Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LME 102 Transition Presets for Apple Motion Vol 1

LME logoLME's 102 Innovative transitions for Apple Motion easily applied to footage layers. The collection includes flashes, light bursts, color and time distortions, zoom blurs, halftone grunge, implosions, color thresholds, funhouse mirror extremes, circular zooms, pixel distortions, broadcast mutations and dozens of others.

These transition presets are not available with Apple's Motion application. They are crafted using dozens of the available Motion effect plug-ins that come with the application.

LME did the experimenting so you don't have to, with 102 innovative transitions not available in any other collection. Some look like the transitions you see on television, commericals and other broadcast design, plus dozens of dazzling original ones never seen before.

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