Sunday, October 07, 2007

FxPlug Intro by Darrin Cardani

FxPlug logoDarrin Cardani held a Introduction to FxPlug session on how to write an FxPlug plug-in for the Los Angeles CocoaHeads on September 13, 2007. For any plug-in developers who are interested in writing plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and/or Motion (including porting your After Effects plug-ins), this is a must watch.

Learn more about FxPlug in our Plug-in Finder.


zahadum said...

fxplug video stream is broken (stalls after 20 secs)

restarted safari, then the router, then the mac!

no joy.

what gives?

Michele Yamazaki said...

I'll check into the video problem. It works for me here. Very odd.