Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ko Maruyama's Blog: Ninja Crayon

Check out Ko's new blog, Ninja Crayon. He talks about software and pop culture with other interesting tidbits. It's a very entertaining read and I totally dig the name. My daughter throws crayons like ninja stars occasionally, so I guess those would be ninja crayons? I'm sure Ko has a better definition.

GenArts Releases Sapphire Plug-ins v2.05 for Avid

sapphireAvailable immediately with Universal support for Mac Intel

universalCambridge, MA. March 30, 2007 - GenArts, Inc., a leading provider of visual effects plug-ins for the film, broadcast and video industries, today announced the immediate availability of Sapphire Plug-ins version 2.05 for Avid® AVXTM products. The new version is compatible with Avid systems running on the Intel-based Mac platform and includes various improvements for both Mac and Windows platforms.

The initial release of Sapphire 2 contained 46 new effects including FilmDamage, Cartoon and many unique temporal effects, as well as a number of improvements for users, such as single click application of effects to a title or key, background and mask inputs, and 2D moves built into the plug-ins. "We are pleased to offer our continued support for Avid’s most recent improvements and make our latest plug-in package for their products available on Mac Intel," said Anish Dhanda, managing director of GenArts, Inc.

Adam Kranitz, product marketing manager at Avid Technology, Inc. said, "GenArts provides the Avid creative community with an indispensable collection of visual effects tools that seamlessly integrates with Avid editing systems and enriches our customers' experience. With this prompt release for Intel-based Macs in parallel with the release of Avid’s applications for the platform, GenArts is clearly demonstrating its continued support and strong commitment to the Avid user community."

Key new features in Sapphire Plug-ins 2.05:

  • Support for Avid editing systems running on Intel-based Macs: Media Composer® Adrenaline™ v2.7, Media Composer v2.7 software, and Avid Xpress® Pro 5.7
  • Universal support for Mac Intel and Mac PowerPC including new native x86 code to provide excellent performance on Mac Intel processors
  • Sequences and bins saved with previous versions of Sapphire 2.x on Windows or Mac PowerPC are fully conformable to version 2.05 on Windows, Mac PowerPC and Mac Intel

Summary of new features in Sapphire Plug-ins 2:

  • Over 190 total plug-ins including 46 new effects
  • New FilmDamage effect simulates aged film by adding scratches, dust, stains, grain, shake, flicker, etc.
  • Single click application of effects to a title or key
  • New crop and 2D transform parameters
  • Optional background and mask inputs
  • Support for AVX1 and AVX2, including the new AVX2 keyframe model
  • On-screen widgets for visual adjustment of many parameters
  • Plug-ins are grouped in 9 menus for easier access
  • Support for 16-bit images
  • Support for Avid DS Nitris® v8.0 on Windows 64
  • Improved rendering speed

Availability and Pricing
The upgrade to v2.05 is free for existing v2 customers. Sapphire Plug-ins version 2 for Avid can be purchased directly from GenArts or through their worldwide channel of Avid Authorized resellers. Pricing for Sapphire 2 is: $1800 for Avid Xpress Pro; $2800 for Symphony Nitris, Media Composer® Adrenaline, Newscutter® and the Avid DS Assist Station; and $4800 for Avid DS Nitris v8.0. Sapphire Plug-ins version 1 customers are eligible for special upgrade pricing of $600, $900 and $1600, respectively. A free trial of the software is available online at

LME Fantastic Light Configurations Price Drop

LME Fantiastic AE Light Configuratons and Fantastic Lux Light Configurations have been lowered from $139 to $99 (Toolfarm sells them for $94!). These are really cool and useful collections of compositions for After Effects (one uses Trapcode Lux and the other does not). I've been working on a review of the products and it's partway finished. I'm such a slacker ;-). If you're new to After Effects, these products are wonderful to help you learn because you can reverse-engineer them. If you're a seasoned veteran of After Effects, but in a time crunch, LME's products will help you work faster with preconfigured comps and effects. These are not at all simple and would take a person quite a while to build. They do the hard work for you and you get the glory.

Well, that is the jist of my review! Expect a longer more detailed review soon, but in the meantime, check out some LME freebies that we've posted recently.

CycoreFX HD 1.5 New Version Released!

New Demo is available here. We're still busy updating our Plug-in Finder, but will have the new content up shortly. I didn't want to wait to get this posted.

cycorefx HDAll CycoreFX HD plug-ins have been updated and are now also available as Mach-O Universal Binaries for the Mac. Among other things to mention are a new improved version of PowerPin, support for "HDR light probes" in Environment, a new improved dust shader in Plastic and CycoreFX HD is now sorted under the new effect categories. Also included are obsolete 16-bit versions of PS Classic and PS LE Classic for improved backwards compatibility with projects using the CycoreFX standard version. For a detailed list of what's new click here.

The unlockable demo of CycoreFX HD includes all features from the full version, except for that it renders a green X. If you like what you see, purchase online and unlock the full version in an instant! CycoreFX HD 1.5 works in After Effects 5.5 - 7.0 on MacOS X/OS 9/Windows. Click here to download.

We have added a Site license calculator to the order page. Enter any number of seats and the total price, including price/seat, for both commercial and academic licenses will be displayed.

Upgrade note for CycoreFX HD owners (30.03.2007)
The upgrade is free for all current CycoreFX HD owners.

CycoreFX HD 1.0.1 users:
Download and install CycoreFX HD 1.5, your already purchased unlock key(s) are valid.

CycoreFX HD 1.0 users:
Download CycoreFX HD 1.5. Before you install, send an an e-mail to and request your unlock key(s). After receiving the key, install the new version and use the key to unlock the full version.

Mac Intel issue with CFM plug-ins (30.03.2007)
Cycore has found out that there are some problems running CFM plug-ins (old style mac plug-ins, not mach-O) when running After Effects under Rosetta on the new Mac Intel machines. We strongly recommend that all Mac Intel CycoreFX HD users upgrade to the new Mach-O Universal Binary version that does not have this problem. If you have any questions please contact

Download CycoreFX sample projects (Latest addition 30.03.2007)
Cycore has added new "basic" projects in the CycoreFX HD section. These two projects covers all 64 filters and gives a good introduction to the HD package, as well as being a good complementary to the manual.

Adobe After Effects owners that are using the bundled CycoreFX version are welcome to download CycoreFX 8-bit sample projects. Cycore is continuously adding projects, so make sure to check out their Downloads page regularly.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alien Skin Eye Candy Effects Collection now available at Toolfarm

eye candy collectionThe Eye Candy Effects Collection includes full, retail versions of Eye Candy 5: Textures, Nature, Impact, Xenofex 2, and Snap Art. Create amazing chrome, fire, smoke, lightning, clouds, comics and dozens of other effects. With 54 filters and over 1000 one-click settings, you'll blast through your creative projects. Purchased separately, these titles would cost $575, but the Eye Candy Effects Collection is available through Toolfarm for only $379 - a savings of over 30%.

Red Giant Software to Unveil New Magic Bullet, Stu Maschwitz to Demo at NAB

red giantSan Francisco, CA, March 29, 2007 - Red Giant Software today announced that Stu Maschwitz, creator of Magic Bullet and Sin City Visual Effects Supervisor, will unveil a new Magic Bullet product at NAB in Las Vegas, NV. To watch Maschwitz's presentation, visit Red Giant Software in the South Hall SL3827G and SL3827H (next to Adobe in the Plug-In Pavilion) on either:

  • Tuesday, April 17 at 10 am
  • Wednesday, April 18 at 2 pm

Following Tuesday's presentation, Peder Norrby of Trapcode will preview a new product codenamed Flux.

  • Tuesday, April 17 at 11 am

Red Giant Software LLC ( is a San Francisco-based company that develops professional tools for digital video production. Products are available as plug-ins for popular video editing and effects applications including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid. All tools are based on production-proven technology developed by visual effects veterans.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

GridIron Software Nucleo Pro 2 to Support Background Rendering of 3D Applications

nucleo proCustomize how nested compositions are rendered to further streamline productivity

DMN Newswire--2007-3-27--GridIron® Software today announced Nucleo Pro® 2, an upgrade to the productivity enhancement tool that optimizes the workflow for visual effects artists using Adobe® After Effects®. Nucleo Pro is well-known for its speculative and background rendering capabilities that allow motion graphics artists to render and work at the same time.

Nucleo Pro 2 (due to ship in early summer 2007) will support After Effects CS3 Professional and all versions of After Effects 7. New features of Nucleo Pro 2 include the ability specify how nested compositions are rendered and run renders of their favorite 3D applications in the Nucleo Pro Background Render Queue.

New Features in Nucleo Pro 2

Nucleo Render Proxies

Customize how nested compositions are rendered to streamline render times even further. Now users can flag a nested comp to render sub-compositions to an internal “cache file” format, and have the main composition render to the user specified output format. By doing this, subsequent spec-render times for the main composition are improved because the rendering engine no longer has to render the frames for proxied sub-compositions. Those frames are simply read from disk.
3D Applications in the Background Render Queue.

With Nucleo Pro 2, motion graphics artists can manage After Effects and 3D renders from one convenient spot. Simply drag projects for any of the supported applications into the Background Render Queue. Then specify the appropriate render settings and allow Nucleo Pro to initiate and manage the render in the background. Support is available for most popular 3D rendering applications, including: Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI, Apple Shake, Side Effects Software Houdini, Mental Images Metal Ray, and SplutterFish Brazil.

"With the release of Nucleo Pro 2, GridIron Software further demonstrates its dedication to boosting productivity for creative professionals. Users will reap benefits with the ability to work in After Effects while 3D designs render in the background," said Simon Hayhurst, director of product management, Dynamic Media Organization for Adobe Systems. "Our just-announced After Effects CS3 delivers outstanding performance on the latest hardware and operating systems and gives visual artists the enhanced creative tools that enable them to deliver their best work."
"CINEMA 4D offers comprehensive integration of 3D in After Effects with direct export of layers and elements," said Paul Babb, president/CEO of MAXON US. "This workflow integration only gets better with Nucleo Pro 2."

Pricing and Availability

  • Nucleo Pro 2 will sell for $395 US. Beginning April 16, 2007 customers may pre-order Nucleo Pro 2 for $295. Note: this offer will expire the first day Nucleo Pro 2 begins shipping later this summer.
  • Nucleo Pro 1 customers may upgrade to Nucleo Pro 2 for $99.
  • Nucleo customers may upgrade to Nucleo Pro 2 for $350.
  • Nucleo Pro 2 will begin shipping in early summer.
  • Nucleo Pro 2 will support all versions of Adobe After Effects version 7.0 and the new After Effects CS3 on both Windows and Mac OS X.

About GridIron Software

GridIron Software is the leading software provider in high performance workflow. GridIron’s mission is to provide tools that leverage its unique expertise in parallel programming and system optimization, for the creative content professional. Providing products that allow software to properly utilize multi-core and multi-CPU workstations, GridIron is the market leader in providing utilities for the creative professional.

Adobe Reveals Creative Suite 3 Production Premium

creative suite premium

Cross Platform Suite Integrates Video Editing, Audio, Effects, Graphics and Multimedia Tools

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 27, 2007 - Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Production Premium software, a complete integrated post-production solution. Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium offers unprecedented levels of integration across major new releases of its video, audio and web software, including Adobe After Effects® CS3 Professional, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3, Adobe Encore® CS3, Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended (see separate release), Adobe Illustrator® CS3, Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional, and Adobe® SoundboothTM CS3. Now post-production and rich media professionals have a complete, cross-platform, integrated workflow that enables them to create and deliver visually innovative projects for film, broadcast, web, DVD, and mobile devices.

Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium will support Intel-based Macintosh systems, Microsoft® Windows® XP, and Windows VistaTM, with the software optimized to deliver outstanding performance on the latest hardware. Adobe After Effects is also available for Macintosh as a Universal Binary application.

"With Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium the video editing market just got a whole lot more interesting," said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe. "We're back on the Mac with a great cross-platform suite that will enable new levels of expressiveness and productivity over multiple mediums. With Flash technology emerging as the standard for mass distribution of video across the Internet - bringing TV shows online, and powering the video capabilities of YouTube and MySpace - our Production suite is at the cutting edge of video and rich media workflows."

Professional Results with Unmatched Integration
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium covers the full capture-to-delivery workflow with its integrated applications and time-saving utilities. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 offers enhanced features such as new format support and a unique Time Remapping tool that improves slow motion and variable speed effects. The industry standard for visual effects and motion graphics - After Effects CS3 - now offers: Shape Layers for drawing and animating vector shapes; the Puppet tool for stretching and manipulating 2D images as lifelike animations; and the Brainstorm tool for interactively generating and previewing animation variations. For audio, Soundbooth CS3 enables users to create professional-quality soundtracks for their productions.

"Having worked with Academy Award winning filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, and Robert De Niro, we are always in search of the most efficient ways to produce our most demanding work," said Rob Legato, director and supervisor for The Basement. "Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium makes our workflow easier than ever with its new integration among our favorite Adobe applications like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Going after that ever-elusive perfect shot has never been more creatively stimulating or seamless as it is now."

With the new video layer support in Photoshop CS3 Extended, professionals can easily edit, paint, and clone between frames, and then export standard video formats. New Document Profiles for video in Illustrator CS3 ensure that graphics are cropped to video-safe sizes and ratios. Production Premium includes Flash CS3 Professional, enabling a seamless workflow with After Effects and Encore, so projects can now be published to the web through streamlined workflows. Adobe Dynamic Link eliminates rendering as users interchange media between Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3, and Encore DVD CS3, and Clip Notes enables producers and other reviewers to embed time-code specific comments in Adobe PDF format directly into clips for faster review.

Special additions to Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium include Adobe OnLocationTM CS3 for direct-to-disk recording and monitoring, and Adobe Ultra® CS3 software for chroma keying. The new Adobe OnLocation CS3 saves time in the field with its direct-to-disk recording and monitoring, offering the ability to shoot with higher quality on site. Both Adobe OnLocation CS3 and Adobe Ultra CS3 support only Windows-based systems.

Multi-format delivery, anywhere
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium lets creatives capture and deliver across a broad range of formats. OnLocation CS3 records DV and HDV directly to disk, which is easily accessible through Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 for a streamlined editorial workflow, including support for HD, SD and HDV formats. Adobe Encore DVD CS3 now supports the ability to author and deliver professional titles on standard-definition DVD and high-definition Blu-ray Disc. Flash CS3 Professional lets users export video projects to the web in the .flv format and includes the Adobe Media Encoder to export video for mobile phones, iPods, and other devices.

Meet The Creative Suite 3 Family
The Adobe Creative Suite product line and brand has now been expanded to include Adobe Creative Suite Design editions, Adobe Creative Suite Web editions and Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium (see separate releases). The all-encompassing Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection incorporates 12 new Adobe creative applications in a single box. New to the Adobe Creative Suite 3 family, Adobe Device Central CS3 (see separate release) radically boosts the productivity of creative professionals who develop content for mobile handsets. An updated version of Adobe Bridge CS3, the hub of Adobe Creative Suite, provides instant access to Version Cue® CS3 and an expanded Adobe Stock Photos service. To celebrate the unveiling of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 family, Adobe will offer viewing of the launch event via webcast on March 27 at 3:30 p.m. EDT. To attend the webcast, please visit .

Pricing and Availability
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium will begin shipping worldwide in the third quarter of 2007 and will be available for pre-order immediately through Adobe Authorized Resellers, including Toolfarm. Estimated street price for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium is US$1,699. There are numerous upgrade paths available for Adobe customers. For more detailed information about features, upgrade policies, pricing, and international versions please visit: .

About Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information - anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit .

Monday, March 26, 2007

Review: After Effects CS3 by Ko Maruyama


"Time to Animate Everything" or "Bigger, Better, Faster"

Yes, you read that right! The first review of After Effects CS3. I had to wait until the clock struck midnight to post this and it was tough to wait!

WOW! I'm blown away. The new features Puppet, Shape, 3D Type and Brainstorm are killer. The Shape Tool is something I've been waiting for for a long time, Shapes like Photoshop. "BrainStorm can take your effect, or effects and derive a series of alternate options by modifying the various parameters in those effects and keyframes." The Puppet feature is a warping/morphing type of tool and Ko gives a nice Quicktime sample. Oh, and 3D Text.... I need to catch my breath!

Oh, don't wait any longer, Read the Review NOW!

Free Comp from LME! Trapcode Starglow

LME logoLME has graciously provided a freebie that is an extra bonus file from each of their sets of gorgeous comp files. These are Toolfarm exclusives and we'll be posting one per week until they're gone. Here is the second in the series. This sample is not included in the Trapcode Starglow Presets and Comps.LME logo

If you didn't catch last weeks freebie, Free Comp from LME! Trapcode Echospace Preset, and previuosly LME Preset for Trapcode Particular, or the one from the week before, LME Amazing Video Walls and Displays, check em out now!

The DigiEffects Forum is now at Toolfarm!

digieffects logoThe DigiEffects Forum is now open for business as of this afternoon. Ask questions about DigiEffects CineLook, Aurorix, Fantazm, Delirium, and Berserk questions. We can help!

A Conversation with Jim Geduldick about The Wonder Pets!

The Wonder Pets!The Wonder Pets! is an adorable animated series that airs on Nick Jr./Noggin, aimed at the pre-k audience. It was created by the award-winning team at Little Airplane Productions. Toolfarm chats with Jim Geduldick, who is a Senior Editor but wears a lot of other hats in the production of the show.

Gather the kids around the computer and spend some quality family time! Read the interview and see some cuter-than-puppies-wrapped-in-kittens screen shots.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Save on Trapcode Suite and Knoll Light Factory Pro!

Knoll Light FactorySave $100 on Knoll Light Factory Pro! KLF should be in every visual effects artist's toolbox. It works in Adobe After Effects 5.0 (5.5 or later for Mac OS X), Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (7.0 or later for Mac OS X), Apple Final Cut Pro 3 and above, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Motion and Avid, Electric Image Universe 5 and discreet combustion.

trapcodeTrapcode Suite is another must have. Get it for $695 through March 31 (regularly $749). Trapcode Suite includes Shine, 3D Stroke, Particular, Lux, Starglow, Echospace and Sound Keys.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boris Product Matrix

boris fx logoBoris FX, Inc. puts out so many incredible visual effects tools and they run in so many host applications that it can be a tad overwhelming. We've added the Boris Product Matrix to our site, which will simplify everything... well as far as Boris products go, it won't simplify String Theory.

Upgrading From Color Finesse 1.5 LE (The After Effects 6.5/7.0 Bundle)

Many Color Finesse users are using the version which came bundled with Adobe After Effects 6.5 and 7.0. This is version 1.5 of Color Finesse LE. The LE versions of Color Finesse are limited to working only within After Effects and won't work within other host applications, such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

And version 1.5 is missing many features which were implemented for Color Finesse 2.1, including access to the correction controls directly within After Effects, external video previews without needing Echo Fire, scrubbing within clips in the Color Finesse UI, support for the Colorociter CS-1, performance improvements, and additional presets.

We offer many discounted upgrade paths to move from Color Finesse 1.5 LE to version 2.1 LE, or to 2.1 PI which works not only in After Effects, but also in other hosts such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. We also have upgrade paths to Color Finesse HD+, our standalone color correction application.

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse 2.1 Upgrade

Monday, March 19, 2007

Be Among the First to See Creative Suite 3 Live

Adobe logoSince many of you can't make it to NYC on March 27 for the premiere of Creative Suite 3, check out the live podcast. Bookmark that link and stop back around 3:30pm EST on March 27 to watch.

Also, several Apple Stores around the globe will be showing CS3 on March 28 and 29.


Free Comp from LME! Trapcode Echospace Preset

LME logoLME has graciously provided a freebie that is an extra bonus file from each of their sets of gorgeous comp files. These are Toolfarm exclusives and we'll be posting one per week until they're gone. Here is the second in the series. This sample is not included in the Trapcode Echospace Presets and Comps.

LME logo

If you didn't catch last weeks freebie, LME Preset for Trapcode Particular, or the one from the week before, LME Amazing Video Walls and Displays, check em out now!

Boris Red 4.1 Garners DV Award of Excellence

boris red
The new enhancements, especially the added filters and improved interface, make Boris Red 4.1 worth the upgrade.
- James Rankin, DV Magazine

Read the review and check out the Boris Red entry in our Plug-in Finder.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Training from John Dickinson! Lesson 6: Rose Window

rosewindowThis is the sixth in the Toolfarm Expert Training Series: Creative Background Design with After Effects: Rose Window and it is gorgeous! John Dickinson walks you through a variety of Persian-style designs using Fractal Noise, Colorama, CC Kaleida and several other plug-ins. Simply beautiful.

Whether you're new with After Effects or have been using it since AE 3, you will learn some cool tricks and expand you're repertoire of quick effects.

Get some killer training for only five bucks! Get Lesson 6: Rose Window Now!.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Conversation with Noise Industries' Niclas Bahn

FxFactory SampleThis morning I chatted with Niclas Bahn from Noise Industries, about FxFactory a plug-in package for Final Cut Studio that works in Final Cut Pro and Motion. He explains how the plug-in utilizes the FxPlug architecture on the Mac, as well as Quartz Composer. And, did I mention how fast it is!

What really sets this product apart is that users can create their own plug-ins, making it infinitely expandable. There is a community set up where users have contributed FxPacks, some for free and some for a price. Users do not know how to program to use the plug-in.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free Boris Continuum Complete Z-Blur Filter!

Get BCC Z-Blur for your Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, or Avid host application! Offer expires on March 23, 2007.

BCC Z-Blur emulates a rack focus effect where the focal plane moves between a near and far plane. The near and far planes in the filter define the area of the image along the Z axis that is blurred. The area between the planes remains sharp. With the BCC Z-Blur filter, you can set a channel from the image clip, and then use that channel to control the racking focus blur.

Download BCC Z-Blur

Hurry! This free filter offer expires on March 23, 2007.

The free BCC Z-Blur filter is available for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Avid Xpress Pro, Avid Media Composer, Avid NewsCutter, Avid Symphony, and Autodesk Combustion.

More about Boris Continuum Complete

Maxon introduces Cinema 4D R10 Engineering Edition

Cinema 4D Engineering BundleThe easiest way to get high-end visualization from CAD files.

MAXON, March 1, 2007 - MAXON announces the immediate availability of its brand new CINEMA 4D R10 Engineering Edition. This powerful software lets engineering professionals - even those with no graphics experience - quickly create high-end visualizations using their own CAD files. This edition combines CINEMA 4D R10 with a simplified interface, preset environments, materials and importers for a huge variety of CAD files as well as the sketch and Toon module for creating precise line drawings or sketched looks. The end result is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use system that makes visualising CAD files child's play.

Three flavors:

Companies such as Sony Imageworks, BBC and RTL value CINEMA 4D for its superb rendering, and manufacturers including BMW, Vitra, Siemens and Flextronics rely on CINEMA 4D when creating high-quality visualizations. No matter how large or small your company, the Engineering Edition and CINEMA 4D's Hollywood-proven rendering capabilities are the perfect combination for quickly creating breathtaking visualizations using CAD files.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • The user interface is optimized for the creation of CAD visualizations. The designing engineer can quickly create beautiful images and animations.
  • Comprehensive libraries containing materials and environment scenes make it easy to get high quality results, even without being a trained graphics artist!
  • In addition to photorealistic rendering, CINEMA 4D also lets designers give their 3D models an illustrated look. This look can range from "sketchy" to very precise and detailed. What's more, photorealistic and illustrated looks can be combined!
  • The CINEMA 4D render engine and the accompanying environment scenes have been fine-tuned for optimal performance and require only a fraction of the normal time to render.
  • A network renderer for up to 3 workstations is included for rendering larger animations. This network renderer is based on the common TCP/IP technology and requires no administrative changes to an existing network.

The new Engineering Edition's most important features:

  • The reworked scene management offers a better overview when working with larger, more complex projects, thus making it easier to locate objects.
  • The interactive content-sensitive help system offers complete and concise information about each individual function, right within CINEMA 4D. No additional software is required!
  • The powerful preview renderer renders quickly and in output quality, including reflections and transparencies. Either the entire viewport or only selected areas can be rendered.
  • Hundreds of additional new features can be seen in the reworked interface, improved OpenGL display, expanded animation functionalities and many more areas...

Supported file formats:

  • Inventor, MilkShape 3D, Minolta Vivid 700, MOL Molecular Database, Pro/Engineer, Protein (Molecular) Database, Rhino-3D /OpenNURBS, StereoLithography STL, Wavefront OBJ, XGL, DWG, IGES, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, ACIS SAT, Granite "g-plugs", Parasolids, STEP, VDA-FS
  • Importing of these CAD formats is a standard CINEMA 4D feature. Additional purchase options allow CINEMA 4D to also export polygonal files in these formats.

More product information about CINEMA 4D

CINEMA 4D is the high-end modeling, animation and rendering package, famous for its fast raytracer which produces stunning results. Easy to use and amazingly versatile, CINEMA 4D is the perfect tool for all 3D artists. From architects to games developers, from graphics designers to visual effects studios, CINEMA 4D has it all. For more information or to download a demo, please visit MAXON's website at

About MAXON Computer
MAXON Computer is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its award-winning products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. MAXON products have been used for and in Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3, Surf's Up, Open Season, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, Monster House, Eragon, Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Serenity, War of the Worlds, Polar Express, Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, The Flight of the Phoenix, Van Helsing, King Arthur, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Star Wars: Episode II - The Attack of the Clones, the On-Air Packages for Comedy Central, Monday Night Football, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, ESPN, NFL Network, TiVO, NBC, DirecTV, CBS NFL, Smart House, Fox and many more. MAXON has offices in Friedrichsdorf (Germany), Newbury Park (CA, USA), Bedford (UK) and Tokyo (JP).

Fully Fueled: The Foundry launches Furnace 4 for Shake

furnaceLondon, UK. March 12, 2007. Leading visual effects software developer The Foundry is delighted to announce the launch of Furnace 4 plug-ins for Shake, a major product release comprising next generation motion estimation technology and a host of cool tools, designed to ease the routine processes involved with the production of first class digital visual effects.

Furnace, available for Linux and OSX, was originally launched in 2002 and has become popular suite of image processing plug-ins to enhance workflow and boost productivity. A key focus for the new Furnace 4 release has been to take advantage of the latest advances in technology, combined with over seven years of The Foundry's own research into motion estimation, to deliver optimised output, enhanced speed, a more intuitive user interface and improve the user experience.

In addition to significant optimisation across a number of the existing plug-ins, the latest release features eight brand new tools. These include: Contrast which, utilising the latest dynamic range compression technology from Apical, will automatically detect and enhance the shadow region, within filmed or HD footage, without blowing out highlights in other parts of the image; DeFlicker2, a fully automated plug-in that will remove in-scene flicker caused by poorly synchronised light rigs or stray lights; and RotoTracker, which tracks a rotoshape through a sequence, keeping it accurately attached to an object even as it changes shape.

"Our artists are employed across a wide variety of high-profile projects. To guarantee we continue to meet clients' demands we require sophisticated digital tools to help us get the job done. The Foundry's Furnace is an impressive digital toolset that delivers time and time again, a first-class collection of tools, which should be on any Shake artist's wish list. Nick Cannon, Head of Technology, Film, MPC

One of the most notable advances in Furnace 4 is its ability to separately calculate, pre-generate and utilise motion vectors. Many of the Furnace plug-ins use motion vectors and rather than calculating the vectors on a per plug-in basis it is now possible to calculate them once using the new VectorGenerator plug-in. This new technique has many advantages although the most significant is speed enhancement.

Key features of Furnace 4 for Shake:

Contrast is designed to enhance the colour contrast within an image. It is adaptive and spatially varying. Based on its analysis of the scene content it automatically calculates a different curve transformation for each pixel in the image and true colour is enhanced.

DeFlicker2 is a fully automated plug-in designed to remove in-scene flicker caused by such things as poorly synchronised light rigs and stray lights.

RotoShape converts Raw vector masks into Shake rotoshapes and vice versa for improved interoperability.

RotoTracker will track a rotoshape through a sequence, keeping it accurately attached to an object even as it changes shape.

ShadowRemoval removes translucent objects such as shadows from a sequence. The artist loosely highlights the area to be removed and ShadowRemoval will perform a seamless extraction of the unwanted object.

VectorConverter is a tool designed to convert images representing motion vector fields, originating from other vendor applications, into the vector format used in Furnace by providing a simple interface to rewire, scale, offset and invert the colour channels.

VectorGenerator utilises The Foundry's next generation motion estimation engine to produce accurate sets of vectors between frames. By using VectorGenerator the artist only needs to calculate the vectors once and the user can input them into many of the Furnace plug-ins, saving bundles of time.

VectorWarper allows the user to warp an image sequence using vectors from a different image sequence. This plug-in can be used creatively to produce unusual temporal image effects.

The Foundry's Furnace development team were honoured with a 2006 Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their roles in the design and development of the Furnace plug-ins.

The Foundry will be demonstrating Furnace 4 on booth SL14413 in the South Hall at NAB 2007.

Availability and Pricing
Now shipping, Furnace 4 node-locked is priced at: $4,400 with Furnace 4 float priced at: $6,600. Existing customers can upgrade for $2,200 node-locked and $3,300 floating.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Luxology Delivers modo 203

modoFree Update Provides UV Editing Innovations, Faster Rendering Speed and New DXF Plug-in

San Mateo, Calif. - March 13, 2007 - Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced the immediate availability of modo 203. With enhancements to UV editing tools, faster rendering speed and a new DXF translator plug-in, modo 203 offers significant performance and workflow improvements to its worldwide base of modo customers, and provides one of the fastest paths to creating high-quality 3D content for game development, design visualization, film visual effects, video production and graphic arts. Registered modo 202 customers receive the modo 203 update free of charge, and a free 30-day full-featured evaluation version is available for immediate download from

"This is another shot of modo goodness that makes modo that much better," said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. "The technology we are introducing for UV editing really elevates modo to best in class in this critically important phase of 3D workflow. We also added a DXF translator for customers in the design and architectural visualization fields and made our wicked-fast renderer even faster."

"We recently finished evaluating modo 203 and are frankly impressed," said Seneca Menard, 3D artist at id Software. "Not only are the new UV tools hugely welcomed, we are delighted with the even quicker rendering speed. It’s a sweet update to one of our favorite tools and kudos to Luxology for making it free to modo users."

New and improved features in modo 203
modo 203 includes technology and user interface additions that combine to make the rapid development of high-quality UVs even easier. The UV unwrap tool has been improved so that UVs are laid out by the software with less angular and proportional distortion as compared to the geometric polygon volume. To help modo users interactively relax the UV data, the UV pinning function has been improved. The seal hole option in UV unwrap has also been overhauled for more reliability on enclosed spaces in the mesh, such as eye sockets. UV editing is also improved through the addition of a move and sew option – an enhancement to the previous sew capability that makes the joining and scaling of discontinuous UVs a one-step operation. Copying and pasting a UV between polygons is now facilitated in modo, and a new UV orient capability makes it very easy to have all UVs perfectly lined up horizontally or vertically.

The modo renderer - already one of the industry’s fastest renderers for global illumination - gets two additional speed injections in modo 203. The fundamental operation of ray tracing has been boosted as much as 1.4 times in tests conducted by Luxology and even greater speed has been reported by beta testers. In addition to faster production rendering, ambient occlusion and full light "baking" operations (often employed to further accelerate rendering in game development and many other fields) also benefit from the ray-tracing speed improvement. Irradiance caching has been optimized, further cranking up global illumination performance on large resolution renderings.

modo 203 also features a new DXF plug-in that reads and writes ASCII DXF files from inside modo. Architects and designers can now use modo to import a range of 2D and 3D entities from DXF files; including: polymesh, arcs, circles, lines, points, polylines and more. Layers in the incoming DXF files are automatically created as corresponding layers in the modo scene to preserve file organization. On export from modo, the new translator converts modo triangles and quads into a polymesh, with vertex connectivity maintained. This further extends modo’s pipeline integration capabilities, allowing it to be used in partnership with many design software tools that also support DXF.

For a complete list of modo 203 improvements, please visit

About modo
modo is an award-winning 3D modeling, painting and rendering software designed to accelerate the creation of world-class models, associated color and normal maps, and ultra high-quality renderings. modo’s modern workflow and advanced toolset deliver increased productivity and performance for 3D artists working in a variety of disciplines. modo’s innovative and powerful artist-friendly toolset offers one of the fastest paths to creating great games content and is a recipient of the renowned Game Developer Front Line Award.

Pricing and Availability
modo ships on a single disc supporting both Mac OSX and Windows, and sells for a suggested retail price of USD $895. Current modo 202 users receive the modo 203 update as an electronic download free of charge. A free 30-day full-function evaluation version of modo 203 is also available for immediate download from The modo 203 evaluation version includes a starter pack of sample files and an interactive exploration guide that provides an artful introduction to modo’s most popular tools. Luxology also offers a wide array of modo training videos and other educational materials designed to enhance the modo learning process for novice and experienced users.

Purchase modo

About Luxology
Based in San Mateo, Calif., Luxology® LLC is an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software that enhances productivity via artist-friendly tools powered by a modern underlying architecture. Founded in 2002 by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology is home to some of the top 3D engineering expertise in the industry. More information on Luxology, its flagship product modo™, a gallery of artists' images and the active modo community is available online at

The Foundry Acquires Nuke

The Foundry LogoI haven't seen an official press release about it yet but the word is out!

The Foundry will be taking on the marketing, development, sales and support of NUKE. FX Guide has an exclusive interview with Foundry MD and Head of R&D Bill Collis and ProLost, Stu Maschewicz's blog, has a post about it. From ProLost:

Meanwhile, Nuke is production-proven, has great kung-fu under the hood, and an "interface" that makes Kodak's Cineon look luxurious. With a fresh take on how it might be bundled, dressed-up, and marketed, Nuke might just pull out ahead in the race to suck the least in the world of desktop compositing.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Zaxwerks Layer Tools for Adobe After Effects

Zaxwerks Layer ToolsZaxwerks Layer Tools is an exciting set of plug-ins that enables the motion graphics artist to do things to 3D layers that are usually very difficult and time consuming.

Layer Tools solves the problems facing Photoshop users who try to turn their Photoshop layers into 3D only to have the design fall apart due to perspective.

Layer Tools solves the problems faced by motion graphic artists who need to create perfect match-frames between 3D animation and 2D movie footage.

Layer Tools enables you to rotate, move and scale many layers at once with an ease and flexibility that hasn't been available before.

It looks very cool and I can't wait to try it out! There are images and in-depth information in our Plug-in Finder.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Free Comp from LME! Trapcode Particular Preset

LME logoLME has graciously provided a freebie that is an extra bonus file from each of their sets of gorgeous comp files. These are Toolfarm exclusives and we'll be posting one per week until they're gone. Here is the second in the series. This sample is not included in the Trapcode Particular Presets and Comps.

LME logo

If you didn't catch last weeks freebie, it's here.

As an added bonus, Trapcode Suite is 20% off this week! Sale runs March 12-16. Trapcode Suite includes Particular, 3D Stroke, Shine, Lux, Starglow, Echospace and Soundkeys.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Re:Vision Effects Drop Price on Shake Plug-ins, New Bundle for Shake

re:vision effects logoRe:Vision Effects has lowered the price by $200 each on Re:Flex 3 for Shake and Twixtor 4.5 for Shake.

Also, there is a new bundle for Re:Vision Effects Shake plug-ins which contains Twixtor, Re:Flex and ReelSmart Motion Blur. If you bought them seperately, you'd normally pay around $1,379. Get it for jut $945 at Toolfarm!

Coming soon: Two editions of Photoshop CS3

Well, Adobe is just full of surprises lately! They have announced that they will announce Adobe Creative Suite 3 on March 27, but It has just come out that Adobe will release have two versions of the workhorse known as Photoshop.

Photoshop CS3 Extended of course, really caught my eye.

New to the Photoshop family, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended delivers everything in Photoshop CS3 and more. Render and incorporate 3D images into your 2D composites. Stop time with easy editing of motion graphics on video layers. And probe your images with measurement, analysis, and visualization tools.

I'm REALLY looking forward to this product. You may not know this, but I LOVE Photoshop more than any other program. Yes, you heard that right. I'm it's biggest fan.

You can sign up to be notified by Adobe about the latest news on the Photoshop front.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Free Comp from LME! Amazing Video Walls & Displays

LME logoLME has graciously provided a freebie that is an extra bonus file from each of their sets of gorgeous comp files. These are Toolfarm exclusives and we'll be posting one per week until they're gone. Here is the first in the series. This sample is not included in the Amazing Video Walls & Photo Displays collection.

LME logo

Adobe Creative Suite 3 To Be Announced March 27th

adobeFrom Adobe's PR BlogThe wait is nearly over! We can now confirm that Adobe Creative Suite 3 will be announced March 27, 2007. The company is celebrating the launch at an event in New York City that will be webcast live at 3:30pm ET. During the webcast, Adobe will reveal the features and suite configurations that make this the largest software release in Adobe's 25 year history.

Details on how to view the webcast will be available on later this week.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are announcing Creative Suite 3 on March 27th. However, the software will not ship until later in Spring 2007.

This comes on the heels of the announcement of Adobe Photoshop going online. Adobe is partnering with Photobucket to bring a stripped down version of Photoshop to the web. That's pretty awesome... giving Google apps a run for their money, beating them too the punch, (insert another cliche? Nah.)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere Now Available for Free from SmartSound

Video creators can download the original auto-composing music tool for Adobe Premiere along with 10 royalty-free music scores; Over 1,000 add-on music scores also on sale for half off

NORTHRIDGE, CA - February 14, 2007 - SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of music scoring technology for film and video professionals, today announced that its Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere software is now a free download for all users. The Windows®-only software includes 10 royalty-free music scores that can be custom-fit for any video project, and can be downloaded by users of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements® at

By making Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere freely available, SmartSound has given thousands of users the leading music creation technology in the industry. SmartSound's award-winning, patented technology delivers every music score to the exact length needed and can be resized from within Premiere as needed. SmartSound offers the most extensive library of automatically composing, resizable music scores, with more than 1,000 royalty-free music scores available in a wide range of styles and genres. This is all done as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements, giving users immediate professional quality music scores without requiring any music expertise.

SmartSound is also placing all Professional-Quality (44k) stereo music libraries on sale for $49.95, a 50 percent savings off the regular price. This temporary price reduction will give new users of Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere the ability to purchase more music from the largest customizable music library in the world. All SmartSound Professional-Quality music is licensed for unlimited use in commercial applications, film, television, theatre, Internet, competitions and more without additional license fees.

The Quicktracks technology has a long history with the Adobe Premiere product line and its users. It was developed for Adobe by SmartSound as the music scoring tool that was part of Adobe Premiere 6.0 and 6.5. With the launch of Adobe Premiere Pro, SmartSound made Quicktracks a product for Adobe customers who were used to the ease of use and powerful music scoring elements available in Quicktracks.

"Making our award-winning technology available for free gives Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements users direct access to a music library of well over 1,000 customizable music scores - that's more professional-quality music than is available through any other solution," said Kevin Klingler, President and CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. SmartSound's music library also works with our standalone Sonicfire Pro 4 software and its Mood Mapping® feature on both Windows and Mac systems, giving Adobe users access to the most precise and flexible solution available today. This maximizes the value of a person's music investment by allowing them to use the tool that is right for the job."

About SmartSound Software, Inc.

SmartSound Software, Inc. is the world-leading developer and marketer of the SmartSound family of music scoring technology for visual content creators. The company has been at the forefront of technological innovations in the industry, such as the Mood Mapping feature in SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 4. SmartSound technology is available for Windows XP and Macintosh OSX 10.4 or higher, including PowerPCs and Intel Macs. SmartSound products include: the Sonicfire Pro and Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere Pro software and the Strata, Film Score, Producer, Edge, Audio Palette, Sound Palette, and Movie Music collections of royalty-free music and sound effects. The company is headquartered in Northridge, CA, and can be reached by phone at 818-920-9122, by fax at 818-920-9152 or on the Web at

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tutorial: Make Realistic Auto Gauges in After Effects

speedmeterMake some photorealistic auto gauges that you can composite into your auto scene! Steve Audette, AE hobbyist and Documentary editor for the PBS Series FRONTLINE, created this project and tutorial for Toolfarm. It's a really a simple procedure but looks complex. There are a couple of wiggle expressions and a smattering of effects. Before you know it, you've created a beautiful set of gauges for an older muscle car.

Go to the Auto Gauges Tutorial

By the way, if you want an odometer, check out this tutorial.

Plug-in Freebies for Final Cut Studio by Idustrial Revolution and Noise Industries

Freebie Pack 1 - Four Free Filters for Final Cut Pro and Motion
Noise Industries freebiemultispaceisightrack focus
idustrial revolution Freebies!

Brought to you by Peter Wiggins, author of the Volumetrix plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Motion, idustrial revolution Freebie Pack 1 includes four fun, useful (and absolutely free!) plug-ins:

  • MultiSpace: Puts two inputs into true 3D space with global and independent XYZ translation & rotation. Planes can intersect too.
  • iSight Live!: Get a live input on your timeline in Motion and FCP. Very handy for picking a color off a client's brochure.
  • Rack Focus: Racks the blur from one input to the other with one parameter. Both blur values for each input can be set independently.
  • Opposites: Two-input parameter linking: move one left, the other goes right. Rotate one clockwise, the other one goes anticlock.

wondertouch Releases Three New Motion Graphics-Themed Libraries

particle illusionLatest Additions Provide Professional and Prosumer Users of particleIllusion 3.0 Out-of-the Box Access to 90 Spectacular, Complex, High Quality Particle Effects

ST. LOUIS (February 28, 2007) - wondertouch(TM),, a leading software developer of high performance particle effects creation tools, today announced the release of three new libraries in its Professional Emitters (Pro Emitters) product line for particleIllusion(TM) 3.0 software - widely regarded as one of the most artist-friendly and powerful software solutions for creating high-quality, complex particle animations. Each library contains 30 emitters that are thematically geared to providing sophisticated, ready-to-use, motion graphics style particle-based effects. The latest addition to the Pro Emitters collection has been developed by Tom Granberg, senior technical artist at Rainbow Studios, an early adopter of particleIllusion and beta tester to the wondertouch development team. The wondertouch Pro Emitters libraries are available for purchase individually or as a complete set on both the Windows and Mac platforms. (Editors' note: see pricing and availability section below.)

wondertouch introduced the Pro Emitters collection in February 2006 with six individual libraries to include real-world effects such as explosions, auroras, and breaking glass; motion graphics and artistic backgrounds; and, text and abstract effects. With today's library additions, the collection now offers a total of 270 particleIllusion 3.0 emitters arranged into nine themed libraries that allow a particleIllusion user to supplement the already impressive selection of more than 1800 different preset emitters that ship with particleIllusion 3.0 (as well as the additional emitters that the company releases free-of-charge each month) with a set of ready-to-use, extremely high-quality particle emitters. As with all of the company's particle emitter offerings, every emitter in the collection is completely customizable and can be tweaked to create a slight variant, or turned into a completely new emitter, affording limitless variations with little effort.

"Due to the popularity of the Pro Emitter Libraries that we released a year ago, we are pleased to offer this expanded collection of advanced artistic effects geared to motion graphics users and are confident that artists of all skill levels will benefit from the enhanced productivity that each library has to offer," said Alan Lorence, wondertouch president. "Tom's mastery of particleIllusion's simple, yet powerful, engine in creating this new collection features hands-down some of the most original, spectacular and incredibly intricate particle effects ever developed for the application. I think our customers will be very, very pleased!"

Rainbow Studios, located in Phoenix, Ariz., produces some of today's most exciting action game titles including: "MX vs. ATV Unleashed," "MX Unleashed," "ATV Offroad Fury 2," and "ATV Offroad Fury." Granberg introduced particleIllusion into the studio production pipeline in 1999. Since then he has used the software on every studio project for straightforward particle effects content, as a means to prototype effects for games, and to enhance aspects of film and video work.

"As a long-time user and a perpetual fan of particleIllusion, I continue to be blown away by its ease of use, versatility, and ability to tackle many of the studio's most demanding visual effects projects. Like many busy professionals, sometimes I just don't have the time or desire to create new or complex effects. Creating this latest collection of ready-to-use motion graphics emitters has been a labor of love that I hope will enhance workflow for all effects artists."

Unparalleled Motion Graphics Effects Complexity

Each Professional Emitter Library contains 30 emitters that reflect Granberg's stylistic influences as follows:

Graphics Elements 1 contains "numbers and counters" and "data gizmos."

Graphics Elements 2 contains "energy" emitters like atoms and pulsars, "readouts and displays", and "texture" emitters to be used as backgrounds.

Extreme Graphics contains a wide variety of high-energy emitters: "nightmare", "Xrays and scans", and "letters and text."

John Dickinson, website host of, a leading portal for broadcast design training, news and forums, and a senior broadcast designer at Foxtel, Australia, comments: "The Pro Emitters are expertly designed and offer a huge selection ranging from blood splatter to complex text and X-ray animations that will be an extremely useful addition to a motion designer's toolbox. The `readouts and displays' have to be seen to be believed - you'd think each one was not particles at all but a multi-layered motion graphics project in itself."

Pricing and availability

The new wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries - Graphics Elements 1, Graphics Elements 2 and Extreme Graphics - are available for individual purchase for $39.00; the three libraries are available together for $90.00. wondertouch also offers the `Professional Emitters Complete' - a collection of all nine libraries offered - Graphics Elements 1, Graphics Elements 2, Extreme Graphics, Abstract, Text and Logo, Artistic Backgrounds, Graphics and Distortions, Eclectic 01, and Eclectic 02, for $249.00. The Pro Emitter Libraries are compatible only with wondertouch particleIllusion 3.0, on both the Windows and Mac OS X platforms. The Professional Emitter Libraries are available directly from wondertouch at

About wondertouch

wondertouch, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is an award-winning software developer specializing in particle effects for the visual effects industry. The company's flagship product particleIllusion, a sprite-based particle effects application, is designed to provide the most comprehensive effects creation tool and efficient workflow. Considered one of the most popular solutions for effects creation, particleIllusion is now used worldwide by creative professionals working in film post-production and pre-visualization, standard and HD video, commercial broadcast, motion graphics and game content creation. Additional information on wondertouch can be obtained on the Web at

New Maya training from Digital Tutors

digital tutors logo