Friday, October 26, 2007

Adobe apps on Leopard: What you need to know

From John Nack's Blog

Does Adobe recommend running Production Premium or Master Collection before its updates are available?

A. Yes, we are comfortable recommending this. Our testing revealed a few issues in specific workflows when running the video professional applications on Mac OS X Leopard. Many video professionals would not encounter these issues on a day-to-day basis, but we want to provide updates in December 2007 to address these issues and meet our standards of quality. You can evaluate the issues by visiting and searching the online knowledgebase for more information.

What about older versions of Adobe software? The FAQ says,

While older Adobe applications may install and run on Mac OS X Leopard, they were designed, tested, and released to the public several years before this new operating system became available. You may, therefore, experience a variety of installation, stability, and reliability issues for which there is no resolution. Older versions of our creative software will not be updated to support Mac OS X.

I can't speak for other app teams, but while we naturally concentrated our testing on Photoshop CS3 (and beyond), we also tested CS2 a fair bit. The only significant problem we discovered is that Photoshop's Web Photo Gallery module can crash while running under Leopard. We plan to post an updated version that fixes the crash, but that won't go up until Monday. In case you're impatient, I've attached the file here/ (link should be live in a minute).

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