Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toolfarm is a Green Company

toolfarm leafAnd we're not just talking about our logo! Toolfarm is a small company with an eco-friendly strategy. You should feel good about buying your software and plug-ins from us.

  • Toolfarm's headquarters in San Francisco is solar powered. The energy use needle on the meter spins backward during the day!
  • We like to provide software as downloadable. No packaging, no printed manual, no shipping. You get your software fast and the air is a little bit cleaner.
  • We only send email newsletters. It cuts down on costs and saves trees, plus gives us a lot more time to get you the freshest news and information.
  • We're all fervent recyclers. We recycle all of the cardboard, plastic, metal, batteries and computer components that we can.
  • Most of the employees at Toolfarm belong to a CSA or Co-op. We feed our bodies and our minds with healthy, organic foods. It keeps us sharp so we can answer all of your tough questions and give great customer service.

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