buy'.

See, I wasn't just just blowing smoke when I told you it was a great plug-in package. Learn more about FxFactory in our Plug-in Finder.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Basic 3D layers, lights and Cameras

Steve Whatley's After Effects Cookbook blog has a movie that shows you some 3D Layers, lights and cameras in After Effects. They also talk about the Adobe/Maxon Power Integration Tour. The video is being put up in small chunks.

TV Technology Reviews Media 100 Version 12

Media_100Here is an excerpt from the Media 100 review:

Overall, it is quite amazing (and instructive) to see how Media 100's development has come along recently, with features being added slowly but steadily, and extremely intelligently. They've patiently updated what was necessary to bring the platform back into the modern marketplace, adding and refining features methodically and leveraging the software assets and capabilities of Boris Graffiti, FX, and RED.

They have done all of this and kept the price of both the hardware-based and software-only packages very reasonable. For those who prefer Media 100's clean and uncluttered interface and extensive feature set, this is all very good news. For those who have moved to other editing platforms, it is definitely time to take a peek back into Media 100 and see how it all looks. For those looking to set up a Mac-based suite, a look at the new Media 100 HD is more than worth the effort: Media 100 has reconstituted itself as a full featured, efficient, fast, and a well-priced value worthy of any editing platform.

Read the complete review in the February 20, 2008 issue of TV Technology.

Tiffen Dfx software Review by DMN

tiffen boxRobert Jensen reviews Tiffen DFX plugins. The review focuses on the Photoshop plugins, but there are also plug-ins for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid and a standalone version. Here are a couple of excerpts from the review:

The control Tiffen gives you over the filters is amazing in its scope and very well thought out. The more I played around the more my imagination ran wild and the better my images looked in the end.
The creative possibilities are endless. It would take months to explore every option available. I especially loved being able to add special effects like the 204 Shutter and using the displacement map to make it look realistic.

Read the review

Noise Industries SUGARfx Folding Cards LC is out.

Noise IndustriesNoise Industries SUGARfx Folding Cards LC is available for Final Cut Pro and Motion (FxPlug). Make your next project unfold to an awesome animated environment, featuring 8 different elements to choose from and a whole gamut of color combinations, including a customizing one where you can create your own favorite combinations. Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

We'll have some video examples up soon.

New Professional Video Templates Flying Pictures Template 2 - The Wind

Another gorgeous template from PVT! Flying Pictures Template 2 - The Wind is an Adobe After Effects template that is sized for HD (1920x1080) and SD NTSC and Pal.

There is also a new Template Bundle 3 featuring the two Flying Pictures templates. You'll save big $ on these beautiful templates for AE.

Here is an example of the template. The video is lower res than I'd like but we'll have a higher quality sample up soon.

Noise Industries CoreMelt PolyChrome v1 released

polychrome CoreMelt PolyChrome is a brand new set of 40 transitions designed to boost your creative potential in Final Cut Pro.

Enhance your online with new styles of transition, PolyChrome is a complete range of grunge, filmic and stylised transitions for all types of edit. All transitions render in high precision color for 10 bit online workflows.

Check out our Plug-in Finder for more on CoreMelt PolyChrome and we'll have some video examples up soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New broadcastGEMs Templates for After Effects

bcastgemsWe have two new broadcastGEMs templates for After Effects 7.0 and CS3, Curtain and Silhouette Rotate.

Need to make an impression and you're crunched for time? Templates are a great time saver and can be easily modified and added to for a custom look.

Check out all the broadcastGEMs templates here.

Going to NAB?

I wouldn't miss it for the world! The IMUG Media Motion Ball and meeting up with our vendors and customers for a couple of days is worth the trip. It's a shame Apple won't be there. Last year I demo'd FxPlug plug-ins at their booth and had a great time. I'll miss them, but I can imagine it must be crazy expensive to rent booth space and pay for transportation and hotel rooms for all of their employees. I can't blame them. They'll be missed but I'll still be there.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

FMC Review: Trapcode Form Training with Harry Frank

Trapcode Form TrainingDave Basulto of Filmmaking Central reviews Trapcode Form Training with Harry Frank and gives it a perfect score.

I give Trapcode Form Training with Harry Frank a whopping 5/5 stars for well explained training and ROI. You can pick up the training at I highly recommend Trapcode Form Training with Harry Frank for anyone wanting to get going with Form fast.

Congratulations on the great review, Harry. Trapcode has also endorsed the training. It is really good.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

RE:Vision Effects, Inc. releases SmoothKit version 2

smoothkitRE:Vision Effects has released SmoothKit version 2, the ultimate plugin set to smooth imagery that combines user-directed controls and feature-sensitive methods.

SmoothKit is a set of 9 special purpose filters that complements the basic blurs provided by host applications. SmoothKit's emphasis is precise control on the filtering process, with no compromise on image quality. SmoothKit allows you to blur without blurring over edges, sharpen with much less ringing, intelligently reduce small image defects, reduce jaggies, blur with per-pixel direction control, and z-blur using greyscale depth images. Many plugins have per-pixel controls, allowing you to vary the amount of blur or the direction of the blur, and many other controls, at each pixel.

What's new in version 2?
  • A new Z-Blur filter for depth of field effects using depth maps from 3D systems
  • Floating point support within After Effects 7.0 or later
  • Optimization to take advantage of After Effects's region-of-interest and other smart rectangle processing (AE 7.0 and up)
  • More aggressive multiprocessing support
  • Ability to use splines to control the direction of the blur at each pixel (After Effects and combustion only)
  • New sharpen feature, with a mode that reduces ringing and other artifacts
  • New compositing alpha handling modes are introduced including &quto;grow alpha&quto; which allows you to blur without creating inner transparency on large blur kernels.
  • A new blur filter mode option, &quto;Bloom&quto;, that better preserves highlights

Other SmoothKit features
  • Selectively filter the luminance, or the chrominance, or each of the RGB channels independently
  • Blur areas while preserving sharp edges.
  • Scale filters on a pixel-by-pixel basis by specifying optional greyscale images
  • Reduce or eliminate staircasing by using the jaggie-reducing filter (especially useful in frames that have been reconstructed from fields)
  • Intelligently reduce block artifacts (for example, DV or MPEG compressed footage)
  • Soften areas without blurring important features
  • Directionally filter images with per-pixel direction and strength controls
  • blend sequences using the multi-frame (temporal) filter with several processing modes

Availability and compatibility
  • Macintosh: Adobe After Effects 7.0 and up, Autodesk combustion 4.0.5 and up, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and up, Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1 and up, Boris Red 4.0 and up. Includes native Intel and Leopard support.
  • Windows: Adobe After Effects 5.0 and up, Autodesk combustion 3.0.4 and up, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and up, Boris Red 4.0 and up, eyeon Fusion 4.04e and up. Quantel generationQ support via Video Design Software.

  • Full versions are priced at $119.95.
  • Render-only licenses are priced at $23.99. Render only licenses are for use with After Effects', combustion's and Fusion's render-only programs (aerender, backburner, and Render-Slave respectively) and the render-only version of Fusion. Note that the render-only licenses only work on projects written with a full license (so you must have at least one full license for the render-only licenses to be valid).
  • Upgrades from SmoothKit version 1 are priced at $39.95
  • Our Effections bundles for After Effects, Combustion, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Fusion will now include SmoothKit version 2. Effections "regular" for After Effects, Premiere Pro, combustion, Final Cut Pro is priced at $889.95. Effections Plus for After Effects and Fusion are priced at $1199.95 and $1399.95, respectively.
  • Customers who purchased SmoothKit version 1, Effections or Effections Plus for Combustion, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or After Effects after December 1, 2007 will be upgraded to SmoothKit version 2 for free.
  • Volume discounts available. Contact

Demo versions, example movies, and screencasts of the product in use are available on the RE:Vision Effects webpage for SmoothKit,
SmoothKit is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digital Anarchy ToonIt! released for Avid; multiprocessor beta for AE/FCP version

toonit!Digital Anarchy ToonIt! the popular cartooning effects package, now gives Avid editors the ability to reliably and easily creates cartoon-like images from footage. This is Digital Anarchy's first product for Avid. ToonIt! uses advanced algorithms from Toonamation to create beautiful cartoon shading and lines from your footage. It works in Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter, Avid Xpress, and any other Avid application that supports AVX 1 or AVX 2 plugins. This product is Intel Mac native. Mac 10.3.9 +higher. Windows 2000, Win XP Home, Win XP Pro, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit.

Limited time introductory offer! Get ToonIt! for Avid for just $229. Save $70! This offer is a Toolfarm only special!

Other news about ToonIt!, the long wait (and long render times) is over. They finally have a multi-processor aware version of ToonIt available to those of you who own it. To get it, please send your name, platform, host application(s), and serial number to You MUST have already purchased it (the AE/FCP compatible version) to receive the beta. This will be a free update.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're baaaaccck!

Whew. Please check out MyToolfarm at your leisure.

Apple Announces Aperture 2.0

apertureApple announced Aperture 2.0, a major upgrade to its professional photo management software. Aperture 2.0 gives people who are passionate about photography a streamlined way to speed through their edits, make essential adjustments, and deliver photos online and in print using one simple, integrated workflow. Aperture is designed to work with standard JPEGs as well as more than 100 different RAW formats from today's leading cameras.

Need an upgrade?

Note: if you purchased Aperture 1.5 between January 1, 2008, and March 14, 2008, you are eligible to upgrade to Aperture 2 for US$9.95 (shipping and handling). Learn more.

Discounted Crossgrade from Cinelook to Magic Bullet Looks or Suite

For the month of February, Digieffects and Red Giant Software are lowering the price of the crossgrade from Cinelook to either Magic Bullet Suite or Magic Bullet Looks.

cinelook crossgrade

Monday, February 11, 2008

MyToolfarm Beta Officially Launches with Red Giant Contest!

What is MyToolfarm?
mytoolfarm betaMyToolfarm is a collaborative community for MoGraph and VFX Artists. Get inspired by and comment on the work of your peers, as well as receive feedback on your uploaded work. Explore the hottest trends and techniques and learn how plug-ins can expand your creativity.

We're kicking off the launch with our first contest, a partnership with Red Giant Software. Submit video for the Red Giant/NAB Contest and the winning entry will receive a trip to NAB in April. View contest rules and prize information.

Red Giant NAB Contest

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adobe Stock Photos Uninstaller

I didn't hear that Adobe had discontinued Adobe Stock Photos, but Dennis Radeke's Blog, the Genesis Project filled me in.

If you're in need of some space on your drive, you can uninstall.

Mac Uninstaller

Windows Uninstaller

BCC 5.0.3 FxPlug Update Now Available

BCC BoxThis update will bring CD or Try and Buy installs of BCC FxPlug 5 up to date with version 5.0.3. The FxPlug version works in Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Final Effects Complete 5 AE Now Available, Supports AE CS3

boris final effects complete

FEC boxFinal Effects Complete 5 AE is a ground-up re-write of the legendary Final Effects Complete filters by the Boris FX development team. With a modernized user interface, multi-processor acceleration, and 16-bit color processing, the famous Final Effects Complete filters are ready for the creative minds of the 21st century. Well known for the unique particle treatments of Mr. Mercury and Bubbles, the creative distortions of Griddler and Flo Motion, the eye-catching, stylized effects of Mr. Smoothie and Glue Gun, and the excellent edge treatments of Sparkle Edges and Wiggle Edges, Final Effects Complete remains the hidden secret behind many award-winning projects. While borrowing many new technologies from Boris Continuum Complete, Final Effects Complete 5 AE remains fully compatible with all previous FEC versions, allowing you to open and adjust any existing Adobe After Effects project.

What's New in Final Effects Complete 5 AE

FEC 5 AE supports Adobe After Effects CS3 and Adobe After Effects 7 under Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. FEC 5 AE is a Universal Binary release.

Final Effects Complete USD Pricing

Final Effects Complete 5 FxPlug for Apple Pro Video Applications and Final Effects Complete 5 AVX for Avid NLEs are coming soon. Stay tuned!

A demo is available for Final Effects 5 AE

Plugged-in Podcast: Live from MacWorld 2

plugged inTime for Show 17! MacWorld Part Deux. Live from the CalDigit Booth #S-2610 at MACWORLD 2008 in San Francisco!

Thank You Jon Schilling & CalDigit!

Show 17 highlights include:

Monday, February 04, 2008

Free Comps from LME: 5 Trapcode Shine Presets

LME logoThese five free LME Shine comps are extra bonus files from LME. They work in After Effects 6.5 and higher and you need Trapcode Shine to use them. If you don't have Shine, you can download a free demo.

Friday, February 01, 2008

New Professional Video Template Bundles

flying pictureProfessional Video Templates Bundle Vol. 1 now contains all seven gorgeous PVT templates.

Professional Video Templates Bundle Vol. 2 contains the two most popular PVT templates, Flying Pictures and Flowers, at a nice discount!

These templates are for Adobe After Effects 7.0 and higher and have been extremely popular. They are absolutely gorgeous and complex, so not only do they make great templates, they are a great learning tool to those who like to reverse engineer templates.

Adobe Media Player Prerelease 2 Released on Labs

From Adobe Labs Blog: Adobe Media Player brings the best of both the broadcast television and web video worlds to your desktop. This second prerelease version includes a new UI, many new features, and compatibility with the latest Adobe AIR beta 3 runtime. See the release notes (pdf) for more information regarding this prerelease application.