Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween from Toolfarm

ghoulHalloween is my favorite holiday and I've been taking advantage of all of the horror flicks on the tube this month. I guess you could say that I've been inspired.

We've put together a spooky new free tutorial for you on this All Hallows Eve! Create a Dark Hooded Presence with no video footage! We use Digital Trove PRIME, a cool set of plug-ins that was released in the past month.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Free Preset!

botswanaDownload Botswana, a giraffe print preset which gives your text or background a wild African touch.

Got any ideas for presets? Drop us a note in our forum. You do not need a username and password to use our forum.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

After Effects 7.0 Demo by Steve Kilisky

Check out this Sneak Peek of After Effects 7.0, in a presentation by Steve Kilisky. AE7 is supposed to ship in Q4 of 2005. Hey, wait! Isn't this Q4 05?

To see the video, which is Flash, click Day 2, then the 4th guy from the left.

I'd love to know what you think. Please leave comments below, or post to our Forum.

Get Adobe After Effects 7.0 Today!

Animate your ideas. Adobe® After Effects® 7.0 software delivers the flexibility and power you need to bring a new dimension to your film, video, DVD, and Macromedia® Flash® productions. Bring infinite variety to your work with 2D and 3D compositing and hundreds of effects and Animation Presets. Work in real time with new OpenGL acceleration, a redesigned interface, and tighter integration with key Adobe applications. And take control with professional color-correction tools and a new Graph Editor that help you achieve unprecedented precision.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Silhouette Roto 2.1 Adds QuickTime, Fields, Floating Licenses and Silhouette Paint

RotoNow available for Windows(R), Mac OS(R), and Linux(R) systems, Silhouette Roto 2.1 adds workflow features including native support for Apple(R) QuickTime and support for video fields. In response to demand from leading post-production houses, Silhouette Roto is now available with a floating license model. The company also announces new, very aggressive pricing for the plug-in version (for Adobe(R) After Effects(R) and Apple Final Cut Pro(R)).

Silhouette Paint has also been released, a Roto/Paint Bundle as well as standalone versions of Paint and Roto.

Read full press releaseLos Angeles, CA (October 27th, 2005) - Silhouette FX, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of version 2.1 of Silhouette Roto, the roto system that's underpinning visual effects production at major post houses around the world. Workflow improvements found in Version 2.1 include native support for Apple QuickTime, LUT (Look Up Table) support for floating point images, improved tablet support, and true round-tripping of Cineon(R) files. Version 2.1 of Silhouette Roto also allows rotoscoping on half frame intervals providing field support.

A major announcement is that the pricing of the plug-in version of Silhouette Roto, compatible with Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut
Pro, has been significantly reduced from $495 (USD) to a very aggressive $295 (USD). Company partner Perry Kivolowitz said, "The stand-alone version of Silhouette Roto has already achieved a dominating position among major post houses. We are now taking aim at the plug-in market with the intent of achieving the same result." Aggressive pricing in the plug-in market also extends to the plug-in version of the brand-new Silhouette Paint which, requiring Silhouette Roto, will be priced at just $245 (USD) more. Purchased at the same time, the plug-in versions of Silhouette Roto and Paint together are bundled at a price of $495 (USD).

In response to demand from leading post-production houses around the world, Silhouette Roto 2.1 is now available with optional floating licenses. A floating license allows software licenses to be shared, or floated, among the workstations within a local area network. Previously, Silhouette Roto licenses had been tied to a specific computer. Floating licenses are available at an additional cost of $200 (USD) per license for the stand-alone application and $100 (USD) for the plug-in version.

As a stand-alone application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems, Silhouette Roto retails for $595 (USD). Silhouette Paint retails for $495
(USD) more for stand-alone operation. The stand-alone versions of Silhouette Roto and Silhouette Paint can be purchased together for a bundled price of $995 (USD).

Apple Aperture

apertureDesigned expressly for professional photographers, Aperture offers everything you need to work with images after a shoot -- from organizing to publishing -- in a single integrated workflow.

Pre-Order Now! Ships in 6-8 weeks!

New Item! Genarts Sapphire for Shake

sapphireGet those awesome Sapphire plug-ins for Shake! 58 plug-ins with over 200 total effects!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Monday, October 24, 2005

Digital Anarchy Data Animator

data animatorThe long awaited Data Animator from Digital Anarchy is here. Eight plug-ins quickly help you generate animated charts and graphs.

I saw this demo'd at NAB this year and if you do corporate video, you need to get this!

As an added incentive, there's a special introductory price which ends November 30. (The Mac version is expected to ship in about three weeks.)

New items: DMTS Training DVDs

Great affordable training on DVD with free samples of each!

These tutorials have also been added to our Tutorials section, so if you haven't taken a look in a while, pop on by.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tinderbox Survey ends Tuesday. Last chance to win an iPod!

foundry/toolfarm logos

iPodToolfarm and The Foundry have been running a survey for After Effects users for the past week and have had a terrific response.

The survey will end Tuesday, October 25 at 12 noon, EST, so if you'd like to be included in the drawing for the 20GB iPod, please hurry! The survey will only take about 5 minutes.

We will post the winner of the drawing at on Friday, October 28.

Thanks again for your time.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Frischluft Lensfeed

frischluftFrischluft Lensfeed is an interesting plug-in... and there's no other like it. Lensfeed shows a camera's animated preview inside an After Effects composition. No still frames but a moving live feed.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Free Preset of the Week

preset of the weekDid you check out the Free Preset of the Week yet? This week, it's a preset of Titanic proportions (pun intended).

Got any ideas for future Free Presets? Post it to our Forum!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Magic Bullet for Editors v2

magic bullet editorsMagic Bullet for Editors v2 is out!

New features:

  • DeepColor RT render engine for up to real-time playback and rendering. (Look Suite 2 only)
  • 10 new Look presets that include looks inspired by The Island, and the CSI TV series
  • Compression Correction engine removes DV & HDV artifacts for a smoother results
  • Apple Motion 2 support
  • DeepColor RT render engine

Need an upgrade? | view press release


Red Giant Software Releases Magic Bullet Editors 2 with Dramatic Film
Look Acceleration
Users praise “radical performance boost”

San Francisco, CA, October 11, 2005 – Red Giant Software today announced
the availability of Magic Bullet™ Editors 2, the world’s first real-time
film look plug-in for desktop video editors. Using the new DeepColor RT
GPU render engine, Magic Bullet Editors 2 Look Suite plug-in now runs up
to 12x faster than the CPU alone—allowing users to do real-time film
look treatments on the desktop in standard definition.

“Magic Bullet users love the film looks for their incredible quality,
but have asked for one thing: more speed,” said Sean Safreed Red Giant
Software co-founder. “Now with a sub-$500 graphics card, users can get
the same quality but with real-time playback and super-fast render

“Magic Bullet Editors 2 paired with an NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT provides a
radical performance boost,” said, feature film director, Stephen David
Brooks. “My first film, HEADS N TAILZ, won the Fusion Audience Award at
the 2005 Dances with Films festival and I was offered the opening night
screening in 2006. With this major update to Magic Bullet Editors, I
decided to make an HDV feature called KANICA JONES for the next event.”

Based on The Orphanage’s award-winning Magic Bullet technology, Look
Suite delivers film stock emulation, diffusion filters, and easy-to-use
film-look presets inspired by popular productions, such as The Matrix,
Saving Private Ryan, Traffic, Amélie, The Island, and the CSI TV series.
Magic Bullet Editors’ 65 custom-designed Looks alter shading, contrast,
and tints of scenes to mimic the elusive look of film. Users can choose
preset Looks from a pop-up menu or customize and save their own film

The Magic Bullet Editors 2 package offers 16 plug-ins including Look
Suite, a tool for mimicking various film processes and shooting styles;
MB Deartifacter, a new plug-in for cleaning up DV and HDV chroma
problems; and Misfire plug-ins for generating a wide variety of damaged
film characteristics. Magic Bullet Editors 2 also adds support for Apple
Motion 2, in addition to the existing applications: Avid AVX 1.5
systems, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas.

New Features in Magic Bullet Editors 2
• Windows XP users can expect real time Look Suite acceleration with
NVIDIA 6800 Ultra or 7800 series graphics cards with playback
acceleration more than 12 times faster than the CPU
• Mac OS X users will see up to 8x times faster playback acceleration
with high-end graphics cards
• MB Deartifacter, a new Compression Correction plug-in to remove DV and
HDV artifacts
• Apple Motion 2 support with included FxPlug
• 10 new Look presets to emulate movie looks and film treatments

System Requirements
• NVIDIA 6800 or ATI equivalent graphics cards with 256 MB VRAM or more
(required for GPU acceleration) see for
complete compatibility list
• Apple Power Mac G5 (dual-processor recommended)
• Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and 512 MB of RAM or more
• Apple Final Cut Pro 4.5 or later
• Apple Motion 2.0 or later
• Avid Xpress Pro 4.6 or later

• NVIDIA 6800 or 7800 series graphics cards (or professional Quadro
cards) with 256 MB VRAM or more (required for GPU acceleration) see for complete compatibility list
• Intel Pentium 4 single or dual-processor system or equivalent
• Windows XP and 512 MB of RAM or more
• Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 or later
• Sony Vegas 5.0 or later
• Avid Xpress Pro 4.5 or later

About The Orphanage
Founded by former Industrial Light + Magic visual effects artists
Jonathan Rothbart, Stuart Maschwitz, and Scott Stewart, The Orphanage is focused on high-end VFX services and animation
for features and broadcast, original motion picture and television production, and digital filmmaking technology development. Its first commercialized technology, the groundbreaking digital filmmaking software Magic Bullet Suite, was introduced at the 2000 National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Red Giant Software
Red Giant Software LLC ( is a San Francisco-based company that develops and distributes professional tools for digital video production. Products are available as plug-ins for popular video editing and effects applications including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid AVX Systems, Sony Vegas and more. The products are based on production-proven technology developed by visual effects veterans.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tools for Television PRO

toolsfortvWow.... we just have a glut of new products this week, don't we.

Need to speed up your work in Photoshop? Tools for Television PRO is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to automate like crazy and cut you design time by half. There are loads of new features in this release. Check it out.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Autodesk aquires Alias

If you didn't hear the big news yesterday that rocked the graphics world... Autodesk has signed a difinitive agreement to aquire Alias, a developer of 3D graphics and formal rival, for $182 million.

You may be familiar with Alias' product line, which includes MotionBuilder and Maya 3DS Max. Autodesk's flagship product is AutoCAD. Autodesk also owns Discreet, developer of Combustion.

This could get very interesting. Please add your thoughts and comments below.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New to our store: Video Books!

creating motion graphicsWe're now selling awesome books from CMP... books that you know, like Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects and After Effects in Production by Chris and Trish Meyer. All books come with a DVD with tutorials, samples and extras.

The best part? Get them at Toolfarm for 10% off!

Now available! Video Production Workshop. This new book covers the full range of skills involved in planning and executing video projects such as documentaries, news stories, and dramatic action and dialog scenes.

New to our store: Digimation Fractal Flow

digimationDigimation Fractal Flow is a fractal image distortion plug-in which provides 3 different kinds of effects: Distortions, ripples, and waves. Check it out!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Kevin Monahan's Tour Preview Run in San Francisco Oct 8/9

From SFCutters, the San Francisco-based Final Cut Pro User Group:

All Final Cut Pro Editors: Kevin Monahan: Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Pro West Coast Tour Launches with a Discount. More details.

Is this something you want for yourself as a Final Cut Pro Video Editor?: Know how to optimize your system, have an efficient and successful workflow, and really use the power within FCP - understand managing filters, transitions, motion and speed controls in depth. Kevin Monahan will also help you really edit - make the images flow - help you understand the rhythm - what keeps the visuals moving and compelling.

Please act now if you are planning to attend this coming weekend's two day seminar Oct 8/9. Space is limited - Small Seminar Class. Tour Sponsor Automatic Duck

For further Tour Schedule info, discount code, and online sign-up links with Visa or Master Card.

Attendees must provide their own MAC laptop and FCP 4.1 or higher software if they wish to work thru lessons during seminar. Seminar is for FCP users who have a some experience with the program.

Also taking reservations for following cities: Seattle, Denver, Folsom (Sacramento), Los Angeles, San Francisco II, and San Diego. the discount for the Main Tour will be significantly less than the Oct 8/9 launch.

Kevin is no longer training at BAVC or other centers he has been a long time trainer - he is at a point in his career where this tour will most likely be the last time he teaches to the public.

Ken Stone says of Kevin Monahan: "His enthusiasm for FCP is truly contagious... Kevin's " book is the first true 'Motion Graphics and Effects' for FCP,.. it happens to be one the best FCP books that I have ever seen (full review).

Students say of Kevin "I learned more from Kevin in 5 minutes than in years of study." "He is easy to understand, compelling to listen to, a very effective and passionate teacher."

His Peachpit Press book "Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Pro" will be included free - autographed if you like- for attendees to his Training Tour.

Boris FX, GenArts, and Digital Anarchy, makers of special effects plug-ins, have contributed products for a December drawing from among all the West Coast Tour attendees.