Monday, August 20, 2007

Digital Anarchy's ToonIt!

Chances are: You know Digital Anarchy. For many of us, the software that Jim Tierney provided was the only way that we could get the clients to say "Ahhhhhhh".

For me, it started with Psunami Water. A studio I worked for wanted some "watery" animation - and I suggested some "water-like" plug-in. They looked at it, we punched in some new values, and the resulting animation wrapped up an otherwise long project.

Before Text Tools in AE Text Anarchy was the only way we could make "THE MATRIX TEXT", and every animator knows there are clients who asked for it on everything (shudder).

Digital Anarchy has paved the way with a bunch of tools that make creating "what clients see and want" easier for animators. Now - another: TOONIT!

While I DO NOT SUGGEST that slapping this plug-in on video will make your footage of an intern in a red dress look like Jessica Rabbit - it is an excellent alternative to rotoscoping, posterization and stripping channels.

(Plus, I've already seen is used on-air in its "AS IS" condition, so somebody out there has already used its default settings as a solution).

Jim gave me (and others who started to crowd in around me) a demo of the software.

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