Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy New Year!

Or as they say in Japan, "Doozo yoi otoshi wo omukaekudasai".

Thank you for your business in 2005 and have a safe and fun New Year's Eve.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Save big on Trapcode Products!

trapcodeSave heaps of cash on new volume licensing of Trapcode Products, including fabulous bundles, like the Trapcode Suite!

Yes, it sounds cliche, but the more you buy, the more you save. (The more you "bundle", the more you save too. Go nuts. It's the holidays. I give you permission.)

GridIron Nucleo updater

GridIron Nucleo 1.0.1 was announced last night and quickly updated to 1.0.2. They work fast!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Evening with Walter Murch

Walter, The World's First Final Cut Pro User Group, will be holding an event during MacWorld: An Evening with Walter Murch, three time Academy Award Editor.

For fun, I checked his IMDB listing. The man has worked as a sound designer, film editor, writer and/or director on huge films such as Jarhead, Cold Mountain, The English Patient, Ghost, Apocalypse Now and many more.

Wednesday January 11, 2006 6:00 PM
the Mezzanine Club
444 Jessie Street, San Francisco
$15 Visa/MC/AMEX
tickets online (There are only 100 tickets left.)

Friday, December 16, 2005

New Tutorial: Snow Globe

snow globeJust in time for the holidays, Toolfarm brings you part one of a two part series called Snow Globe.

Part one takes you through building the snow globe and adding the swirling snowflakes. I used Motionstream Holiday Makers in this tutorial, and we're throwing in the sample, so it will be a big download, but it's oh, so worth it.

I'll show you how to create a 3D look using the CC Sphere plug-in and how to create depth.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Introducing the Adobe Web Bundle!

adobe web bundleThe Adobe Web Bundle is the first official offering since Adobe acquired Macromedia. You can pre-order now, for expected shipping on Christmas Eve.

This awesome bundle includes the Adobe Creative Suite Premium, which combines full versions of:
  • Adobe Photoshop® CS2
  • Adobe Illustrator® CS2
  • Adobe InDesign® CS2
  • Adobe GoLive® CS2
  • Adobe Acrobat® 7.0 Professional
  • Version Cue® CS2
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Adobe Stock Photos

The Adobe Web Bundle also includes Macromedia Studio 8

Combines full versions of:

  • Dreamweaver® 8
  • Flash Professional 8
  • Fireworks® 8
  • ContributeTM 3
  • FlashPaperTM 2

Boris CONTINUUM Complete v4

bccv4Boris CONTINUUM Complete v4 is now available!

BCC is one of those packages to get that gives you a bit of everything. They've added some new features, like Motion Key, which isolates and removes moving foreground objects based on motion estimation. The filters now support 16-bit. Updated host support includes Apple Final Cut Pro 5, Apple Motion 2.01, Autodesk Combustion 4, and Eyeon Fusion version 5; Adobe After Effects version 7.0 will be supported once it is released. They've added hundreds of new presets. I love presets!

Upgrade from previous versions of BCC. If you're a Boris RED user, there's a special deal for you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Tutorial: Discotheque

discoCreate a hoppin' nightclub in After Effects with merely a few plug-ins and the AE 6.5 Pro Bundle.

I'll show you how to create a sparkling disco ball, a disco floor with animated colored tiles, volumetric light and even some smoky atmosphere.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Adobe formerly Macromedia

It's official...Read about the aquisition.

Let's go to the forum and chat about it! What do you think will happen to Flash? Freehand? Dreamweaver? How do you feel about it? C'mon, let it all out.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Adobe's Acquisition of Macromedia Expected to Close on December 3, 2005

The big announcement took about Adobe absorbing Macromedia came last April during NAB and is expected to close today. I haven't heard if everything went as planned and they signed on the dotted line.

Wishing I would've bought stock...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

You always wanted a specific effect plug-in, but you could never find it?

Noise Industries Factory Tools has two new tutorials up on how to create your own plug-ins for Avid AVX.

You can try out Factory Tools and read more about why this tool is so amazing. It really is... I'm not just giving you a pitch. ;-)

Silhouette FX

Silhouette FX, makers of the award-winning Silhouette Roto and Silhouette Paint, has changed how they offer their plug-ins. Instead of having to buy 2 products for a floating license, you now only have to buy one floating license at full price. There's a Node-Locked version, and a Floating-License Version for each plug-in (Paint, Roto, and Bundle).

We've added an upgrade section for Silhouette FX for the "Upgrade to A Floating License" option.