Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Free Stuff from Detonation Films

Free is my middle name (or were my parents just playing some sick joke!@#$). Check out Detonation Films Free Stuff page and get some free stock footage (Blowing Stuff Up and a Smoke Disk), a Word Script template and storyboard paper.

Animating a Signature

While you're at Creative Mac, check out another new tutorial, how to writing on some text, by Ko Maruyama. This is an effect that everyone should know how to do.

BTW, if you're not a Mac user, please check these tutorials out anyway. They work for Windows AE too.

sub-pixel placement in After Effects

Stephen Schleicher has a new tutorial, In the Cards that teaches how to nudge an increments less than a pixel, just a wee scoot.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Useful Assistants 2.1 is now available

Get the new Useful Assistants! 20 new or updated assistants (70+ total assistants) have been added for working with layers and masks more efficiently, and several more assistants updated with additional functionality. A "useful" tool, and aptly named, and has become even more useful in this free upgrade for existing users.

Perry from Profound Effects gave me a copy to review a while ago. I was totally impressed with the capabilities of his products. Everything that you want to do with AE but can't, give Useful Assistants a try.

Profound Effects also has a couple of freebie plug-ins: Reveal and Bullnose Mask

Saturday, February 14, 2004

New Plug-ins?

The site is in German, so if someone who speaks Deutsch (Doitsu) can help me out, I'd love to know what this is all about. The google translator didn't help me much (Program from Plug in for Adobe after FX was all I really learned.) pixtur.de.

Tutorials and Projects

Checking my logs is a great way to find cool sites. Who knew.

I came across a site called Xtreme is Back that features some projects, tutorials and a forum. I really dig the lines project and I am going to show it at the West Michigan AE User Group meeting next Monday. (If you're in the area, please come. We're going to demonstrate techniques for making dynamic backgrounds in AE).

Note: if you download projects from the Xtreme is Back site, just note that they are not zipped or anything. When you click them, you might get a message that you'll need to download the newest Shockwave player. I got around this by right clicking the link and downloading to disk.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Learn AE with Trish Meyer

Accelerated Learning Group is very pleased to announce that Trish Meyer, author of the Creating Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects series, will be presenting an upcoming 3-day hands-on training class for advanced techniques in After Effects. And, they have room for you!

Topics covered in this hands-on class include: velocity controls and interpolation, motion paths, auto-orientation, parenting and expressions, 3D cameras, shadows and lights, text animation and too much more to list here. Check Accelerated Learning Group's web site for more info.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Next AE release gets enhanced network computing features

From DigitalProducer.com: "GridIron Software this week announced that its software will be incorporated into the next release of Adobe After Effects. GridIron is a developer that produces technologies for "grid computing"--a method for distributing computing tasks across multiple CPUs. GridIron says that the technologies will appear in an upcoming version of After Effects Professional, though release dates and platform support have not yet been revealed. Adobe, which did not issue the announcement, says it doesn't comment on unannounced products. "

Read the entire article

Absolute Luv

Stephen Schleicher has a cool tutorial on using Foam and Flow Maps in After Effects with a Valentines Day theme (awwwww!).

dvMatte Pro 1.5 for AE released

dvMatte Pro 1.5 now has all the features that are in the Final Cut Pro version. Specifically,a more straightforward interface, color matching, and light wrap.

It's $199 but, as a member of dvGarage...you get a break, of course. There's a coupon you can use during checkout for $50 OFF, which is good until Feb 14th... Sign up for their mailing list to get the coupon code.