Friday, September 28, 2007

Up-Res (Converting from SD to HD)

Questions about plug-ins and software for upconverting footage is a question that we answer quite often. Check out the page Up Res (SD to HD conversion Choices) in our Plug-in Finder to help you with the available choices.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Zaxwerks ProAnimator Tip #1: Reversing an Object Animation

zaxwerks proanimatorJohn Dickinson, a Toolfarm Forum Expert, has posted a nice tip at Zaxwerks Blog. Watch John's video tip. (Also, check out John's Creative Background Design Training Bundle.)

ProAnimator is a great plug-in for After Effects. I encourage you to Download a demo and take it for a test drive.

Vanishing Point Tutorials for After Effects and Photoshop

The ever prolific Ko Maruyama has produced a couple of videos for the Adobe Design Center about Vanishing Point.

Working with Vanishing Point in Photoshop and After Effects

Using Vanishing Point to map a 3D environment

Toolfarm is a Green Company

toolfarm leafAnd we're not just talking about our logo! Toolfarm is a small company with an eco-friendly strategy. You should feel good about buying your software and plug-ins from us.

  • Toolfarm's headquarters in San Francisco is solar powered. The energy use needle on the meter spins backward during the day!
  • We like to provide software as downloadable. No packaging, no printed manual, no shipping. You get your software fast and the air is a little bit cleaner.
  • We only send email newsletters. It cuts down on costs and saves trees, plus gives us a lot more time to get you the freshest news and information.
  • We're all fervent recyclers. We recycle all of the cardboard, plastic, metal, batteries and computer components that we can.
  • Most of the employees at Toolfarm belong to a CSA or Co-op. We feed our bodies and our minds with healthy, organic foods. It keeps us sharp so we can answer all of your tough questions and give great customer service.

Free Cinema 4D Projects from Chris Smith

Chris Smith, one of Toolfarm Expert Forums Experts. Chris made some free tools for Cinema 4D called CSTools.

Ko Maruyama... our friend, our buddy, our pal... has but together a great tutorial about one of the CSTools.

Click-thru Tutorial: Gridiron Nucleo Pro 2

Studio Daily has a Click-thru Tutorial: Gridiron Nucleo Pro 2. Great timing, with it being ON SALE TODAY ONLY. You could call it a One Day Sale.

Toolfarm Specials - click that link to buy GridIron Nucleo Pro 2 or an upgrade at today's special price.

Creative Mac calls BCC 5 an "Absolute Buy", gives 10 out of 10 rating

continuum complete
Boris Continuum Complete 5 is an exceptional plug-in set for Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, and I could go on for hours about all the effects and how great they are. The amount of thought that went into this plug-in set is obvious, and Boris is moving this plug-in set forward by leaps and bounds. Don't let the $895 price tag scare you away, as there are a few plug-ins in this set that if you were to buy separately, would almost cost you the same as BCC 5 itself. For all the users of Boris Continuum Complete who haven't upgraded to version five, what are you waiting for, and for everyone else, head on over to to download the free demo. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Automatic Duck Updates Pro Import AE

automatic DuckFrom Wes Plate at Automatic Duck: Automatic Duck released a new updated for Pro Import AE 4, fixing issues found since the 4.0 release as well as adding some new functionality.

On the smallish-but-helpful side of the improvements, when an import completes, the just-created comp will be selected in the project pane. This should make it very easy to locate if you are importing into a busy project. Enjoy Jack!

On the grander side, Pro Import AE 4.01 can now read native P2 media used in your Avid timeline. You don't have to transcode to DNxHD anymore just to send the sequence to After Effects.

In between these levels of awesomeness, Pro Import AE 4.01 also adds support for AAF files with embedded media.

Plus other fixes for issues found after the 4.0 release.

Download the 4.01 installer here. This update is free for Pro Import AE 4.0 users. Site license users, do not download this update, you will receive your 4.01 install CD this week.

If you're using Pro Import AE 3.0 or earlier, you can upgrade here.

Pro Import AE 4.01 requires After Effects 7.0 or later. New licenses are $495 each. Users who purchased new licenses or upgrades for Pro Import AE 3.0 on or after March 8, 2007 can upgrade to 4.0 at no charge until December 8, 2007. Users of Pro Import AE 3.0 who purchased before March 8, 2007 as well as users of older After Effects import plug-ins can upgrade for $195 per license.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Motion 3 and FX Night at LAFCPUG, Sept. 26

Michael Horton posted to our forum about the next LAFCPUG meeting... that's Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group for anyone unschooled in acronyms (laugh-ka-pug?)

This seriously looks like a "Don't Miss" event... Next Wednesday, September 26. All of the details are in Michael's forum post.

Michael was recently interviewed on our podcast, Plugged-in and ditor and co-host of Digital Production BuZZ.

Luxology Modcasts

Did you know Luxology has a weekly podcast called Luxology Modcast, featuring Luxology president Brad Peebler. They cover everything from subdivision surface modeling to interviews with experts in the field of 3D.

Luxology modo 301 was recently released and boy, is it incredible!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ultimatte AdvantEdge Demo for Intel Mac Now Available

The Ultimatte AdvantEdge Demo v1.6.3 contains Universal Binary plug-ins for After Effects, Avid, Photoshop and Shake.

The Foundry delivers entire Tinderbox collection for Autodesk Combustion

tinderboxIBC 2007, Amsterdam, Booth #7.528, 7th September, 2007. Leading visual effects developer The Foundry today announced the debut release of its visual effects plug-ins and image-processing tools for Autodesk's Combustion (Windows only) desktop software. For the first time, The Foundry has made its entire Tinderbox collection of industry-leading plug-ins available to Combustion artists, bringing over 70 new effects within easy reach of users and enabling them to significantly enhance their VFX capabilities.

The complete collection of Tinderboxes, 1, 2, 3 and 4, feature over 70 powerful 2D visual effects. Each comes with a multitude of adjustable parameters to give everyone involved in the creation of stylish motion graphics and visual effects, access to a comprehensive toolset that can deliver unlimited creative possibilities.

"Everything we do is driven by what the market wants, and Combustion users were asking for greater visual effects firepower," commented Dr Bill Collis, CEO at The Foundry. "The Tinderbox collections, deliver just that - cutting-edge creative tools that can be easily used to create stunning effects."

The Foundry's Tinderbox range comprises four separate collections of plug-ins, including generators, creative visual effects and image-processing tools. Examples include: Sky, which generates realistic evolving skies, with controls for clouds, sun, haze, fog, atmosphere and sun flares; Water, which simulates the effect of water droplets rippling on a surface; Fire, for generating realistic animated flames; Colourist, for automatic colour correction and balancing; Starburst, which adds sparkles and highlights; BadTV, for simulating poor television reception; plus over sixty five other stylish effects.

"The Tinderbox series is a powerful collection of tools that have added amazing power and functionality to our shop." D. Jennekens, Bullseye Post.

Tinderbox - highlights:

  • Blur: is a time constant sub-pixel guassian blur. It is very fast at large and small blurs and being sub-pixel it can be smoothly animated over time.
  • Diffuse: scatters pixels in an image.
  • Sky: generates realistic evolving skies. There are controls for clouds, sun, haze, fog, atmosphere and sun flares plus numerous presets.
  • HeatHaze: simulates the layered rippling distortions that is characteristic of viewing images through hot air.
  • Rays: creates a backlit ray effect. The rays are sourced from selected areas of the image's luminance, or a matte. The colour of the rays can come from the source image or a fixed colour.
  • Glass: gives the impression of viewing an image through a layer of distorting glass.
  • Grain: adds noise to images to simulate grain. A luminance curve is provided to reduce the amount of grain added in the shadows and highlights.
  • LensFlare: generates realistic and highly customisable lens flares. There are controls for the bright spot, light rays, polygonal lens inter-reflections and much more.
  • Newsprint: converts images into their constituent dot patterns that are characteristic of printed material. Features three different print methods - Two Tone, CMY and RGB.
  • NightSky: renders the brightest 9000 stars visible from Earth. It uses real data so constellations are in their correct positions and with their correct colour. Numerous presets display the constellations.
  • Swirl: distorts an image around a point.
  • BumpShade: gives images the appearance of depth by falsely extruding the luminance or matte. Lighting is provided to accentuate the relief and parameters to soften the effect are supplied.
  • Condensation: renders thousands of water particles that clump together into water droplets. The droplets are used to distort the source image giving the appearance of water condensation on glass. The plug-in comes with lighting controls and the effect auto-animates drips.
  • EdgeDetect: finds and highlights edges in images. The result can be blended back into the original using the built-in blending methods. Quick glows and back-lit effects are possible using this technique.
  • Silk: is a digital wrinkle cream. It is used to reduce wrinkles, freckles and minor blemishes in actors' faces without having to draw mattes. It is a tolerance blur with a variable blur size that can be used to maintain edges and smooth off regions of a similar hue.
  • Lightning: generates highly realistic forked lightning and plasma bolts. There are numerous parameters to control all aspects of the bolt from fork depth to glow intensity. Optional mattes can be used to restrict the path of the plasma around objects.
  • Starfield: renders an infinite three dimensional field of stars. There are controls to look in a particular direction or at a fixed position in 3D space regardless of the motion of the observer. An auto mode is supplied to randomly tumble you through space.
  • Cartoon: flattens colour and adds lines to edges to give a cartoon feel to images.
  • Channels: a versatile tool for channel and image manipulation. It provides a range of functionality including image based arithmetic, clamping, clipping, channel rewiring and colour space conversion.
  • Flow: essentially a flood fill along a path defined by a matte. It can be used to write on text and generating animated mattes as transition effects.
  • Rain: renders 2D rain over an image. It's quick to render and gives very plausible results for many shots.
  • Snow: renders swirling, falling snow that can settle on objects.
  • SoftGlow: provides a subtle glow to images.

Availability and Pricing:

Now shipping, Tinderbox is available for artists running a Windows version of Combustion. Nodelocked licenses are available for $500.00 per box.

Existing Tinderbox for After Effects 7.0 customers who are running a Windows version of Combustion on the same machine as their After Effects 7.0 Pro can download the Combustion (Windows only) builds from The Foundry's website. Existing Tinderbox for After Effects 7.0 licenses will license the plug-ins to work on both Combustion and After Effects although customers will not be able to run both programs at the same time.

Imagineer Systems mokey and monet price reductions

mocha has been a huge success since its launch in August 2007. mocha has made the Imagineer planar tracking technology accessible to everybody and has fast become the most talked about tracking tool available. mokey v4.1.2 and monet v2.1.2 were released today and are now available

Imagineer says, "Following on from this success and after much discussion with our partners and customers, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to significantly reduce the price of our flagship products mokey and monet."

mokey and monet are now priced exactly the same and you can purchase the software for only $5,590 node locked and $7,195 floating on our online store.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Imagineer Systems moxel Now Available at Toolfarm

imagineer moxelImagineer moxel elegantly handles 'standards and practice' work, such as removing undesired branding and obscuring identities by using image recognition techniques to reduce the amount of time spent on these tedious and laborious tasks. Designed for speed and ease of use, moxel is the ideal solution for ensuring that content meets broadcast standards.

It's available as Node-Locked, Floating License and Cross-Platform Floating License.

formZ version 6.5.2 released

form zformZ Version 6.5.2 is the first release of formZ 6.5 and RenderZone Plus software in German, Spanish, Italian, and Korean. A patch for 6.5.2 has been released to fix some irregularities in form.Z 6.5. To update your software, launch form.Z, go to Edit / Preferences / Update and click on Check Now. Then follow the on-screen prompts. You may get information at

Tiffen DFX Digital Effects Suite now available as Standalone and Bundles

tiffen boxTiffen's Dfx Digital plug-ins are now available as a standalone plug-in set and in several varieties of bundles that combine After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Photoshop and the standalone.

Oh, so many choices!

The Foundry preview Nuke 5 at IBC 2007

NUKEIBC 2007, Amsterdam, Booth #7.528, 7th September, 2007. Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry is delighted to announce that it will be offering visitors to IBC 2007 a sneak preview of the next major release of its powerful compositing application, Nuke. Visitors to booth 7.528 will be able to catch a glimpse of the eagerly awaited Nuke 5, which will include improvements to the user interface, the addition of Python for scripting, and support for stereoscopic workflow.

Since taking on the development of Nuke The Foundry's goal has been to remain true to the original concept of developing a comprehensive compositing solution that is 'designed by artists for artists'. With user requirements as the driver, The Foundry has concentrated on enriching and refining the product, building on its already strong foundations and focussing development efforts on areas that required renovation. Nuke 5 is the first major step towards this goal.

"We'd been looking at Nuke for months and always thought of it as a very forward-thinking piece of software. When we considered all of the options that could be the foundation of our pipeline for the future, we chose Nuke. More than any compositing package we considered, Nuke seems to embody the best grasp of where things are going." Robin Hackl, Managing Director, Image-Engine Design Inc

Applying over a decade of software development experience and close collaboration with the growing Nuke community, The Foundry has reworked Nuke's UI to improve the user experience and make it more approachable for a broader range of artists. In addition to augmenting the existing floating window layouts with a flexible panes and panels system, Nuke 5 will feature per-node inputs, and expanded LUT support for file I/O colourspace conversion.

Since its inception, Nuke's extensive scripting capabilities have been a key feature for many of its adopters, and The Foundry is taking this to the next level by adding support for the Python scripting language for the next release.

The Foundry's product development has long-benefited from close working relationships with some of the industry's leading post production facilities. The latest challenge facing these cutting edge artists is the dramatic increase in volumes of stereoscopic projects. The Foundry has responded by laying the groundwork for efficient multi-view compositing in Nuke 5.

"With the latest Nuke developments we are reinforcing our commitment to deliver first-class products that assist creativity, workflow and productivity, no matter how demanding the pipeline," said Dr Bill Collis, CEO, The Foundry. "Close relationships with our Nuke and plug-in customers are fundamental to our work - we listen to what they say they need for their pipelines today and tomorrow and this drives our R&D."

Available on Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms Nuke delivers unparalleled speed, an extensible 64-channel architecture, and powerful feature set unrivalled in the desktop market. Nuke 5 will be available towards the end of the year.

The Foundry will be demonstrating Furnace 4 for Shake, Furnace 4 for Nuke, Nuke 4.7 along with technology demonstrations of version 5, an alpha demo of Furnace 4 for Fusion and Furnace 3 for Autodesk® Systems Products on booth 7.528 at IBC 2007.

The Foundry launches Furnace 4 plug-ins for Nuke

IBC 2007, Amsterdam, Booth #7.528, 7th September, 2007. Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry has announced the release of its Furnace 4 for Nuke plug-ins. The new OFX Furnace 4 for Nuke toolset features 36 advanced image processing tools designed to ease the routine processes involved with the creation of digital visual effects.

Since March 2007, when the development of the Nuke compositing application moved over to The Foundry, there have been a number of advances and improvements to Nuke, and the addition of its popular Furnace toolset is sure to be a welcome announcement for the growing Nuke community.

The Furnace 4 for Nuke toolset is born from The Foundry's OFX initiative. Launched in 2004, OFX (Open FX) is free-of-charge, open source plug-in standard for developing 2D digital visual effects. OFX was instantly welcomed for its benefits to digital artists and their clients, and for allowing developers to focus more R&D time on new solutions to advance the art of digital effects. It is via the OFX API that The Foundry has been able to provide such a significant number of its Furnace plug-ins so quickly after it took on the development of Nuke.

New plug-ins in Furnace 4 for Nuke include, ChannelRepair, ColourAlign, ColourMatte, Contrast, Correlate, DeBlur, DeFlicker2, DeNoise, Depth, FrameRepair, MatchGrade, MotionBlur, MotionMatch, MotionMatte, MotionSmooth, ShadowRemoval, SmartFill, SmartPlate, SmartZoom, Splicer, Steadiness, VectorConvertor, VectorGenerator and VectorWarper.

The Foundry announce sneak preview of Furnace 4 for Fusion

IBC 2007, Amsterdam, Booth #7.528, 7th September, 2007. Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry has announced that it will be giving IBC 2007 visitors a sneak preview of its Furnace 4 plug-ins for eyeon Software's Fusion. The soon to be released toolset will be brand new to Fusion artists, giving them access to a host of advanced image processing tools that will enhance workflow and boost productivity in digital visual effects post production.

Thousands of leading digital artists worldwide already take advantage of Furnace to ease the routine processes involved with the creation of digital visual effects. With The Foundry's Furnace 4 for Fusion shipping soon, Fusion artists will, for the first time, be able to gain access to a broad range of The Foundry's sophisticated motion estimation technology.

The Furnace 4 for Fusion toolset is born from The Foundry's OFX initiative. Launched in 2004, OFX (Open FX) is free-of-charge, open source plug-in standard for developing 2D digital visual effects. OFX was instantly welcomed for its benefits to digital artists and their clients, and for allowing developers to focus more R&D time on new solutions to advance the art of digital effects. And The Foundry is delighted that eyeon has joined the growing list of supported OFX hosts.

Bruno Nicoletti, Chief Technology Officer, The Foundry commented eyeon has supported the OFX initiative from very early on and we are thrilled that we will soon be able to add Fusion to our list of supported OFX hosts. The collaborative efforts of our development teams will soon culminate in a significant number of our Furnace plug-ins being available for Fusion artists, enabling a broader range of digital artists to take advantage of our advanced motion estimation technology on their compositing application of choice."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Apple Announces Logic Studio and Logic Express 8

Apple Logic StudioApple Logic Studio is a complete suite of professional tools for musicians to create, produce, and perform in the studio and on the stage. It includes Logic Pro 8, MainStage, Soundtrack Pro 2, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, Studio Sound Library, Compressor 3, and Waveburner.
Upgrades: Apple Logic Studio Upgrade from Logic Pro 6/7 or Logic Platinum/Gold 5/6 | Apple Logic Studio Upgrade from Logic Express

Apple Logic StudioLogic Express 8 is a full-featured yet easy-to-use tool that provides musicians a powerful and approachable way to make music at an incredibly attractive price. Logic Express also includes 100 instruments and effects from Logic Studio.
Upgrade: Apple Logic Express Upgrade from Logic Express 7, Logic Express 6, Logic Audio 6, or Logic Audio 5

Do you work with subtitles?

We've added a new page to our Plug-in Finder about working with Subtitles. We link to plug-ins that help you create subtitles in a variety of host apps, some tutorials on the proper way to create subtitles, and information about standards, the XML interchange format used in FCP and more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adobe needs your help!

Michael Coleman is the product manager for Adobe After Effects and he posted the following to his blog:

One of the best parts of being on the After Effects team is how much interaction we have with our customers. We visit many of you just hear what you have to say about After Effects and the projects you are working on. While this is informative and a lot of fun, eventually we have to head home and get to work!

Since we can't speak with every one of you personally, we're also conducting a survey about After Effects usage. You are invited to take a few minutes of your time to tell us a few things about yourself, your projects, and your workflow. You'll also get a chance to indicate which potential features are most important to you. We often use surveys like this to guide future development efforts.

Please go to this URL to get started. It will probably take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. It is hosted at

We know you probably have a million things to do, but if you can take some to have a little influence on the After Effects team, we'd certainly appreciate it.

The information we gather is just for Adobe's use and we promise not to do anything annoying with your survey responses. All data will be kept confidential. No information about you will be sold or furnished to any other company whatsoever, nor will you receive unsolicited e-mails because of your participation in this survey.

You may see another survey invitation from me on other forums or e-mail lists. It's the same survey and there's no need to do the survey again.

On behalf of the entire After Effects team, thanks!

EditorsKeys After Effects and Final Cut Pro Keyboard Set

editors keysEditorsKeys After Effects Keyboard Set and EditorsKeys Final Cut Pro Keyboard Set are now available from Toolfarm!

The keyboard stickers are proven to increase productivity of your editing by up to 40% and also add that professional edit suite touch to your keyboard. Our keyboard sets aren't just normal stickers. They are made from over 40 micro- interweaved PVC layers of the highest quality, both for optimal durability and to help blend in with your own keyboard.

LME now uses Adobe Bridge for Previews!

LMEI'm always raving about LME Presets for After Effects and Trapcode plug-ins, and I should be. The presets are terrific, well planned, and inexpensive. Now, all LME products have Adobe Bridge folders available to help make browsing easier, whether you've bought the products already or just want to take a peek at what they have to offer. More information.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Call Box Digital Color Correction - The Final Cut Studio Workflow with Apple's Color

Call Box has released a new DVD focusing on your workflow with Apple Color within Final Cut Studio. This DVD condenses years of Stuart Ferreyra's color correction expertise and know-how into easy to follow demonstrations. Co-host Noah Kadner works alongside Ferreyra to unlock the secrets of Color for beginners and advanced users alike.

Noah has answered thousands of Final Cut Pro-related questions during his years spent as a forum leader in film and TV production message boards like, Creative Cow and He's also spent years as an Apple Certified Pro instructor in Final Cut Studio and as a systems integrator and private consultant for 24p production and editing in Hollywood. In this DVD, Noah teams up with expert colorist Ferreyra to bring you his knowledge and experience in this master class.

Read more at Call Box Digital Color Correction

Free Fall Video Seminars from Adobe

adobe logoSign up today for some free video seminars from Adobe! Here is a sampling of the classes:
  • Creating Animations with After Effects and output to Flash
  • After Effects 101 part 2: Creating motion backgrounds and elements
  • Capture the best footage possible from your video camera and save editing time with OnLocation and Premiere Pro
  • Working with Photoshop Extended to use with Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Create DVD motion menus that wow your audience using Adobe After Effects CS

There are a few more on the list as well. Classes start September 27 and go through late November.

Red Giant Knoll Unmult

Red Giant logoKnoll Unmult is a free plug-in from Red Giant Software that recreates the opacity or alpha channel of a layer based on luminance (brightness) of the lens flare. Unmult assumes that the lens flare is rendered against black. The image is also adjusted to compensate for the new alpha channel. It is now available in 32 bpc and is updated for Intel Macs!

If you're interested in more free plug-ins, check out our Free Plug-ins page at the recently relaunched Plug-in Finder.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Plug-in Finder 2.0 beta is launched... quietly

plug-in finder It's taken a few months, but the new Plug-in Finder is launched. It still has a few bugs - especially in the search - that I'm working out, so it's still in a beta state.

We'll be updating the links from the store and redirecting when we can, so please be patient. It was a huge undertaking. I'd like to thank Chris Wynia for his hard work on copying the old content over from the old Plug-in Finder to the new one.

We do have big plans for this Plug-in Finder. We plan to add tons of video and images and examples. Please stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

modo 301 Ships to Customers World-wide Today

Luxology Boosts Modern 3D Modeling Software to New Heights Adding Sculpting and Animation to modo

modo logoSan Mateo, Calif. - Sept. 11, 2007 - Luxology® LLC today announced the immediate availability of modo® 301, the newest version of its award-winning, artist-friendly 3D content creation software. Available for both Mac OSX and Windows, modo 301 is a milestone release that features new sculpting and item animation, as well as extensive improvements to its modeling, painting and rendering toolsets.

"This release of modo redefines the creative 3D experience," said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. "Virtually any shape can now be created, textured and animated in a single environment; modo 301 invites experimentation and rewards the artist with new levels of efficiency."

modo 301 combines a powerful, real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with an artist-focused set of tools that harness sculpting, painting and rendering technologies to speed the creation of world class 3D content. modo is now time-enabled, encouraging designers and artists to explore an unprecedented range of content creation alternatives as well as produce finished animation sequences from within modo or via motion and deformation data from other applications. This unique combination of modern workflow and fused toolsets deliver increased productivity and performance for 3D artists working in a variety of disciplines including product design, architectural visualization, packaging design and a variety of entertainment industries.

Key features in modo 301's comprehensive release include:

  • Precision Modeling and Sculpting: modo's world class subdivision modeler is further equipped with new snapping functionality and the addition of true 3D sculpting tools that speed base mesh creation and the creation of organic surface detail.
  • Fluid 3D Painting: Painting is now threaded for superior performance; paint strokes can be seamlessly applied across multiple images and even onto multiple UV maps.
  • Item Animation: Properties can be varied over time allowing modelers to, for example, perfect facial morphs by modeling on a moving face or enabling designers to walk-through or animate their designs.
  • "Unleashed" Rendering: The modo renderer now operates on up to 50 workstations (cross platform) and offers rock solid global illumination and blurry reflections in animated sequences.
  • Superior Workflow: Artists and designers will enjoy even smoother workflow in modo due to further refinement of the physical user interface, which is based on more than a dozen iterations that Luxology conducted with beta testers from a variety of disciplines.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Special deal on Professional Video Templates!

gardenSave 10% on all single templates from Professional Video Templates through September 30, 2007.

The Professional Video Templates Bundle Vol 1 contains all of the templates and is already reduced 20% from the cost of the individuals. They're really cool templates.

Fnord plug-ins now at Toolfarm

fnordFnord ProEXR - ProEXR lets you choose from all the compression options available in OpenEXR.

Fnord Power Picker gives you what you've always wanted - a full-featured, interactive color picker right inside the After Effects interface. Never again will you have to bounce back and forth between the Apple Color Picker and your Comp.

Fnord is fun to say. Say it. You know you want to. Fnord Fnord.

Google Custom Search

I'm trying out the Google Custom Search Tool on our site. It's installed on the News Blog and on the Store.

It searches the store, Plug-in Finder, news, tutorials, AE Freemart and anything on our site. It will help unify results and make things easier to locate. What do you think? Please comment.

New After Effects Templates from broadcastGEMs

broadcastGEMsCreate the look of growing vines.

Requires Adobe After Effects 6.5 or higher. The download contains everything you need: the project file and a PDF with instructions. They're download only and available immediately after checkout.

GridIron gets a new logo

I've always thought the GridIron logos for Nucleo and Nucleo Pro are just lovely. They're simple, clean and happy. The GridIron logo has also been updated and the new one is great! What do you think?

gridiron logos

Maxon Mograph Text video tutorial from Ko Maruyama

Using Cinema 4D and Mograph? Ko Maruyama has built a tutorial movie for Toolfarm that explains some tips on working with Mograph text and streamlining your workflow. In the end, he brings it into Photoshop.

Interested in Maxon tools? Boy, I'm full of questions this morning.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Demos at Toolfarm: Boris Blue 2.0 and Avidion Real3D

Yep, just like the subject line says, new demos of Boris Blue 2.0 and Avidion Real3D are available at Toolfarm.

Boris Blue is completely new (see the Blue 2.0 Press Release). The Real3D is an update to the Windows version. The Mac version remains the same.

GridIron Software Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

Ottawa, ON, Canada - September 6, 2007 - GridIron® Software (, a leading provider of high performance workflow software, today announced the appointment of Tom Goguen as Chief Marketing Officer. Tom brings to GridIron over 20 years of marketing and engineering experience developing innovative new products and successfully bringing those products to market. As GridIron's Chief Marketing Officer Tom's responsibilities will include all GridIron branding, marketing, and business development activities from product concept through to demand creation and sales. Tom will be based out of GridIron's satellite office in San Jose, California.

"Tom's experience and proven track record as a marketing leader will be a great asset for implementing our growth plan, enhancing our offerings, and developing new strategic partnerships," said Steve Forde, CEO of GridIron Software. "We are excited to have such a high caliber executive on our team and look forward to Tom's leadership, as he helps us to continue to grow the company and build our innovative next generation product line for creative professionals."

Prior to joining GridIron, Tom was Vice President of Sun's Solaris software marketing organization, with overall responsibility for managing the Solaris business including Solaris 10 and the OpenSolaris community, Sun Cluster, and Sun's storage software products. Tom also led product marketing for Apple's move into the server, storage, and desktop management software markets with responsibility for popular Apple software products including Mac OS X Server, Apple Remote Desktop, and Xsan.

Tom studied electrical engineering and holds a master's degree from the University of Ottawa and a bachelor's degree from the University of New Brunswick.

About GridIron Software

GridIron Software was founded in 2001 to develop tools to bring parallel computing to a wide variety of markets and applications. Today, GridIron is a leading provider of high performance workflow software for motion graphics professionals, with a proven set of products that allow users to improve their overall project efficiency. The company continues to leverage its unique expertise to offer innovative new products for the creative professional market.

Buy Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium or Master Collection and get free footage from Artbeats - a $2,895 Value!

Enhance your video productions with incredible footage from Artbeats. Adobe has selected 15 royalty-free stock footage clips from the Artbeats library specifically to expand your creative options. Included are billowing clouds, stunning pyrotechnic effects, water drops, gently falling rain, a spinning globe, and mood-setting animated backgrounds. Available in NTSC and PAL formats. For more information and to preview all 15 of the clips, visit

Buy Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium or Master Collection and get free footage from Artbeats - a $2,895 Value!

Offer Terms and Conditions:
Customers purchase a full retail or upgrade version (does not include Education, OEM or VAB versions) of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium or the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection from the Adobe Store or a participating reseller from September 10th, 2007 through November 30th, 2007 to be eligible to download 15 royalty-free stock footage clips from Artbeats ("Artbeats Clips") for free (a value of US$2,895). Offer is available to customers located in the U.S., Canada (excluding Quebec) and Mexico.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Boris FX Ships Boris Blue 2.0

boris blueAvid plug-in support brings 3D motion graphics with OpenGL rendering to the editor's desktop

Marlborough MA - September 7, 2007 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that Boris Blue version 2.0 is now available. The new Boris Blue release provides an Avid® AVX 2.0 plug-in option as well as a slew of new image treatment filters for "front room" design production. The support for AVX allows Avid editors to keep work traditionally done in high-end, stand alone effects applications within their own editing environment streamlining the entire media production process. With Boris Blue 2.0, Avid editors can create sophisticated titles, transitions, and other 3D elements including imported 3D models and particle emitters right in the Avid timeline. Visitors to the IBC 2007 exhibition can see the new Blue 2.0 release on the Boris FX stand 7.830.

"Boris Blue 2.0 expands the role of the editor. Avid editors will be able to incorporate complex 3D creations within their workflow. Whether they are using Blue as a standalone application or fully integrated via AVX, Blue allows Avid editors to work with 3D objects in realtime with little to no learning curve," comments Boris Yamnitsky, founder and president, Boris FX.

"AVX development is a critical part of building a rich content creation environment for our customers, and Boris FX was one of the very first developers to take advantage of the plug-in architecture. Since then, they have continually pushed the development envelope to offer innovative effects packages such as Boris Blue," comments Matt Feury, senior evangelist at Avid. "The latest release of Blue is one of the first plug-in packages to fully leverage the RT architecture of AVX 2.0. In doing so, Boris FX has advanced the realm of possibilities for Avid editors by bringing true 3D compositing to the desktop."

Boris Blue 2.0 Highlights
  • Avid Plug-in Integration for Windows XP Avid systems; AVX plug-in integration eliminates export/import of projects - simplifying online/offline workflow. Additionally, Boris Blue effects can be saved into Avid bins for re-use.
  • Improved 3D Interactors for Objects, Cameras, Lights and Split Views; Simultaneously display and work with multiple perspectives of the 3D Scene in the Composite Window. This new enhancement makes it faster and easier to create sophisticated 3D scenes and animations.
  • 3D Camera Improvements; The new functionality gives the ability to put a camera on a user-defined bezier path and have a camera automatically stay focused on a particular object or point in the scene while animating through 3D space.
  • New 3D Deformers and Image Processors; The expanded effects pallete includes Curl and Shatter, as well as Glow and Film Process. Accelerated filters such as Lens Flare and Glint expand the range of looks and effects that can be created with Boris Blue 2.0.

Pricing and Availability Boris Blue 2.0 is available today through Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct through Boris FX web site at for an MSRP of $995.00. Boris Red owners can add Boris Blue 2.0 for $295.00.

Boris Continuum Complete 5.01 Trial versions here

The Boris Continuum Complete 5 Trial Versions have all been updated to reflect BCC 5.01:

  • Boris Continuum Complete AE Windows and Mac
  • Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug Mac
  • Boris Continuum Complete AVX Windows and Mac

Download Boris demos here.

CSTools Free Cinema 4D goodie from Chris Smith - Video by Ko Maruyama

Check out Ko's video on Chris Smith's CSTools for Maxon Cinema 4D.

Chris Smith is one of our sensational Toolfarm Forum Experts and he posted all of the details about the freebie on the forum.

P2/MXF Supported in New Premiere Pro CS3 Patch

I'm baaaaaccckkkk. So much to catch up on! Be prepared for tons of updates this week.

Via General Specialist: Jonas says:

The next patch to Premiere Pro CS3 (probably version 3.0.2 or possibly 3.1) will import and output P2 media and MXF files natively without transcoding, rewrapping or conforming.

The Adobe Premiere Upgrade page has mucho info.

Hey, want to buy Premiere Pro CS3 or the Premiere Pro CS3 Upgrade?