Friday, June 29, 2007

Shipping dates for Adobe Production Studio, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Adobe logoWe expect to start shipping Adobe Production Studio, After Effects, and Premiere Pro the week of July 9.

The CS2 products and After Effects 7 are no longer available.

Luxology Power of 2 Special Ends Tomorrow!

ModoThe current "Power of 2" cross grade promotion where you can get modo 203 for $695 (a $200 discount) is expiring tomorrow June 30th. As of July 1st there will not be any special promotions for modo 203.

A free upgrade to modo 301 is not included with the Power of 2 promotion, but we're offering a free upgrade to modo 301 for anyone who purchases modo 203 at the full list price of $895.

That's a big decision, eh. Which do you take? Do you save $200 now or get the free upgrade?

Poll: How do you decide where to buy plug-ins and software?

We are always trying to improve Toolfarm and we would really like to know what motivates you to purchase software and plug-ins. This data will help us decide what our customers are most interested in. Thanks for your time!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Motionworks E-Seminar Series with John Dickinson

john dickinsonMotionworks' first online seminar "The Doom Promo" will be held on July 14th. This will be the first in a series of live e-seminars presented by Motionworks in association with Zaxwerks, where you will get detailed insight into how John designs and creates various broadcast motion graphic projects. This session will focus on techniques for Zaxwerks ProAnimator and include tips on how to integrate your 3D logos and text with After Effects layers using plug-ins such as Knoll Light Factory and Trapcode Shine. Places are limited so register soon.

You're probably very familiar with John from the Toolfarm Expert Forums and from his awesome training series, Creative Background Design for After Effects.

Final Cut Studio 2 Update

Read all about the Pro Apps Update 2007-01

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

John Thorn (AJA) and Ted Schilowitz (Red Camera) guests on the next Plugged-In Podcast

Jon Thorn

Jon Thorn
Product Manager for Desktop Macintosh Products
AJA Video Systems

Jon will be joining Keith and Alan to talk about AJA's product line for Macintosh, including the new I/O HD, which is about one month from shipping. They'll discuss how the new I/O HD and Apple's ProRes 4:2:2 will change the way we work in HD.... and trust me, it will.

RedTed Schilowitz
Leader of the Rebellion
RED Digital Cinema

"Red Ted" will be here to talk about Red One, but more importantly, what is coming next from the mysterious new company with the biggest buzz and hottest new toys. Ted is fresh from the WWDC and he surely has cool news for us.

If you have a question for any of our guests, send them to and we'll be sure to ask it on the show. Also, we still have room for advertisers. Advertise your services or products on our podcast. We have great rates!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 now available

lightroomVia John Nack's Blog

A free update to Photoshop Lightroom is now available. Check out Adobe Lightroom News for all of the details.

Download the demos directly:

Want more?

Lots of new ArtBeats Videos availalble now - plus a freebie!

artbeatsWe've been adding TONS of ArtBeats videos to our store. The clips are amazingly high quality, come in SD or HD and have so much variety, there's something for everyone and every project.

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but you still have a day or two to download the free clip from Artbeats for June 1007.

Boris RED 4.1 called "Absolute Buy!" on Creative Mac

boris redKevin McCauliffe at DMN reviews Boris RED 4.1. Kevin says "I have to admit, I went into looking at Boris RED a little skeptical, and walked away almost speechless. RED is an excellent product that every editor should have to complement Motion 3. With Motion's new 3D capabilities, and the effects and graphical WOW of Boris RED, any editor with Final Cut Studio will be able to put a smile on even the most particular client's face."

Read the review

cineSync 1.2.3 Released

cinesynccineSync is a remote review and approval tool based on Apple QuickTime technology. By synchronising the timeline and playback of movies, you can quickly and efficiently view your work at the same time with anyone anywhere in the world. A cineSync review session is much like a telephone conference call. With a registered cineSync account, you can start a cineSync review session that will allow others to join with no cost to them.

New features in cineSync 1.2.3:

  • Proxy server support: for users who want to connect to cineSync via a proxy server
  • Auto locating movies: cineSync now remembers the last 20 folders you've pulled movies from - and will auto search these folders when new movies are added to the session.
  • Windows colour picker: to match the existing capability of the OSX client.
  • Improved performance

Visit cineSync's site to get the 1.2.3 update. cineSync strongly recommends upgrading as soon as possible, to eliminate any potential performance issues related to using older versions of cineSync.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nuke Gets Fired Up

NukeThe Foundry announce 30% price reduction and full OFX support for NUKE 4.7

London, UK. June 25, 2007. Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry is delighted to announce the launch of NUKE 4.7, a significant product release featuring full support for OFX plug-ins, a brand new pricing structure, an upgraded version of the FrameCycler flipbook tool, an improved curve editor and a fast new optical flow node. In addition to the NUKE 4.7 release, The Foundry has announced that a new release of its Furnace for OFX plug-ins is imminent, the new Furnace for OFX toolset will feature 36 advanced image processing tools.

Looking beyond technical development, The Foundry has slashed their NUKE GUI prices by 30%, digital artists can now purchase a full NUKE license for just $3,500, and with a price cut of over 70%, render licenses are now priced at a very competitive $250 per license.

NUKE began as the in-house compositing and effects application at Digital Domain, where it won an Academy Award® for Technical Achievement and has been used to generate effects for over 45 feature films and hundreds of commercials and music videos. In March 2007 NUKE became part of The Foundry's portfolio of visual effects products and is now being developed at its offices in London.

Since the move over to The Foundry, NUKE has seen a number of new enhancements including a brand new optical flow node for accurate retiming operations, a new interface with enhanced tracking markers for Tracker, improved selection methods, support for reading/writing .hdri image formats, an updated colour wheel, FrameCycler Professional 2007 and complete support for The Foundry's full range of OFX plug-ins.

Launched by The Foundry in 2004, OFX (Open FX) is free-of-charge, open source plug-in standard for developing 2D digital visual effects. OFX was instantly welcomed for its benefits to digital artists and their clients, and for allowing developers to focus more R&D time on new solutions to advance the art of digital effects. It is via the OFX API that The Foundry has been able to provide plug-in support for NUKE so quickly after it acquired its product development.

NUKE is already a very powerful high-end film compositing application and the availability of The Foundry's Furnace, Tinder and Keylight plug-ins will certainly enhance its functionality.

Matt Welford, Head of Compositing at Peter Jackson's Weta Digital commented; "We're delighted that The Foundry have taken on NUKE development. The integration of their tools together with NUKE can only produce a solution that will really benefit the post production community."

Thousands of leading digital artists already take advantage of Furnace to ease the routine processes involved with the creation of digital visual effects. With The Foundry's Furnace 4 for OFX shipping soon, artists using supported OFX hosts will gain access to a much broader range of its sophisticated motion estimation technology to enhance workflow and boost productivity.

New plug-ins in Furnace 4 for OFX include, ChannelRepair, ColourAlign, ColourMatte, Contrast, Correlate, DeBlur, DeFlicker2, DeNoise, Depth, FrameRepair, MatchGrade, MotionBlur, MotionMatch, MotionMatte, MotionSmooth, ShadowRemoval, SmartFill, SmartPlate, SmartZoom, Splicer, Steadiness, VectorConvertor, VectorGenerator and VectorWarper. In addition to the new plug-ins, The Foundry has taken advantage of the latest advances in technology, combined with over seven years of its own research into motion estimation and revisited the existing Furnace for OFX plug-ins to deliver optimised output, enhanced speed, a more intuitive user interface and improve the user experience.

Highlights Include:

  • Contrast allows the user to extract hidden detail from dark areas of an image without overexposing the bright areas. Based on the adaptive contrast enhancement algorithm in Apical's Iridix product, Contrast behaves like the human visual system by being adaptive and spatially varying.
  • DeFlicker1 and DeFlicker2 are fully automated plug-ins designed to remove luminance flicker in a sequence. DeFlicker1 is particularly good at coping with flicker that does not originate from the original scene, e.g. ageing film, dust and chemical exposure. DeFlicker2 is designed to remove in-scene flicker, poorly synchronised light rigs, stray light etc. Both of The Foundrys DeFlicker solutions can remove multiple over-lapping phase different flickers, while adapting to cope with motion in the sequence.
  • DeNoise is a noise and grain removal plug-in that uses advanced motion estimation technology along the direction of motion, thus reducing the noise without introducing any of the artefacts typically associated with noise reduction.
  • FrameRepair quickly replaces damaged or missing frames by interpolating pixels from images either side, producing a seamless repair.
  • Kronos uses The Foundry's advanced motion estimation technology to build in-between frames in a sequence. Kronos can be used to speed up (with motion blur) or slow down an image sequence. Artists have the option of supplying foreground mattes, to give retimed objects tight crisp edges and the latest version will detect and account for occluded regions of the image.
  • ReGrain and DeGrain are a pair of advanced grain management tools. DeGrain is an intelligent solution designed to remove the maximum amount of grain without damaging the image. ReGrain duplicates grain either from a sample image or stock footage and applies it to a new sequence.
  • WireRemoval is an automatic tool for removing straight or curved wires from a sequence, whilst preserving the images grain and background detail. WireRemoval comes with a whole bunch of tools to tackle variable width over the wire's length, as well as wire tracking and automatic colour correction.
  • VectorConverter is a tool designed to convert images representing motion vector fields, originating from other vendor applications, into the vector format used in Furnace by providing a simple interface to rewire, scale, offset and invert the colour channels.
  • VectorGenerator utilises The Foundry's next generation motion estimation engine to produce accurate sets of vectors between frames. By using VectorGenerator the artist only needs to calculate the vectors once and the user can input them into many of the Furnace plug-ins, saving bundles of time.
  • VectorWarper allows the user to warp an image sequence using vectors from a different image sequence. This plug-in can be used creatively to produce unusual temporal image effects.

Availability and Pricing
Now shipping, Nuke is available on Linux, Windows and Mac. Nuke 4.7 is priced at $3,500 with render nodes priced at: $250. Nuke 4.7 is available to download now from Toolfarm.

CSTools for Maxon Cinema 4D - Free Tools from Chris Smith

chris smithChris Smith, one of the uber-talented forum experts at Toolfarm Expert Forums has released some cool freebies for Maxon Cinema 4D.

I'm releasing my 10.1 version of CSTools with some new tools and fixes and cleanup of the old ones.

Download Zip File of CSTools

New tools added for the 10.1 versions. The old tools had a good clean up with some bug fixes. SineNull was redone from scratch with way more use. Here is the TOC. The directions are in the download.

These are a set of plug-ins using Xpresso and UI objects. They were made to speed up my workflow and I use them all the time so I thought I would share.

Drop them into your MAXON/Cinema 4D/Library/Objects floder so you can have them inside the app in the "Object Library".

Need at least C4D 10.1 / no modules needed.

Most of these have a UI cleanup from the previous versions. Others have small bug fixes. SineNull was completely redone from scratch so I consider it new.

SineNull, MoveNull, and VibrateNull I consider a family that act similar to "Behaviors" in Apple's Motion. You can nest them inside each other for very complex animations.

Table of Contents:
  1. CS_Daylight : Light rig for instant daylight lighting or classic 3 light setup.
  2. CS_KinoSquare : Light Rig for motion graphics
  3. CS_SineNull(NEW) : Parent objects to this null. Creates cycles with noise options
  4. CS_MoveNull(NEW) : Parent objects to this for constant speed movement or rotations
  5. CS_Fog : Instant Fog/Haze with easy control
  6. CS_3DStroke : Simulation of Trapcode's 3D Stroke but in true 3D
  7. CS_EasyCam : Camera movement system for basic film moves with path bend and vibration options
  8. CS_Flicker : For simulating candle light, plasma balls, other random light effects
  9. CS_Vibrate : A much easier version of C4D's vibrate tag
  10. CS_Amblight(NEW) : This is to create easy "room tone" lighting from above.
  11. CS_AreaLight(NEW) : This is a regular area light but with some easy falloff, shadow, color, and size settings.
  12. CS_WalkCycle (NEW/BETA) : Creates procedural walk cycles. Only supports feet and hips for now.
  13. CS_Trackspot(NEW) : Not a useful tool really, but I built it for a project so I threw it in. It simulates an intelligent lighting unit.

Digieffects Acquires Buena Software from Toolfarm

digieffectsDigieffects LLC, a developer of popular software plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro, announced today the purchase of Buena Software from Toolfarm, further adding to its arsenal of tools for creative professionals.

The Buena Software plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro were developed as effective processing tools to pick up on what the prominent software manufacturers overlooked. The plug-ins range from creative image processing and color manipulation to 3D depth effects:

  • Au Naturel (SRP $149): work on your footage in a 32-bit per channel floating point linear RGB color space for more natural looking results when compositing, blurring, or correcting your footage
  • Depth Cue (SRP $199): adds realistic depth effects to 3D layers
  • Swatch Buckler (SRP $49): adds a floating color palette to After Effects' user interface
  • Effect Essentials (SRP $249): 10 video effect plug-ins providing essential tools for productivity and creativity

As part of this acquisition, Digieffects will streamline the product line-up and offer new, lower prices effective immediately. The new lineup is as follows:

  • Effect Essentials and Au Naturel will be combined into one package called the Buena Effects Pack. The suggested retail price of this new package is $199 (formerly $249 and $149 respectively).
  • Depth Cue will remain a standalone plug-in with the same suggested retail price of $199. Depth Cue users can also download, for FREE, OpenEXR, a plug-in developed by Industrial Light & Magic. OpenEXR reads depth and other channels from an EXR into After Effects and Depth Cue and is a valuable tool for Digieffects customers.
  • Swatch Buckler is now available as a free download from (formerly $49).

"Buena's tools are a perfect fit for our product line-up. Video editors and FX artists can create even more unique effects," said Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects. Sharp continued, "With this acquisition, Digieffects can expand on the needs and requests of our customers."

About Digieffects
Digieffects has been in the business since the beginning of the "plug-in revolution" which dates back to 1996. Over the years, Digieffects has had great success with software products like Cinelook and Delirium and is a staple of FX artists and video editors throughout the world.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Spinxpress Launches Get Media At Pixelodeon Festival

Harnessing the power of search to create outstanding independent video content

San Francisco, CA - June 9, 2007 - SpinXpress, a company which produces video collaboration tools, today announced the release of their new product, Get Media, which enables independent digital media producers to search for and gather Creative Commons-licensed content. Creative Commons licenses are free public copyright licenses that let people publish their creative work under "some rights reserved" copyright terms. Creative Commons-licensed content such as video, images and music, is available to the public for free legal sharing, reuse, and remixing. Get Media will be unveiled at the independent video festival, Pixelodeon, June 9-10, 2007 in Los Angeles.

"Get Media is an impressive new tool and we are excited to be showcasing this product at Pixelodeon," said Jay Dedman, organizer of Pixelodeon Fest. "SpinXpress embodies what we want to celebrate - companies that empower and inspire the independent content creator."

The new Get Media search, available to anyone with a Web browser, is online at

Get Media enables independent producers to pull from a wide range of creative content available under different licenses. To help people find exactly what they are looking for, Get Media provides user-friendly search functionality. Users can easily navigate through menus to search categories, specific archives, types of media (audio, video, or images) and types of licenses. Currently, Get Media searches three categories of information:

1. Repositories including, and
2. Sources that SpinXpress stores and updates periodically, including
3. Metadata collected from feeds including ccMixter, CC Hits, and Freevlog.

"Get Media takes our vision of enhancing distributed video production to a new level," said Dave Toole, CEO of SpinXpress. "Now groups of people have the power to find the best creative materials; as well as collaborate to publish digital media content, regardless of geographic location. People can search for, share and produce video content online as if they were in the same room or on the same network."

A documentary filmmaker could use rights-cleared video clips in his work, or a podcaster could include independent musicians' songs as part of a podcast or as an introductory medley without worrying about paying licensing fees.

Get Media is an important addition to SpinXpress' selection of digital media production tools, which offer groups of people the power to connect and work together to produce the highest quality content. These collaboration tools are downloadable, allowing users to create their own group network online and to share and store all types and sizes of media files. With a drag and drop feature for effortless file upload, as well as a discussion board and Wiki, SpinXpress removes many challenges typical to group video production.

"SpinXpress is set to be an incredibly useful tool for video creators," said Eric Steuer, creative director of Creative Commons. "People looking for easy access to a huge collection of high quality digital media that they can use freely and legally in their videos will find a lot to rejoice about."

Music - Climb out of your Creative Hole! Part 2

Use music to help get back on your creative track or inspire new ideas.

Read the article Climb out of your Creative Hole! Part 2: You just can't beat a good rhythm.

Nuke 4.7v1 Ready to Download

nukeVia FxGuide: The Foundry announced that a new version of Nuke has been released. It is the first release since the company took over development of the software earlier this year.

The latest release includes full OFX plug-in support, Framecycler Professional 2007, an improved curve editor, an upgraded version of Primatte, a brand new optical flow engine and many bug fixes. Customers on maintenance will not need a new license key to run Nuke 4.7. The Foundry Nuke 4.7 is now available. From the release notes for version 4.7:

These are the improvements made to existing features in Nuke 4.6:

  • Updated Primatte library and documentation.
  • Updated FrameCycler to 2007 Professional.
  • Improved curve editor functionality allowing for easy scaling, translation and sketching of animation curves.
  • Rewritten optical flow engine based on the Foundry's motion estimation technology available as the OFlow node.
  • BUG ID 1271 - Auto append .nk extension when saving Nuke scripts with no extension specified.
  • BUG ID 1237 - Ctrl-click on Mac is now mapped to right-click to match Mac OS X interface conventions. All keyboard shortcuts previously mapped to ctrl-click now mapped to apple-click. This allows access to right-click menus via ctrl-click on single button mouse or Mac Book.
  • BUG ID 1345 - Improved warning messages on FLEXlm licensing dialogs.

This list is really long. If you're interested in knowing it all, click here for the full notes.


  • BUG ID 1393 - Preferences now relate to a specific version of Nuke. This file is called preferences4.7.nk. Previously there was only one preference file for all versions of Nuke, called preferences.nk. Nuke 4.7 searches for the preferences4.7.nk file on startup. If it can't find one it will look for a preferences.nk file and if found, read, convert and write to preferences4.7.nk.
  • Variety of user interface improvements for node inputs.
  • Checkmarks and Radio buttons no longer act like Windows 3.1. Instead of previewing their upcoming state, they draw in their own "pushed" state.
  • Building with Intel optimizing compiler for all Intel releases now.
  • Adding aspect ratio to Reader/Writer formats that support it. If aspect is in header file, nuke will read it and apply in viewer.
  • Fixed the help menu to have a direct link to tutorial page. Added another color set preset to the preferences, for a dark UI without the yellow high-lighting. Also fixed "standard" to really revert to how it defaults to.
  • BUG ID 1265 - Give the ‘knob' command an option, -t, which will make it print out the type of the named knob.
  • And add a -c to the knob command, for a string output type.
  • Toolbars default to on to give new users some context for getting started. Uses Rob Nederhorst's original icons, which work better with different color schemes, but with optional text below them. Options in prefs panel to set size of text, you can set zero to remove the text.
  • TCL commands ‘plugins' and ‘plugin_path' now include the OFX plug-in paths as well.
  • A couple of Preferences tweaks:. 1. Obsolete knobs with the same name will prevent old user knobs with that name from appearing. 2. Added a "preset chooser" at the top. All this does is select from any of the plug-ins whose names start with "UI_" and source that file. But this allows the set of presets to be added to easily.
  • Added velocity vector output to 3D render.
  • Updated to a newer Primatte library with better thread safety. This version also updates the remove_grain operation to work in float removing the need for an internal conversion to 16 bit when that is used.
  • Removed the "uv" layer, for back-compatibility scripts that load it will instead get the "forward" layer. This avoids using up more channel slots for separate forward and backward.
  • Frame changes update while the mouse is dragged on the viewer timeline.
  • Each input to the viewer has it's own settings for layer, shuffle, gain, gamma, cliptest, and input process. The widgets normally only change the current one, to change all of them to the new value hold down shift while changing them (note this is the reverse of how the shuffle was done before, but it matches how pause was done). PageUp/PageDown in the viewer change to the next/previous layer for the current input (or hold down shift to change all inputs).
  • Uses $NUKE_TEMP_DIR environment variable to set location to write temporary files to. It already uses NUKE_DISK_CACHE for the flipbook cache. Added missing plugins/user/README to the distribution.
  • Little angle widget to show what angle the angle slider corresponds to.
  • Always draws numbers at the first/last tickmarks of slider, and puts them on the other side of tickmark so they don't go off the end.
  • .3dl VectorField readability improved.
  • .3dl were written from GenerateLUT with only scratch in mind.
  • Added compatibility switch to GenerateLUT.
  • Added switch to normalize x on Sampler.


  • Camera selection, homing and locking behavior updated, simplifying the behaviors. ‘k' locks and unlocks the selected camera. The camera menu tracks the selected camera when unlocked.
  • Don't conform the lens if not locked to a camera.
  • Pan/zoom in 3D won't track the 2D pan/zoom unless the view is locked. This makes switching back and forth between 2D and 3D more intuitive.
  • The selected color of 3D objects is now light green rather than white so they show up better when selected (like Maya).
  • When 3D viewer's camera is locked, the viewer acts like a 2D view, panning and zooming keeping the 2D view matched for comparison between scene and Render node output.

Curve Editor

  • Undo/Redo bug fixes.
  • OpenGL drawing with anti-alised curves and points.
  • Frame to selection and frame all keyframes.
  • Ability to freehand sketch a curve.
  • Ability to select one curve. It turns yellow and others dim a little bit.
  • If there's a selected curve, Ctrl+A selects all key frames on that curve. Other- wise, it selects on all curves.
  • Clicking on key frame handles to adjust tangents.
  • Scrolling view (it only works when dragging the current frame).
  • Scaling selected keyframes.
  • Draws a box around 2 or more selected points. Shows a cross-hair in the middle. Click right on the center to move in both axis. Click on the right-hand side of the cross-hair to translate on X. Click on the upper side of the cross-hair to translate on Y.
  • Scaling selected points by clicking and dragging corner points of selection area. Same strong-snap behavior to the axis with the most motion. Hold down CTRL key to scale in both axis. Also, scaling selected points do not cross non-selected points that might be in the selection area. Transform Jack The transform jack behaves like the one in the Viewer. That is, click on the end points of the cross-hair to scale on X, or Y with respect to the center of the jack.
  • Click and drag on the center of the cross-hair to translate. Hold CTRL down to move in both axis. Care is taken to prevent negative scaling to would make points swap directions. Also, scaling selected points do not cross non-selected points that might be in the selection area.

Transform Jack

  • The transform jack behaves like the one in the Viewer. That is, click on the end points of the cross-hair to scale on X, or Y with respect to the center of the jack.
  • Click and drag on the center of the cross-hair to translate. Hold CTRL down to move in both axis.
  • Click and drag on a corner point to scale with respect to the opposite corner, e.g. dragging lower-left corner will scale keeping upper-right ‘locked'.
  • Added scaling handles at the mid-points on the selection box. Like the corner points, these scale with respect to the opposite edge.
  • Corner points - scale with respect to the opposite corner. Hold down the SHIFT key to constraint to axis with the most movement.
  • Middle edge points - scale with respect to the opposite edge. Hold down the SHIFT key to constraint to axis with the most movement.
  • Center of cross-hair - translate all selected points. Hold down the SHIFT key to constraint to axis with the most movement.
  • End points of cross-hair - scale with respect to the center, either horizontally or vertically. Movement is always constrained to one axis.

Mouse and Keyboard combinations

Curve manipulation

  • left click = select
  • left click + drag = selects point and moves it while dragging. Movement is constrained to one axis. Hold down ctrl to move in both axis.
  • left + drag = select area
  • left + (shift or ctrl) + drag = Adds to selection if at least one keyframe inside the drag area is not selected. Removes from selection otherwise
  • left click + ctrl + alt = insert keyframe
  • left + ctrl + alt + shift + drag = sketch curve inserting keyframes while dragging
  • View manipulation
  • left + alt + drag = pan
  • middle + alt + drag = zoom in both axis without keeping the aspect ratio
  • middle click = frame all keyframes
  • middle + drag = zoom area
  • wheel up/down = zoom in/out
  • + = zoom in
  • - = zoom out
  • f = frame selected keyframes if any. otherwise it frames all keyframes in selected curve, if any, or in all curves.
  • a = frame all keyframes
  • Added widget at the bottom of the curve editor to quickly edit the expression of the currently selected animation.
  • Enables and disables automatically.
  • Detects errors in expression.
  • Evaluates expression at current frame.
  • Revert button sets the expression widget to the last valid expression set on the animation.
  • Plays nicely with focus/unfocus and undo/redo.
  • Curve editor now does "frame all" when initially opened.


  • New FrameCycler 2007 for Nuke builds from Iridas.
  • Linux builds are only supported on the specific platform they are built for.
  • We don't recommend using FrameCycler on any 64 bit build due to the various driver and lib issues (under linux LibQuicktime won't work, ALSA is almost impossible to integrate…)
  • The user interface is slightly simplified, we've thrown out the buttons or ReviewLink, Versions and some more.
  • The render can only be activated from the GUI.
  • Linux packages contain FrameCycler versions for both Fedora Core 4 and CentOS 4.4. By default the FC4 version is used (in the Nuke distribution under the directory FrameCycler). If you are on CentOS 4.4 set your fc path to the FrameCyclerCentOS4.4 directory instead.
  • Framecycler docs now available from main docs page.

New Service Update for CINEMA 4D R10.x available

maxonThe Update to R10.111 adresses several problems, that have arised in several areas of the software. The update is free of charge for all owners of CINEMA 4D R10.x and recommended for all users.

Among other things, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Graphics tablet support for Windows XP 64-bit implemented
  • Cutting and pasting of locked keys behavior corrected
  • Stability of selection tools improved
  • Redraw problems resolved
  • Powerslider stability improved
  • Handling of several file formats corrected (TIFF, 16-bit TGA, AVI)
  • Positioning of rendered HUD elements adjusted
  • Spacemouse stability improved
  • Boolean problems with open geometry fixed
  • Weight tool issues fixed (MOCCA)
  • IK anomalies addressed (MOCCA)
  • Clothilde stability improved (MOCCA)
  • Editing and rendering of hair rectified
  • Various clone object issues fixed (MoGraph)
  • Problems with Hatch shader solved (Sketch and Toon)
  • Stability while painting 3D clouds improved (SKY/Advanced Render)
  • Incompatibility of Ambient Occlusion in material alpha channel solved
  • Stability when baking Global Illumination improved

Get Updater | Buy Maxon Cinema 4D R10

New Service Update for BodyPaint 3D R3.x available

maxon bodypaintMAXON releases free service update for BodyPaint 3D users.

The Update to R3.111 adresses several problems, that have arised in several areas of the software.

Among other things, the following issues have been addressed:

  • BodyPaint 3D to Maya exchange corrected
  • Return of corrected 3ds max material
  • Graphics tablet support for Windows XP 64-bit implemented
  • Stability of selection tools improved
  • Redraw problems resolved
  • Powerslider stability improved
  • Handling of several file formats corrected (TIFF, 16-bit TGA, AVI)
  • Positioning of rendered HUD elements adjusted
  • Spacemouse stability improved
  • Boolean problems with open geometry fixed
  • Improved network support for Content Browser

Download the updater | Buy BodyPaint 3D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Click-thru Tutorial: Magic Bullet Looks

red giant logoStudio Daily has posted video of Stu Maschwitz previewing Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant Software and it is really incredible. You can still get Magic Bullet Suite 2.1 while you wait for the new version to come out.

Watch the Magic Bullet Looks video tutorial

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Review: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0

LightroomJustin Pugh of MircoFilmmaker Magazine reviews Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 and gives it a score of 9.3! He goes through deep details on the ease of use, value, depth of options, performance and value.

GenArts Releases Sapphire Plug-Ins Version 4 For Autodesk Systems

sapphireAvailable immediately, new version features over 45 new effects and many enhancements

Cambridge, MA. June 19, 2007 - GenArts, Inc., a leading provider of visual effects plug-ins for the film, broadcast and video industries, today announced the immediate availability of Sapphire Plug-ins version 4 for Autodesk compositing and editing systems. The new version features over 45 new effects, plus many enhancements and new parameters to existing effects in the package.

Version 4 contains all of the visual effects and features that have established Sapphire Plug-ins as an indispensable part of the digital artist's toolkit - and introduces over 45 innovative new effects including: FilmDamage, FilmEffect, DeinterlaceAuto, ZDefocus, Cartoon, Light3D and TextureFlux. Many of the new plug-ins were designed to enhance the user's workflow. "GenArts continues to set the high bar on clever, useful tools for our Autodesk systems. They've got some fun new sparks in v4 that make for interesting visual trickery, but my personal favorites are the utilities that make my compositing jobs easier and put order back in my life," says Dave Waller of Brickyard VFX, a long-standing Sapphire user.

Sapphire Plug-ins 4 also features stunning new LensFlares and Glares, totally revamped RackDefocus, and enhanced performance. The user interface has been improved across the board including a new automatic down-sampling option for real-time interactivity. "GenArts has once again proven that Sapphire is the most versatile and robust set of plug-ins available for the Autodesk platform today," says Jeroen Schulte of Condor Post Production in Amsterdam. "Unparalleled options and speed optimization - with a healthy mix of new plug-ins and updated favourites - will continue to keep Sapphire ahead of the pack. For us, it's the only plug-in suite we use when we're faced with the toughest creative challenges."

Anish Dhanda, Managing Director of GenArts adds, "Because our Autodesk customers continue to define the cutting edge in visual effects creation, we listened carefully to their feedback in the design and development stages of this new release. The input we received contributed greatly to version 4."
Key new effects and features of Sapphire Plug-ins v4 for Autodesk Systems:
  • FilmDamage simulates aged film by adding scratches, dust, stains, grain, shake, flicker, etc.
  • FilmEffect models film exposure and processing to make your video footage look like it was shot on film.
  • DeinterlaceAuto detects the pulldown pattern in a clip and automatically deinterlaces or reinterlaces it.
  • ZDefocus defocuses areas of the source clip by different amounts using depth values from a z-buffer input.
  • Cartoon gives cartoon-like looks with exaggerated edges and flat areas of color.
  • Light3D performs 3D relighting of a clip using an input clip describing the surface normals.
  • Other new effects include: Rays, BlurDirectional, CartoonPaint, Posterize, Deband, BleachBypass, DogVision, Vignette, HalfToneRings, WarpMagnify, WarpCornerPin, WarpsComp, GradientRadial, GradientMulti, Shape, TextureMoire, TextureTiles, TextureNeurons, TextureLoops, TextureFlux, TileScramble, WipeRings, WipeTiles, SwishPan, DissolveLuma, DissolveGlow, DissolveFilm, TimeDisplace, FeedbackBubble, FeedbackDistort, Convolve, ConvolveComp, ZConvolve, ZGlow, TriTone, and QuadTone.
  • LensFlare has 14 new flare types and new parameters.
  • RackDefocus has new shape options and improved performance.
  • New redraw option auto-adjusts resolution for real time interactivity.
  • All effects have Add Noise, Use Gamma and lookup table options.
  • Glare includes 4 new glare types and improved performance.

Availability and Pricing

Sapphire Plug-ins version 4 for Autodesk compositing and editing systems can be purchased from Toolfarm. Pricing for Sapphire 4 is: $6000 for Autodesk Flint SD and Smoke SD; $10,000 for Flame, Flint HD and Smoke HD; $14,000 for Inferno; and $900 for Burn. Existing version 3 customers qualify for special upgrade pricing of $1800, $2800, $3800 and $250, respectively. For IRIX users, there is no additional charge to transfer version 4 to Linux. A free trial of the software is available online at

Another Free Comp from LME! LME Amazing Text Displays

LME textLME is giving away another freebie, comp samples like you would find in LME's Amazing Text Display's Vol. 1, to give you a little taste of what the product is all about. You do not need any third-party plug-ins.... well you need lots of third-party plug-ins, but not for this ;-)

This is an extra bonus file from each of their sets of beautiful comp files. This sample is not included in the LME Amazing Text Displays Vol. 1.LME logoCheck out all of the previous LME Freebies.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Digital Anarchy ToonIt! Film/Video has been Released - special pricing

toon itDigital Anarchy's ToonIt 1.0 for Film and Video has been released and is available for purchase and download. Until July 4th, you can get it for $249 (reg. $299). ToonIt! runs in After Effects and Final Cut Studio. It's Mac Universal and FxPlug and even works in Vista.

After Effects 7 AECS3 Mac Universal FxPlug
ToonIt! is an easy way to give film/video footage that sought-after cartoon look. ToonIt! uses advanced algorithms to process your image and create cartoon shading and lines. Giving footage a 'toon' look is notoriously difficult and ToonIt! gives you the tools to create sophisticated cel shaded, pen & ink, and other stylized looks. I demo'd ToonIt! at NAB in Motion and it is amazing how it works. It analizes pixel by pixel and gives you freakin' amazing results.

Download the demo from Digital Anarchy, then come back and buy it at Toolfarm. Why? Because we love you.

You can also view video tutorials of ToonIt!

2D Still to a 3D Dolly Shot, Toolfarm Exclusive Tutorial

forestIsaac Karth, a multi-talented 3D and motion graphic artist, prepared this Toolfarm exclusive tutorial. He demonstrates how to get that "Ken Burns" style effect by cutting apart an image and staggering the layers in 3D space. The tutorial is extremely detailed, delving into the cloning process in Photoshop and setting up your layers in 3D space for a dolly move with the AE camera. He uses AE 6.5 and Photoshop CS2 and this is a very involved tutorial - the kind you usually have to pay for ;-). My hearty thanks go to Isaac for preparing such an extensive tutorial. Watch a Quicktime sample.

Interview with Luxology's Brad Peebler

modologoDave Basulto of DMN interviews President and Co-Founder of Luxology, Brad Peebler. They discuss the upcoming modo 301 release. Brad is a really funny guy and it's a very enjoyable interview.

I should also mention that existing modo users can now reserve an upgrade to modo 301 for the special price of $295. The upgrade price will revert to $395 after modo 301 ships.

The modo 301 preview video is now available at the modo site as a download or torrent. Check the right column of the modo 301 page.

There is also a Power of Two offer - Power of 2 Offer. As a Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, LightWave 3D, Maya or XSI user you can add modo to your pipeline for $695 - that's $200 off the regular retail price. Just type in the coupon code modoffer during checkout to have the discount applied. This is a time limited offer.

Did you know modo 301's network rendering includes support for up to 50 machines with a single license of modo at no extra charge? How's that for cool!

A Conversation with Stephen Watkins

Aussie designer Stephen Watkins is on the verge of hitting it big in San Francisico.... next week! Before his cross-continental relocation, he took time to chat with me about some of his projects that lead up to the cross-planet move. We chat about how he experiments with textures and 3D cameras to come up with whimsical, organic compositions with natural movement. He gives a great tip on working with multitudes of layers in Adobe After Effects.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Plugged-In Podcast Episode 7 is available

richard townhillRichard Townhill, Director of Professional Video Product Management at Apple, talks to Keith and Alan about Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut Server. We'll get it straight from the horse's mouth about all things digital video from the biggest little company in Cupertino.

philhodgettsRegulars, Philip Hodgetts and Michele Yamazaki are also featured in the podcast. Philip talks about the new MacBook Pros, and Leopard's (OS X.5) ZFS file formatting system used at SUN Micro systems.

michele yamazakiMichele talks about what's new and cool at Toolfarm and what she's making for dinner.

Friday, June 15, 2007

How Craig Newmark Built Craigslist With "No Vision Whatsoever"

There is an audio interview with Craig of Craigslist on Wired's Blog. This might seem like an odd thing for me to post, but there was something about it that got my attention.

Craigslist is unstructured in it's approach to growth and features and the entire site has been built on customer feedback, with "no vision whatsoever". In the past couple of years, Toolfarm has branched out quite a bit, with our forum, training, Plug-in Finder (currently going through a complete overhaul), demos, a tutorial database (currently linking to 500 tutorials) and soon, we'll have a User Group HQ to join users and groups in a way like you've never seen. We also have a mega project in the works that we hope to have in beta by September. We are focused on giving the best customer service possible.

We're making strides to help our customers find solutions to their video and motion problems and give you all of the resources that you need. So, taking a queue from Craig, I want to reach out to our customers and visitors and find out how Toolfarm can respond to your needs.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or change or any comments, suggestions for training or even products you would like to see us sell please email me. Thanks!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Adobe Magazine, second issue available

Sign up now to recieve the new Adobe mag. Creative inspiration and practical techniques delivered straight to your inbox. For free.

Climb out of your Creative Hole! Part 1: Change your Scenery

This is a series on cultivating creativity. Each part of the series will focus on one trick to kick your creativity into high gear.

Read Climb out of your Creative Hole! Part 1: Change your Scenery

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Luxology Taps Bonjour Technology for Network Rendering in modo 301

modologoApple Technology Will Allow modo Users to Create an Instant Render Farm Across Mac and PC Computers

Luxology LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced that it will be using Bonjour technology from Apple to power its upcoming modo 301 release. Bonjour is an open, standards-based networking technology that automatically connects electronic devices on a network, allowing them to interoperate seamlessly without any user configuration. One of the most advanced 3D content creation software products available for the Mac and PC, modo combines a powerful, real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with an artist-focused set of tools including 3D painting and a tightly integrated renderer that provides fully lit previews and extremely fast, production-quality rendering. Luxology will ship a comprehensive upgrade to modo that includes network rendering based on Bonjour in summer 2007.

"One of our key goals for modo 301 is to let our customers unleash the modo renderer across all of the Macs and PCs in a workgroup for maximum rendering power," said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. "By incorporating Bonjour technology, we have not only met this goal but also done it in a manner that is incredibly easy for anyone to use."

"Since Apple introduced Bonjour in 2002, it has been widely adopted by a broad range of companies from major printer vendors to storage device and even personal video recorder manufacturers," said Ron Okamoto, Apple‚s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "We're thrilled that Luxology will take advantage of this technology for use in modo to create instant render farms across both Macs and PCs."

Highlights of network rendering in modo 301 include:

  • All Macs and PCs on the network are automatically detected. Up to 50 nodes are allowed under modo‚s license agreement for incredibly cost-effective rendering.
    Rendering tasks from the initiating workstation are automatically parceled out to machines that have been placed in a ready-to-render mode. Visual feedback is provided on which portions of an image are being rendered on the network as the image generation progresses.
  • Can be used to compute single high-resolution print images or to render out entire animation sequences and architectural walk-throughs.

Pricing and Availability
modo ships with one license that supports both Mac OSX and Windows and sells for a suggested retail price of USD $895. A free 30-day, full-function evaluation version of modo 203 is available for immediate download from Existing modo users can now reserve an upgrade to modo 301 for the special price of $295 by visiting . The upgrade price will revert to $395 after modo 301 ships. modo is also sold and supported by a network of authorized Luxology resellers across the globe.

Conoa Announces Support For Universal Binaries On Intel-based Macintosh Systems

conoaCAMBRIDGE, Mass. - June 12, 2007 Conoa, Inc. announces the release and immediate availability of new versions of its entire product line for video effects and motion graphics. The new plug-ins to video editing and compositing systems now support universal binaries and will run natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macintosh systems. The plug-ins support both Adobe After Effects 7 and the new After Effects CS3 on all Macintosh and Windows platforms. The new versions are free upgrades for existing Conoa customers.

In addition to universal binary support, Conoa Alphafy, part of the Conoa EasyFX package, has been updated. It now offers the ability to convert any media into an animated gradient. This is useful for doing complex animated wipes and adding custom looks to transitions. This new feature is also free for existing Conoa customers.

Conoa products work as plug-ins within Adobe After Effects 4.1 and higher, including the new After Effects CS3, Apple Final Cut Pro 3 through Final Cut Pro 5, Avid systems through the use of Elastic Gasket from Profound Effects, and Quantel systems through the use of Synapse from Video Design Software. Conoa plug-in sets are available for Macintosh OS X, and Windows 98 and above.

Conoa offers three plug-in packages and one bundle package. Conoa 3D has a list price of $299 and Conoa EasyShapes and Conoa EasyFX both list for $109. Conoa SuperPak, combining all three plug-in sets, lists for $349.

Automatic Duck Teams Up With Red Giant Software

Automatic Duck and Red Giant Software have partnered to bridge the color correction workflow gap between Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.

As result of this technology collaboration, Final Cut Pro users now have the option to use Automatic Duck's timeline translation tools to export all color correction work completed with Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Colorista directly to After Effects with all settings intact.

magic bullet colorista"Red Giant Software develops must-have visual effects and color correction plug-ins and has quickly become a staple in the toolboxes of Automatic Duck customers,"said Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck. "It became very clear to us that customers needed a more compelling solution to help them bridge the color correction workflow gap between Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Our collaboration with Red Giant Software to help Colorista users easily move between Final Cut and After Effects while maintaining stunning image quality adds significant value to customers' workflow experience, and that's a big win for users."

pro implort"Automatic Duck makes a great solution for creating a complete Final Cut Pro to After Effects finish possible," added Sean Safreed, co-founder of Red Giant Software. "Finally Magic Bullet Colorista users have the ability to take a complete color correction including isolated masks and exposure adjustments and move them into After Effects. The release of our updated Magic Bullet Colorista 1.0.1 and Pro Import AE 4.0 from Automatic Duck makes the highest quality finish possible with full 32-bit float RGB processing and accurate 10-bit RGB 4:4:4 output in After Effects. This combination is really the missing link for a lot of post users that rely on Final Cut Pro and After Effects."

This collaboration marks the first time that Magic Bullet Colorista, a high-quality color correction plug-in application, can be used as the main color correction tool in Final Cut Pro. Coupled with Automatic Duck, all settings and color correction work can be seamlessly moved to an After Effects timeline. For users, this also means that moving to After Effects allows higher quality 10-bit or higher RGB finishing, as Final Cut Pro only handles 8-bit RGB rendering. Users moving content from Final Cut Pro to After Effects can also maintain full quality for finishing with Black Magic, Aja or Cineform 10-bit RGB SD, HD or 2k media.

Pro Import AE 4.0 is available immediately and is priced at $495. Users who purchased new licenses or upgrades to Pro Import AE 3.0 on or after March 8, 2007 will be offered upgrades to version 4.0 at no charge until December 8, 2007. Users of Pro Import AE 3.0 who purchased before March 8, 2007, as well as users of older After Effects import plug-ins, will be able to upgrade for $195 per license.

Magic Bullet Colorista is available now for $199 USD.

The Magic Bullet Colorista 1.0.1 updater for After Effects is available now for free to all current Magic Bullet Colorista customers. This updater paired with Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 4.0 enables users to seamlessly export high quality color correction work from Final Cut Pro to After Effects.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Star Titler - Free Noise Industries FxPack

star titlerStar Titler is the newest freebie for FxFactory, a title generator that lets you instantly reproduce the look of the Star Wars opening titles straight on the Final Cut Pro or Motion timeline. Download it here and while you're there, get idustrial revolution Freebie Pack 1 and SUGARfx Mondrianesque, also free.

View a sample movie of Star Titler

Noise Industries FxFactory 1.0.6 just came out. Let me tell you, these are some tight plug-ins. They're so fast and great quality, and they're not too expensive either. They're Universal and FxPlug, so they run in Motion and Final Cut Pro, and run incredibly in Final Cut Studio 2. I'm not just saying this to sell them... I speaka ze truth.

Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 4.0 now shipping

pro import ae 4Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 4.0 is available! Version 4 represents a big upgrade to our popular After Effects import plug-in.

Those who purchased on March 8, 2007 or after can upgrade to version 4.0 at no charge until December 8, 2007. Users who purchased version 3.0 before March 8, 2007 or who have older versions of the importer can upgrade for $195.

Some of What's New in version 4.0:

  • After Effects CS3 compatibility
  • Universal Binary, native on both PPC and Intel Macs
  • Support for Final Cut Pro multiclips
  • Support for displaying Motion particles and replicators in After Effects
  • Translation of Red Giant Software's Colorista plug-in from FCP to AE
  • Support for Avid Advanced Keyframes in PIP and 3D Warp
  • Support for Avid Timewarps
  • Support for Dip to Color transitions
  • Support for FCP Basic 3D effect
  • Support for video strobe effects
  • FCP Layer and Track enabled states set visibility switches in AE
  • Text from FCP subtitling plug-ins SubBits and DH_Subtitle
  • Improved support for HDV, DVCProHD and XDCAM media from FCP
  • New advanced interface offering many new import options including
    • Option for layers to "step up" or "step down" in the AE timeline
    • Option to override the composition setting of the new comp
    • Option to use Avid rendered media in After Effects
    • Option to precomp layers based on the tracks from the NLE
  • Plug-in now ties to hardware so you can use it in both AE 7 and AE CS3

See the Pro Import AE 4.0 product page for more information as well as QuickTime movies showing the plug-in in action.

Pro Import AE 4.0 is shipping now. New licenses are $495 each. Users who purchased new licenses or upgrades for Pro Import AE 3.0 on or after March 8, 2007 can upgrade to 4.0 at no charge until December 8, 2007. Users of Pro Import AE 3.0 who purchased before March 8, 2007 as well as users of older After Effects import plug-ins can upgrade for $195 per license.

Upcoming User Group visits

On Tuesday June 19, we will be demonstrating the new capabilities of Pro Import AE 4.0 at MGLA in Los Angeles. MGLA is a great group and we're excited to visit again. It will be a mini "Plug-in Night", with demos from Zaxwerks and Gridiron Software as well. For more information including directions, visit MGLA. Toolfarm will be giving away some training from Harry Frank (After Effects Expressions Bundle 1) and John Dickinson (Creative Background Design Bundle) at the meeting.

Then on June 28 we'll be demonstrating in New York to Adobe After Effects New York. This will be our first time at AENY, it should be a good time. Gridiron Software will be there as well. Visit the AENY web site for more information. Toolfarm will be giving away some training from Harry Frank (After Effects Expressions Bundle 1) and John Dickinson (Creative Background Design Bundle) at this meeting too. Plus, we'll be giving away some Digieffects t-shirts.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Plug-in Finder Issues

You may encounter slowness and problems connecting in our Plug-in Finder. We are aware of the issue and are working diligiently to fix it. We apologize for the problem you may be experiencing.

We have taken down our Plug-in Finder and are doing maintenence on the database. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Plugged-In Podcast #6 is up! "Women in digital Media"

Plugged-In: The Digital Landscape podcast with hosts Alan Spaulding and Keith Larsen, is up. It's their most entertaining show to date, titled "Women in Digital Media".

philhodgettsThe first guest, though, is Phillip Hodgetts from Digital Production Buzz (not a woman, obviously). Phillip will talk about Apple Color, which is a new program to Final Cut Studio.

michele yamazakiNext up, me, Michele Yamazaki, from Toolfarm. I'll tell you all about what's new and cool at Toolfarm. I've become a regular guest on the Plugged-In podcasts. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to hear us talk about, email

beth corwinBeth Corwin of Digital Media Academy - Beth Corwin has been a news photographer since she was 15 and freelanced for her local newspaper. After majoring in communications, she went to work in local television, learning the craft of editing and camera work. She was hired by ABCNews in New York in 1982 and has worked as a network news cameraperson ever since. Her award-winning work has been seen on PrimeTime Live, World News Tonight, Nightline 48 Hours and other news programs. Along with Tom Wolsky, she is co-owner of their project production company, South Coast Productions.

kiki stockhammer"Warp 11 with Kiki" - Kiki Stockhammer was the mysterious spokesmodel for the infamous NewTek Video Toaster back in the heyday of the Amiga. Many came to know her from her appearance in magazine ads touting the impressive technology. Watch one of the Video Toaster sales pieces. An impressive piece of software indeed. I posted it here last week, but if you missed it, here it is again!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP 2.0

automatic duckKevin McAuliffe has a write up at DMN on the upcoming release of Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 4. Yeah, it looks like it's going to be good.... it's going to be very, very good.

Learn more about Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP in our Plug-in Finder.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Welcome back to Toolfarm, Jim Kanter!

jim kanterWe're so pleased welcome Jim Kanter back to the Toolfarm Expert Forums! Jim is one of the kindest and funniest guys I know. He is also an extremely smart guy and knows his mograph tools.

Jim started the Digital Film Institute in Atlanta with his wife and he's the training director. He's an Adobe Certificed Expert and started the Atlanta Final Cut ro and Motion Graphics user groups. Jim is a great asset to the forum. Please go ask him something really tough and see if we can stump him. Toolfarm Forums

Sunday, June 03, 2007

FCP Rescue for FCP 6

Mike Curtis at HD for Indies has posted a link to FCP Rescue for FCP 6, a utility for backing up, restoring and trashing preference files in FCP and a utility all Final Cut Pro users should have. It's a freebie!

A Conversation with Matthew Collings

matthew collingsJune is 'Creativity Month' at Toolfarm and we're kicking it off with an interview with Matthew Collings, a musician and videomaker living in Iceland. Matthew talks to me about the creative process and visualizing music and we get into a pretty deep conversation. We discuss synesthesia and Matthew tells me some very interesting techniques to give video organic noise and feedback effects.

Read this Toolfarm exclusive interview with Matthew Collings

After Effects to Maxon Cinema 4D - Free Script

Paul Tursley of had posted his new script for tranfering from After Effects to Cinema 4D.

It's taken a while, but I've finally posted an update to the AEtoC4D scripts on aenhancers. Here's the link.

This version exports normal AE cameras, nulls to show the position of other layers, the comp frame rate, duration and start frame. It exports the position of any 2D/3D layer, so you can export things like motion track or motion sketch data too.

Friday, June 01, 2007

FxFactory 1.0.6

noise industriesfxplugmac universalThis free update to FxFactory fixes compatibility problems with Motion 3, adds two new plug-ins and sports many other improvements.

This new transition available to FxFactory Pro users simulates the effect of entering a video chat with multiple participants in iChat. The incoming and outgoing clips provide the video source for the chat "participants" on your timeline.

Neon Circles
This new filter available to FxFactory Pro users combines edge detection techniques with some of the techniques of the Dots and LED Lights plug-ins to give you a flexible stylization that lends itself to creating interesting backgrounds and cool new pixellation effects.

User Presets
The Presets feature in FxFactory has been improved to allow user-generated presets to appear in the Presets popup menu in the parameter inspector:

Perspective Reflection
One of our most popular plug-ins has been improved with a simple, yet powerful new feature: the "Reflection Swingback" parameter lets you animate in and out of the effect, making it easier to blend the effect with existing content on the timeline

Other Changes
Minor bug fixes and/or improvements have also been made to the Pencil Sketch plug-in, to the distortion effects in the FxFactory Motion Pack, and to the transitions in the FxFactory Editing Pack.