Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CHV-electronics releases Particles Heaven FX, the first ever real Particle Emitter FxPlug plugin package for use with Motion and Final Cut Pro

Particles HeavenCHV-electronics, software developer of plug-ins for Motion, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express announced today that a new plug-in package based on Apple's plug-in technology "FxPlug" has been released.

Mac Universal FxPlug

Particles Heaven FX is a revolutionary and completely new particle emitter system for Motion and Final Cut Pro (Motion projects can be used directly in the timeline of Final Cut Pro). Particles Heaven is not a set of templates for Motion's own particle system. Particles Heaven is in fact the first real FxPlug particle emitter plugin ever for Motion and Final Cut Pro. It is loaded with a huge set of controls, making it possible to create a vast amount of ever different looking effects. The package also includes a number of project files that demonstrate on how to create a variety of effects.

Additionally Particles Heaven is the first ever cascadable FxPlug plug-in. This feature makes it possible to produce trails and smoke, trigger explosions at any point in time of the life of a particle, create sparkles along the way and much more.

With Particles Heaven you can create any kind of particle effects you've ever dreamt of.

All FxPlug plug-in packages from CHV-electronics are GPU-accelerated, using the full power of the installed graphics adapter for direct feedback and fast rendering.

Pricing & Availability
Particles Heaven FX is priced at $295.00 and can also be purchased in a bundle together with the plugin packages Magic 3D FX, Shining FX and Morphing FX for $395.00. All plugin packages are available immediately and can be downloaded from CHV's website and from Toolfarm. Download a demo of Particles Heaven FX.

About CHV-electronics
CHV-electronics was founded in 1997 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. CHV's mission is to develop high quality software for the video industry and hard- and software suited for special customer needs. In addition CHV also provides video editing service as well as the full palette of all services for big screen video technology for exhibitions and control rooms.

Toolfarm is now selling Nattress Plug-ins

nattress logoToolfarm is pleased to announce that we are now selling Nattress Plug-ins for Final Cut Pro. These plug-in packages are only a C-Note away and are innovative and useful.

I don't know how many times I've been asked about Conversion for NTSC to Pal and back. Well, Nattress has a plug-in for it called Nattress Standards Converter V2.5.

Also, check out the Nattress Film Effects v2.5.5 and Nattress Big Box of Tricks, a hube bundle of plug-ins and very aptly named.

CHV Particles Heaven FX is now available!

Particles HeavenMac Universal FxPlugOne Plugin - One million effects and more

CHV Particles Heaven FX is an incredible new FxPlug plug-in for Final Cut Pro and Motion. It's the first real FxPlug particle emitter and if the previous CHV plug-ins are any indication, this plug-in totally rocks. We've added lots of Quicktime examples to the store page.

The CHV FxPlug Bundle has also been updated to 08-2007 (CHV uses dates instead of point numbers for the bundles, which actually makes a lot of sense. The Bundle now includes Particles Heaven FX.

Also, try a demo!

Did you know...

CHV has a really cool free plug-in that is for Final Cut Pro and Motion? It's called Towers of Film 3D. Download it today! It's really cool and more than worth the price of admission.

Digital Film Tools Releases Power Stroke 1.0 for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

digital film toolsOak Park, CA July 30, 2007 -- Digital Film Tools (www.digitalfilmtools.com) announces the release of Power Stroke version 1.0, a stroke based color correction, colorization and special effects plug-in.

Designed with the creative workflow of digital photographers, graphic designers and artists in mind, Power Stroke introduces a simple, interactive stroke-based interface to quickly and intuitively perform targeted adjustments. Instead of meticulously selecting regions or hand-painting masks, regions of interest are isolated by drawing a few simple brush strokes with adjustments then made only in those areas. Strokes can be assigned multiple corrections and effects such as color correction, recoloring or desaturation, colorization of black and white images, blur, fill light for dimly lit image areas and diffusion/glow.

Based on the concepts of luminance-weighted chrominance blending and fast intrinsic distance computations, Power Stroke produces high quality results at a fraction of the complexity and computational cost of previous techniques. At long last, gestural selection and image adjustment have been combined into one natural, fast and easy process.

Power Stroke is based on research and technology by Liron Yatziv and Guillermo Sapiro from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota, and is exclusively licensed by Digital Film Tools. Digital Film Tools is an offshoot of a Los Angeles based full-service visual effects facility specializing in feature film and television special effects. Power Stroke 1.0 for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements is available for download or purchase for $120.

Try RE:Vision Effects new DE:Noise plug-in!

I've added DE:Noise to our demo downloads, so you can take it out for a test drive. There are two flavors: one for After Effects compatible (including Premiere Pro, Combustion, Eyeon Digital Fusion and Boris Red) and one FxPlug for Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Download some demos!

Monday, July 30, 2007

RE:Vision Effects releases DE:Noise 1.0

After Effects 7 AECS3 Mac Universal FxPlug
DE:Noise handles spurious frame-to-frame defects ranging from fine digital and electronic noise to blotchy spots (e.g. dirt on the film). DE:Noise combines proprietary motion estimation (optical flow) techniques with feature-sensitive, edge-preserving spatial filtering methods to reduce the visual impact of various problems such as: noisy video (that can happen with low-light capture), excessive film grain, CG renders affected by ray-tracing sampling artifacts, fingerprints and dust captured during film scan/transfer and printing, snow, drop-outs and many other defects.

Features of DE:Noise

  • Pre-processing contrast controls to help enhance the noise for easier elimination.
  • Smart spatial filtering controls that allow for the spatial smoothing of noise without smoothing over important features in the image sequence.
  • 8 different temporal filtering methods that uses motion estimation (via optical flow) to correlate images over time in order to reduce noise and other artifacts.
  • Post-processing to help punch up the result or to undo the preprocessing contrast enhancement.
  • Post sharpening option for when the denoising process makes the result softer than desired.
  • 8 bits per channel (bpc) support within Premiere Pro, up to 16bpc support in Autodesk Combustion and Eyeon Fusion, and unclamped floating point support in After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion.

Availability and compatibility
de:noiseRE:Vision Effects DE:Noise is available as an After Effects-compatible plugin for Adobe After Effects 5 and up, Adobe Premiere Pro 2 and up, Autodesk Combustion 3 and up and eyeon Digital Fusion/DFX+ 4.04e and eyeon Fusion/Vision 5 and up. DE:Noise is available as an FxPlug plug-in for Final Cut Pro 6 and up, or Motion 3 and up.

  • Full versions are priced at $149.95. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $99.95 through Sept 30, 2007. After Effects and Compatible host | FxPlug version for Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion
  • Render-only licenses are priced at $29.99. Render only licenses are for use with After Effects', combustion's and Fusion's render-only programs (aerender, backburner, and Render-Slave respectively) and the render-only version of Fusion. Note that the render-only licenses only work on projects written with a full license (so you must have at least one full license for the render-only licenses to be valid).

Our Effections bundle for After Effects, Combustion, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Fusion will now include DE:Noise. Effections "regular" for After Effects, Premiere Pro, combustion, Final Cut Pro is now priced at $889.95 (formerly $849.95). Effections Plus for After Effects and Fusion will remain at their current pricing of $1199.95 and $1399.95, respectively.

Customers who purchased Effections for Combustion, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or After Effects since June 1, 2007 can upgrade for $40 to the current Effections package which includes DE:Noise.

Customers who purchased Effections Plus for After Effects or Effections for Fusion since June 1, 2007 will be upgraded to the new bundles (which include DE:Noise) for free.

Volume discounts available. Contact sales@revisionfx.com.

Come see DE:Noise and the rest of RE:Vision Effects product line at SIGGRAPH, booth 321, August 7 through 9, 2007 in San Diego.

Demo material, examples and software are available at http://www.revisionfx.com .

GridIron Nucleo Pro 2 Now Shipping

nucleo pro logoafter effects 7after effects cs3Ottawa, ON, Canada July 30, 2007 - GridIron® Software today announced the availability of Nucleo® Pro 2, an upgrade to the productivity enhancement tool that optimizes the workflow for visual effects artists using Adobe® After Effects®. With workflow enhancements like Spec Preview, Spec Render, Commit to Disk, and Background Render, Nucleo Pro allows creative professional users to harness the full power of their multi-processor or multi-core computer.

New Features in Nucleo Pro 2

Nucleo Pro 2 expands the workflow possibilities with support for 3D rendering applications in the Background Render Queue and Pre-Composition Proxies.

Background Render Queue for 3D Applications

3d supportWith Nucleo Pro 2, motion graphics artists can manage After Effects and 3D renders from one convenient spot. Simply drag projects for any of the supported applications into the Background Render Queue. Then specify the appropriate render settings and allow Nucleo Pro to initiate and manage the render in the background. Support is available for most popular 3D rendering applications, including: Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, Newtek LightWave, Softimage XSI, and Apple Shake.

Pre-Composition Proxies

After Effects allows compositions in a timeline to be represented by pre-rendered frames to improve preview performance. This is known as proxying. Nucleo Pro 2's Pre-Composition Proxy feature makes proxying extremely simple by allowing the addition of a proxy with a single keystroke. If a proxied composition is changed, Nucleo Pro 2 re-renders only the modified frames in the background, then updates the composition's proxy automatically. After Effects users now have an easy way to proxy without ever having to worry about a proxy getting out of date, or ever having to manually render and import the proxy frames.

"It's important for creative professionals to work in a fluid environment, where they can move easily between different programs and maintain their creative momentum. GridIron Software addresses this need with Nucleo Pro 2, which allows Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max users to render projects in the background, while continuing their work in our 3D animation, modeling and rendering applications," said Rob Hoffmann, senior product marketing manager at Autodesk.

"The Orphanage had direct input on the feature request list for the release of Nucleo Pro 2. We’re happy to see the ability to cache pre-composition proxies made the cut. This allows us a new way to tag parts of a clip to be rendered in the background, as well as later apply updates only to the necessary frames in the render," said Stu Maschwitz, Co-Founder and CTO at The Orphanage.

Pricing and Availability

About GridIron Software

GridIron Software is the leading software provider in high performance workflow. GridIron’s mission is to provide tools that leverage its unique expertise in parallel programming and system optimization, for the creative content professional. With products that allow users to improve and expand their workflow, GridIron is the market leader in developing efficiencies for the creative professional.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Imitating A Scanner Darkly

Aaron Sacco at IllustratorTechniques.com shows you how to imitate the look of A Scanner Darkly using Illustrator. You could batch an image sequence to get an animated Scanner Darkly style sequence. Nice example too.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

GenArts Sapphire demos for Shake and AVX!

Demos! Get your demos!

We've had the demo for GenArts Sapphire for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Eyeon Fusion and Combustion up forevah, now you can try out the AVX and Shake demos. Aren't ya excited? You're welcome.

Trapcode Upgrades and Downloads

Hopefully this will clear some of the confusion up about upgrades. I'll have an FAQ posted shortly.

Trapcode Upgrades

Free CS3 updates

Trapcode Shine 1.5 - Adds support for After Effects, Final Cut Pro/Motion, Premiere Pro and Avid on Windows and Mac (PPC/Intel) systems.
Full version | Upgrade
Trapcode Particular 1.5.1 CS3 update
Windows [Download]
Mac [Download]
Trapcode Starglow 1.5 - Adds support for After Effects, Final Cut Pro/Motion, Premiere Pro and Avid on Windows and Mac (PPC/Intel) systems.
Full version | Upgrade
Trapcode Lux 1.0.2 CS3 update
Windows [Download]

Mac [Download]
Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.5 - Adds support for After Effects, Final Cut Pro/Motion, Premiere Pro and Avid on Windows and Mac (PPC/Intel) systems.
Full version | Upgrade
Trapcode Sound Keys 1.1.3 CS3 update
Windows [Download]
Mac [Download]
Trapcode 3S Pack Upgrade
Contains Starglow 1.5, Shine 1.5 and 3D Stroke 2.5

Full Version | Upgrade
Trapcode Echospace 1.0.2 CS3 update
Windows [Download]
Mac [Download]

wondertouch Expands Popular Pro Emitter Collection With Availability of Three New Libraries for particleIllusion 3.0

particleIllusion90 New Emitters Feature a Mix of Realistic and Abstract Particle Effects Covering Pyrotechnic and Heart Themes; Complete Collection of 12 Libraries Provides 360 Complex, Customizable Emitters for Incredible Artistic Versatility

St. Louis (PRWEB) July 25, 2007 -- wondertouch, a leading software developer of high performance particle effects creation tools, today released an additional three new libraries in its Professional Emitters (Pro Emitters) software line for particleIllusion 3.0. Each library contains 30 complex, ready-to-use, particle-based emitters that allow digital content creators to easily customize particle effects projects quickly and cost efficiently. The Pro Emitters supplement the already impressive selection of more than 2,000 different preset emitters that ship with particleIllusion 3.0, as well as the additional emitters that the company releases free-of-charge each month, to provide artists with an impressive variety of effects choices. With today's announcement, the expanded wondertouch Pro Emitters collection now offers a total of 360 particleIllusion 3.0 emitters arranged into twelve themed libraries ranging from real-world effects such as explosions, fire, auroras, and breaking glass to motion graphics and artistic backgrounds, text and abstract effects.

wondertouch Particle Illusion

The wondertouch Professional Emitters Libraries, initially introduced in March 2006, were created by some of the world’s most talented particleIllusion artists. The latest libraries were developed by Phalkunabba Rath, a freelance photographer, digital media artist and animator who also created two of the original libraries – "Abstract," and "Text & Logo". Each Professional Emitter Library contains 30 fully-customizable emitters that reflect Rath’s stylistic influences as follows:
  • "Pyro 1" and "Pyro 2": contain a wide variety of high-energy emitters that depict realistic and organic fire, flames, blasts and explosions.
  • "Hearts": contain beautifully surreal, flowing, and colorful heart shaped designs that are perfect for wedding videos or any place where an artistic, romantic theme is needed.

[Downloadable movies, SD and HD image samples for every Pro Emitter]

"The enthusiastic response we continue to receive from professionals and prosumers around the world for the previously-released Pro Emitters inspired us to make another series of libraries available. That same level of high quality and creativity is present in the three new libraries designed by Rath and cater expressly to our customers requesting more realistic emitters," said Alan Lorence, president, wondertouch. "The fire and explosions in the "Pyro 1" and "Pyro 2" libraries are simply astounding and nearly photorealistic. When Rath first proposed the "Hearts" library I was a bit skeptical thinking it might be of limited use – wedding videos, and the like. Now, after seeing the beautiful images in this collection, I’m confident that many artists will want to find a way to incorporate these into their effects workflows"

At Eden FX, Emmy-Award winning visual effects artists Chris Zapara and Sean Scott provide high marks for the new Pro Emitters library collections: "Television effects need to be done fast and cheap, but they still need to look great. wondertouch has really raised the bar with the Pro Emitters. The Pyro libraries are stunning, reaching new levels of realism without sacrificing the control I've come to expect in particleIllusion," says Zapara. "particleIllusion is an invaluable tool for us because it provides beautiful results in a fraction of the time it would take to engineer these effects, and at a fraction of the cost of shooting the elements for real."

Within a day of receiving the new Pro Emitters libraries, Scott remarked: "For a recent car explosion shot on "NCIS", I was grateful for particleIllusion's insane speed! The Pro Emitters I used from the Pyro libraries were spot-on photo real. The client is very particular on these kinds of shots, and was so pleased to see such fantastic results so fast."

David Basulto, principal at Clarity Pictures says: "wondertouch continues to impress with its Pro Emitter Libraries. The wide range of uses in their newest collections is a must for any content creator. Need a realistic fiery inferno coming out of your dragon's mouth? How about an extremely real muzzle shot for your latest action movie? Want to set the unknowing town ablaze? The new "Pyro 1" and "Pyro 2" Pro Emitter Libraries are your answer. They are incredibly realistic, and a must for any action arsenal. The "Hearts" library adds a romantic touch that can transform a simple wedding video into something really special. From high concept backgrounds to flowing individual hearts all you need is there - just add the love"

Pricing and Availability
The new wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries – "Pyro 1", "Pyro 2" and "Hearts" - are available for individual purchase for $39.00; the three libraries are available together for $90.00. wondertouch also offers the 'Professional Emitters Complete - a collection of all twelve libraries at a cost of $329. The Pro Emitter Libraries are compatible only with wondertouch particleIllusion 3.0, on both the Windows and Mac OS X platforms. wondertouch software products are available at Toolfarm.com

About wondertouch
wondertouch, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is an award-winning software developer specializing in particle effects for the visual effects industry. The company's flagship product particleIllusion, a sprite-based particle effects application, is designed to provide the most comprehensive effects creation tool and efficient workflow. Considered one of the most popular solutions for effects creation, particleIllusion is now used worldwide by creative professionals working in film post-production and pre-visualization, standard and HD video, commercial broadcast, motion graphics and game content creation. Additional information on wondertouch can be obtained on the Web at www.wondertouch.com.

Adobe After Effects CS3 Compatibility List

After Effects CS3 listYou may have noticed that our Plug-in Finder has been a bit despondent lately. I assure you, we're working on a brand new Plug-in Finder that will blow all of your minds.

One of the items that has been highly requested is an updated After Effects CS3 Compatibility List. Enjoy.

GridIron Nucleo Pro 2 Now Available

Gridiron Nucleo Pro 2GridIron Nucleo Pro 2 is now available. Nucleo Pro 2 is the professional After Effects tool that allows you to get a better handle on your After Effects workflow. Instead of just standard AE renders and previews, Nucleo Pro 2 gives you the opportunity to choose how you work best.

Nucleo Pro 2 offers After Effects professionals a wealth of new rendering and preview tools that help to optimize your time and customize the way you work. It also supports several 3D hosts, including Maxon Cinema 4D, LightWave, and even Apple Shake! After Effects 7 AECS3 3D software support

Free Apple Motion 3 Preset from Jim G.

motion exampleJim says, "Everyone loves growing vectors, lighting and grunge textures so I made a preset/project for Motion 3"

Download the project file (Motion 3 only, zipped)

View a Quicktime Sample (pops)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Need help with Trapcode Plug-in updates?

red giantjohn Kerrjeremy hillThe Toolfarm Expert Forum is the official home of the Red Giant Software/Trapcode Tech Support forum and two of Red Giant's fine support crew are fielding the questions. John and Jeremy would be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Noise Industries FxFactory now available in boxed version

fxfactoryA boxed version of Noise Industries FxFactory is now available. FxFactory is a primo plug-in package for Final Cut Pro and Motion. It's FxPlug, so it's fast, and of course, it's Universal.

Read a review of FxFactory Pro by Jim Geduldick

Read an interview with Niclas Bahn of Noise Industries - Niclas explains exactly what FxFactory is and why it's the plug-in package for Final Cut Studio that you must own.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Make Barbed Wire in Maxon Cinema 4D

Ko Maruyama has an article up on his site, Ninja Crayon, about making barbed wire in Maxon Cinema 4D.

Okay, personal story here. I worked at a public radio station on a show promoting local bands. This was the early 90s, so they all sounded like Nirvana and Soundgarden. My on-air persona was named Barb Wire, a couple of years before that fine film starring Pamela Anderson came out. Another guy, Robin Banks (not his real name), bestowed that moniker upon me.

Tutorial: Using the AE CS3 Puppet Tool with Motion Particles

motion to AE particle thumbHere's something you never expected!

Toolfarm Forum Expert Jim Geduldick has created a tutorial about bringing particles from Apple Motion into After Effects CS3 and manipulating them with the Puppet Tool.

So, what's not to expect? The tutorial is a two parter, with Jim's friend and cohort at AENY, Aharon Rabinowitz, and Aharon's part is the latest Creative Cow podcast. His podcast is freakin' awesome, and Aharon is a super nice guy, so we're so happy to be able to work with Aharon.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Adobe Premiere Pro 3.01 posted

From Dennis Radeke's Genesis Project site:

Quick hit here. Premiere Pro has a 3.01 update posted. It's so fresh, that it's not posted on the Adobe website, but by going under the help menu and running the updates command, you should have it show up. I'll try and come back to post a link if I can find one.

If anyone has a link, please post in the comments. Thanks!

Knoll Light Factory Gossip

knoll light factoryI've heard from someone inside Red Giant Software that the new Universal/AE CS3 upgrade will in fact be FREE and it may be out sooner than they anticipated.

In other words, if you don't own the current version of Knoll Light Factory, get it now and get your upgrade for free when it comes out.

John Dickinson's Zaxwerks eSeminar review

john dickinsonKo Maruyama was one of the lucky attendees of John Dickinson/Zaxwerks Doom eSeminar on Sunday. John, as you probably know, is one of Toolfarm's Forum ExpertsTM and has some incredible After Effects training through Toolfarm Expert Series.

Jim Geduldick, another of our awesome Forum Experts, and I were IMing this morning. He told me that John's eSeminar was really informative and John did an incredible job. Also, the attendees got 4 hours for the price of 2!

Read Ko's review at Ninja Crayon

Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for AE Ships

continuum boxSupport for Adobe CS 3.0, Custom On-screen Controls, Heads Up Display and Innovative, Accelerated Filters

Marlborough MA - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for AE (BCC 5.0 for AE) is now shipping. Supporting Adobe products since 1995, the new Boris release brings its 180 plus filter set to Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3.0 applications including the Intel Mac versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects; extending the effects creation workflow and capabilities with custom on-screen controls, Heads Up Display (HUD) and a slew of new innovative filters. "BCC 5.0 for AE is so packed with new features that I haven't even had time to go through even a quarter of the new tools," comments Jean Hauptman, motion graphics designer and BCC beta tester. " The new native BCC package both compliments and extends the Creative Suite 3.0 effects creation functionality with features such as Optical Flow, Open GL rendering, Film Process, Motion Key and Optical Stabilization.

"We have been developing our Boris effects plug-ins for Adobe video solutions for over a decade – starting with Adobe After Effects version 3.0. With the release of Adobe Creative Suite 3.0 and the next-generation After Effects and Adobe Premiere products – we took advantage of the new plug-in architecture to provide even deeper integration allowing us to deliver custom features ideal for the Adobe post process," said Boris Yamnitsky, president and founder, Boris FX.

New BCC 5.0 filter highlights:

BCC UpRez is used for high-quality SD to HD conversions; BCC UpRez is designed to facilitate the resizing of image clips while minimizing the data loss that is usually associated with resizing media in a host. The BCC UpRez filter includes several high-end image processing algorithms to enhance the apparent sharpness and / or smoothness of the final result.

BCC Pan and Zoom known as the "Ken Burns" effect; BCC Pan and Zoom provides users extensive controls for precise image scaling and re-sampling. Overall better workflow and image quality is achieved with special filter features such as the "watch folder".

BCC MatchMove based on the award-winning motion tracking technology in Boris Red, the new BCC MatchMove filter allows users to combine motion tracking with transformation/compositing of a layer. With the BCC MatchMove filter, users can lock the movement of one image clip to another image clip using the built-in motion tracking function. BCC MatchMove provides controls for DVE functions such as tumble, spin and rotate, as well as realistic lighting controls.

BCC LED makes an image, clip or text element with alpha appear as though it was constructed out of an array of blinking or solid LED lights - similar to the display boards in sports stadiums. This filter is part of the new OGL category of filters in BCC that benefit from hardware acceleration to reduce render time.

BCC Prism can be used to simulate the photographic effect of chromatic aberration in which a bad lens can generate prismatic color fringing along edges of high contrast within the image. This filter is also part of the new OGL category of filters in BCC, which benefit from hardware acceleration to reduce render time.

BCC Scan Lines is another filter from the new BCC OGL category. This filter generates rolling RGB scanlines over the source image clip, emulating the effect of a computer monitor which was shot on video tape or film. The filter also includes a user controlled noise generator function for added realism.

BCC Damaged TV a filter in the Open GL category; BCC Damaged TV is designed emulate the appearance of a CRT style television set that is receiving a bad antenna signal or is in need of repair, complete with gun offset, distorted edges, image roll, noise, scan lines, and interference lines, this powerful filter features both automatic and manual modes.

BCC Turbulence generates auto-animated gel-like distortion fields in an image clip based on input from the built-in noise map and turbulence controls. This filter includes dozens of preset effect settings for accelerated effect production.

BCC Noise Map 2 generates procedurally based, resolution independent, auto-animated image clips that are used for backdrops or as a mask track input for other image clips. Dozens of presets are included with this filter for producing complex animations quickly and easily.

BCC Color Choker posterizes and blurs colors in an image clip. Colors in the clip to which the filter was applied can be attenuated or remapped individually or as an RGB group. Controls allow users to convert images to monochrome before applying a blur or choke for additional creative results.

Pricing and Availability
BCC 5.0 for AE is designed to support Adobe Creative Suite 3.0, Autodesk Combustion, and Eyeon Digital Fusion. BCC 5.0 for AE is available today through Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct through Boris FX web site at www.borisfx.com for an MSRP of $895.00 (new) , $299.00 (upgrade to BCC 5.0 for AE) and $495.00 (upgrade to BCC 5.0 for AE and BCC 5.0 for FxPlug). Special cost effective cross grade options are available for BCC AVX and BCC FxPlug products.

BCC 5.0 for AE no longer supports the Apple Professional Video applications that ship with the FxPlug architecture. These applications are supported by the new BCC 5.0 for FxPlug (shipped July 9th 2007).

About Boris FX
Founded in 1995 in Boston MA, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for the broadcast, post production, film and multi-media industries. Since the company's inception, Boris products have grown to serve over 200,000 artists worldwide. A great part of its success lies in the ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers including Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk®, Avid®, Eyeon®, Grass Valley, Matrox®, Media 100®, Sony Pictures Digital®, and Ulead®. For more information, visit www.borisfx.com.

Red Giant Software Releases Trapcode Products for Editors

trapcodeShine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke Now Support Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid AVX

San Francisco, CA, July 23, 2007 – Red Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional digital video tools, including Magic Bullet and Knoll Light Factory, today released new versions of the popular Trapcode motion graphics products, Shine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke. In 2006, Red Giant Software and Trapcode formed a partnership, where Red Giant Software assumed exclusive publishing rights to all seven Trapcode products worldwide.

Trapcode Shine version 1.5 is a handy plug-in for simulating a bright spotlight behind text or logos. Shine is used frequently for movie titling effects. Users can also create sun rays from clouds or other objects, which are great for animating backgrounds for DVD projects.

Trapcode Starglow version 1.5 brings text and titles to life with glows and glints. The filters are based on a star shape that consists of eight directions, and each direction can be assigned an individual color map and streak length. Many users like to use Shine and Starglow together.

Trapcode 3D Stroke version 2.5 lets users dynamically write on a logo in 3D space; plus create organic and fluid lines. This effect is used commonly on TV, for example with the Food Network and ABC IDs.

What’s New?

  • Shine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke now work for the first time in Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Avid AVX.
  • Support has been added for full 32-bit floating-point rendering for generating light rays, glows, and animated lines with the highest quality output.
  • 3D Stroke now features a series of 40 preset shapes for generating outlines or swirling strokes to captivate your audience.

Pricing and Availability

  • Trapcode Shine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke are now available for $99 USD each. Each product order includes support for Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Avid AVX.
  • Current Trapcode After Effects users can upgrade for $49 USD per product or $99 for all three. All upgrades include support for all platforms – Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Avid AVX.

About Trapcode
Trapcode makes software for visual effects and motion graphics. The focus is on creating robust, user friendly, affordable, and versatile products. Trapcode has seven products: Shine, 3D Stroke, Sound Keys, Starglow, Lux, Particular, and Echospace. All plug-ins support After Effects.

Trapcode is a privately held Aktiebolag (AB) based in Sweden. Founded and operated by Peder Norrby.

About Red Giant Software
Red Giant Software LLC (www.redgiantsoftware.com) is a San Francisco-based company that develops professional tools for digital video production. Products are available as plug-ins for popular video editing and effects applications including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid. All tools are based on production-proven technology developed by visual effects veterans.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Boris Continuum Complete 5.0 for AE demo now available

continuumTake BCC5 for a spin! The new version works in After Effects CS3, Premiere Pro CS3 and Combustion and is Universal.

There are also demos available for BCC 5 FxPlug for Motion and Final Cut Pro and a version for AVX on the same page.

BCC 5.0 for AE, PPRO and CMB can be purchased here. If you need an upgrade or would like a bundle, oh, we can help you with that!

Digital Trove PRIME Universal Demo now available

digital trove primeDownload the new Universal Demo of Digital Trove PRIME

Digital Trove PRIME is a great set of plug-ins for After Effects. There is also a Windows version available to tryout.

Trapcode updates Lux, Particular, Sound Keys and Echospace

trapcode Red Giant Software has the Universal Binary (MacTel/CS3) updates for Lux, Particular, Sound Keys and Echospace.

Download the updates here

Also, get get the Trapcode upgrades for Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke here!. If you haven't heard, they can be used in AE CS3, Premiere Pro CS3, Final Cut Pro/Motion (it's FxPlug!), and Avid. It's all Universal too. Yahoooo!

I'll have demo versions of the new Trapcode products up very soon.

Jerome Olivier interview at CG Channel about Missing Pages

speaking picturesJerome is a friend of mine who is a filmmaker in Japan. We met online in 2006 right after he finished his film, Missing Pages. The film is made with still images that are broken apart and moved in After Effects to give perspective and movement. It is mindblowingly cool and full of suspense... and so stylistic.

I interviewed Jerome for Toolfarm Inspirations in February 2006. Since then, the film has garnered gobs of attention, won loads of awards and is still getting tons of attention. And why shouldn't it? It's freakin' amazing. The guy is an extremely gifted filmmaker

The CG Channel interview goes deep into the project and has lots of great images from the film.

You can view the first part of the film on Jerome's website or on iTunes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Free Clip from ArtBeats from Film Clutter 2 HD Vol 2.

Artbeats First, the free clip.

The ArtBeats newsletter if chock full of good stuff. Chris and Trish Meyer's of CyberMotion training have a column in the ArtBeats newsletter, too. Here's an excerpt:

We recommend to folks in the market for stock footage that if they can get the hi-definition (HD) version now, they should - even if their jobs are currently all in standard definition (SD). For one, HD is certainly the future, so buying HD clips now helps prevent your investment from becoming obsolete. Secondly, the extra pixels available in an HD clip open up many additional possibilities when working in SD: You can re-frame the shot, perform pan and zoom moves on it, and also perform creative tricks such as simulating the popular "Kid Stays in the Picture" look.

Hey, look! Tons of ArtBeats clips at Toolfarm.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Enhanced Open GL in Cinema4D

Kai Pederson and Studio Daily "look at the new features Enhanced Open GL in version 10 of Cinema4D and its capabilities for accurate viewing and creation of color, shading, lighting and textures, as well as the new interactive rendering region."

Check out the tutorial

Maxon Cinema 4D is an incredible tool for motion graphic artists who mainly use After Effects and would like to start using 3D software. C4D and AE play well together and the learning curve isn't nearly as steep as it would be for something like Maya. Anywhoo, if you don't believe me, try a free demo of Cinema 4D.

New Free AE Plug-in from Stefen Minning

Floodgate can be considered an advanced paint bucket or fill tool.

Check out all of Stefan Minning's free plug-ins for After Effects. Normality is a plug-in we used to sell, but it's now free. Celulight is another. It's a bummer for Mac peoples that it's all Windows.

Thank you Rich Young of AE Portal for the tip.

Panalog After Effects Plug-in

The Panalog plug-in is an extension to Adobe After Effects that implements some of the panalog conversion functions. It's been around a while but I seem to have missed it. It's free. I know, that's the only word I need to say.

Via HD for Indies Blogwad

CGM DVE Complete XXL updated

Mac Universal cgm logoThis was updated a week ago, but I neglected to announce it on our news blog. Shame on me.

CGM DVE Complete now has a new name, CGM DVE Complete XXL. A new package has been added, Vol. 4 to be exact.

CGM is a cool set of plug transitions and generators for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, including lots of wipes. It's Universal too. Hurray!

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I'm in the process of putting together the next newsletter which will be sent out on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. It's going to be a huge, info-packed newsletter, I can guarantee that! I also wanted to tell you that we will be having a newsletter only 50% offer. It will not be advertised elsewhere. It won't be on the site. It will only be in the newsletter.

I can't even mention the product(s) here. I know, I'm such a tease, but you still have time to sign up for our mailing list and ensure that you will have the information to cash in on this deal.

We also will have lots of news, a new tutorial that will shock you (for real!) and lots of generally fun and educational substance.

Trapcode 3D Stroke, Shine and Starglow are now available for Apple Final Cut Pro 6!

trapcodeFor the first time ever, Trapcode products will be available from your editing application! Use them inside of Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premiere Pro! The Trapcode 3S Pack, which includes Shine 1.5, Starglow 1.5 and 3D Stroke 2.5 is now shipping.

The upgrades require that you own a previous version of the product being purchased.

After Effects 7 AECS3 Mac Universal FxPlug

What is included in the upgrade?

  • Full 32-bit floating-point rendering: All products now render in 32-bit float for higher quality
  • New support for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Avid: Yes, you get all hosts for the $99 upgrade price!
    • Final Cut Studio 2/MacIntel support If you plan on using these products on a Mac Intel system, an upgrade is required
    • Avid MacIntel support If you plan on using these products on an Avid Mac-Intel based system then an upgrade is required
  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CS3 support If you plan on using these products with Adobe's CS3 products an upgrade is required

Tiffen and Digital Film Tools Partner to Launch Dfx Digital

tiffen box
Okay, the official press release

Tiffen, the world's premier manufacturer and distributor of award-winning Tiffen filters and other photographic accessories in collaboration with Digital Film Tools, a leading visual effects developer to the motion picture, television and professional still imaging markets, is proud to announce the online availability of its Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite software at tiffen.com.

The culmination of years of research, Tiffen Dfx digital filter software is destined to become a major technological breakthrough. By incorporating the innovative product design of its world-renowned optical filters with superior software designers, Tiffen and Digital Film Tools now blend the line between traditional and digital image control for still, film and video!

Providing ease of use, unmatched performance, tremendous flexibility, and infinite creative control, Tiffen Dfx software quite literally offers something for everyone, whether photo enthusiast, professional photographer, cinematographer or editor.

The new digital filter software is offered as comprehensive stand-alones as well as a suite of application-specific plug-ins that seamlessly integrate with today's most popular still image-manipulation programs. Also available, is a separate suite of plug-ins for video post-production applications for Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Editing Systems. Together, this combined understanding of optical filters and computer software creates an unbeatable combination.

All Dfx sales, support, downloads and product upgrades will be available directly through Tiffen or its dealer network, with software development handled by Digital Film Tools.

And the products:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid and Photoshop

tiffen boxThe Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite is the definitive set of digital optical filters. Up to 1000 filters, including simulations of many popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction plus natural light and photographic effects--are now in a controlled digital environment with either 8 or 16 bits per channel processing.

If you've used Digital Film Tools 55mm or Digital Film Lab, you're familiar with the plug-ins.