Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Post Magazine Reviews Imagineer Mocha and Boris Continuum Complete 5

I was just looking through Post's website and there are some reviews that might interest you.

Imagineer Mocha review by Fred Ruckel. Fred likes Mocha. Buy mocha!... do it for the children.

Post Magazine Reviews Boris Continuum Complete 5

Here is an excerpt from the review: "Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) has become an indispensable tool for my post production workflow. A job is not 'complete' until it's been run through Continuum Complete. No matter what kind of job it is: from keying to motion tracking or grading to uprezing, BCC has something for everyone."

I don't have a link (yet) to the BCC review. Maybe it's not on the site yet. I'll keep an eye out. Learn more about Boris Continuum Complete in our Plug-in Finder

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