Thursday, August 23, 2007

Create an Animatic Slug with PowerProduction StoryBoard Artist

I'm on the board of my local MCAI chapter and I'm in charge of our November meeting. The topic is storyboarding and I'm going to be demoing PowerProduction StoryBoard Artist (unless someone from the company can demo it!) I saw a demo by Grant Carroll of Channel Wolves at a Motion Picture Collective meeting after NAB NY last year and it was really impressive to say the least.

Everyone's familiar with the storyboarding process as it relates to film production. It helps a producer and director bring a screenplay to life. But have you ever thought about how storyboarding could streamline editing and post-production? Imagine creating a visual outline to guide your editing, before you even start collecting footage. Imagine a full-length animatic, complete with music, right in your NLE timeline - to overlay footage onto, making constructing a scene a snap. Imagine creating animatic slug scenes from your own images or from a library of supplied images to round out your unfinished sequences.

All of this is possible using PowerProduction StoryBoard Artist. With Storyboard Artist, an editor no longer has to screen unfinished sequences with 'shot missing' or scene missing' slates. Instead the editor can create animatics to import into their NLE timeline.

storyboard artist

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