Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conoa is releasing Conoa SuperPak 3.0

conoa SuperPakConoa is releasing Conoa SuperPak 3.0, featuring Conoa 3D Layer. Conoa is also releasing Conoa FreeStreak, a free plug-in for everyone.

Conoa 3D Layer, a Conoa-produced plug-in originally available from Digital Anarchy, is now available directly from Conoa! Conoa 3D Layer allows you to create a three-dimensional layer with visible 'thickness' that can be bent, warped, and modeled. Your 3D layer is shaped and animated by grayscale maps, and uses a true mesh as an easy, familiar method for distortion and animation. Texture the layer on any side with movies, stills or pre-comps; punch holes in the mesh; or model its outside edge.

Conoa 3D Layer is available for $179 or as part of Conoa SuperPak for $349. Upgrades, which now include Conoa 3D Layer are also available.

Conoa announces the immediately availability of FreeStreak, a plug-in that creates a set of streaks based on any row or column of your image. Best of all, it is free! Simply download the updated demo installer and you will receive FreeStreak along with demo versions of the other Conoa plug-ins. It is also included in the updated production plug-in installer. (Note: we'll have the new demo up shortly.)

Conoa 3D Layer is a great fit with their product line and they have a deal for you! The Conoa SuperPak now includes 3D Layer and the price has not increased. If you already own Conoa SuperPak, you can upgrade for just $59 and get 3D Layer, which retails for $179 (so this is a great opportunity for existing Conoa customers to get this terrific new offering from Conoa.

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