Friday, July 22, 2005

Computer Arts Magazine

My intern, Drew, brought in a magazine called Computer Arts Projects, published in the UK. It comes with a free version of Cinelook 1.9, full version! That's worth the $14.99 sticker price on the magazine.

They have an article on mastering 3D layers in After Effects and also a behind the scenes look at "What Barry Says", a very cool animation on US foreign policy. This animation was featured under Inspiration in February, 2005.

I'm very impressed with this magazine. Issue 72 with the hot pink cover is the Motion Graphics special.

Help menu issue

Text Preset Gallery does not open (After Effects 6.5 on Mac OS X v10.3.9-v10.4) - Support Knowledgebase. Did you notice that Effects help doesn't open either? None of them do. I thought that it was something with my system. Turns out that it is!

Video Levels in Final Cut Pro

Video Levels in Final Cut Pro, an intensive explaination of the proper levels to use. Thanks to Matt at West Michigan Animation & Effects User Group for sending it along.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Silhouette Roto 1.0: Buy at today's price, get upgrade for free!

Silhouette Roto is about to experience a massive upgrade to support multi-layered match moving, among many other things.

It will also rise in price by $100. The plug-in going from $395 to $495. The standalone is going from $495 to $595.

If you buy it at the old price now you will get the 2.0 upgrade when it ships (shortly).

Silhouette Roto is now installed around the world working on
tomorrow's hottest films. Put it to work for you now before the price goes up.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Product Topaz Enhance

Topaz Enhance is a powerful set of plug-ins that can considerably increase video quality. It consists of six filters that have one purpose: to make videos as clear, clean, and crisp as possible.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Books: After Effects @ Work (Dv Expert Series)

Okay, a little self-promotion.... I wrote a chapter of this book and it ships August 1st. My chapter is a super-intense tutorial on animating charts and graphs. (Note: It's quite a bit cheaper at

iPod Flea: Smallest MP3 Player ever

Smaller than the iPod shuffle, The iPod Flea is going to take over the world! Funny. (Need Windows Media installed).

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Toolfarm's big announcement... stay tuned!

Thought I'd let you in on a little secret... if you're wondering about the lack of new tutorials and goodies on the site lately, we're not on summer break.

Actually, we've been busting our buns on a complete remodel of the site. Not only that, but if you noticed that orange boxy ad on the right, we're promising the Greatest After Effects Resource Ever. And it will be.

It will debut in the next couple of weeks and it's going to be BIG! There is nothing like it on the web anywhere and it's taken us 6 months to put together.

I won't tell you that secret, but I'll tell you that the redesign is HOT and this great resource that's coming.... even HOTTER.

Stop back often. You don't want to miss the big payoff.

Free Project files from The Anvel

Dean Velez is offering up some super cool TextDistractions.These are full project files containing text engine effects that do not use text.

Confused? Well, you can use all sorts of other non text items like dingbats or you can just get the movement from the text engine and then put effects on top of that. You won't have readable text, but fun and funky backgrounds. Love it! Dean rawks.

The Foundry Tinder for Avid|DS is here!

The Foundry Tinder for Avid|DS Node-Locked Version

Review: Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 3.0

Stephen Schleicher reviews Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 3.0 at