Monday, August 28, 2006

Adobe's MAX Awards

Interact with peers. Learn new skills. Get discovered.

Apply today to enter the Fourth Annual MAX Awards, the prestigious competition that recognizes the most innovative projects built with Adobe technology over the past year. Winners will receive their awards on stage at MAX 2006, the Adobe user conference, in Las Vegas, October 23-26. Thousands of leading developers and designers will be in attendance to network, learn, and become inspired.

Submit your project for consideration by September 8, 2006. The top two finalists in each of eight categories will be invited to showcase their work at MAX 2006. Winners will be announced live at the conference, and one finalist will be selected by attendees to receive the coveted People's Choice Award.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Extraordinary Adobe/Boris Continuum Complete Bundles!

Production Studio + BCC bundle
Toolfarm Exclusive Bundles!

Photoshop 9.0.2 Update for Windows

The Adobe Photoshop 9.0.2 update fixes a number of problems discovered after Photoshop CS2 (9.0) was released. The Photoshop 9.0.2 update includes all the fixes contained in the earlier Photoshop 9.0.1 update. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply the 9.0.1 update prior to running the 9.0.2 update on Photoshop CS2.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Demo! Wondertouch particleillusion

wondertouch particleillusionToolfarm is now hosting the trial version of Wondertouch particleIllusion 3.0. particleIllusion is a standalone particle effects application that is easy to use, fast, and powerful. Use it to quickly add amazing particle effects to any image, animation or video.

In addition, I debugged the demos form and checked each and every link and download. I give it my Toolfarm guarantee.

The Noise Industries Effect Market

The Noise Industries Effect Market has lots of free expansion packs for Factory Tools. Take a look at the libraries, pick and choose the ones you like, or download them all.

Welcome Jim Geduldick, Toolfarm's Newest Forum Expert

Jim'Apple Jim' comes to us from the East Coast, U.S.A. He is employed with Mercedes-Benz Digital Media and runs two companies on the side, Visual Collective (production/design) and Creative Mind Solutions (consulting/integrations). He is Xsan for Pro video, FCP, Motion and DVDSP Apple Certified.

Jim is one smart fella and we're so pleased to have him onboard (and yes, he has time to answer questions with his hectic schedule. We don't know how he does it, but he does it with pinache.)

Jim is also stellar on a skateboard.

Visit our forum and give Jim a warm welcome!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lesson 4: Fractal Flower is now available

Fractal FlowJohn Dickinson has outdone himself on the latest installment of Creative Background Design for After Effects, Lesson 04: Fractal Flower.

There are two projects in this one tutorial. The first, Fractal Flower, shows you how to make a gorgeous, versatile flower background. He demonstrates how you can use multiple layers to give depth, as well as adding some radial blur. Great tricks!

Then, as a bonus, John shows you how to create a futuristic worm hole. It's easy but looks mindblowing.

Learn John's techniques. Impress your clients. Impress your boss. Get a big raise. Retire to your own private island. What are you waiting for! Watch an excerpt to get a taste.

Digital Film Tools Universal (Intel) Upgrades

universal macDigital Film ToolsThe Digital Film Tools Universal (Intel) upgrades rock! The plug-ins run natively on the new Macs running Final Cut Pro and are blazing fast!

The upgrades are a little different than most. Here are the rules.

  • They all sell for $50 (no discount for upgrading a bundle - each individual product needs upgrading).
  • If you are running older versions of 55mm, Digital Film Lab or zMatte, you must upgrade to the current version in addition to the Universal (Intel) version.

GenArts Releases Sapphire Plug-ins v1.08 for After Effects & Compatible Products


New version features Mac Universal Binary, including FCP 5.1 support

Cambridge, MA. August 22, 2006 - GenArts, Inc., a leading provider of visual effects plug-ins for the film, broadcast and video industries, today announced the immediate availability of Sapphire Plug-ins version 1.08 for After Effects and compatible products. The new version features enhancements for both Mac and Windows platforms. Version 1.08 for Mac adds Universal Binary support for FCP 5.1 and all After Effects compatible host products. The new release will also run under Rosetta and on Power PC Macs for use with applications such as Adobe After Effects that have not yet been compiled specifically for Intel-based Macs.

Availability and Pricing
Sapphire Plug-ins version 1.08 for After Effects and compatible products can be purchased directly from GenArts or through their worldwide channel of authorized resellers. The upgrade is free for existing version 1 customers. Sapphire Plug-ins version 1.08 can be purchased either as a complete package for $1699 or as four separate boxes for $599 each. A free trial of the software is available online at

About GenArts, Inc.
Founded in 1996 in Cambridge, Mass., GenArts, Inc. is the premier provider of digital visual effects plug-ins for the film, broadcast and video industries. Their product, Sapphire Plug-ins, equips digital artists with a collection of over 175 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects such as: Glows, EdgeRays, LensFlare, Lightning, FilmEffect, Warps and Textures. The effects seamlessly integrate into a number of editing and compositing systems including: Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro; Apple Final Cut Pro and Shake; Avid AVX Products; Autodesk's Discreet Systems and Combustion; Eyeon Fusion; Sony XPRI; and Quantel generationQ products.

Sapphire Plug-ins have become the industry standard for high-end visual effects creation by providing unrivaled image quality, a unique organic look, and ease of use. They have been used extensively in an array of television programs, music videos and feature films, including: Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars - Episode I, II and III, Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3, Sin City, The Matrix trilogy, X-Men 1, 2 and 3, Titanic, Lost and CSI.

Additional GenArts product information can be found at

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ArtBeats New Releases and a Free Clip, Free Angie Taylor Tutorial Expert, Meyer's Tutorial

artbeatsArtBeats newsletter is full of goodies! We have a million ArtBeats clips for sale at Toolfarm and we sell them for a bit cheaper than anywhere else. Okay, a million is a slight exaggeration, but we do have a lot! We'll be adding new releases as they come out too, so don't buy your ArtBeats anywhere else!

Here are some highlights from the the ArtBeats Newsletter:

ArtBeats Free ClipThis month ArtBeats has just released 4 new collections sure to inspire you. The highly anticipated Waterform collection features symbols and icons which take shape from water drops over background footage. Our latest international title, People of India, will put you in the heart of this exotic culture. In Storm Surf, you'll see huge waves that battered the west coast of the United States in winter of 2005. New to the V-Line (footage shot on DV cameras), we've captured some of Britain's magnificent stone structures in Historic British Churches.

This month's exclusive free clip download is KS103! Note: You need to sign up with ArtBeats to get this clip.

Creative After Effects

Creative After Effects 7: A Tutorial Excerpt

Freelance animator and digital filmmaker Angie Taylor's new book Creative After Effects 7 is now available! Angie has given us an excerpt from the book; a step by step tutorial from Chapter 10 - Paint. Included are project files and the footage she used so you can follow along step by step. Be sure to get your copy of the book and take advantage of our exclusive discount offer!

Read entire article, get project files and sample footage

Going for a Loop

The Meyers

We prize background stock footage clips that loop. Aside from being mesmerizing, they allow us to fill as much time behind objects and text as we need without resorting to awkward edits. Fortunately, most Artbeats background clips do indeed loop. However, occasionally you may want to use a shot - such as clouds - that does not naturally loop.

Here's a quick lesson on how to line up and crossfade footage to create a seamless loop. We'll give instructions using Adobe After Effects; they should be easy to adapt to other non-linear editors or motion graphics applications. You should understand that not all sources can be looped gracefully, but these techniques will give you a good shot.

Read entire article

Maxon is getting some good press!


Monday, August 14, 2006

2d3 releases boujou 4

boujou 4

Power tools for visual effects application boujou

1 August 2006, Oxford, UK: 2d3, the leading developer of visual effects software and part of Oxford Metrics Group plc (LSE: OMG), today announced the general release of boujou 4, the latest product in its highly successful boujou matchmoving range. boujou 4 gives a level of access and control over the inner workings of boujou never seen before.

boujou's capabilities as a pioneering automated tracking application, have been demonstrated in thousands of feature films, TV series, commercials, industrial and architectural visualisations, scientific and forensic reconstructions, simulations and more.

Launched this week at the Siggraph conference in Boston, boujou 4 provides users with more flexibility and capability than ever before. Along with improvements to the interface and workflow in general, the new version has a whole host of features designed to combat difficult shots and provide the technical user with more control.

One new function is the ability to import 3D models into boujou. This allows for infinite possibilities, from lining up a model with an object in the scene and being able to track it, to actually using the object to let you eyeball a camera position. This means that not only are you able to use the information from the 3D model, but you now also are able to use your own judgment to create approximate camera positionings using the model as a guide.

"This will really help out in some of the nasty shots we've encountered in the past," said Steve Hill, product manager at 2d3. "For the first time, we're able to give the user the power to manually add additional information, in order to help boujou to get a better solution."

The ability to create a 3D mesh is another new functionality. Meshes can be built based on the 3D predictions and with these you can start to create 3D terrain or surfaces to cast shadows on.

Fine-grained workflow functionalities have been included in boujou 4, giving the user the ability to control and edit the camera solution in a more detailed way, allowing greater flexibility than ever before. These include the ability to copy and delete individual camera views or frames from scenes, being able to interpolate camera views - filling in gaps between frames to remove noise etc. and solve from approximate camera path, enabling the user to assist boujou with determining the camera path, optimising camera positions to give you something far more accurate. These features are really all about getting in there and fixing frames rather than having to re-do the entire shot or set off another camera solve.

One of the final and most important features of the new release is the embedded scripting. Designed for the more technically adept user this feature allows an unprecedented level of access to the inner working of boujou.You can write custom import or export tools, or integrate boujou seamlessly into your production pipeline. For example, you could take the camera data from a motion control rig, and then using the scripting, write an importer to read the camera data and the "solve from approximate camera path" to optimise and then create a 3D structure. It gives you the flexibility to control the way that the camera solver does its solving.

"This latest release is really aimed at the professional tracking market - people who have access to a lot of information from their scenes but previously haven't been able to give that info to boujou to help it with its tracking. It is completely changing the way that the user interacts with the software," said Nick Bolton, CEO of OMG Group.

Priced at $10,000, boujou 4 is available to order direct from 2d3 or through its network of resellers.

About OMG
OMG plc (LSE: OMG) is a group of technology companies which make "image understanding" solutions for the entertainment, defence, life science and engineering industries. Be it for capturing actors (for the movie industry), sportsmen (for video games or improving team performance), children with Cerebral Palsy, rehab patients and animals (for medical, life science and research industries) or virtual reality displays (for engineering and development), the group has a dominant market share and reputation for precision instruments.

The group's global headquarters are based in Oxford UK, where it was founded back in 1984 as Oxford Metrics, and has offices in California and Colorado USA. It has customers in over 35 countries and is listed on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange. The group trades under two core operating subsidiaries - Vicon, the world's biggest motion capture and movement analysis company and 2d3, a manufacturer of specialised visual effects software.

OMG today serves global markets in science, medicine, sport, engineering, gaming, film and broadcast. Clients include major hospitals and research facilities such as Guy's Hospital, Nuffield Orthopedic and Loughborough University, engineering industry leaders including Ford Motor Company, BMW, Airbus, Caterpillar, and Toyota, and in the entertainment sector, Sony, Industrial Light and Magic, The Moving Picture Company (MPC), Sega, Nintendo, UbiSoft, EA, Square Unix and many others.

For more information about OMG, or its subsidiaries, visit,, or

Thursday, August 10, 2006

John Dickinson Interview on Digital Production Buzz

John DickinsonIf you're reading this now, 6:06 pm is the time to listen... Yeah, that's in one minute, so not a lot of warning. John Dickinson is live on the show. John is the guy behind our first excellent series of training, Creative Background Design - Toolfarm's Expert Series.

"It says John will be talking with us about developing motion graphics for broadcast and his new Expert Training Series."

"John Dickinson is currently employed as a Senior Broadcast Designer at Foxtel, where John designs and produces a wide range of broadcast graphics for various channels including National Geographic Channel, The Biography Channel, The Comedy Channel, Main Event Pay-Per-View, Fox Footy Channel and Fox Sports."

The show will be available for download later on, because you'll most likely miss it with just one minute's notice. ;-)

New Tinderbox for After Effects, Furnace 3 for Discreet, Forge dust-busting

The FoundryThe Foundry at IBC 2006 (Stand 7.638) (July 27, 2006)

Leading visual effects developer The Foundry is pleased to announce Tinderbox 4, a major new product release for After Effects, the European debut of Furnace 3 for Discreet, and it's much acclaimed Forge automated dust-busting solution, at IBC 2006. Visitors wanting to enhance workflow and boost productivity in VFX post production will find these solutions on offer at The Foundry's stand 7.638.

After Effects customers looking to enhance their creative VFX arsenals will be delighted with the latest addition to The Foundry's Tinderbox range. Tinderbox 4 is a brand new collection of 18 visual effects filters featuring new plug-ins like Colourist, for automatic colour correction and balancing, Cartoon to give images a hand-drawn cartoon look, and Fire for generating animated flames, plus whole range of other creative effects.

In addition to the new Tinderbox 4 range, The Foundry's Tinderbox 1, 2 and 3 have been re-engineered to take advantage of the new features within After Effects 7.0. These include automatic synchronisation with the After Effects in-built camera and lighting features, support for 32-bit floating point images, brand new licensing to make it more flexible for customers to have plug-ins on multiple machines, as well as significant speed and feature enhancements.

Tinderbox has the widest variety of plug-ins for the money that you will actually use! There isn't a commercial I edit that doesn't have something from The Foundry on it." Carl MacNeal, Editpod Inc.

Furnace 3 for Discreet will make its European debut at IBC 2006. The next generation of The Foundry's world-renowned Furnace tools now comprises over 30 advanced image-processing plug-ins which enhance workflow and boost productivity. The Furnace 3 collection includes Correlate, an intelligent solution to help automate the alignment of two clips; fast new matting tools including MatteToRoto, a plug-in that helps artists to effortlessly edit and tidy ill-defined RGB and alpha mattes without the need for time-consuming rotoscoping; and DeNoise, an enhanced noise and grain removal plug-in.

Visitors looking to assess the latest scanning technology will have the opportunity to check out Forge, The Foundry's automated dirt and dust busting software. Winner of the IBC 2005 New Product Award, Forge is a command line application that automatically detects and corrects the day-to-day flecks of dirt, dust and hair that occur on digital film scans.

For maximum benefit, Forge can be integrated into a scanning pipeline alongside a scanner with an infrared dirt detection pass. When used in this way, Forge automatically produces clean plates without the risk of so called "false positives", with very limited impact on film scanning times. When used alongside an infrared scanner Forge massively reduces the need for operator-assisted dirt removal and reduces the cost of everyday scanning. Visitors can see Forge working within the scanning pipeline at the FilmLight stand 7.110.

"We tried all of the dust busting systems on the market and found it very difficult to set up an efficient work flow using them. The technology was not at fault it was just that automated dust detection is not perfect and none of the available systems supported an efficient auto/manual detection hybrid with auto correction. Knowing that the guys at the Foundry are very smart and have extensive experience in providing film tools, I was keen to work with them on developing an efficient dust busting system that would sit well in the DI pipeline and give the best possible productivity. The guys at the Foundry have as usual come up with the goods and Forge is the tool for dust busting we have all been waiting for!" Steve Prescott, Group Director of Technology, Framestore CFC.

In addition, The Foundry will be demonstrating its full range of visual effects plug-ins and image processing tools on some of the industries leading compositing platforms.

About The Foundry

The Foundry is a London based software developer specialising in visual effects technology for the film and video markets. From an initial start-up in 1996 by Bruno Nicoletti, The Foundry has grown considerably in size and scope over the last nine years. Initially Bruno and his business partner Simon Robinson used their extensive experience in post production to produce Tinder plug-ins for Discreet's Flame systems - the first set of such plug-ins to be commercially available. Today the company employs more than a dozen people and develops and markets plug-ins on a range of host applications, including After Effects, Autodesk Media Entertainment Systems, Apple's Shake and Avid|DS.

The company now also successfully licenses its sophisticated image processing technology to third parties, expanding its scope beyond plug-ins. The Foundry has also used its considerable influence to drive the development of an open standard for visual effects plug-ins known as OpenFX, which is gaining wide acceptance by host and plug-in developers, such as Grass Valley, FilmLight, Autodesk, D2 Software and others.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

After Effects @ Work

AE at WorkCheck out the August 3, 2006 episode of Digital Production Buzz. Richard Harrington, editor and author, discusses the new book After Effects @ Work, which is (finally) out. I worked on a chapter and get a mention, and friends and favorite AE artists like Mason Dixon from Chicago Motion Graphics, Chris & Trish Meyer, Jayse Hansen, and many others. There are 11 authors in all who work with budgets of less than $10,000 and were not allowed to use third party plug-ins in their projects (sniff!)

Did I mention that I worked on a chapter? Okay, I did. My chapter dealt with building animated charts in After Effects. The book is beautifully put together with great full color photos. Check out the podcast from Digital Production Buzz and then buy the book.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Toolfarm Japan is Open for Business!

Toolfarm JapanKonichiwa.

Our Japanese customers will be happy to know that Toolfarm Japan is now open. The team running the Japanese Toolfarm site is busy adding new plug-ins, software and training daily, but the site is fully functional.

Domo arigato gozaimasu.

Perusing Digital Media Net

Digital Media Net always has great content. For example....

I mentioned that we're now selling Alien Skin Blow Up, a new product for scaling images in Photoshop. Dave Nagel at DMN has reviewed Blow Up in an article aptly titled Alien Skin Blow Up - Image enlargement plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

Ko Maruyama has a cool tutorial on Making Fake Liquid in C4D. Have you tried Cinema 4D? We have a Free Demo that you can download and check out.

Ko has another tutorial for Cinema 4D that he recently posted called Cinema 4D Gradient. Looks like an easy and useful technique.

Luxology Releases modo 202

Modo 202

Faster Rendering Speeds and Improvements to Modeling, UV Editing and Paint Tools; Free Full-featured Evaluation Version Now Available

Boston - Aug. 1, 2006 - Luxology®, LLC today announced the immediate availability of modo 202, a robust update to its innovative 3D modeling, painting and rendering software. Boasting a peak rendering speed that is over 40 percent faster than modo 201, modo 202 features performance gains, tool improvements and innovative extensions to its overall toolset to create an enhanced workflow for artists working in game development, film visual effects, video production, graphic arts and design visualization. Registered modo 201 customers can upgrade to modo 202 free of charge, and a free 30-day full-featured evaluation version is now available for immediate download from

At SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston, modo 202 will be demonstrated at the ATI booth (#1513); available for artists in the Guerilla Studio (room #52); and featured in a series of video presentations that can be downloaded from the Luxology website on each day of the exhibition. For more information on Luxology and modo 202 at SIGGRAPH, please visit

"modo 201 is fast, but modo 202 is blazing fast," explains Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. "modo 202 is a significant advancement towards our grand vision for modo. We built modo from the ground up to integrate modeling, painting and rendering in a way that dramatically improves workflow for 3D designers in all disciplines. modo 202 refines this development one step further, allowing artists to focus even more on creating and less on process and repetitive steps.”

Beta Testers Applaud Speed and Performance

"modo 202 is a great improvement over an already impressive first release of modo 201," said Philip Lawson, multimedia and design student. "Luxology has packed many updates, fixes and new features - all of which make modo even more enjoyable to use. Faster render speeds are very welcome and the new UV tools, such as overlap highlight and pinning are extremely handy. With this update, Luxology proves once again that they listen to user requests."

"Before getting modo 202 I used Deep Paint to paint my models in a real-time environment," said Dan Silverman, freelance 3D artist. "Now I use modo exclusively. It allows me to model, UV map and paint in the same application and get the job done easier and faster. The improvement in render times from modo 201 to modo 202 is breathtaking, with renders completing up to three times faster."

"modo 202 makes it possible for me to work with huge CAD and scientific models, handling thousands and even millions of polygons in real time without any problems," said Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz, freelance artist.

"I've seen renders completed up to three times faster with modo 202," said Dr. Neil Hayes, BS.c. arch|visuals, Brighton, UK. "The improvement in render speed from 201 to 202 is breathtaking. modo 202's thicken tool is one of those features you never knew you needed - it's a real time saver. modo 202's new render region option is also a great example of Luxology's commitment to improving workflow."

modo 202's New and Improved Features

Rendering - Performance is now optimized to achieve a peak rendering speed that is 42 percent faster than modo 201. Rendering workflow is streamlined by improvements to the render window, including a convenient way to interactively adjust gamma display and a handy way to flip between 10 images for render review. The render window now provides an editable Limited Region control for quickly rendering a specific portion of the image. Soft shadows can now be generated from point and spot lights. Faster, more accurate image map re-sampling improves final image generation, and irradiance caching improvements substantially elevate global illumination quality and performance.

Modeling - Enhancements include a new create SubDiv option for the popular Pen tool, and a thicken tool for adding inner or outer thickness to geometry. A totally new object-to-object baking capability captures the surface detail of a complex object and automatically applies it to a simpler object for real-time applications. New 'game' and 'unitless' grids further increase modo’s suitability for modeling game assets. A new bounding box display option for geometry facilitates the manipulation of large datasets. UV editing operations are expedited in modo 202 with a new filled UV display mode that highlights unwanted overlaps in the UV editor. A new interactive UV relax with a pinning feature greatly simplifies the process of untangling overlapping UVs.

Painting - 3D painting behavior is improved when working on challenging areas such as folded UVs and along UV borders. 3D painting workflow is also bolstered with a new visible image ink display mode which lets artists place an image over a model and brush the image onto an underlying model. A new image ink stamp mode speeds the interactive rapid placement of logos, dirtmaps, scars or other images on the surface of models.

Improved workflow - Enhancements include the ability to see scene lights in Advanced OpenGL, and to interactively adjust the F-Stop, focal length and focal distance of cameras. Support for Autodesk FBX and X3D formats are extended for expanded interoperability with other 3D applications.

About modo
Engineered to smoothly integrate into existing tool pipelines and work together with other leading 2D and 3D software applications, modo 202 accelerates the creation of world-class models, associated color and normal maps, and ultra high-quality renderings, all while providing a comfortable and intuitive working environment. Used in feature films such as "Manchurian Candidate," "Da Vinci Code," "Meet the Robinsons," "The Ant Bully," and "Codehunters," modo is known for being a unique and powerful artist-friendly tool that combines modeling, painting and rendering in a fused workflow for artists in a variety of markets.

Pricing and Availability
modo 202 is available now for the price of USD $895. Current modo 201 users can upgrade to modo 202 free of charge and users with earlier versions of modo (modo 10x) can upgrade directly to modo 202 for USD $395. modo 202 is available through Luxology and its worldwide reseller partners on both the Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

A free 30-day full-function evaluation version of modo 202 is also available for immediate download from Streamlined in size for more rapid download, the modo 202 evaluation version includes a starter pack of sample files and an interactive exploration guide that provides an artful introduction to modo’s most popular tools.

To purchase, learn more about modo 202 or see a gallery of images, please visit

About Luxology
Based in San Mateo, Calif., Luxology®, LLC is an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software that enhances productivity via artist-friendly tools powered by a modern underlying architecture. Founded in 2002 by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology is home to some of the top 3D engineering expertise in the industry. For more information on Luxology, its flagship product modo, and the active modo community, please visit

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SD to HD conversion Choices

blow upNeed to up-res your footage? We get quite a few questions about just that topic.

...and now a Photoshop plug-in: Alien Skin's Blow Up

Red Giant Software Ships Knoll Light Factory 2.5

Knoll Light Factory

Light Effects and Flares Featured in Two Recent Movie Trailers

San Francisco, CA, August 1, 2006 - Red Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional digital video tools, including Magic Bullet today announced the availability of Knoll Light Factory 2.5. This top selling After Effects plug-in was most recently used by John Knoll, software creator and Visual FX Supervisor at Industrial Light + Magic on the Imax feature Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, and also by BLT Associates on the Dreamgirls teaser trailer.

See Knoll Light Factory in Action

Created by Photoshop co-creator and Star Wars effects guru John Knoll, Knoll Light Factory is one of the world's most used motion graphics tools, used by thousands to digitally simulate light effects called flares. Flares simulate reflections from a very bright light source as seen in a camera's lens. You see them most often used in nature to simulate the sun, on text or logos to enhance their appearance or in special effects explosions.

Knoll Light Factory 2.5 is available in two versions: Editors ($199 USD) and Pro ($399 USD). Knoll Light Factory Editors is targeted for users working primarily in one environment such as Avid Xpress Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, or Premiere Pro. Knoll Light Factory Pro is best suited for professionals working with multiple editing and compositing applications in SD, HD, or film.

What's New in Version 2.5?

  • 25 NEW preset flares, including Flash Bulb, digital camera sun, and more
  • GPU engine for up to real-time rendering
  • Added controls for Light Factory Spectacular including brightness and scale
  • Integrated alpha generation with Knoll Unmult
  • Host support includes support for After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Premiere Pro

Knoll Light Factory Editors

    Light Factory EZ is the one-stop tool for adding sophisticated light effects inside your video editor
  • Just click and apply the very same effects found in major motion pictures
  • Create fully animatable broadcast-style transitions in minutes
  • 70 quality presets range from tiny twinkles to the warm sun of Monkey Planet
  • Light effects can interact naturally with text to create dazzling titles

Knoll Light Factory Pro

  • Includes all the Light Factory EZ, and the Lens Editor to create your own effects
  • Light Factory Spectacular adds light effects to particles for dramatic effects such as fairy dust or meteor showers
  • 19 individual element plug-ins with exacting controls to let you create sophisticated motion graphic effects
  • 16-bit support that delivers high-quality output for any playback format
  • 10 animation presets that shows the tweakable power of Light Factory elements

About Red Giant Software

Red Giant Software LLC ( is a San Francisco-based company that develops and distributes professional tools for digital video production. Products are available as stand-alone products and plug-ins for popular video editing and effects applications including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other compatible applications such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro. The products are based on production-proven technology developed by visual effects veterans.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.