Monday, August 13, 2007

Plugged-In: The Digital Landscape Episode 9

The lasted Plugged-in Podcast is ready for your ears!

noah kadnerNoah Kadner will be discussing some ideas on setting up a new edit suite and the challenges therein. With the industry changing so rapidly from year-to-year, how can one possibly anticipate what to purchase? Noah lends his thoughts, and will also be letting us in some cool things that he's been up to.

terry currenTerry Curren began his career in the early 1980's by directing, editing and producing music videos as well as a successful direct-to-video feature film, "Interview With Terror". In 1986, he began work at Matchframe Video a post-based facility in Burbank, CA wherein he spearheaded the creation of the studio's edit suites. Terry is now President of Alpha Dogs in Burbank and reviews and write tutorials for trade staples Post, DV Magazine, and others.

And the Regulars:

phillip hodgettsPhilip Hodgetts will be by to talk about all that's new in the world of digital production and dispel some of the more popular myths about working in HD.

michele yamazakiMichele Yamazaki will bring us all that's new and yummy at Toolfarm. We talk about Chinese stir fry so get your woks oiled up.

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