Thursday, August 16, 2007

Knoll Light Factory Updates are Here!

knoll light factoryI know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the AE CS3 upgrade for Knoll Light Factory for Mac.

Here you will find the latest software updates and any relevant downloads for each product. The updates will include fixes to known products and feature updates.

FREE Knoll Light Factory 2.5 beta AE CS3 update

Note: If you have previously installed KLF 2.5 before this update, you must uninstall KLF 2.5 before proceeding with this update installation.

Before installing, please read the uninstall and install instructions for the KLF 2.5 for AE 8.

Knoll Light Factory 2.5 upgrade for Final Cut Pro

Knoll Light Factory 2.5 upgrade for Motion

Knoll Light Factory 2.5 upgrade for Avid

Tutorials & Forum

Toolfarm is the official Red Giant Forum Host. Got a question? Red Giant employees John Kerr and Jeremy Hill will gladly help.

Buy Knoll Light Factory 2.5

Still on Knoll Light Factory v1? Upgrade here!

Full versions of Knoll Light Factory Pro and Editors

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