Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Noise Industries Updates FxFactory to 1.07

fxfactoryThis free update to FxFactory brings you 15 new plug-ins for all FxFactory Pro users, and major performance improvements to all plug-ins when rendering in Final Cut Pro.

The total number of FxFactory Pro plug-ins has now reached 150, thanks to the following new filters: Clone, Chromatic Aberration, Channel Geometry, Free Distort, Mask With Geometry, Color Crush, Zoom Blur Chroma, Zoom Blur Luminance, Add Noise, Sharpen Chroma, Sharpen Luminance, Sharpen RGB, and transitions: Paint Wipe, Twirl Wipe and Waves Wipe.

Download a demo of FxFactory Now!


CoreMelt VeeYou freebie!

VeeYou is the first set of freebie plugins for Final Cut Studio by CoreMelt. Generate Volume Unit level and EQ animations based on the audio in your project. Sample projects are included!

More info | Download VeeYou


SUGARfx Portfolio

The latest SUGARfx theme comes with 9 elements that let you animate through any media you supply. Portfolio lets you elegantly showcase your work, and even comes with a matching theme for DVD Studio Pro.
More info on SUGARfx Portfolio

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